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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 8, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thunder and lightning here over the lower part of the chesapeake ray early this morning. no severe sto at this time but an early morning wake-up here for mother nature across parts of southern calvert and northern stmary's countyand frederick county, marynd, hagersto hagerstown. nothing that heavy just yet. because of the periods of heavy rain we have had the last couple of days theres a flash flood watch until 6:00 that does include all of the d.c. metro area so the ground is relatively saturated. any time you see period of heavy rain where you are today, just know that there couldo be s quick moving or high standing water around. hetemperature wise in tid to upper 70s now. a lot of cloud. won't budge much for temperatures today and highs arou 0e. warmer and sunnier tomorrownd more on that coming up
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>> 66 in to town and out of town. no worries there.oo as you lat the beltway flo waway inner loop and outer loop looking good. >> thank you. let's get back to this morning's breaking news. five people shot overnight in washington, d.c. >> four people were shot in southeast d.c. before that, though, around 11:30 la night, aman was shot in northwest. that shooting was in columbia heights on 14th street near harvard street. tpe man is exed to survive. >> about 30 minutes later on the other side of the city, four people were shot. news4 molette green is live with more on that case. good morning. >> reporte good morning to you. quite a violent night in the district. was we can tell you at this time is that two me are fighting for
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their lives this morning. two others who were shot are not suffering f serious o injury. we want to show you what the scene looked like around innocent southeast in the 3900 ock of south capitol street where police had quite an investigation on their hand at this scene. police are looking for at leastt three suspeed shooters in this case. all of them wearing dark colored clothing and masks and they le the scene headed toward mlk aotnue. not a lo go on in term of the specifics with the suspects but the police want you to call them with any information you may have about this case to hell them to se this. we are still working to find out what led up to what was a very violent niht in the district just hours ago in that part of town. that is the latest live from rstside police headquartehis morning, molette green. back to you. thank you.
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families across our area are trying to come to term with the sudde loss of someone they loved. at least nine people died over the weekendca in accidents on local road. one person died in a crash in centerville, one i gauithersbe g gaithersburg. two died in this crash on sunday afternoon. police rushed to the scene. investigators have not released the names of the three people who died or the cause of the crash. a 22-year-olr woman f upper marlboro died. ronnet ashing was identify as the victim. a driver in the pickup truck wao going the wng way and crashed into hur suv on sunday morning. the wrong way driver was
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identified as miguel go medical. everyone was ending their long fourth of july weekend. news4 justin finch is live at union station with the scare that caused people to nic. justin, what happened? >> reporter: as you can imagine, thousands of people make their ay through union station every single day, especially busy on holiday weekend. you can imagine the concern, the fears people thought when they felt they were in danger here yesterday. you can see d.c. firefighters there. policeesponding tonion station just after 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon.t hey later learned on the scene that it as, indeed, nonactive shooter but, instead, someone set off fireworks here at the station. concerning to so many.
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we spoke it a witness here who was in the middle of it all. take a listen. >> sounded like a place crashing and everybody was, like, jumping over the counters and erything. so we ran behind like into the kitchen and a lot of people thiught it was l gunshots or something. >> reporter: luckily, it was not gunshots. as you heard there, peop thinking they were running for their lives, hiding in back room and holed up in bathroom. ithe end it was just fireworks set off, not gunshots in the end. we are told three people had to be treated for mel conditions that were triggered by that scare yesterday. but luckily everything is back to normal. fit to come to union station. it was not a major incident here yesterday. back to you. >> thank you, justin. starting today, drivers will have to find a different way through fauquier county and prince william counties.
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stretch of i-29 closing at none and expect the northbound lanes from riley road to vent hill road. they plan to remove hill that make it hard to see the traffic lights. southbound lanes will not be affect and that project will ongoing until august. m >> youay have noticed doors changing. ondoors opening faster the red line because they switched to automatic door operation ove. the weekend metro official have tested the system and trained operators. they plan to start operation on the other lines later this year and operators will continue to manually close the doors at all times. virginia governor ralph norstham will call legislato back in session. the shooter used a silencer. he was shot and killed by police. northam is asking lansakers to coer several gun safety proposals, including banning silencers, assault rifles, and adding universal background
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checks. republican leader say they will push for any mandatory minimum penalties. it comes after shooting at a building in may. today, buildinwiinspectors l be assessing damage in southern california. >> two major earthquak last week, thursday and friday, and there is more cell phone video showing the terrifying moments. >> let's go! >> let's go! g let'so! let's go! >> a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked southern california on the fourth of july. the next day, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rattled the area near ridge crest which is a little over two hours northeast of los angeles. some residents there are still on edge and choosing to sleep outside rather inside their homes. >> scared to think about the roofmacaving in on and not ing it out on even making it to our kid. >> here is a look at the tent the family slept in last night.
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official are still trying to fteure out who is without and power but the good new is everyone survived. another major story in south florida. investigator are working to determine exactly what caused an explosion at a shopping center. take a look at this before and after picture showing the damage. this happened saturday morning in the city of plantation, which is just outside of ft. lauderdale. officials say 22 people were injured and two in nearby hospitals and are expected to suive. listen to one witness describe the scene. >> the windows are shattering and falling. a lot of dust all over the place. the fire sprinklers are coming on. fire alarm is going off and peop. are running everywhere >> officials say it appears the explosion centered around a pizza shop that has beenonlosed for ms. this was the same area where a worker noticed the scent of gas minutes before that blast. take a look at this video. cameras captured thment a tornado flipped over an empty car. the twister ripped through parts of new jersey on saturday afteroon. a different angle to see here.
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ef-0 tornado packed winds of bout 70 miles an hour. homes were damagedt no reports of any serious injuries. fans at national harbor were ecstatic moments after the u.s. women's national team won its fourth world cup. millions of people around the world were glued to their to tvs to watch the big match. the victory celebrations are just beginning for team usa. later in the hour, we will take a look at what a big deal this is for the u.s. next onwe "news4 today," will explain what is prompting starbucks to apologize to police officers. new research shows two categories of women are at a higher risk of developing an aggressive form of breast cancer. find out if you or someone in your family meet the criteria. are you looking forward to retirement? many of your neighbors are not. why many americans plan to work well into their golden years.
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chuck? >> heavy rain across northern maryland. national weather service just extended the flash flood warning near frederick, maryland, and hagere
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welcome back. 5:12. today, managers at starbucks will meet with police after officers were asked to leave a store in arizona. >> the second day of meetingstw ben the two groups and it all started on the fourth of july when an employee told six tempe officers that a customer was uncomfortable with their
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presence. the employee asked the officers to move from their line of sight. the officers decided to leave. the tempe officers association calledhe situation disheartening and offensive and say they hope this can be a learning opportunity. while the #dump starbucks was on social media. meanwhile people had mixed reactions. >> they should not be asked to leave if all they are doing is having a cup of coffee. >> starbuckspologizedand called the incident completely unacceptable. the company says it's alread taking necessary steps to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future. we are working for your health this morning. a new stu says youngermen and women of color have a higher risk of getting a breast cancer. a city was down and they found african-american
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women had much higher rates of gative breast cancer and that form of cancer does not respond to hormone or targeted therapy. men under 40 were twice as likely to be diagnosed than those over 50. there are new concerns about the long-term impact tick bites can have and as strange as it may sound, doctors say a tick bite might cae you to develop an allergy to certain food. a missouri woman say she can no longer eat red meat after a tick bite made her allergic to a complex sugar found in red meat. doctors say it's rare but it can be transmitted to humans. >> we don't know that ticks can cause allergies, but lo and behold, this tick does. >> it was the last thing on my mind. still unbelievable a tick can make you allergic to food. >> doctors say most people cw groout of the allergy. something to watch out for here. es say the number of scammers posing as government employees was the highest ever this past spring. they pose as employees from the social security administration
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and irs and other ag encies. it caused consumers on average nearly1,000 per call. important to remember that the governmenwon't call you and ask you for ey will send you a letter in e mail. news4 is committed to working for you by respondinomto consumer cplaints. if you've been cheated or ur swindled, oews4 team want to help. it's a grim reality. ple believe retirement is completely out of reach. a new poll from the associated press suggests 1 in 4 s will never retire. people polled said they will continue to work beyond 65 years old. only about 14% under the age of 50 say they feel comfortable no eh to retire. if you have kid and i have three of them and they all are expected to attend college, i'm going to have work as long as they let me. >> i plan to die in this chair. you got to cut me out of here! >> me too! >> these young and up comers.
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>> isn't that what you are? >> i'm not so young any more. i the me too era, new rule when it comes to workplace romance. several major companies are changing their policy now. facebook, good deal, and now airbnb updated their employee hand books allowing colleagues to date but a catce you only have chance to ask somebody on a date if you work together. if they say no, that's it.k you can't ashem out again. it become harassing and uncomfortable for peothe. >> in workplace i guess employers don't want to day any chances. dot reseah and homework ahead of time before you ask out a coworker so you make sure that one time counts. che this out. a large tree was pulled out of the ground during one of the severe storms this weekend. there is some damage to the home on res roervoir road in northwe.
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in glover park a tree split in half. a big chunk of tree landed on a car. >> we had heavy rain and storm through the fourth of july. before the fourth and on the fourth and two days after the ourth. plenty heat and humidity around and led to that. a lot of that hanging around this morning. with we're in storm team 4 weather alert because we have flashflood watch and each a flash flood warning early on a monday morning. 77 steamy degrees in washington. winds for now out of the east at 8 miles per hour. st to northeast breeze is what we should expect the rest of the day. look how muggy it is. 79 in annapolis and 72 martinsburg and nobody below 70 this morning so your commute with most likely be affected by rain in the morning commute. rain chance will fade away into the afternoon but between now and especially lunch time do know there is a pretty high
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chanceor rain. there is plenty of dry weather to our west. that is our improving weather picture for tomorrow and wednesday. over parts of washington county, frederick county, maryland, as well, these have been pretty heavy rain producer over the last couple of hours. the flash flood watch is in place for everybody but this highlighted area here, part of washington and frederick county, maryland, on into the pan handlg of west ia and northernmost loudoun county, that is a flash flood warning goes until 9:30 this morning. be on the lookout and stay away from any high or fast moving water as that flash flood tisret ith us the rest of the day. we will send push alerts to our nbc washington app and a great way to stay ahead of the weather when you're not watching news4 on tv. i'm optimistic with tomorrow. bright sunshine return and almost no chance at all for rain tomorrow. temperauures will be j about average here for most of the week. our average high is 89.
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today will be the exception with highs in the low 80s because of the cloud around . builtng heat sunday and n week. now melissa mollet with the traffic. >> northbound 95 before 619 tiangle a brand-new crash on the left side of road. you're getting by on the right in the main lane but we are seeing a littlebit of ay there heading northbound. 66 brand new problem there. arlington eastbound near 29 washington boulevard.el ay inner loop and outer loop looking pretty good. south capital near atlantic police activity the. >> thank you. next on "news4 today," it may feel like summer is slipping
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away. but there isme still ti to plan a vacation. >> when with we come back, we are working for you with advice from a travel agent how to saven money o last-minute summer -a gety. of savings and service.
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see whatis happening here? a fraction of a second decided the annual world wife caring championship here in finland this weekend. yes, there is such a ing. >> wrap your legs around him and keep going. this year's winner were the defending champs, a tuple from lihuania. the prize for the winners is the women's weight in beer. >> that is a lot of work. summer always seems to fly by. i can't believe fourth of july has come and gone. >> if you haven't plannetra summe, don't worry.
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it's not too late. melissa mollet ishere with tips o put together a last than-minute get-away. >> it's already july. we know a little r&r is a must during the summer months. if you don't have anything booked yet, here is what you need to know to get a good deal on a last-minute trip. >> first class travel. scott. how can i help you? >> reporter: travel agent scott karoza owns first class travel and booking trips for clients for 20 years and said summer may be in full swing, right now, there are some hot spots with pretty cool pricing. >> certain locations like panama, for instance,onstop place from here. you can go right to panama and very good value. >> reporter: the key to saving a few bucks?h flexibility wtes and location, location, location. th you could do arizona. vegas. se are two good locations you can get good values in the summer. maine. you can go up to maine really cheap anduthwest from
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baltimore to take you up to r rtland and up there to harbor. fun stuff. >> reporter: for families, he suggest the gulf coast of florida or certain spots in mexico for couples. he says adult only resorts in jamaica are your bestt, but if your bigger is a little bigger? >> ndoming, yellow stone, gra tetons are prime time and expressive places o go. >> reporter: here is something that might drive you to get help from one before you book. >> we have so many different ways to look at pricing and availability, with different wholesale rates and they get undercut. all of my agencies which i do all the time. >> reporter: plus some agencies offer cash incentiveget ad upgr we simply can't and have connections on property in case you have a problem. now if you can't take a trip too far away, we are working for you. we posted a story highlighting 100 things to do in and around
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d.c. this summer. open the nbc washington app and search day trip. >> thanks, melissa. stillea ah an adrupt retireme for one of the navy's top admirals after he was to take over the branch's top spot. we will tell you why. >> speaking out. former vice president joe biden defends himself against ongoingc critism, this as new polling reveal how he would do in a hypothetical matchup against president trump. how about our weather, chuck? >> we are in storm team 4 weather alert mode. flash flood watch for d.c. metro area the next hour sore so and high water has been spotted across northern parts of loudoun county and easrn virginia and washington county and frederick county inmaryland a
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four people wounded in an overnight shooting in the district. veveral shooters were believed to be in but no arrests have been made. right now, police are continuing their search while two of those victims deal with potentially
5:30 am
li good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we will have more on that in a moment. first, a weather alert on this monday morning and melissa mollet is standing by with our first 4 traffic. we will start with chuck bell and a look at the forecast. >> good morning everybody. happy monday. back to work for many. weather alert day today. there are already some area of heavy rai across parts of northern maryland and eastern west virginia. that will persist here through much of the morning hours. localized flash flooding is a real possibility. so be on the lookout. avoid high or fast moving water. after today drier weather comes back into the picture. for now, it's raining hard along interstate 70 through northern frederick county, maryland, up to the hagerstown area and pockets of heavy rain with tlun thunder and lightning across northern virginia. not everyone is getting rained e on but ebody need to be ready for rain today as rain chances at 80%% and thunder and
5:31 am
lightning across p ts of southern maryland as well. flood watch for most of the metro area but that flood warning there from frederick, maryland, up to hagerstown, be on the lookout. could pick up a quick inch of rain early this morning. a look at the future weather is coming up. a crash on the left side of the road in the main lanes northbound i-95. just a warning yo haveto allow probably a little bit of extra time. earlier probleon 66 near washington boulevard has cleared. inner loop and outer loop of the belty clear right now. atlantic street, police activity hanging around this morning. >> thank you. this morning, d.c. police are investigating after five people were shot just hours ago. >> four people were shot on
5:32 am
south capitol street in the southeast and 30 minutes before that a man shot in northwest at columbia heights on 14th street near harvard street. we are told he is expected on t. survive molette green is outside of police headquarters now with more on that quadrupleshooting. >> reporter: quite a violent night capping off the long holiday weekend. herear is what we know so f two of the four people shot fighting to live. they are described as adult males. two others who were shot, their injuries are not as serious. we want to show you the scene. quite a big turnout of police presence as they got on the scene there in the 2900 block of south capitol street and this is just hours ago as police had to put together the piecef what ble up to this incred display of violence and blood e sh what wearis kn th so there are three to four suspec,
5:33 am
all of tolem wearing dark ced clothing and their faces covered with masks. police are working to find out what led to this but they are looking for people in the community to tell them anything they know to help them to be able to solve this crime. that is the latest live from outside of police headquarters here in northwest d.c. an elderly woman was killed over the weekend when a fire started inside her alexandria apartment. the fire began at around 5:30 sunday morning at the south court garden apartment complex. it's on edsel road. a neighbor smelled thelemoke and cal911. the emergency dispatcher told him to pull the fire alarm before fifighters arrived in minutes and helped get people out. h >> they also to use ladders to get a couple of folks off ofa their t a couple of levels above the original unit. no other injuries were reported and no firefighters were injured at the time.
5:34 am
>> no other apartments were damaged either. investigators have not releaseth the name of woman who died. they say the cause was improperly discardedigarettes. this morning, several families are mourning the loss of their loved ones killed in crashes across our regnin. at least people died over the fourth of july weekend. there were five deaths in spotssylvania county. one in centreville. one in frederick, maryland, and one in lantum. that crash was caused by a wrong way driver on the beltway. the wrong way driver was miguel gomez. they say alcoholas a factor in that crash. here is a look at other top ory this morning. two california towns are bracing for hoafter-ss after last friday night's 7.1 earthquake. you can see the damage was extensive. many people are without water. homes caught fire and gas lines
5:35 am
were ruptured. the governor has declared a state of emergency. uber driver and three passengers are recovering after a friday night shooting in d.c.'s brookland neighborhood. police say a gunman opened a fire on the car at7th and otis place northeast. the driver was shot in the finger and expected to be okay and passengers were injured by flying glass. no arrests have been made. the new doors on metro's red line are n officialen for business. they are automatic, installed to make the commute a bit faster. over the past several months metro has fine-tun the system and trained operators. metro plans to start automatic dorp operations on the other lines later this year. operators will continue to manually close doors at all times.
5:36 am
admiral moran was nominated by president trump and confirmin by the senatay. last night the navy announced he would be ending his career. few details about why he was stepping down are available. but navy secretary richard spencer said that moran showed poor judgment regarding a professional admiral john richardson who has been serving as active chief of naval operations will remain in that post. over the weekend, movie pass announced it is shutting down fo ia while. >>t's a theater subscription service that says it will be offline for several weeks. it has been struggling recently. during the shutdown, the company t will work on a new version of its app. l vie pass until it's back up and running it wt accept new subscribers and customers will not be charged until it is
5:37 am
back up and running. i am so excited abouthis! i'm getting chills. disney dropped the trailer for its live action of mulan esterday. a young gl poses as a man so she can take her ailing father's place in china. the ar is playing the title role and jet lee is challging one of the first of animated films. rosalyn chow, i know you know her from "star trek." she is also in tisfilm. >> i never saw the animated version. was it a musical? singing in that? >> no. oh, it was? it's a long time mayb have to revisit it. our producer is reminding me,
5:38 am
yes. i know most of them have th music. >> you wonder if they will still match that with the live action. we will see. still ahead, an ico in the music world mak a surprise announcement during a weekend . concert firing back. the british ambassador to the united stes appears to slam the president in leaked reports back to the uk. what was said and how the president is responding. we will be rig back.
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welcome back. stevieonder fansn london heard more than the greatest hits during a weekend concert. he surprised the crowd by announcing that he would soon
5:41 am
undergo a kidney transplant. >> i'm going to have surgery. i'm going to have a kidney transplant. all good. i have a donor. a it's good. >> the msic icon said he decided to make the public announcement during his concert to avoid rumor spreading about his health. the singer plans to perform three more shows and then take a break for the surgery. he did not say why he needed a transplant. >> he is an incredible alent. new information from consumer reports. ecently medical team test bug repellants. the experts say repellants that do well against mosquitoes do well against ticks.
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the repellants have one ofs.hree ingredie deet. and lemon or eucalyptus. t the repellants only lashalf an hour and commercial brand last six to seven hours. our clothing play an important role in protectipe us against s. experts say make sure you don't have open containers of water in your yard. may have to delay dog walkg later in the dayhen we should be drier. here is my girl talking to me. tired dog is a gd dog. ten days at the beach, she was on the couch. the best part of being a dog owner. temperatures today on the nice and cool sideut b you'll be dodging the drops at least the first half of the day. i'll show you storm team 4 radar co a send and ten-day
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0>> 15 before the hour now. leading decision coverage this morning. bad news and good news for president trump. >> the president's job approval rating is now higher than it's er been at 44%. that is according to "the washington post"/abc news poll released yesterday but the released yesterday but the poll shows him ten points behind joey biden in a pothetical 2020 matchup. >> the former vice president is facing his own elecon struggles. tracie potts joins us live from capitohill with more.i h@
5:46 am
>> reporter: biden over the weekend apologizing for the comments that he made about working with segregationist admitting theyuld have been hurtful to people and he was sorry and regrets what he said. where will that put him in terms of the standing of this election verse president trump?th latest poll, as you said, has him ten points ahead of tr president mp but that gap is narrowing in favor of president trump, not inavor of biden, not to mention the other top democrats where president trump ties or virtually ties with them. some political consultants are telling us that biden need to get ahead of the next big conflict with democrats or what could be his next big disconnect with democrats which is his vot topport the iraq war. >> tracie potts for us this morning on the hill, thanks. over the week, president trump blasted britain's ambassador to the u.s. ed hes not a big fan of him
5:47 am
and he has not served the uk well. in leaked cable reports, the ambassador called the president inept, insecure, and incompetent. the british government is defending the ambassador saying its ambassador are allowed to be candid when expressing their views. it has launched an investigation into how those cables were leaked. iloday, jeffrey epstein w be in court to face federal sex trafficking charges and he was arrested in new york over the weekend. court documents showundozens of raged girls were brought to his palm beach mansion allegedly for sex. it was part of a deal his attorney struck in 2008 which allowed him to avoid a lengthy jail sentence following accusations of having sex with underaged grls. tomorrow, the debate over gun control takes center stage in virginia. governor ralph northam called a special session after the mass
5:48 am
shooting at virginia beach in may. the governor wants lawmakers to vote on several measures. including universal background checks. the republicans have criticized northam accused him of exploiting the virginia beach tragedy for political gain. back in the district now. union station is calm after somebody set off fireworks. > it happened as everyone was ending their july fourth weekend. news4 justin finch is live at union station with details on the scare. >> reporter: the silver lining is this store end with sighs of relief after a very real scare. those sound that many thought werethunfire sent people running for cover. his happened just before 5:00 p.m. onsunday. d.c. fire and police as you can see there racing here to the ene. this was on sunday as many were wrapping up their fourth of july
5:49 am
holiday. so, of course, the station was busy but upon further investigation, they did find on the scene that fireworks were going off in the station but t tell that a witness we spoke to who was at johnny rockets when the strange sound caught their attention. >> i heard crashing and heard pops and we turned around and saw people running so we were led into the back room. >> reporter: as you heard, many people doing the right thing and running for cover and waiting a forthorities to arrive. in the end d.c. fire says three people on had to be trted for medical events. they had conditions that were triggered by that big scare here on sunday. you nged, everythingow back to normal. service has resumed and everything is calm on this mondck morning. banside to you. >> justin finch, thank you. the uis celebrating another women's world cup victory this
5:50 am
morning. yesterday the u.s. national team n its fourth title. >> fan here in the washington regionand aroundhe world could not get enough. some americans were able to see the victory in person. they cheered and chanted as they left the arena there wearing red, white, and blue. for those who couldn't afford a ticket to france, the national harbo fturned out justne as people turned out for a big watch party and rocking the red, white, and blue. megan rapinoe scored a goalith a penalty kick. she was just so super cool and calm and collected. and then it was re lavalle who is one of our own. she scored in the 69th minute of play, helping team usa beat the neerlands 1-1.
5:51 am
this is the team's second world cup.ys she pla for the washington women'syoccer team. ou can watch rose play here in washington, d.c. at the end of august. let's turn to chuck bell with a storm team 4 weather alert day. be ready for possibility of heavy rain today. not everyone will get rained on but period o heavy rain in place starting first thing this morning up across northern maryland and coming toward the d.c. metro area middle and later part of the morning. after today the sunshine is back for torrow and wednesday. fore we go back to another rain chance on thtesday. what is likely to be a rainy day for most of us today and have a chance to dry out. 77 with full clouds here on in the washingtonrea this morning. 73 frederick, maryland. 77 quantico.
5:52 am
80% of rain between now and about noon time toda once we get into the afternoon, rain c tnces will start fall. might even see a little bit of sunshine later on in the day. afternoon high today will stay only in thepp seventh and low 80s. that is certainly some good news. there is a lot of moisture just up to our north and tat willbe sagging down in here. you can see this area here heavy rain now on top of downtown frederick, maryland, this morning. the beginning of the commute down 270be could extremely slow this morning. that will drift its way southward along 270 here the next couple of hour. these highlighted area here northern frederick county, maryland, washington county, maryland, into charles town and martinsburg, west virginia, this area here is a fla flood warning. the warning goes until 9:30. pockets of high water around that part of the region so avoid that this morning. notice that chance for heavy rain comes down into the d.c. metro area between, say, 9:00 and noon. presses down into southernyl
5:53 am
mad during the afternoon. by 3:00 or 4:00, i think drier air will start to turn off the rain chance. that is some good new. here is your ten-day forecast. there could be a tropical storm develiing in the gulf of mex this weekend that could affect our weather earlyext week. northbound 95 before triangle. looks like that has cleared out of the way in the main lane sw are seeing some pretty typically volumhbheading nortnd.
5:54 am
remember to listen to ot 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. > in aa 234new way tet rn itemso amazon. kohl will start accepting returns at their stores. they tested it earlier this year. customers have to go to amazon online center and physical the return option and get a bar code and the kohl's store will pack and ship them back for free. one of the greatest wonders
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in the world is showing some signs of decay. official say wind, sun, heavy rains over the centuries on the great wall of china. the sheer volume of tourists isl o causing surface damage. the local government has imposed a daily cap of 65,000 visitors. you think about the magnitud wof the grel of china, you can see it fr space. it was built by hand centuries ago and the fact is still yo survived u is imagine the wearnd tear.'s >> it a tradition that lead to injury two americans were hurt this weekend at the annual running of the bulls in spain. the california man needed surgery for neck injuries and a in from kentucky was gor the thigh. four other people had to the hospital too. yi that's a risk you take. just san'. >> exactly. it's alst -- you think you can tell if you survive for the running of the bulls you have a nasty scar too. >> some badge of nohor? >> not the smartest thing.
5:56 am
next at 6:00 a.m., starbucks under fire. why the #dump starbucks was trending over social media over the weekend. op> your chance to develan aggressive form of breast ca ncer. research shows two group of women are at more risk than other. find out if you call in either category.
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breaking news. fiveeople shot overnight in washington, d.c. police are investigating attacks in two differe t parts o city. >> one person was shot in northwest and four people were shot in southeast. we will have a livef report in minutes. we approach 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. >> i'm eun yang.t. a lot to catch you up over the holiday weekend. we hope you enjoyed it. on top of that, there is a weather alert day. >> melissa mollet is standing bt with your fir traffic. we start with meteorologist chuck bell. rain nce for very heavy this morning. normally, we have to wait until later on in the afternoon.
6:00 am
today's heaviest rain likely to come befor lunch time. flash flood warning across frederick county maryland and east west virginia and northern udoun county. this storm has not been moving all that fast and it is coming down in bucketsow nlong i-70 there at 270. top of the 270 there in frederick, maryland. the srm will eventually glide down i-270. the commute for the maryland suburbs could be rough this morning. more raindrops near potomac and greatoalls and shern anne arundel county this morning. the warning is the flooash floo ware ng. be on thokout for high and fast moving water and turn around and never dry on a road you c't see. afternoon highs around 80. the second half of the day will be the drier haf.


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