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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we're with local fire department going door-to-door, evacuating people. >> breaking now, tropical storm arry causing evacuations in parts of louisiana. drone video showing water rushing over a levee. o directthe hurricane center saysn barry's rai is off the charts. and warning of life-threatening flooding. weakened slighly after landfall as hurricane but still packing a punch. historic floodi in our region monday is still causing problems for one montgomery county community,update o sinkhole repairs.
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american is dead after islamic extremists bombed a hotel and took over. azen attack killed dozens of people. goodevening, i'm erika nzalez. barry is bringing the potential of life-threatening floods. landfallg alon louisiana coast this afternoon as category one hurricane and weakened to tropical storm. you can barely make out roads there but sowing you flooding over the causeway in mobile, alabama. now show you what rry's path looks like. metrologist is going to break it down. but nbc's jay gray and coverage in new orleans. >> reporter: barry, first hurricane of the season, didn't maintain that status for long.
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categor j 1 stormst a few hours before quickly dropping back to tropical storm as it made landfallt wesof new orleans. >> although bar has slowed, it's also intensified. >> reporter: there is a significant dangerous now across the strike zone. mandatory evacuations ordered this afternoon in tier bon parish. and rush to get cattle to higher ground. bracing for what could be 20 inches or more of rain. >> going to be long set of days forthe state. people of louisiana are strong and resilient, we're going to get through this but there are going to be significant challenges. >> reporter: challenge growing like the flooder watin low lying parishes. >> see the water pushing up underneath the bridge. >> reporter: streets and s neighborhood swallowed with more water on the way.
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>> flood fight.rt >> repo: like forecasters say, like the rain will continue. there is still s plter inace order in effect. starts 8:00 in the city. rain is expected to intensify and continue at least next 24 hours here. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. >> flooding from lake ponch atrain is causing troubles in louisiana. coverage.our latest on the track? >> steady tohe northwest, diminished from hurricane to tropical stormt bu doesn't lose impact a seven miles hour is extremely slow, what makes this storm so dangerous. heavily weighted towards east side. moving intoafayette and baton rouge and very heavy rains
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little bit farther south towards the coastline. current trajectory of what national hurricane center is expecting next couple of days. in state of louisiana all through tomorrow as well. very slow mover. tropical storm status, until northern louisiana, then a remnant. winds 65 miles an hour right now. stick around, talk about how remnants could impact us in d.c. metro. stay with news4 and our app for tropical storm barry. onday's flash floods caused all sorts of damage, including a heavily traveled road in potomac. belfast road closed thursday, workers still at it trying to repair massive sinkhole that
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opened up from the heavy rain. was scheduled to reopen today. reached out to montgomery county department of transportation to find out>> when. >merican is among two dozen people killed in deadly attack in hotel in somalia. taking place in southern port city. car bomb exploded killin 26 people and state department is looking to see if other american citizens are amo the victs. >> alshab ab attacked a hol where local politicians were meeting to plan elections. drove a suicide car bomb into the hotel followed byly heavi armed commandos. siege ended at 7:00 a.m. this
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morning when local commandos killed at least five the militants. this group used to control the area in southern somalia, opposed to the government since out off ousted from the port city. election ied with the campaign. >> used to control the whole country. beaten back with africa-wide coalition of troops attacks like this show capae of inflicting damage in somalia.
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dojah, qatar. >> identity of the americ not jet leased. protesters demanding president trump stop tomorrow's immigration raids across the united states. in new york and chicago demonstrators shouted down. both cities on the list where soids are expected to be carried out. held signs calling for i.c.e. to be abolished. baltimo e is alsoe of the nine cities. only civil war battle fou here in the district. 155 years later, a ceremony relives history. family says a loved one contracted flesh-eating bacteria
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>> a visit to the coast cost a memphis man his life. bacteria out of the ocean. in water inflorida, got out, suffering from fever and chills. already battling cancer. died 48 hours later. took to facebook to explain whae happed. scientists say that bacteria lives in certain coastal waters and can be deadly if not treated
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completely. >> especially imno compromised with open wound avoid those s, circumstanxposed to that ,ater. >> touching on it adding to stay out of the water with cuts or scrapes. just a couple of weeks ago in ocean city, maryland, woman's sun contracted the same virus and doctors caught it befo it spread. if you've lived in dmv for a while, kn the name maddy stepanek, poetry and activism inspired people around the world before he lost his life to rare disease. every year since deathin 2004, people gather to carry on hisy. legac mother taking part in annual mattie stepanek peace day.
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"new york times" be o sellers hope and peace.ha would ve turned 29 today. tropical storm barry dumping lots and lotsf rain on the gulf coast. somara standing by when barry is somara standing by when barry is going to impac
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it earmarks 155 years since confederate armies tried to capture our nation's capital. ity leaders gathered to remember the battle of fort stevens, more on the battle in our backyard. guns years ago these would have been fired in anger, trained on con fred rate general ju jubal early and his member. >> came down georgia avenue to threaten washington. >> bulk of the union forces occupied, city scrambled to its e,own defensovernment workers, unded soldiers in town. >> brigaded by aut 250
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african-american troop >> held until reinforcements from grant marched up 7th street. >> only time lincoln was seriously under fire. >> serious , battle875 died and some union buriedt here a the cemetery. confedera confederate dead at churc some say others where they fell inform the >> the a lot of civil war history lot of people don't know. >> many would say those are lessons lost. >> history is where we've been. we're here today, where are we going t tomorrow? >> derek wo, news4. >> d.c. delegate introduced a bill to preserve sites. d.c. police trying to add
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officers to the department, held recruitment fair. those interested speaking at metropolitan police academy. showing off equipment and holding seminars. issues with staffing because of retirements and decline in newires. remarkable scene high above our studios toda we replaced antenna on top ofur o building, took a helicopter to do it. starting august 2nd,vi mong to new frequency. if you watch us with tv antenna, you have to rescan your television or lose the signal. open up the app to learn how to do that. gital doesn't need to rescan. we even had folks hanging out outsideo see it. such a nice day.
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we need it to dry out from this heavy rain week we haha everybody was out today. it's absolutely gorgeous and remaining that way through the evening. if you're stepping out tonight, looking lovely. but relishtoday. current temperatures, right now 91 degrees. not really even a cloud t i sky, blu gorgeous, hot but perfect pool days. don't have to worry about contending with rain, just heat. jump in nice bodywa of r there. radar right now, really quiet, looking pretty good. stepping out tonight looks good as well. temperatures are going to drop, not that bad, mild tonight. down into the 70s around 11:00 p.m., holding 80s through dinner. sunday, lot of the same. lots of sunshine, uptick in
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humidity for sunday afternoon but still battling the same heat. definitely want to go to the pool. been tracking this chance or o threat isolated showers or storm on sunday. if we do see it, probably closer to the evening, afternoon, evening, sunset. d.c. probably won't worry about it, south. waking up in mid to upper 70s. future cast, fast forwarded through noon. closer to the afternoon and evening. still dry in d.c. metro area. we have disturbance along theb e ridge and do see isolated orm in spotsle vainia. dry and beautiful. we deserve this. yardwork, get it done early because temperatures hitting low
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90s. brunch, warming very quickly, keep that in mind sitting on the pa eo,arlier the better. pools, nothing but sunshine tomorrow. great day to hop in the water. ten-day outlook. for now notice that stray shower to theo sh. low 90s. much of the week. monday could be mid to upper 80s, tuesday as well. volley around the low 90s monday and tuesday. mid to upper 90s by middle of the week and could see remnants of barry, not actually barry, would have started to break down by that point but could see stray showers moving in, bringing good amount of rain on thursday. depending on the timing, may even see it arrive a little bit earlier wednesdaytight. but that we're dry again. looks like we're in for a good
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george wallace here, what a ig afternoon for tennis stars and fans. serena hink wimbledon, williams, no doubt. every year jus going to be yeere. different thisr, just fifth event of the year. grand slam final for 13th consecutive year, became oldest grand slam finalist in open era at 37. took center court seeking eighth wimbledon title and 11th final. tough task. 11th ranked serena looking for women's record 24th gnd slam title. super fan meghan markle in town for the mat.
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fternoon belongs to halal. still in the first set, serena triedo battle, but forehand, just surgical. iluding this one that leaves serena frozen in her tracks, wins first set, 6-2. near court serving for theh, matc serena back into the net. that's the match, 6-2, 6-2 to hal ep, first career grand slam title. >> pretty sure it was best match of my life. congrats, against her never easy. proud of day and the tournament. can't describe how i feel winning wimbledon, pretty special. >> orioles lookingo quickly forget thess last night. pulled that offering deep and gone to left center, g raysab 1-0 lead. same score in the seventh.
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stevie wilkerson to center. itched scoreless last night today goes yard eighth time this season. orioles, 2-1 lead. ninth, michaychal givens works 2, 3. trading pitcher andrew cashner for aup co of prospects to the red sox. wilkerson. >> big-time right now. , giving us fits ond can't elevated fastball on him like the majority of the league and stevie got on one of one. big hit for us. d.c. united in a bit of a funk this summer. second place in eastern conference but can't win much recently. win, loss and six draws lastei
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t. 2-2 draw with the new england revolution. must do better to stay among the elite in the east. >> call our to a man running is pretty schoolboy stuff. that's a rare thing that happens with us, then caught with numbers down for t cross. and they get the rebound. proud they battled back, got somehing out of the game but certainly need to be winning some ges. almost two weeks since angels pitcher tyler skaggs was foundse dec in hotel room at 27. tributes poured in and angels finally honored memory with home game first time sinceg. passin night to remember. first home game since the passing of tyl skaggs. emotional pregame iceremony, luding mother firing perfect strike for first pitch. angels dominated, every player
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wearing 45 skaggs jersey. co and pena no-hit seattle. and after the celebration laid jerseys on the mound as tribute. one of the most heartfelt scenes on dabaseball diamond. tyler skaggs birthday is today, 7/13. can't make that up. get the deals now
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tonight, extreme flooding. hurricane barry roars ashore as a category 1 storm. waters on the rise across three states. >> i want to caution everybody, this is just the beginning. >> t worst is still coming. the slow moving storm increeping land. did you evering heavy rain. on edge, mmunities living in fear. the promised i.c.e. raids on undocument immigrants set to begin within hours. as the vice president hears directly from detainees. terror attack, dozens killed including at least one american after


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