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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 8, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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we have a crew headed to that scene and we will bring you more details in a few minutes. it is 4:00. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. a lot to catch you up over the holiday week. on top of that breaking news, it is a weher alert day. >> we start with meteorogist uck bell, whose name i have forgotten. t'es been five of us are back together again. the four of us. >> it's the togetherness! it's not how !ny there are >> exactly. unfortunately, a lot of us have to deal with rain on a mondayea period of hvy rain overnight have left area of high water and standing water across nohern maryland. flood watch continues here until 6:00 in the morning with localized warnings up here ar across p of northern loudoun county and maryland and cal vert county lightning h the lastr or so.
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no severe storms to deal with this morning but i can't give you the all dry fr a forecast perspective. in the 70s. 78 in washington now. 74 manassas. 72 martinsburg and 74 in prince george's county. it is warm and humid this morning. your four thing to know a storm team 4 weather alert day and front pushing the rain chances. some spotters could get a quick inch of rain or more and localized areas of flooding will be a possibility this afternoon and this evening but drier weather isust around the corner. we will talk about that and the return ofe 90-degree wher coming up. >> thank you, chuck. we have an issue here left lane by a crash there. a tractor-t iler on its side over the guardrail and sound like on this could be here for sometime because of just the situation was getting that back ono the street and out of the
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way. no problem on thene beltway in loop and outer loop. 70 to the spur 67 miles an hour. g ts youhere in 27 minute. five people shot in , washingtonc. overnight. >> one person hurt in northwest. more on that in a moment. first tell you about a quadruplo shng in southeast d.c. four people were shot around midnight on,martin luther ng avenue. two threatening injuries and two pohers were shot and expected to five. lice are looking for three suspects who wereearing masks. on the other sidef town in columbia heights, a man was found shot aund 11:30 near harvard street northwest and police are not saying much about that case only that the man is expected to survive. this morning families across our area are trying to come to term with the sudden loss of someone they least nine people died over the weekend in car accidents on local road. one person died in a crash in centerville. one in gaithersburg and five
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odge in spotssylvanilylvainnia. a wo22-year-old man died in a head-on crash involving a wrong way driver on the belay. aryland police identified the victim as ashing. they say a driver in the pickup truck was going the w kng way andilling her. the wrong way driver was miguel go medical and they say alc ol with was a factor in the crash. this morning, the search is on for a gunman who injured three passengers in northeast washington. police say it happened friday night in the a
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neighborhood. the driver was on 17th and otis place when he was shot. he is expected to be okay. the passengers were injured by flying glass in the car t they were not taken to the hospital. right now, d.c. police are also on the hunt for a man they say gred at leastthree people over the weekend. all of these incidents happened between saturday night and 7:30 yesterday morning. two attacks were near congressional ceme a third near eastern market a block away from liloln park. poice say the suspect touched the victims and took f on a bike. y, drivers will have to find a different way rough fauquier county. they plan to flatten the road bl removing h that make it hard to see the traffic light. the southboundanes will not be affected and the project is expected to last through early august. you may in the the doors
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opening faster on the red line because th switched to automatic door operation ove the weekend. metro official have tested the system and trained operators. they plan to start operation on the other lines later this year and operators will continueto manually close the doors at all times. virginia governor ralph northam will call legislators back insises. the shooter used a silencer. he was shot and killed by police. northam is asking lawmakers to consider several gun safety proposals, including banning silencers, assault rifles, and adding universal background . checks republican leader say they will push forany mandatory minimum penalties. today, building inspectors will be assessing damage in southern california. >> two major ethquakes last week, thursday and friday, and there is more cell phone video
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showing the terrifying moments. >> let's go! let's go! let's go! let's go! >> a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked southern california on the fourth of july. the next day, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rattled the area near ridge crest which is a ltle os r two hours northeast of angeles. now some residents there are still on edge and choosing to sleep outsi rather than go back into their homes easement we are scared to think about the roof caving in on and not making it out on even making it to our kid. >> here is a look at the tent night.mily slept in last official are still trying to figure out who is without water and power but the good new is everyone survived. another major story in south florida. investigator are working to determine exactly what caused an explosio at a shopping center. take a look at this before and after showing the damage.k loo that. this damage happened saturday morning in the city of plantation whichs just outside
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of fundamentalt. lauderdaleer 22 people we injured and two in nearby hpitals and are expected to survive. listeno one witness describe the scene. >> te window shattering and falling. a lot of dust all over the place. the fire srinklers are coming fire arm is going off and peoplare running everywhere. >> official say it appears the explosion centered around a pizza shop that has been closed for months. this was the same area where a worker noticed thescent of gas minute before that blast. take a look at thvideo. cameras captured the moment a tornado flipped over an empty car. the twister ripped through par new jersey on saturday afternoon. a different angle to see here. ef-0 torno packed wind 70 miles an hour. homes were damaged but no reports of any seous injuries.
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fans at national harbor weri ecstac moments after the u.s. women's national team won its fourth world cup.m lions of people around the world were glued to their to watch the big match sunda the victory celebrations are just beginning for team usa. coming up late in the hour, we willake a look at what a big deal this is for the yo just incredible. so happy for them. they kind of dominated the whole world cup so glad to see they ca out on top. next on news4, we will explain what is proting induct to apologize to two police officers. new research shows two women are at a higher risk of developing a form of breast cancer. find out if you or someone in our family meets the criteria. >> are you looking forward to retirement? many of your neighbors are not. why many americans plan to work
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welcome back. 4:11. happening today, managers at starbucks will once again meet with police officers afte officers w asked to leave a store outside phoenix. >> this is the second day of meetings between the two groups. starbucks apologized for the incident. it up started ono theth of july when an employee told six tempe officers that a customer was uncomfortable with their presence. the employee asked the officers to move from their line of the officers decided to leave. the tempe officers association called the situation disheartening andve offensi and say they hope this can be a learning opportunity. meanwhile people had mixed
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reacttions. >> they should not be asked to leave if all they are doing is having a cup of coffee. cks released a statement saying, in part, quote. we are workingor your health this mornig. a study says younger color and women of color have a higher risk of getting a breast cancer. they found african-american women had much high rates of triple negative breast cancer and that form of cancer does not respond to hormone or targetedb therapy. women under 40 were twice asel liky to be diagnosed than ve those or 50. there are newconcerns about the long-term impact tick bites can have and as strange as it may und, doctor say a tick bite might cause you to develop an allergy to certain food. a missouri woman say she can no
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longer aat red meatfter a tick bite made her allergic to a complex in red meat. doctors say it's rare but it can be transmitted to humans. >> lo and behold this tick does. >> it was the lt thing on my mind. still unbelievable a tick can make you allergic to food. >> it is strange. doctors say most peop can grow out of the allergy. never heard of that. something to watch out for her s authorities the number of scammers posing as government employees was the highest ever this past spring. they pose as employees from the social security administration and irs and other administrations. important to remember that the government won't call you and money.u for just doesn't happen. they will send you ae ler in the mail and tell you repeatedly through letters that you have tp ay them something. news4 is committed toki wor for you by responding to consumer complaints.
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if you've been chted or swij swindled our news4 team want to help. it's a grim reality. some people believe retirement is completely out of reach. a new poll from the associated press suggests 1 in 4 americans will ner retire. isn't that sad? people polled said they will continue to work beyond 65 years old. only about 14% under the age of 50 say they feel comfortable enough to retire. i have three kid i have to put through college and i'll have to work forevb. >> think at the number of people in this business who are well over 65. youike yourjob, why retire? >> really? >> if you like what you're doing. >> that many people well over 65? oh, okay. i didn't really think about it at way. maybe they will let me work here forever so i can pay my kid' college tuition. >> maybe >>ey will. > in the me too era, new rule
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when it comes to workplace romance. several major companies are changing their policy now. facebook, good deal, and now rbnb updated their employee hand books allowing colleagues to date but a catch. you only have one chance to askn somebody a date if you work together. if they say no, it end there. youag cannot ask them out n according to these policies. i've worked in places where there are rules of employees dating each other in the same department. you can't work closely together. >> especially if somebody is your superior, that creates a conflict there. that would be heart. you get one shot. that mean you better have done your research and better have developed a friendship. what if you need a little thinking about it? i don't know. dating a coworkers cause pblem to me in a lot of instances. there you go. new rules -- oh, okay. all right. check this out.
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a large tree was pulled out of the ground during one of this weekend's storm. look at that. this is the damage to a home on reservoir road in nuorthwest. luckily most of that treede lan in the yard. in glover park a tree split in half. a big chunk of tree landed on a car. i completely missed all of thato i had nlue there was a storm. >> saturday night? it was raining buckets! >> i finally went to see the avengers movie and i was in there for 15 hours so i missed everything! >> it's long. >> it was three hours. >> it was raining buckets. tree ement flooded and fell on top of a car on our street and crushed the entire car. >> good thin it was raining buckets since you had a bucket there. >> truly. my three kid, w it bad. >> didn't get a drop at the
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beach on saturday. >> oh! >> what? >> you're on yo own! >> a good thing we like you and you can tell the weather. >> i made that upd rain at the beach on ntturday. i waed to see what you would say. yeah, it rained on my vacation. do you feel better now? a >>ittle bit. >> you're still at the beach. >> at the beach is better than any day here. >> i didn't get up ate 1:30 in thmorning once on my vacation. isn't that sad? they say you need to keep your regular scheduleo if you want t treat yourself well but i decide to do take a vacation and not get up that hour. cloudy and rain on your monday. don't plan on a lot of sunshine toda and do take your umbrella as temperatures in the 70s now but a high likelihood you'll get rain odd today. the cloud will keep the temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80. any time you could ve a period of rain and rain could be heavy from time to time and you could have thunder and lightning. thunderstorms here early this
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mrening. they coming northbound through part of calvert unty. light rain montgomery county and heavy shower there near hagerstown. here is the way future weather handles our rain chance. a front is moving from the pennsylvania line down toward tvirginia into richmond area later today. here is sort of the tailing off of the rain chances. by 8:00 in the morning, period of heavy rain possibly on a monday morning commute and that continues up through about lunch time today but notice withtime, that rain chance gets pushed farther and farther down to the south. by the time we get to the endof the day rain chances will be at their lowest. typically the other direction but today the rainiest half of s the day i likely to be the first half. we will dry out overnight t onight. maybe a quick chance for shower or two in northern maryland. i think by and large we won't have to worry about
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ainfall until thursday afternoon and early parts of friday. later on into the weekend and early next week it looks like thisistinctly warmer air will come back in our direction and low to mid-90s by sunday afternoon into the middle parts of next wee now let's go over to melissa. haven't talked to you in a long time either. >> it has been a while. nortound on 95 near dumd friesil stl slow. this was a tractor-trailer that went down an embankment and overturned and now it's back up and you arelooking at the delays heading northbound. it went over the guardrail and the driver was transported. at this point we are ing for them to get that out of the way. inner loop and outer loop no problems on the beltway right
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now. 95 in maryland, southbound, 32 to the beltway, 70 miles per hour gets you there in ten minute. next on "news4 today," may feel like summer is slipping away. not in the weather deparreent. thes still time to plan a vacation. >> when we come back, we are working for you with advice from a travel agent how to save money on a last-minute summer get-yoay. >> if re home this afternoon, don't miss "ellen" at 3:00 and then news4 at 4:00. >
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>> a fraction of a second deided the annual world wife carrying championship in finland this weekend. this year's winner were the defending champs, a couple from lithuania. the pry for the winners is the women's weight in atbeer. ould make it problematic wo because i ld think that the less you weighhe easier to be carried for this competition, right? but then you will not get as much beer in the end. >> so you want a heavier wife? >> exactly. maybe you just have to practice a lot. i'm glad no one was hurt in
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this. >> free beer is free beer so whatever they give you. >> i guess so. look at the way they carry them. >> pretty impress -- or korea. >> yes. summer always seems to fly by. i can't believe fourth of july has come and gone. >> if you haven't planned a summer trip, don't worry. melissa mollet is here with tip to pugether a last than-minute get-away. >> if you don't have anything booked yet here is what you need to kn on to get a good deal on a last-minute trip. >> first class travel. scott. howan i help you? >> reporter: scott owns first class travel andng bookirips for clients for 20 years and said summer may be in full swing, right now, there are some hot spots with pretty cool pricing. >> certain locatis like panama, nonstop place from hereg you cano right to panama and ue very good va >> reporter: the key to saving a
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few bucks, flexibility with dates and location, location, location. >> you could do arizona. vegas. those are two good locations you can get good values in the summer. maine. you can go up to maine really cheap and southwest from baltimore to portland and up there to bar harbor. fun stuff. >> reporter: for families, he suggest thgulf coast of florida or certain spots in mexico for couples. he say adult only resorts in jamaica are your best best but if your bigger is little bigger? >> wyoming, yellow stone, grand teton are expressive places to go. >> reporter: here is something that might drive you to get help from one before you ok. >> we have so many different ways to look at pricing and availability, the different wholesale tes and theyt undercut. all of my agencies which i do all the time. >> reporr: plus some agencies
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offer cash incentives get upgrade we simply can't and have connections on property in cas you haveproblem. now if you can't take a trip too far away, we are working for you. we pted a story highlighting 100 things to do in and around d.c. this summer. open the nbc washington app and search day trip. >> so many options around here that people can getost even here at home. >> adults all you can eat and drink in jamaica sound like the perfect trip for mei if uld ever swing that. thank you, melissa. an adrupt retiremebrupt rete of the top admirals weeks before he was to take over the top spot. >> joe biden is having new iticism. the new polling is how he would do in a hypothetical matchup against president trump. your morning forecast, it is super humid and where it is not just humid, there are areas of
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rain to be dealt with. umbrella needed today for sure. what about the rest of the week? we will take a look at the forast coming u ec
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breaking ns. four people wounded in an overnight shooting in the district. reseveral shooters we believed to be involved but no arrests have been made. right now, pole are continuing their search while two ofhose victims deal with potentially life-threatening wound. good morning, everybody. i'm eun yang ot i'm aaron gilchrist. more on the shog investigation in a moment. we are in weather alert mode again this monday morning. melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic but we start with storm team 4 chuck bell. heavy have had period of rain overnight and areas of high water across the region this so the poility still exists for there to be additional flash flooding here during the course of the morning and into the afternoon. most of the heavier part of the rain will come here before lunch time today. right now, we are in the 70s


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