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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 5, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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honey, this gis ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's. the romeros. keeping pateith the garcia' the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right. no one is going to have internet like this. xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses simple. easy. awesome. want gig-speed internet? we've got you covered. or check out our other amazing speed options at new low price. get started now for as low as $29.99 a month. call, click or visit a store today. i think it was extremely appropriately that we did this flag burning to say're standing with the people of the world. >> new tonight at 100, he set an american flag on fire on independence day and tonight he's out of jail and telling
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news 4 why he did that with more protests planned this weekend. many of us got a break from the rain today but i'm tracking a better chance for rain area wide tomorrow andot just rain but some severe thunderstorms ae . i have the timing in my forecast. only on news 4, a survivor story. she beat the odds and a flesh eating virus. now she explains how its change her life fore better. first tonight, fresh out of jail, the man who burned an american flag during the fourth of july celebration is still fired up. most of the charges against him have been dropped. as we b for some heated confrontations this weekend, this self-describedommunist revealing ascist is his motives. jackie joins us live from freedom plaza downtown. we're hours away from a far
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right rally that's attracting plenty of counter demonstrators this weekend,right? >> reporter: yes. we spoke to organizers of tomorrow's rally and members of groups that plan to protest it. the image is compelling. the white house squarely in the background as protesters in black t-shirts surround fire that consumed an american flag on july 4th. he said the visual shock t was purpose and why he moved from nearby lafayette park. we spoke to him hours after he was released from jail. the charges was reduced to two misdemeanors. >> he hado the fth of july for his political ambitions and his whole fascist anda and this whole obscene display of military mite. >> reporter: they will join johnson to demandthe free speech rally at freedom plaza.
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it will feature speeches from dozens of far rig activists. the proud boy, a known white supremist gro will be providing security. this is video when they clashed in portland, oregon last month. >> those are good guys. they are here to protect us. >>hey coming? >> they will be here to protect us. to help the police. >> reporter: an umbrella group called all out d.c. will be protesting the rally. >> to be against bigotry and hate. >> reporter: police say they will make every effort to keep the two groups separate. live at freedom plaza, jackie bensen, news 4. far they hope hundreds of people show up for their rally. police say if you plann driving around downtown, you should be prepared for random road closures. let's turn now to that all important weekend weather rorecast. we got a break frainy
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weather. we have some warnings of possible severeher coming in. >> tomorrow during the morning and midday hours we'll be dry out there but as the day wears on, the chance for rain and thunderstorms oincreases and s storms tomorrow are going to be strong even severe. damaging winds and heavy rain. i want tohow you what's happening on storm team 4 radar. i'm tracking showers out there. elsewhere mainly dry. slowing in out of montgomery county. most ofll us wibe dry tonight. some patchy fog overnigh and look at the temperature at 1 is:i11:00 p.m. it's a warm start tomorrow on your saturday. it's humid out there. we have partly sunny skies. 9:00 in the upper 80s by
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a.m. by 11:00 a.m. we're into the upper 80s out there. we're still dry at that point. the storm chances increase tlou throughout the day. a you got it. we'll see you in bit. new details on what many ar people e calling a case of excessivtforce. montgomery county executive is ordering the active police chief to investigate this case. th videohows montgomery county police officers engaging with a suspect outside a mcdonald's wednesday nigf. an ofer slammed the suspect's head to the ground with his knee. county executive released a new statement calling this video horrifying. he said the incident erodes the trust that people have in law enforcement. > police tell us he was t trying sell mushrooms and resisting arrest when he was caught. we asked the acting police chief to respond. >> i see the officer do some
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extracurricular activity as the use of force. that gives me some pause. >> the police officer who knect the suspein the head has had his police powers suspended. he's on administrative duty right now. also tonight, we are s learningme more about the bahamas helicopter crash that killed seven americans cluding a bill naion from west virginia. he have on the flight with his daughter. e of the passengers on board was sick. still not clear what caused the chopper to go down. doesn't appear any distress called for made before t crash. equipment now being brought in to pull what's left of the helicopter out of the water to continue the investigation. wiz aards and caperals o was mourning the loss of a friend killed in maryland.
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jeffrey sessions and his wife diedn aet ski crash. sessions was the ceo of a company called red river. it's a partner with monumental sports. sessions was also a wizard season tickethold and even traveled with the team to london last year for a game. sessions and his wife died early wer wednesday morning. this week we warned beach goers after a young boy contracted a flesh eating bacteria near ocean city. the boy is healing from his infection. the cdc to one in three wople die evenith treatment. for a woman inbethesda, she wasn't sure if heould live after being ctinfeed years ago as a teen. we spoke with her about her long and successful recovery only on
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new >> walking up the stairs used oo be one the biggest challenges for me. >> reporter: it's no problem now for alxis who contracted the flesh eating bacteria years ago. >> at the time,hey didn't think that i would ever be able to walk let alone walk without a brace. i made a recovery that even the doctors thought was impossible rr she was . >> reporter: she was infected on family trip in california when she was5 years old. >> when i fell into the water, i fell probably 14 feet into the water but there was a tree branch that cut my leg. >> reporter: she went through countless surgery, spent months recovering in hospitals. even celebrating her 16th birthday there not knowing if she would live. >> if the infection went into my bloodstream, they would have to amputa amputate. i would go into courage ri not knowing whether i would wake up out of sunch rgery with a le:
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>> reporthe was able to graduate. she was homecoming princess. fastorward seven years, she just graduated from drexel university. she isin going into medice. >> i think it gave me my passion. >> reporter: there's been recenf cases flesh eating bacteria including a boy who got infectus joutside ocean city. she says improvements can help people survive just like she has. >> if you think you have infection just go to the doctor. don't put it off because i waited five day and had i waited any longer, they would have amputated immediately. >> reporter: some may fear contracting the bacteria, she's she still c dives, jet skis and playing sports. >> not being afraid of what is helpful. is >> reporter: when she looks into the future, she sees herself helping others. darcy spencer, news 4. >> the eerience that she went
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through shaped who she is but it doesn't define her. she hasn't decided what direction she willo in theca medil field but she wanted to help people orcome illnesses. warning tonight if you plan to enjoy some more fireworks this holiday weekend. fireworks sparked severair in our region in recent days. the latest one broke out in northwest washington. the flames forced several people out of their home in the middle of the night. every one inside and their pets did get out safely. d.c. fire says the fireworks were illegal and improperly used. nei tbors tell us fireworks problem there has gotten bigger in recent years. >> we're concerned every year. we find bits of stuff on the fr tt porch, on proof, in the backyard even. >> they explode. if they move, ify. they fl you're going to hurt yourself. t you're going hurt somebody el se. >> fire nearly gutted that home. it's now uninhabitable and because of things like that police are working to keep
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people safe from the dangers fireworks. just last night d.c. police went out an confiscated about 28,058 pieces of illegal fireworks. this is just some of what officers took off the streets. police found this in one of d.c.'s seven police districts. an updateonight on that sink hole scare we told you about last night. the van was that swallowed up was pulled out of that massive hole. it's 20 feet deep. crews believe that intense rain flooded an underground pipe and may have caused the ground above do collapse. here is the view from chopper four. you see the damage there. the sink hole is 20 feet deep. it will take two weeks for it to be filled.> >>other heads up for virginia drivers. northbound lanes on u.s. 29 from riley road to vent hill road will close. this is considered one of the most dangerous intersectieys.
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thlan to flatten the road there by removing hills that make it hard the see the traffic light. this forces some ivers to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting . it's expected to last through august 2nd. good luck to the 12 and under buccaneers team as they head off to a big tournament at cooper's town dream park. 12 families and coaches left this morning from the only boys and girls club field. these kid will be competin with 104 other teams from all across the country. l oal electedicials were there to provide words of encouragement and wish the boys luck. still ahead, a slithering surprise. a kind of car trouble you never expect. a look at this snake hitching a ride. a salmonella scare. trea your pets love could be
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making you sick. the warning tonight from the fda. a kidnapping atmpt caught on camera. the frightening moments a teenager fights off her attacker. what she did right that l
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tonight,ca new video of an teamed kidnapping. this shows the moment a 13-year-old girl was nearly abducked outside of own home. what she did right helped investigators track down the man behind it. >> reporter: the shocking struggle caught on home surveillance cameras. a young girl fighting her ed freom. fendsing off the would be abductor. getting her brother who runs
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after the suspct as she clutches her neck. police say it all unfolded on long island. she was walking home from summer school when someone followed and tried to grab her. >> she was very brave. she fought off her attacker. in a situation like this, she did what she had to >do. reporter: police used a video to arrest 14-year-old jarrod james charged with assault and attemptedkidnapping. we could not rearn his atey for comment. he's not first time home surveillance has lped catch an alleged apkidnr. this doorbell cam in ft. worth capturing a moment a young girl is snacked from her mother who screams for help. after police released the slid owe, goodac samaritans trked down the suspect's car and he was arrested. >> we got her. we got her. we got her. >> reporter: experts say surveillance videos are proving to be a powerful tool for police. tonight a new york girlaf s thanks to kick thiquick thinkine
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all.ra that caught it nbc news, new york. now to a new warning from the fda about a salmonella scare. 12 peoplehave been hospitalized because of the treats they feed their dogs. pig ear dog treats are linked wit45 cases of salmonella infection of people in 13 different thates. recalling their bulk pig ear products in maryland, virginia and west virginia as a precaution. prepackaged and branded pig ears are not included. it can make you and your pet sick. contact your doctor or vet if you believe you could be now to a story that you'll remember the next time you have some car trouble. a family in connecticut found a slithering snake curled up under the engine of their car. it was at six foo long boa cricket constrictor. the owner pled it out.
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police looking for the owner of. this guy a neighbor who already owned a few snakes offered to take care of it. they can be huge sometimes, they are nonvenomous and are kept as pets but theto get be like 16, 18, feet long. how about that? >> yeah, why? >> the thing is this guy had to pull it out himself because animal control folks were on vation because of the holiday. he and the cop had to pull it out by themselves. >> i can't imagine driving and stopping. real quickly, one time i drove into town from my parents house from middletown into frederick. my brother had a few cats. they drove in under the car. upped out. the cats areer the car. i'm not a huge cat fan. i like dogs. i come back in the car and droe droedrove home. thank gosh they were okay. >> we have weather that boa constrictors like because they're from south america. it's feeling like the
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trops out there. we have rain as well. for moy part we're and most of us will stay dry overnight tonight into tomorrow morning but as the day wears on, those rain chances increase. check out your first weather headline. we'lmshave some thunderstor out there tomorrow. system of them severe. damaging winds, gusts may be up 60 miles an hour and very heavy rainfall as well. more storms on sunday but the risk for severe weatheron sunday is a little bit lower than saturday. relief finally arrives monday into tuesday as far as storms and humidity goes but tomorrow could be a little bit rocky especially between about 3:00 p and 9:00m. the biggest concern i'm seeing would be heavy rainfall out there. followed by some strong i c rule out small hail. it's now going to be large enough to damage cars but maybe some small hail. i'm n seeing a tornado risk tomorrow. here is future weather. 8:00 a.m., notice some peaks of sunshine and clouds in spots. a mix of clouds and sunshine like we have seen.
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here is lunchtime. most of us are stilldry. we start to see thunderstorms fire up back around the mouoains. maybe thunderstorms developing elsewhere but for the most part they are back around the mountains at 2:00. on4:00 p.m. hits, we bring in the chance of thunderstorms into the metro area. all of northern virginia could be dea ng withorms and notice the bright colors here on ture weather. at's heavy rain out there. even we'll continue to track some areas of rain that will wind down overnight ooze tas th goes down. 75 is where we start tomorrow. it's mild. it's muggy. we warm to 92. we warm to 89 on sunday. it's cooler but still humid. i can't rule ut a few showers sunday during the morning hours but overall the chance you're dealing with appears to be lower as well. a high on saturday of 92 feels s more like 100.
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it feels like 95 on sunday afternoon and 90 on monday afternoon. if you're heading to the pool, the earlier the better. the nats game, i know you're trying to get out there tomorrow. maybe delay. can't rule that out. also we'll be warming up quickly both days. here is your storm team 4 ten day forecast. i'm keeping it dry on monday. can't rule out a stray shower but i think it will be dry.d- mis. upper 80s. most of next week, except for thursday is dry next weend. how do you like that? it's dry. >> finally. finally a nice dry weekend. we appreciate that. still trying to figure out how you drove with cats stuck. >> they were y. that's all that matters. they were okay. got another o for you just ahead here. the dwight howard era in the district. it's over. hope you enjoyed it. wel tell you where he w'las
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the wizards make super man disappear. >> i like what you did there. the dwight howard experiment didn't last long. >> wht, a year. >> thera has come to an end as the team has traded howard to t grizzlies. the term era usually refers to some than one injure riddled season. 's now been on five teams in the last fivea sns. howard did put up decent numbers. 12.8 points, 9.2 rebounds per game. he only played in nine games. in the trade they get c.j. miles who should compete for the
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starting forward position. howard is expected to be waived or traded by the grizzlies. taking on the ices. mystics win of five straight. best record in the league. they jumped all over vegas. atkins bottom. up 12 early on. then elena forces the turnover. christy toliver out init tion. miysticsup. 31-56 at the half. it took seven seasons for anthony to be selected to his first all-star game. took five days for him to turn down the invitation. soe will rest nagging injuries and prep for the half of the season. the nats with the best record in baseball since may 24th. hosting the royals who lost four straight. how is this for a start? third pitch of the game.
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tray turner going deep. takes bradr kelle to the -- that was the upper deck. it was a good hit. it was 1-0. this is a milestone moment for ryan zimmerman. that's his 1000th career rbi. props to zim. this isn't a replay. another double down the left field. it's a 4-3 game. next batter.ry ban dozier. base hits of rightn cer. zim on his horse. getting in there safely. we're all ti up at four going into extras. right now this one in the top of he 11th is 4-4. the nats have the bases juice in the bottom of the tenth but could not capitalize. battery made dylan chanting asw they chris davis has owned aaron
11:27 pm
sanchez in his career. that seems to continue here. unfifth home in 25 atts ba ag st san the second. ruiz comes in to ore. it's 2-0, baltimore. o's withsome insurance. that's three night for him. orioles win 4-1 over the jays. across the pond, 15-year-old cocoa looking to continue her improbable run at wimbledon. she lost the first set down 2-5 n the second. take into accoun it takes it to a tie breaker. she wins the second set. match point in the another long rally. cocoa mia continues. she faces former number one in e round of 16 next. i'm allaboard. >> she just made herself a whole
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lot of money. >> that's >> that's f
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ends sunda this just in, a day after a powerful quakerattled california, preliminary report saying it was a 7.1 magnitude quake. what are you hearing? >> right now i'm hearing it was mainin southern california. magnitude 7.1. that's always preliminary. twitter right now in southern cafornia is just exploding with people saying they felt this for a minute. >> we'll be following that through night. we'll keep you
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th going to do it for us. the tonight show is coming up next. we thank you for watching. hopeou y had a great holiday and a great week. have a good and safe weekend. honey, this gig-speed internet
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