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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 10, 2019 6:00am-6:40am EDT

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ended a special session just hours after convening. we break down what happen in richmond. and embattled d.c. council member loses a powerful olairmanship. we're fwing the latest developments regarding jack evans. >> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. 6:00 on the dot right now. i like it when that happens right at 6:00 here we are promised. good morning, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's wednesday, july 10th, 2019. half way there. let's get a lookat your weather and traffic right now. >> melissa mollet of course standing by for us. we'll begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck and what we need to know about today's weather. >> all right, aaron. you need to know that it's going to be sunny and it's going to be hot. typical for july in washington. nice, quiet weather for today. back up close to s90 degreehis afternoon. not all that unusually hot. our average high is 89. still watching for a very high chancof thunderstorms coming our way tomorrow. it will be a storm team 4 weather alert in addition to a thunderstorm chance. there's also ing to be a pretty high chance for some
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localized flash flooding tomorrow. viously the ground is saturated because of what happened around here on monday. but for now, your wednesday morning getting off to a beautiful start acss the region. visibility not as much of an issue today as it was yesterday. there are a few pockets of foggine fogginess. your planner for today, temperatus in the low 70s by 7:00. mid 80s by lunchtime and upper 80s to right around 90 degrees for a high temperature tod. t no chance for rain today. increasing humidity, increasing rain chtoces for orrow, more about that coming up. melissa, good morning. >> good morning to you. chopper 4 showing you this issue here eastbound 450 near bw parkway have this situation with a water main break and these repairs under way. so you can see quite a big hole there in the eastbound lanes of 450. inner loop, outer loop no issues ther in leesburg, near claudia drive,
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crash involving a deer. somelow downs. arlington north key boulevard between north quinn and north oak water main break there. reminder for metro orange blue line delay single tracking between eastern market and federal cente >> melissa, thank you. an alleged drug dealer was already in handcuffs when a montgomery county police officer slammed his head io the pavement. >> now that officer is facing charges. news 4 justin finch is lve at montgomery county police headquarters in gaithersburg with more on this story. justin, good morning. >> reporter: erin, eun, good morning. you might recall when that video came out. montgomery county police said investigation would be carriedo out took more into that video and perhaps the use of excessive force. nowit appears that probe has yieldedch ges. that's officer kevin morris you're seeing in the video now facing a charge of second degree assault and also misconduct while in office. that clip first shown on twitter last week and then
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widely on social media. t appears to show officer morris slamming that man on to the ground, kneeing him in the head. also covering his face with a t-shirt there. the subject is 19-year-old arnaldo. he was arrested after trying to sell mushrooms to an undercover officer last week in aspen hill officer. the community was calling for change in the policforce. that, as it turns out the county counc called for a bill creation of a police advisory board, a board that would advise and not decide ins caes police discipline and also in that same vein the state's attorneys spoke about the investigation and the process to filing charges. >> we're not above holding the police account financial they commit crimes in this comm ity. ave to track -- look, we don't enjoy doing that. but it comes with the job that we've swor an oath to do.
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>> reporter: and police say that officer kevin morris' police powers have now been suspended. he is now on administrative duty. he has seven years experience with the montgomery county police force. back into you. >> justin finck thanyou. in prince georges county,e th police department is tellingt officeo cooperate with nfi.c.e. to eorce civil deportation orders. the department released a training video that specifically tells officers what to do. police chief says the department is also sent letters toofficers explaining the difference between a civil summons a a criminal warrant. he says undocumented migrants who have criminal warrants will be detained and their information will be turned over o i.c.e. now to the surprising turn n at virg's special session on gun violence. leaders voted to abruptly end io the sessn leaving gun right supporters happy and gun control activists vowingge for rev a
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the polls. this was the scene outside of the capitol in richmond. people on bothides of the gun debate demanded toir have the voices heard. inside before any action could be taken, leaders in the republican-controlled house and senate voted to end the session after 90 minutes. gop leaders say more time is needed to study gun control measures. >> what we want to do is have a toup that can look at these measures not moment by moment down here but actually have a chance to look at them. >> they totally abda indicated their responsibility and number two, the republicans in this state are totally controlled, i mean, 100% controlled by the national rifle association. >> after the session, governor ralph northam tweeted that the gop action was, quote, shameful hed disappointing. >> one of t longest-serving electedficials in the district has been removed from a powerful position. the d.c.council voted to remove jack evans as chairman of its committee on finance and revenue. evans is accused of using his
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office f personal gain. thpp council sto short of removing evans from all council active tis. this comes less than a month after the fbi raid his home. he stepped downdrom the boar as well. council approved a measure that will allow the same company thats operate the d.c lottery to also operate the city's future mobile betting app. evans sponsored the bill which came under some scrutiny becausn it didot allow competitive bidd ultimately it passed 7-5 which paved the way for b mobileetting to get up and running early next year and we could see in-person bettingat venues such as capital one arena. 9/11 responders will finally get the peace of mind they had been fighting for. they lobbied congress for money to ensure that fund has enough
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money for those who suf health problems related to the 9/11 attacks. right now the fund does not havh enou to pay out current and projected claims. the bill will be renamed in honor of first responders who died from illnesses related to their work at ground zero including luis alvarez who died of cancer earlier this months. following ee house vote, th bill goes to the senate forer considation. >> 6:07 is your time now. happening todad.c.'s oldest hospital begins its new life as an urgent care facility. this is what the new insurance looks like at the old providence hospital. the full service hospital in northeast d.c. shut down at the end of april. emergency ig gap in care for residents in the eastern half of the district. the hospital had faced serious financial problems in rece years. the urgent carent ce will operate seven days a week. 6:07 now. the family of g a littlel who was shocked at mgm national harbor says their lives will never be the same. one year later the parents released a video showing their child still unable to speak or
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walk. the law firm representing the parents recorded an interview and this video of zynae green. last june the 7-year-old was mgm ked by a railing at national harbor. her mother and father described what their lives are like now. >> mother's day it took a big toll onme. i didn't go nowhere. i stayed in the house the whole day with zynae. not hearing her voice, not hearing her say, mom, hpy mother's day, giving me a hug, playing with my hair, kissing me, telling me how much she ves me, it really hurt me. >> you know, zy will connue to get better. >> our hope is to hear her beautiful voice again. >> 120 volts of electricity circulated through the little w girl's bodyen she touched that railing. mgm released a statement saying, quote, it's been a year but a day does not go by that we do not think of the green family. what happened was a tragic cident and we hope zynae's
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condition improves. lawsuit is pending agast mgm. > we're three hows away from the u.s. women's soccer team ticker tdepe pa happening in new york city. katherine craeg from our sister station in nw york city has detail on the preparations under way right now. >> reporter: good mornfrom the big apple, eun and aaron. a big event will take place here at city hall following the ticker tape parade. what you will see here, you'll have music,fanfare, the mayor w of new york cil give the player ascii to the city. some of the teammates will also rks. re you'll hear from alex morgan, carli lloyd also, megan rapinoe. there are 3,500 seatsut here and apparently all of the tickets for the city hall ceremony have been given out. a ton ofhs today right around our average. our average high is 89. hat's about where we'll be for today. always use your nbc washington app to stay ahead of the very latest.nd we also sut push alerts through the nbc washington app.
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tomorrow should we have any severe weather warnings we'll send that out on the app. there is your extended forecast. 89 today. 89 tomorrow. but 80% chance of rain and thundetorms tomorrow, hotz and dry for the weekend. let's hear something from melis melissa, what do you got? >> take a look here we're shut down eastbound 450 nr bw parkway. this is a situation where they had a water main break overnight. you can see all of the work they're doing there. it is a b i holen the middle of the roadway. inner loop outer loop of the beltway erything is looking quite good. two problems on 95, crash on the left side. sounds like something perhaps over the guardrail. northbound 95 crash reportsed as well. eastbound 66 to 428 disabled vehicle on the rightside. orange blue line delays. as for our travel times in virginia right nowlooking good on 66 and 95.
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270 is okay. outer loop 38 miles per hour. outer loop 38 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop 103.5
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need for diversity in all parts of media and it's anno ho to be recognized for the work we do to tell so many stories from different perspectives that are important inyour community. hank you to president david morgan and congratulations to the other nominees. our colleague brendan was a presenter at the award. >> thank you, leah and mike, for watching us every >>morning. still ahead, hollywood furns the loss an award-winning actor who passed away overnight. plus, was russia behind the conspiracy theory following the days of the murder of seth rich. we're looking at a new report that says yes. >> time for your dog-walking fore tst. look ats cutie, 10 month old annabelle, spring eer spaniel m. only going to be a 40 dog when she grows up. dog-walking forecast for today, no weather worries today but the pavement will be hot later on in
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everybody,
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ow i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to begin with a check your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet is standing by with a check oni yourt 4 traffic. but les begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a bit more humid today, chuck. >> yeah, little more humidity today. probably 2 to 3 degrees warmer this afternoon and that heat and humidity will build even more as we get into tomorrow. that mns rain chances come back for your thursday. but right now with the sun up on wednesday morning, not as much of a fog issue this morning as we had yesterday. only one or two spots where visibility is reduced. not a bign problem i and around the city. warmer than yesterday this time of the morning. it's 58 in leesburg, 68 at dulles airport, 68 in prince georges county, 72 now here in washington. so your planner then fortoday, your commute will not be rained on. neither the morning, afternoon or evening commutes.l alt and dry today. tomorrow an increasing chance for thunderstorms and increasing
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chance for some potential more alooding. mobout all that coming melsa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. new problem on 95 chopper 4 is headed there. we're talking about southbound 95 near the occoquan river bridge. chopper 4 will show us really what's going on from above. northbound we also have delays because folks are just looking across the roadway. so this is impacting you northbound and southbound through that asection. er route 1 also have a crash reported there. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, no major problems. centerville eastbound before 28 disabled vehicle on the right side. 270 looks od. so does 95 in maryland. eun? >> melissa, thank you. breaking overnight, new concerns about the treatment of migrant children at u.s. border facilities. nbc news is reporting tmet govern caseworkers who spoke directly with children in an uaizona facility have been
6:22 am
instances of sex assault and retaliation for complaints. a 15-year-old girl from honduras says an officer groped her and a 16-year-old from guatemala says after complaining about the food and water his mat was taken from him and he was forced toleep on the floor. u.s. customs and border protection has pushed back on suchreports calling them bstantiated and says th all officers treat people with dignity and respect. now to the prince georges county police department. officers are being told not to cooperate with i.c.e. to enforce civil deportation orders. >> news 4 megan mcgrath isive at the prince georges county police headquarters with more on this. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. it recently came to light that somein georges county police officers had served civin warr against undocumented immigrants. that's against department policy. the confusion came after the office consulted a national crime data base and saw the word
6:23 am
warrant. chief says the officers thought those warrants were criminal in nature. but they were not. now, to make sure thater it nev happens again, the department has released a training video to clarify the policy, which is to take action on criminal warrants only. now, if you could take a look t here at specifics here under the new policy officers will be required to look at the underlying basisor that warrant. so it's not good enough to just see the word warrant. the officer needs to figure out if it's a civil or criminal situation. if it's civil, then they need to let the person go. if it's criminal, then they can detain. >> megan mcgrath. >> apparently we do not ha the sound from the chief. prince georges county police will only cooperate with i.c.e. this is the bottom line in
6:24 am
criminal matters. so things like deportation enforcement warrants, prince georges county police officers will not act on those warrants. again, new training video, the hope here is to clarify the policy to make sure that people are not detained for these civil situations. back to you. >> megan mcgrath live in prince georges county, thank you. d.c. police and the fbi are stillrs searching for the peon who they said fired a gun in the direction of an on duty police officer. >> the search continues we're learning new chaeling details about the incident. take a look. we showed you thisei survlance video yesterday morning. it all happenedarly in the morning on the fourth of july on hillside road in southeast. police said the shooter put two lives at risk. >> the officer was in the area. he was outsideis vehicle. he was actually having a conversation with a citizenwhen the shots rang out. ey for e is reward m
6:25 am
information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter. new information about a on crash the beltway in maryland. state trooper warren thompson was pinned against the guardrail while he was investigating a rain reaction crash yesterday happening near pennsylvania avenue in forrisville. involvede five drivers in the crash. one of the drivers is being arged with failing to control speed to avoid a collision. oscar nominated actor rip torn has died. torn was a texan who made a namf for himseas a character actor in hollywood. younger audiences may remember him from films like m in black and dodgebaem. he won an my for his work on the larry sanders show and had a lengthy career before that. crosscreek film won him nomination for best actor. the business and political world continues to remember ross perot this morning.
6:26 am
the two-time candidate for president and self-made billionaire died yesterday following a btle with cancer. perot graduated from the naval academy and his public service included work on behalf of veterans and american prisoners of war. he was once quoted as saying i was texas born, texas bread, when i die i'll be texasdead. still ahead, d.c. attorney general files a lawsuit against the company behind a popular hotel chain. we'll tell you why. plus, news 4 molette green is live in the community this morning. hi,labor secretary. nbc's kristen welker joinsfus m the white house where the president is standing by and secretary acosta. >> reporter: that's right. go morning. despite the growingcas for the alexander acosta to resign. now 2008 when acostaas a u.s. attorney in florida he signed off on a plea deal as you just
6:27 am
said against billionaire jeffrey epstein that many are calling a slap on the wrist. the renewed scrutiny comes after epstein pled not guilty to sex trafficking charges. president trump is standing by his labor secretary. overnight, there were calls demanding that acosta resign. have a on this, we'l lot more coming up on "today show." guys, back to you. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. tha you, kristen. 6:48 now.' s been nearly three yes since seth rich was gunned down in nce that time, there have been c all kindsonspiracy theories about his death. nowccording to a yahoo news , investigationose conspiracy theories could trace back to russia.
6:28 am
rich was a dnc staffer who was killed while walkinghome. yahoo spoke wi the former federal prosecutor who lheoked intocase. they say in the days after rich's murder, russian intel planted a bulletin in an obscure website alleging that rich had been assassinated. h theye not yet infeintly confirmed the yahoo story.ia the russ bulletin later was picked up by far right immediate y and f eventually reac news and the trump . administration al lice this morning, we're working r you with a consumer alert. it's about t way marriott international advertises its prices to you. a >> d.c.'sttorney general is suingarriott international accusing the chain of using deceptive and misleading pricing practices. now the lawsuit claims that marriott advertises low prices for its hotel rooms and then adds resort fees or amenity feei du the booking process to make up for those lower rates. d.c. attorney general says the fees often lumped in with taxes
6:29 am
make it harder for you to determine how much of your money is going to the government and how much is going to the hotel. >> these resort fees can be as little as $9 and as much as close to $100 above the charge for a room. >> now the attorney general's lawsuit aims to force marriott to advertise the true prices of its hotel rooms up front as well as provide partial refunds to tens of thousands of d.c. consumer and to pay civil fines. marriott international says it does not comment on pending litigation. it's now 6:50. let's check on the forecast now with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what e we seeing out there, chuck? >> little more humidity in the air for today. you'll notice the increasing humidity lateron today and even more humid tomorrow which means higher chances for rain back for your thursday. no rain chance for recap there for the one-hour rainfall record was set
6:30 am
in washington at national airport monday from to 10:00 a.m., 3.3 inches of rain in one hour. the old record dated back to 1963 at 2.9 inches in an hour, july 17th, justar a ye ago was in second place until this recent one, 2.63 inches of rain in an hour there. the other thing that's really interesng about this, the entire top 15isr 20 l for heaviest rainfall hours all happened in the afternoon and evening. mondays is the only one on the list that occurred during the morning urs. all right. so for today, right now visibility is good. fog lifting quickly across the rural areas. temperatures are in the 60s and low 70s. no rainfall worries fortoday. the commute will be dry. it will be seasonably hot with afternoon highs in the upper s, but good car washing weather for today. no problems for today. our rain chances for tomorrow stand at 80%. we could have showers as early as noon but won't be whenou
6:31 am
ke up. quite to have an active weather afternoon. future weather, starting off udwith a lot of clo and a lot of humidity around. storms could develop as early as 11:00. 2:00 p.m., storms along the blue ridge. by 4:00 p.m., storms pretty much covering the area. and the peak of opportunity for heavy rain and unfortunately heavy rain iso a real pibility tomorrow, between 5 to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon into the evening. it will be a storm team 4 weather alert day. we'll be on air and online with our partners to keep you safe and keep you dry. also partnering with wtop is our traffic department. more on that here is melissa. >> good morning. southbound 95 near the occoquan river bridge. this is the vehicle over the guardrail. southbound lanes tow truck on the scene. right now they're just takinge
6:32 am
out eft lane. we have delays northbound because of everybody looking across the roadway here this morning. that's going to be kind of a slowwn. you can see on the map here as well those delays headed northbound and southbound. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway no problems on the beltway for now. topf the beltway also nice light volume. we love that. travel times for you, 270 southbound 39 miles per hour. top of the beltway 29 miles per hour. 39 miles per hour 66, 33il mes per hour quantity toe to the beltway. guys? >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:53. back to the barke sale under waa right now insh burn, it's a bake sale with a >> the canines and kids foundation is hoping you'll consider throwing your own sale to help crush cancer at both ends of the leash if you will.
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molette is live. >> reporter: good morning. we have it all set up to you ady to go. have the pets. we have the kids. we have the baked goodies. hold up those baked goodies all laid out. we are so ready for what? >> barke sale! >> a barke sale. anybody can socieet this up. these campers have worked hard on this. why is this important, young lady? >> it's important because we're raising money for kids and canines that both have cancer. >> what do you think? >> i think it's great that we're helping cancer. >> and your thoughts? >> that everyone should try it and that they would get a lot money. >> oh, yeah, they would get some money. your thoughts real quick. >> i think everyone should do this to raise money for cancer. >> all right. that's what we're doing. bout.s what we're talking i'll bring in karen mitchell who is with fitwize.
6:34 am
your dog survive ed cancer. why is this important? >> part of our mission here at fitwize is to teach the kids about community service and giving back and this is part of our kids helping> nimal camp. ese treats are ready for you to come to camp and buy them up. this is very important to crusht canceoth ends of the leash. >> absolutely. we're raising awareness and funds for research for the cancers that kids andboanines develop. >> all right. the treats are ready. aaron, eun, wt are you buying? we're ready to have what? >> a barke sale. >> more information on how you can set up a barke sale in our nbc washington app. search canines and kids. okay. the barke sale is on. come shop. look at all the cute pooches out he, too. >> adorable. >> and the real ponch the mascot is out here. >> adorable. kids are great. dogs are great.nk thaou so much, molette. >> here are four things to know
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this morning at 9:30, the u.s. women's soccer team will be celebrated with a victory parade in new york city. much like this one back in 2015, new york mayor bill will give the players a key to the city. check out "today show" for a live report from parade report. the conspiracy theory was pushed by russian intelligence. rich was a cdn staffer gunned down in d.c. nearly three years ago. the conspiracy theory was picked up by fox news. democrfos are calling alex acosta to resign. acosta was once the u.s. attorney who worked on the plea deal with jeffrey epstein. president trump is standing by acosta. "today show" will have a live report on this next. > sports betting is one step closer to reality in d.c. they approved a measure that allows the company that operates the d.c. lottery also operate
6:36 am
the city's future mobile betting app. stay with news 4 on the air and online for updates on the story. five-day forec sunny and hot today. high 89. and 80% chance ofin ra and understorms tomorrow will be a storm team 4 meteorologist weather ahead day. >> taking a look at the traffic, southbound 95 chopper 4 over this issue at t occoquan river bridge. >> melissa, thank you. today.t is the news for we appreciate you waking up with us. >> "today show" is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for news, weatrer and fic. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good under fi. call for a member of the trump cabinet to step down over his role in a plea deal f sex offender jeffrey epstein. >> alex acosta cut epstein a sweetheart. deal >> this morning will the president stand by his man. a "today" exclusive, a new
6:40 am
epstein accuser comes forward with an explosive. >> did he rape you. >> he raped me. what happened to her when she was 14 years old and how she's ready to tell her story. >> i feel brave, i feel strong, more tha ever now. on alert.


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