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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 11, 2019 2:07am-2:35am EDT

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other ase while held at a facility in arizona as we getan her look inside a facility in texas. families desperate to have children devastated by a fertility clinic mix up. ul>> families sho't meet their babies in the lobby of a hotel. >> after they say the clinic implanted the wrong embryos. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. there's bruise eaking news as we come on tonight. aricane watch for costal louisiana, mother casters tracking a tropical cyclone likely to intensify int a named storm. triggering a flash flood emergency and leaving neighborhoods under water. morgan cheskis in new orleans tonight. >> reporter: tonight
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louisiana under a en state of eme after a fast-moving storm threw waterspouts and flash flooding that brought new orleans to a soggy stand still. in someareas, nearly ten inch of rain in just two hours. c disabledars all over the rain. it's like a hurricane. >> reporter: canal street living up to 'mts name. >> itruck. i'm stranded out here. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: when it comes to keeping the city dry, these redrainage canals a crucial. only problem they can only handle so much lyater, leaving these low-g neighborhoods at risk with nothing more than a few inch of rain. the building tropical threat casting a shadow as far as texas. p> be prepared for thisticular storm. this is the time to start gettingpr epared. >> getting things before this hurricane that has no comes >> reporter: with the gstorm system only gettin stronger, that namee may com soon enough. morgan chesky, nbc news, new orleans. >> we are keeping a
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close eye on this developing threat. dylan, what are you seeing? >> reporter: the heavy rain is already starting to make its way along the sth coast of louisiana. right now it is a tropical cyclone number two, but tomorrow it could a tropical storm. on friday there's a chance it could become a category one hurricane. we need to closely watch the track as t takes that turn to the north. east way we should see at least 10 inches of rain especially along south western louisiana. so, that is why we have to focus so much on the flooding potential. lester. >> thank. under fire for his lenient handling of the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking case, yingx acosta is d calls for his head. acosta held a news conferencehis afternoon where he defended the plea deal he made with epstein 11 years ago. >> we did what we did because we wanted to see epstein go to jail. the billionaire who has
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pleaded not guilty. she says epstein raped her whe she was in high school. if you have young children in the room, some of th scriptions are graphic. >> reporter: in 2001, jennifer arose was 14 years old, a freshman athis new york high school when she says a woman approached her outside. the first time she brought up the name jeffrey epstein, how did she describe him to you?e was just a great guy. she was saying he helped me, i struggled. she was similar to me. >> reporr: when you think of her now, you use the phrase, he ecruiter. you felt like she was looking for someone. >> for sure. >> sheee says w later the recruiter brought her to epstein's townhouse. she said shend epstein talked, drank wine. she was given $300 by the secretary. after a few weeks of visits, arose says she went alone to his
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massageoom where he pressured her into giving him a massage. >> at the same time i was scared. usi kind of j followed. i would have just my underwear on because th 's how he liked it. and i would just give massages and then he would potentially later on o turnr and play with himself. then he would finish himself off. an the end of it.d be and he would still give me the 300. >> how often do you think yere there? >> once a week, twice a week my freshman year. >> after arose turned 15, she says things took a turn. >> just take your underwear off and get on top. i said i didn't want to. and he, you know, very forcefully kind of brought me on to the table. i just did what i was -- what he told me to do.wa really scared and i was telling him to stop, please stop.
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>> and did he? >> no, he did not. >> arose says she did not tl anyone pleadly about her interactions with epstein. she eventually confided in four people, all confirmed hato nbc news t arose told them what happened years ago. >> did jeffrey epstein rape you? >> yeah, he raped me, forcef,ly raped me knew exactly what he was doing. and i don't think cared. even mores so is that if i would have come forward sooner, then maybe he wouldn't have done it to other girls. >> nbc news reached out to epstein's lawyers several times but they have not responded. previous discussions with araoz's lawyers, epstein's lawyers challenged her credibility. >> what would you say to those that say this is aboutting money? >> he hurt me badly. hi prefer not to go
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thro that. so, this is one way for me to get justice. >> today lawyers for jennifer araoz told a new york courthey intend to file a civil suit against epstein. next another nbc news exclusive revealing shocking treatment of migrant children at a detention center in arizona including sexual assault and retaliation by border patrol agents. tonight wee getting the first glimpse inside the government's newest holding center in texas. >> for the first time since a record surge of migrants at the border, conditions inside an arizona detention center are in the spotlight. after nbc news obtained dozens of reports from the de rtment of health and human services chronic calling allegations of migrant uschildren in cdy. among the allegations are these infinite reports from the yuma
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borderatrol station, sexual assault. a 15-year-old girl from honduras described a large bearded officer putting his hands inside her bra, his hands down her pants and groping her. the officer was speaking to other officers and english and laughing. another report, a 16-year-old guatemalan boy said after he and others iis cell complained about the taste of food and water, officers tooksl ping mats out of their cells in retaliation. although the allegations were made between april and june, the department of homelandecurity only now responding tou r reporting. the allegations did ceot align with common practi at our facilities and will be investigation. the allegationf sexual assault is already under investigion. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle responding too. >> the top people ought to be fired now. >> i was there in
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april. i was tre at that yuma detention facility, and they were doing the best they could underte rrible circumstances. >> reporter: tonight questions remain, in particular whether or not the agent accused of sexual assault is still working at the station. jac jac jacob soeb love nbc tonight reporters have given the government the first tour of one of the largest holding facilities ofigrant children. here they're taught english and the pledge of allegiance and sleeor in these dms an average of 45 days until they're placed with relatives or sponsors. some of this video provided by the govement. the cost of care for each child is up to $800 a day, up to $300 million set aside for this facility alone this year. >> is this too much too late? >> we're never too much too late. first of all, one of the things that is known about this program and influxes
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at the border, they're unpredictable. our job is to be prepared. >> reporter: the department of health and human services is looking to open five more shelters in atlanta, dallas, houston, and san antonio. in san antonio, local officials are exasperated. it's already cost more a quarter million dollar since march. >> should taxpayers in the city be footing the bill for this? >> in a perfect world, the federal government would own the entire process from start to finish. >> here, this new facility is holding more than 200 children right now. its capacity will be 1,300. thank you president trump won a major legal victory today when a federal appeals court dismissed lawsuit that alleged his washington, d.c. hotel violated the constitution. two democratic attorneys general had accused the president of illegally profiting from government guests at the trump international hotel. president trump
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celebrated the decision calling the lawsuit ridiculous. tonight the deepening mystery abroad after authorities in greece said they now believe an ameriscientist who had been missing for days w killed, her body discover oed in a tunnel. miguel almagueras late details in the shocking case and the investigation. >> reporter: the body wasscovered 100 yards from the closest road inside this abandoned world war ii bunker on the island of crete. a coroner in greece announcing suzanne eaton died of apparently suffocation, devastating news for family and friends. >> she really was an incredibly exceptional scientist and human being who was so ll we-loved by so many people. >> reporter: a respected molecular biologist living in germany, eaton was in greece for a conference when she disappeared.
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her family thought she went for a jog when her family was first recovered inside ts network of old nazi tunnelsd.n the isl now a much moreni er ending. tonight the hunt for a killer, but police in greece have lereed few details, no suspects, no motive. lester. >> miguel almaguer. thousands line new york city's canyon of heroes today to cheer america's world cup champions as the u.s. women's soccer team celebrated their victor and vowed to fight for equal pay. >> i woke up ready to get dressed at 3:00 a.m. >> this girl and her brother scrambled to dress and dash out the door to see their heroes. joining 200,000 for the ticker tape parade in new york honoring , the world champsthe u.s. women's soccer team. >> what does it tell you that women can do? >> don't give up. >> and for the fans celebrating the women's victory on the
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field, they now want to see them get winning paychecks. >> equal pay! equal pay! >> reporr: new york artate moved the ball forwd today with new equal payis legtion. megan rapinoe calledfo charges nationwide. >> be more, be better, be better than you have before. >> i want to beike that when i'm older. >> reporter: celebrating messages of unity, empowering generation. >> there is a lot more to tell you about tonight. just ahead theou aged parents breaking their silence after they say a fertility clinic mix up led to their baby being born to a total stranger. he mystery at the vatican where investigators are trying to crack a decades old cold case. that's why there's otezla. a otezla is not cream. it's a pill that treatif plaque psoriasis drently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. do t use if you're allergic to otezla.
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fertility clinic of a shocking mix up that led to another woman vi ging birth to two babies shs one of them theirs. >> reporter: anni and her lived an unmanageable nightmare. unable to conceive, they went to cha fertility center hoping to have a second child. their embryos were implanted in a total stranger, an asian woman who thought she was pregnant with twin girl of her own. in march that woman was shocked when she gave birth to twin boys neither of which was asian descent. they were blindsided when the fertility clinic delivered the news. not only that, the
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same fertility clinic implanted at least embryo in anni that was not hers that she miscarried. all three embryos were implanted at the clinic on the same day. >> they messed up three different families' lives and it's not okay. >> reporter: the manukyans and the new york couple are suing cha. the manukyans also had to file a separat lawsuit to bring their son home. >> you first met your baby six weeks after was born on mother's day weekend. what was that like? >> it was hard. dy should meet their baby in a lobby of a hotel. >> reporter: they're telling their story hoping no other family will have to endure their pain. we'll take a short break. coming up, what opinvestigators he to find in 19th century tombs at the vatican.
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with that tip investigators hope is the key that finally helps them crack a cold case at the vatican that's bafed them for decades. nbc keir simmons in there tonight. >> reporter: it's the on set to a 30 year mystery buried here inside vatican city. tomorrow morning, ve instigators will finally open two tombs inside this tiny cemetery searches for the remains of 15-year-d emmauela after an anonymous tip sent to her family. her brother anxious tonight. her mot still lives close by. she disappeared in 1983 without a trace a last seen leaving music lesson. the daughter f a bank employee, multiple conspiracy theories grew even that she was kidnapped in a plot to secure the release of an the who shot the pope. if we found her remains there, the vatican would have to mu investigate a er.
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the vatican is finally responded the family says. but they say for 36 years they were ignored. the vatican has always of what lester. >> keir simmons tonight. thank you. a remarkable scenea n ghway near atlanta. that is money all over the road and people who stopped to pick it up. police say an armored car spilled much as $175,000. but they warn it's not finder's keepers and they'rasking people to return that cash. up next, the inspiring moment that ought a whole graduating class to s feet. in tonight's across the country, we walk. carrying fy wers that signify whwe want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day there was a white flower for alzhmer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today
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the most common side effect is nausea.w quit smoking've had mental health problems. talk to your doctor about chantix. inspiring america, the high school student and the touching tribute he received from his entire graduating class. here's nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: a quiet is a safe place for jack higgins.
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the 21-year-old has autism, and for him, loud noise is unbearable. but it nev stopped him from taking classes in new york. parents barbara and t wanted him to graduate. >> he's one of our three kids, and we wanted him to have the same experience. >> reporter: we all know graduation can be a ruckus affair. ckbut when it was ja's turn, the principal eshad a special re just for him. >> i would like everyone to not clap and not cheer. >> reporter: and so it was. plugging his ears anticipating a racket, jack was met with silence and smiles. >> maybe the most moving moment of my life. it was fantastic. >> iaw barely s it because i was just yi cr. >> reporter: sometimes silence speaks volumes. kevin tibbles, nbc news. >> congratulations to jack and a tip of the hat to his classmates.
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that's "nightly news" for this wednesday. i'm lester holt. from all of us at nbc nen "steve" -- steve: today's sw is grown man love. >> please help me out. i'm a googuy. >> i've looked online. to the clubs. but there's no luck! steve: all of these gentlemen, th're not looking for no help, but they got plenty, if you need it. >> plus -- steve: eight years they crossed ch other's paths as strangers. married nowappily for 14 years. ♪[music] ♪ put your hands together for your host ♪ >> stevearvey! ♪ every day is a good day every day ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: how y'all doing? [cheerse] and appla steve: all right. question. audienceo you in this have been in a relationship?
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