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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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could be a big storm moving in. >> it is expect to hit us tomoow. >> after monday's unbelievable storm with the flooding. even more as we brace for a new round of rain. >> doug is in the storm center to find out what we're up against.hi >> i don't t this will be a repeat of monday by any means. however, flash flooding is a threat. watch what happens here. right around 0,5:0 6:00. look at this line right through the south. stro to severethunderstorms. a possibility for sure during the afternoon hours. we are in a slight risk of severe weather and that tells us we have a risk of severe weather. the hehest thr will be very heavy rain with the potential for flash flooding. wind will be a big sue with
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some down bursts out of the storms. hail, a tornado threat, much lower. we will be on weather alert all day tomorrow. >> we're not alone. we learned new tonight tat the governor of louisiana hased declar a state of emergency there ahead of potential tropical storm moving in the. you see here video, this is from earlier today. this is the system that caused serious flooding. >> unbelievable. tens of the city saw six to inches of rain. one day. >> and we know they get rain in new orleans but this looks pretty serious. >> very serious for them. we're seeing the rain. they're also seeingthe elevated mississippi river which has been extremely high. they could be dealing with some major flooding and you can see where the storm is. it is right here moving to the west southwest. it is not a tropical depression just yet but it isct expeed to be a tropical storm. and it is expected to be a hurricane and this is oneco puter model bringing it well south of new orleans. that's good news.
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the heaviest rain looks like it will stay to the west. we'll be tracking this as well. some computer models bringing this to a three or four hurricane. the official track brings to it a category 1. i'll show you the track and how this could impact our weather next week. we've got toep showing you what happened on monday. we've got new video showing the water surging thugh. we learned the, a county manager issued a state of emergency after monday's floods. jackie bensen is live one of the hardest hit neighborhoods in the county. the damage is just extensive there. >> it is. it mayov help pde financial and other assistance to those affected. and take a look at what you can see. carp hes, furnishings, people's
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fy treasures all piled up here along 14th street north right down the street, there all of it destroyed. >> this window exploded. >> reporter: what happened monday morning as the rain relentlessly pounded arlington is the stuff of disaster movies. no one has ever seen anything like it here before and they hope to never, ever see it again. >> we were upstairs on the main level. and we heard this crash. i mean, explosions. dour feet of water and all of that rushe into the basement within 30 seconds, the basement flooded and coming into the living room. >> reporter: on 14 street north, neighbor helping neighbor bagging soggy drywall and trying to save what they can. most ofhem have finished bases mito maxize living space. >> so the water rose to this level. >> reporter: a short distance away, this is basement of the
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variety d hardware store. the family has oebld the beloves local busines since 19 they have. they took this video as water began rushing through monday morning. they are still helping customers. she said the community support is what is keeping them going. >> people are feeding us. we haven't had a to get meal. they all walk in the door for us. they barbecued and fed all the employees on the block. >> reporter: learning to their dismay, that traditional home policies generally do not cover flooding. they're totalling repair c that in many cases range in thet tens ofusands of dollars. >> it is a blow. i just retired. and i had everything set. >> reporter: now, neighbors tell us that after a slow start, arlington is now senng pickup trucks into the neighborhoods to help pick up some of the stuff. it has to be put out and
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arranged in a certain way, certainto size get that information, you can download our app and search flooded homes. >> okay. thank you. >> our heart goes out to all those folks. on another story, still talking abt what impacted this area, we've got a traffic alert tomorrow morning when you're heading to work and montgomery county repairs to belfast road will be beginning at 10:00 a.m. after the floods caused very serious damage. the rains washed it out. you can see it just opened up. this is a stream that runs beneath belfast road so that's what caused that. t will offer shuttle servi for people at the area. you can park at the shopping lenter or theot across from the old angler's inn. e're now in weather alert
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mode and possibly severe storms move in tomorrow. one thing you can do right now to prepare. download our free n washington app. you can select storm team 4 as your home base and then you'll get alerts as the storms hit your neighborhood. >> another deadly case of daytime violence. >> shomari stone who is live outside d.c. headarters with details. >> good evening. i tell you, d.c. police are searching for four people, four men last seen running away from this murder scene. ene police chief told me this was braz. in broad daylight and there were people walking outside.
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a mother in the southeast. her son's body, lying behind this blue tarp. >> it's more than sad. it is a feeling you can't express. >> he was walking around 3:30 this evening. he suddenly heard five s or shots. fired from inside the new creation barber shop. >> just running, taking cover. just trying toe hid from the i shooter,'m assuming. i had to take cover myself to see what was going. on iaw people going everywhere. >> very scary. somebody in broad daylight shooting of. >> reporter: four men ran away from the scene. officers were nearby. heard the shots, rsponded and found the man in his late teens to early 20s dead from gunshot wounds. >> the exact circumstances as to what occurred. 're still looking into it. anybody who knows this block
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knows a lot of people out here on a rgular basis. we're talking to witnesses. >> reporter: police are reviewing surveillance video from one, two, three, four cameras. >> was he a customer? was he getting his hair cut? >> that remains to be seen. >> reporter: as for him, he hope they catch the shooter. >> it is hurtful for me as a black man, as human torsion watch any person die in a barber shop. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood are sick and tired of the gun violence. now, i reached outto the mother of the young man who was killed and she was understandably too distraughto talk on camera. police have not released his name or age. meanwhile, the detectives are reaeing out to ple in the community. there were several people outside. if you have any information about this fatal shooting, call d.c. police. shomaristone.
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news4. another scene of violenc police in prince george's county canvassing for possible witnesses in a murder that appears to be something that someone tried to cover up. nearly two months ago, someo shot and killed devonte dixon. his bodyas found in capitol heights. news4 talked to his mother who said at 5'2", her son was a smaller guy but with a big heart. >> i lost myi sister months ago. he was helping me with my sister. she left five kids. he was very well known. mannered. very respectful. not a disrespectful child. did he everything the righty. wa >> investigators have not revealed any possible motive. >> now to the latest in the ov fallout er the jeffrey epstein plea deal from 2008. a former florida state attorney pushing back hard on alex acosta's account, calling it,
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quote, completely wrong. this afternoon acosta who was a u.s. attorney at the time that his office had to come in and take over. the charges brought by the local psecutor would not ha included jail time for epstein. in a statement, the former state attorney said he played no role in the negotiations with epstein's attorneys. he adds that acosta's office wrapped in a 53-page federal indictment, which it later abandoned. >> the goal here was straightforward. put epstein behind bars. ensure he registered as a sexual offender. provide victims with the means to seek restitution. >> this h all come to light as epstein faces t charges in new york. a woman claims he rape her at 1l wshe gave him a massage. she talked with savannah guthrie. >> very forcefully knd of brought me to the table and iju
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st did what he told me to do. terrified. i was telling him to stop. please stop. >> did he? >> no. he didn't. >> epstein's lawyers did not respond to nbc about t woman's allegations. he pled not guilty to the recent charges. new tonight, the white house 's reacting to the cost of president trump fourth of july celebration last ek. the d.c. taxpayers may have t faye $1.7 million to cover the it.urity for the d.c. mayor sent a letter asking that the government repao that st. bowser also said the celebration drained completelyndhe the government uses to keep the nation's capital fe. the federal government provides d.c.ith $13 million a year to cover security costs but it hasn't been making the payments on that. the 2017 inauguration, that cost d.c. more than $7 millionhich the district says has never been
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repaid. the fundill have $6 million deficit by september. they said they received the letter and they will respond in a time manner. >> next, aer flity clinic mix-up. families desperate to have children left >> noy should meet their baby in theobby of a hotel. >> what happened after they say the clinic edimplan the wrong embryos? plus, a once in a lifetime show on the national mall. now the washington monument is being transformed to celebrate 50 years since the landing on mo the on. and we're in weather alert mode as the new round storms heads our way.
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this is a real heart breaker. the california fertility clinic is accused implanning embryos in the wrong women. it got ntimpla in a total stranger. the strang an asian woman who thought she was giving birth to twin girls of her own only to deliver two boys, neither of which were hers or her race. the couple wlernld that the clinic. from the >> she goes, yes, the woman gave them to twins and one of is yours. >> i wasn't there for hisbirth. i didn't carryhim. i did not feel him kick inside of me. >> she said the clinic also implanted her with someone else's embryo which she miscarried. the couple filed the separate
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lawsuit to bring their baby home. we reached out to the clin but they declined to comment. starting next monday, the public will be able to weigh in on amazon's first developments. the county officials and representatives from amazon held a public meeting that drew a big enough crowd that some had to actually stand there. they checked out the map to get a better sense of amazon's development plan. we are approaching the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. itas a time that the entire country came together to watch those small steps and hear the famous words fromeal armstrong. now 50 years later, 're getting a look at some pretty cool memorabilia. derrick ward has a look. >> reporter: the national airnd a safety museum is planning to do somethinspecial.
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>> for people like me who weren't around to see it first hand. >> a life size projection of the saturn rocket that first got men to the moon will appear on the national mal it will be projected on the east front of the washington monumest. >> it i 363 feet tall and it fits perfectl against the monument. it will display the first steps on the surface. >> one small step for man kind. >> including something for the nightowls. saturday night, the eagle has landed. >> a late night celebration from 8:00 p.m. >> very cool.
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>> talk about all the rain. the timing of all of this. >> i am tracking a vry good chance of potentially severe storms. after a pretty nice day out there, it's pretty good. making the way out toward the potomac river. >> a very nice shot. this is the calm before the storm type deal. boy, do we have storms out there we could see some showers. nothing out there right now. i want tohow what's happening to the west here. we're looking at more storms and look how these flare up toward thehio river valley.
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that's a frontal boundary that will come across our area. now tomorrow morning. here we are. this is huger. weathe let's time this out together. i wouldn't be surprised to see a rumble of thunder during the morning commute. i'm not eectinguch but i want you to be prepared. through noon, we can see a couple more. i wouldn't be surpred to see a few. and then back to the west. watch what happens by 3:00. a few more around i-95. t here comes bulk of the action around juin time for the evening commute. look at all the pinks here. any time you see , pinkat means severe weather. if you have dinner plans, heads up. it could be a very bumpy ride as the storm moves through.
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the other thing we're tching. be weather ready. you can watch the radar on your phone. the nashl fooding could be an this. on not area wide but certain locations, it could be an issue and strg winds arepossible. let's go to the tropics. here's our storm. it could and will most likely be named barry by tomorrow morning. 30-mile-an-hour winds so not quite a depression. in toward the gulf and into louisiana. this would be devastating for areas just to the west of new orleans coming as a hurricane and then making its way into the middle part of the country. and then trying to come our way. we'll be warm over the next few
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days. temperatures in the mid 90s next week. >> thanks so much. >> still ahead, the world cup >> still ahead, the world cup champions celebrate
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. the women's neaional tm, you can do it at home if you like. the national soccer team, they've been like a comet. their actions andve words ha been inspiring to so many for so many reasons. and as they orbit around us and celebrate success, we wonder what they will say next or where
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they'll be next. the daystted the new york ticker tape parade. a perfect day for a perfect team. and no shortage of fans from battery park along broadway to city hall. of course, more confetti and more of what the crowd wanted to hear. >> it never ts old. the crowds are amazing. m.m super proud of th it took all 23 players. here's to the next chapter. we have been known as america's soccer team. >> from here on out, it will be own as america's team. >> they'red goo to go. in d.c., the mystics hosting the
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phoenix mercury. all the kids having fun. picking it up. the bucket, the foul. she had a team high 2 it went down hillro fm there. and then one of her own. 25 points for the mercury star. they couldn't have been haier. so wimbledon. roger federer on center court. in the far court. nishikori sent him back handed to the other court.on ith the nasty back haa . what play. he sees the set. infael nadal, of course, is looking to jo us. he was in action. nadal in this one withro the dp shot. but fa, he gets there. he beats him on this one.
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he is in ingoser to friday. and then with match point, he is see ing. with thturn. and then nadal going to end with it thed. forehan he wins in straight sets. so what they want. the 40th career meeting is coming up. and on the men's side. novak djokovic facing off. second set. the joker in the near court. watch golfing. he puts it through his legs.d an then he says, he goes between his legs.ns the faith a show from there. they are cruising with the drop shot. just too much for him. wins it in straight sets. no ak djokovicble to move on to the semifinals. he's prettd. >> that's cool. >> that's cool. >> just practice
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for inally, the real tre d.c. kids. >> they had a chance to take in some batting practice and run th around field. it was all part of the 11th annual home runs for horton's kids. he organization helps children in underserved parts of d.c., graduate from high school, prepare for college and think about a career path. >> and it wouldn't be the same without the kids there racing. president teddy around the outfield there. that included carnival games and a buffet and thei k had a great day. and it didn't rain on them. a great day out there. >> it won't be the same story
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for tomorrow. e'll be in weather alert mode and'll be up early.g gettin ready for that. > i'll be in for midday and we'll be here during t afternoon. >> we've got you vered. that's
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today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. ♪ cheers and applause >> steve: om 30 rockefeller plaza, here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now, here's your host, jimmy fallon


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