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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 14, 2019 9:00am-9:50am EDT

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>> yes. >> a lot of news to get to this morning. thank you for joiningi' us. meagan fitzgerald. i'm cory smith. we are starting with the weather. acking things on the gulf with tropical storm barry. also here in the region a beautiful day in the dmv. now, if you got your hair doner fo church or brunch, good luck to you. that humidity is not playing around, lauryn. >> it's not.ut p the extra serum in it, all that spray and everything like that, because it's going to frizz as soon as you walkts oue, which is clearly what i'm used to because i have fly aways constantly. puthe extra serum on today, the extra hairspray. compared to yesterday a lot more humidity today. it's building. temperatures right now from the upper 70s, mid-to-upper 70s in the shenandoah valley to the low-to-mid 80s here in the d.c. area. so it is a little on the warm side out there and we will e to see some warm conditions out there today. temperatures are going to be friday. local elders and politicians rising. low-to-mid 90s. we do have that slight chance of were planning elections for thip smber. officials say the militant
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a shower or thunderstorm this caled sted at least afternoon. we are looking at some more showers and thunderslyrms possibs we get into your we will see more showers and showers and gaunderstorms. five so ain we have sunny be ditions, it's going t owners il muggy. look at these temperatures. weapons in exirt of more than you see the temperatures around noal tomorrow. 94 today. they start going up from there. let's talk about that. 250 planned gun buy let's talk abt barry as well. that's coming up. guys. >> all right. lauryn, thank you. we know you will be following always aftero gunman that closelo we cinue to stay on top of tropical storm barry this morning. people $134,ne have to decemde. the slow-moving system is dumping rain and threatening communities from flo to alabama. >> nbc's jay gray in louisiana to explain why that state is getting hit the strongest right now.:arry annou i arrival with gufrting winds, rain, and in plac like yestday a planecareened i mandeville, louisiana, a a community center po s. the pilot, who appears to be the only one on board, was storm surge. >> it's lake pontchartrain. >> reporter: waves pushing over killed. the faa and ntsb are part of the the banks and into this neighborhood. investigation. >> that's the area o tropical no word yet on what led up to storm-force winds. this crash. it's going to take a few days to well, back here in our get out of there. a live look outside at national
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>> reporter: in low-lying parishes trees and powerlines harbor. are down. a beautiful sunday morning to roads and communities overrun by the water. get out and go to church, go to the coast guard pulling 12 id bunch, whatever fits your fancy, stranded resents and two pets minice run. to safety. the unorthodox and unorganizedh the heat and huty are here and they will be sticking around. lauryn ricketts has your forecast next. mississippi where even this alligator seems to for higher ground. forecasters warning the storm will continue to slowly push inland bringingfl with it ding rains in some areas 20 inches more. as the water continues to pour in. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. >> meanwhile, first responders in our area are ready to head south if needed to respon to tropical storm bay. ontgomery county fire tweeted out pictures yesterday. the team designated maryland task force one has already had their bags packed, gear assembled. team leaders are monitoring the storm as parts of louisiana and mississippi are still facing major risks of flash flooding.
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they will determine whether or not local first responders are needed. >> humans an't the only one in harm's way. some of these shelterm nimals fuisiana are coming to our area as tropical storm barry moves through the gulf coast. the humane rescue alliance wewaing on hold. shie shared these furpictures of the animals. more than 50 dogs have arrived since friday evening. many shelters were at capacity what we don't like is relying band they areacing for damage on fancy technology for help. to the buildings. we will continue tracking the storm and bring you liveeports from louisiana this morning. stay with news4 and the nbc washington app for continuing coverage on tropical storm barr . and a sigh of relief for drivers in montgomery county. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k partyohlook, kt n a mathematicia oschedu aointm, belfast road now back on in oneven on nights and weekends.. sile. easy. awesome. potomac nearly a week after the flash flooding just swept ra through that area. >> yeah, crews had to close part the road after a large sinkhole opened up. news4'sderrick ward is live in potomac with more. i know those residents, derrick, are hoping this gets back open and they can return to life as l no >> reporter: indeed they are
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happy. it's not as bad as barry, but it's bad enough. it was a inconvenience as well as a safety issue for folks on belfast road. there is only one way in and out of the communit behind me here. this is where the problem was. you see that massive sinkhole down there. als that sewer line. that had to be repaired permanently. right now they have the road open. that's what's important. take a look. this is vid from earlier. those torrential rains came through on monday. it made this impassable. you had flooding. this road was, inde, impassable. we did talk to some residents who say they are grateful tom tgomery county for their quick action not only on getting to work on this road, but setting up a shuttle so folks could get in and out community. they had to park their cars on the other end of the washed out road and get shuttled in and out. no more today. we have seen a steady stream of folks goingit retrieve their cars and expressing some gratitude that they are now a part of the world again, or feel >> good morning. it's july 1h 2019. like they are part of the community.
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another issue, we saw some tpical is going to be here for montgomery county fir d rescue cre checking out the road. they set up a conattingency pla. that won't be needed anymore with the road being restored. there are still permanent repairs left to be done. ive in potomac, derrick ward, storm barry. lauryn news4. back to you. the storm team4 weather center. >> thank you. anxiety is high as tusands your hair loo lovelydi has noth undocumented immigrants fear they could be arrested. president trump has ordered i.c.e. to round up 2,000 immigrants beginning today. most of them do not have a criminalry histo. pf ball. the raids could last several >> mainly becse haven't days. too much hairspray inay. demotrators have blasted the trump administration at rallies, including ones yesterday in new york and chicago. boy, is it going to get humid. nine cities are on the lst, a little hazy right now. including baltimore. we have got plenty of sunshine in houston a church is offering and we have got those undocumented immigrants a safe place to stay. temperaturesght into the 90s. 8 >> we're standing with pastors who have committed to opening there right now t lower to now. their doors if there are those who feel that they a in jeopardy where they are. >> the immigrant roundups are 94 will be the dae
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not new. more humid. we are tala stray shower later they were also conducd during the obama administration. several local law afternoon. but just as enforcement agencies say they are prepared for today's raids. shower prince george's county police say officers are not allowed to it will feel close toes cooperate with fedal immigration authorities to enforce civil deportation orders. arlington police say their job is to keep the communy safe, but thenr could make d-atntic. not to enforce federal immigration laws. and here in d.c. police officers i will let you know when coming say they are not allowed to ask about residency or immigration p. >> thank you. we are tracking the latest status. developments in the gulf right now, those i.c.e. raids will be now. a big topic this morning on we will have a live update from louisiana in a fewch minutes. "meet the press" with chuck todd along with an exclusive ck the nbc washington app for the latest on tropical storm barry interview with world cup champion megan rapinoe. nbc washington was going crazy. some dr montger after flash it all starts at 0:30. it's an interview you don't wanm toiss on "meet the press" floods sweon right after news4 today. >> yeah, they can now get in and all right. out of thecrews hadrtf that th p morning theer is finally back on for everybody in road after a large sinkale new york city after a massive blackout. parts of manhattan, midtown abouthe lates happy people here plunged into complete darkness yesterday evening. thousands were without in
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electricity their homes for hours. >> traffic lights were out. the fire department had to lit reopened at about scramble to try to rescue people stuck ins. elevator folks are thanking the the blackout stopped ubways, montgomery county crews for the yo an idea of the halted broadway shows. even a jennifer lopez concert had to be evacuated. lo like that after a literally ate uphe >> leave theil bung. >> yeah, this was at madison rrtial rains we had on monday. square garden last night.hi lopez tweeted video saying she was devastated this moun fire happened. the outage is believed to be crews were htue oaused by a transformer fire. checking this out because now this black comes 42 years to they can get their fire equipment into this the day since new york's biggest neighborhood. they had worked out a back road, but it may have actually had to blackout back in 1977. take them through some people's interesting. owrds. that's h inconvenient it was back here in the dnv, news4 ought in the heavy artillery when this all washed crews have been working for an upgrade. we replaced the antenna on top straight. they worked overnight last night of our building in tinleywn to get this opened at 7:30 this yesterday morning, you know, morning. just cook a helipter to get it now, there is some permanent work to be down here. done. startg august 2nd, news4 and ov they have to shore up both sides cozi are mng to a new of this roadway here and zom frequency. if y u watch ussing a tv things to make sure they don't have these issues again. antea, you will need to rescan repair some sewer lines. you seees massive piphere in
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your television or you are going the background. to lose our signals. be sre to open the nbc this represents a big change for these folks. washington app for instructions on ow to do that. it's a safety issue and it's also an issue of convenience. if you watch us on cable, you know, finally i talked to satellite, or digital u do not one unfortunate guy. have to anresc. fortunate in a way. >> you know that's your he said he lost his car in the >> yea>> i know. canal road flooding. he got back here. > this is serious.n his basement is flooded and the road had washed he said he is thankful no one hing young d.c. ca kids to and from school. was hurt. it's all property damage. this is maybe the beginning of now there is a proposal to try to keep kids safer. his emergence from that bad how it woks andhow much it luck. live in potomac, derrick ward, news4. ba>k to you. cosws is coming up next on ne all right.much, derrick. cosws is coming up next on ne today. well, in grant cmunities .president trump hp 2,000 immigrants beginn today. mostful them do ot have a criminal history. the raids could last several ays. ten cities are on thecludingend place to stay.
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we are sisters. and we just moved in together. who have committed to opening t why alissa and aleah chose fios we streasooo much. a lot of times alissa is watching tv on her laptop, using her phone, also using her tablet. are. ring the immigrant roundups i am really good at multitaskin' cause m awesome. localama administration. a little. the best i oernet is even better atur best price. enforcement agencies say theynt switch now and get our fastest speeds available. say officers are not enforce fe plus, a free samsung chromebook on us. immigration laws here in d.c. that's fios. olice say officers are not allowed to ask about residency or immigration status. >> new this morning, a maryland man is behindfo bars allegedly ♪ beating and raping an elderly woman. 31-year-old michael bull was arrested at his home on friday. ♪ baltimore police say he approached a 79-year-old woman walking on street a week ago. asked forer help and lured this is how driving should feel. her into her home in the canton the tech-advanced nissan leaf. neighborhood. the best selling electric vehicle ofll time. once inside h allegedly assaulted the woman and broke this is nissan intelligent mobility. her leg. he is charged with first derape.
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gathering to end gun violence in the district. d.c. police report 85 homicides so far this year. that's why yesterday's gun violence block party was so important ins southea musicians turned a "peace an >> well ecking off aor the "peace and ort in the city to peaceful hey one commonncng leaders two d.c. students were murdered going to and from school this year. to end wre outrin f force. now a new proposal is aimed at providing sa passage to students in high-crime yesterday they held ar neighborhoods. >> studen would be able to ecruitment fair. ride shuttles from metro those interested spoke with department officials at the stations to their schools. this beak i took a closer look metropolitapolice academy in at the push to try toou save y southwest. officers showed off the equipment that they use.
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lives. >> reporter: these are the faces they held classroom seminars for of two d.c. high school students inerested folks. ho were murdered in two d.c. police are dealing with staff issues at the moment separate crimes shortly after because of retirements and a leaving school in may of 2018. decline in new hires. and if you have lived in the tyshawn perry, he was 16 and an d honor studentki at d.c. dmv for a while you know mattie college prep tear. jalen wheeler, a a freshman at stek. his poetry and activism inspired people around the world before he lostis battleith a rare is lge introduced ledge disease at the age of 14. so every year since his death in 2004 people gather to carry on his legcy. his mother jenny took part in strags and a to protect students. the annual mattie stepanek world >> they are afraid to go to school. that's not acceptable. peace day yesterday afternoon. so we see our tenants rates are he would have turned 29 years oldekhis d. this year marks 155 years down. zhang liet rates are up. since confederate armies tried >> reporter: grasso issponsorin to capture our nation's c yesterday stidd leaders gathered in northwest d.c. to remember the battle of fort stevens. together to figure out says to the battle reenactment took fely. >> adults are hired to be on the street with students as theinare pla and from school. place. president lincoln was there back then when snipers took aim at that's one area we could seei him.he
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it is still tnly time a sitting american president has rovement come under direct enemy fire. preshutt that wouldischl. it's >> there is a lot of civil war history that a lot of people really n't know about. them to getuse we need to keep r early came up the shenandoah valley, took fredericksburg and kids safe. >> reporter: it's legislation all in that area, fought the that grosso says will cost battle, and then basically came millions o dollars to down georgia avenue to threaten ifrmtments. he says if it saves lives, it's washington. >> last week d.c. delegate worth it. >> i think millions of dollars. this is a $12 billion budget. elnor holmes norton introduced i don't see why we can't carve a bill to preserve sites in some money out to make sure that d.c., maryland, and virginia. students are safe to a from we are monitoring barry as school. >> this legislation was just it goes over louisiana, dumping intreeuced last w it still is in the beginning several inches of rain. >> yeah, let's turn to the istages. butf it passes, it would tain eff the next calendar weather channel meteorologist stephanie abrams. what are conditions like where you are this morning? >> reporter: you know, we are year. > all right. a beautiful daygt in waon, getting lucky this morning, d.c. really throughout the entire dm. guys, because we are right in the middle of two bands of rain on either side of us. ar lauryn ricketts with a look at so we are dry right now, but, youforecast and an update on you know, the heaviest rain that
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tropical storm barry. time n 9 is2. we have seen has been up close you e watching news4 todayar. to seven inches in some places louisiana. re we are lucky when it came to the rainfall. where we were not lucky was with the push of water here on the river. behind me you see the water. this has gone down since 'm yesterday i guessing about threeish feet. here is the, thing guys. this river is out of the its banks. they have en having problems with this river since the spring with all the snow melt up north, the wet spring, that brought the water down the mississippi and here. but with that surge, that southerly flow, that bumped us up from seven feet to ten feet. we were below a record by less than half a foot. that's how low we were. this is going to go back down. not fully, because they are ater that has he been coming down from the snow knelt and the rain, but even just thatle li four foot rise yesterday had hunters and fishermen worried. you see these goaboats and
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trailers? guys have been putting their boats in the water. a few reportedack saying they got flooding, but,ow you kn, that their cabins andhatnot e still okay. a little precarious if you ask me, watching them back into that water pretty far out. they claim they know what they are doing and i trust them on that. >> awesome guys in louisiana. i'm sure they know what they are doing. they have been through ifor. >> our thanks you to, and stay safe. >> reporter: sure. all right. a former redskins cheerleader ic ating a sisterhood through dance. after the break leon harris introduce us to this week's introduce us to this week's harris' heroes.
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the world is changing at a rate like nevebefore. so, why t education? raise your hand if you could use an education that's actually modern, actually affordable, and actually personal? welcome back. this week brings the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 who hasn't finished your degree, moon landing. it was a time that the entire well, strayer is here to help. country came together to watch we oome to the futuref education. those small steps and hear those famous words from neil armstrong. >> this is just one of the ways the smithsonian is planning to mark the anniversary. the washington monument will essentially become a rocket.
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news4's derrick ward has more. >> we have a liftoff. >> reporter: hard to believe it's been half a century since a massive satu 5 rocket blasted three americans into space. she was just 10 years old. >> and not many households in israel had tv sets, so i was at the grandma's. we went to the neighbors especially to see the launch on the moon, and it was very, veryt excing. >> reporter: next week people around here will be able to get excited all over again by a life-sized image of the saturn rocket on theal national m >> it's 363 feet tall and it fits perfectly against the monument's 550 feet. >> reporter: special screens will show mission images, including th lunar landing. welcome back. she saw a need in her communid >> it's one small step for man, anid something about it. now latasha casey, a former mankind. leap for redskins cheerleader, is helping >> reporter: it will be a first for the monument. young girls in all kinds of way. >> yeah, her and her pmo squad if that's not reason enough to be looking up over the next few are this week's harris' roes. days,at the national erthedral ♪ this another reason to cast
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>> ve, six, seven, eight. your gaze skyward. >> repter: it's time for amid the sun f sedplashes of rehearsal for latasha kasie and light, the space window with its her dancersn this studio. haunting mix of darkness and >> circumstance, ven, eight. life. >> itrv sees as a shrine for the >> reporter: look closely. courage of man in his these girls are learning more exploration of a space. >> reporter: a sliver of moon than just dance moves. >> having self-determination, rock no bigger than this believing in yourself, dedicated by nasa astronauts on leadership. >> reporter: she came up with the five-year anniversary of the the idea for the pom squad while moon landing. she was a cheerleader for the t tookainstaking work from an washington redskins. >> it inspired me to start this artist and assurances from the program. i thought that all of the life cathedral to get it into place. >> we had promised the white skills that i learned while i house, we promised the was a redski cheerleader smithsonian and all parties that needed to be taughtto younger girls. >> reporter: pom stands for positive outcome mentoring and it -- including housace laboratory, we would take goodof in four years 600 girls have h care this rock. >> reporter: you only need to danced in tis irogram. travel between the national mall and the national cathedral to enjoy a uniqueat celebrn of >>ike that she encourages us america's were race into space. when we, like, feel like we derrick ward, news4 can't do it. she says all you need do is >> cool to see. >> yeah, that is pretty cool. praaice because practice ms you know what? perfect. >> reporter: the squad has i could feel the humidity danced at nursing homes,
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parades, even halftime shows fol inside. i'm melting. professiona sporting events. >> when i go on stage i get >> what does my face look like? >> i was looking at the back of butte i my my hair in this camera. it's weird because oh, now you do a close-up on me. nervous. then when i start daing it es away. thank you, guys. >> reporter: it's a family affair. you look good. >> thank you. casey's husband crkseating >> i like your s. >> i like your dress. their merchandising and their >> thank you. >> cory, you are looking dapper. daughter hero watches her mama teach the classes. >> thank you. >> i like this tie. >> i'm extremelyhe proud of >> thank you. >> complementary here. i tell her every time we do >> we will take it from here. something, to see the number of >> not me. girls that she has touched as by all means, you do what you far as motivating them and need to do the rest of the day. building the confidence in them. >> i'm digging this. >> reprter: casey's in-laws i know you don't like the humidity. >> i do not. nominated her to be a harris' >> you are from texas. d heroes. >> fromlas. >> anything like this where i we do dry heat. get to showhat we're doing and houston has the humidity. create a platform for what i houston has all the humidity. feel likes important is a > you are from houston? >> anybody from dallas is like blessinr: >> reportehe parents tell us they feel like casey is the rn l push it out of my mind because i know who your football eam. blessing ieir daughter's i like push it. lives. when you got here i was like, >> that's what they get their well, we are not going to befr foundation for.t if you starff that way, you ends. whatever. we will say you are from are just bound todo whatever houston. you want to do. so we are going to have that >> reporter: no dubt the humidity for cory. lessons and friendships these girls are making will last for >> i know. it's hot and humid. the rest of their lives, and all
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yesterday i told you i want to thanks to this hero who filled a st. michael's. need in her community. it was so cute. i loved it. i had a good time. i was like melting. >> i didn't know you were going. >> what great story. i would tell youo two places t thanks, leon harris, as always. the pom squad offers aer summ go. i went last weekend. did you go outside yesterday? camp for girls. >> i went for an eveng run. it's low coast and scholarships are available for low-income >> so many people out. families. >> if you would like to learn more check out our gc alexandria had fireworks. washinn app. love that. a live look outside on this there were peopl out and about. i fell asleep at 7:30. nday morning. it was nice yesterday during the beautiful sunday morning out da t. here in tinley town at the news4 laughing at. as we go through today i mean you will feel that humidity. studios. lauryn ricketts wl have a look at your wk week forecast when or yesterday the humidity wasn't that bad but no was the heat. we have the heat and humidity. tomorrow the humidity lowers. we have got blue skies around tomorrow. tuesday hot and humid chance of an isolated storm and then we're hot as we get into y, your wednesdathursday, friday. we are tracking barry also for wednesday night. temperatures out there right now in the 70s to d-80s. where we-to-mid 90s i will top out. 94 degrees the daytime high.
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now, one thing i want to mention. chances of an isolated shower and thunderstorm later this afternoon. 20% chance that you will see it where you are. so again most of the us are staying dry. if the sky starts to darken a littlbit and you areitting out poolside, go ahead, download that nbc washington app, go ahead and check the radar.ha we got it on there. we type in the forecast for all of our five zones because we know how the weather can change around here. so go ahead and download that. 94 degrees will be the daytime high today. a beautiful day out there. h moreumid. again that chance of anevening shower. as we get into the rest of this week, monday the humidity drops. marath monday is like a bonus day. and then we head intohis wee look at our temperatures.em the tperatures are the number on the left. then the heat index with the humidity, that's what it's goi f toeel like. get yourself preparedor some
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very hot stormtoday. tuesday. and that will continue least so. nothing happening out there right now, but headed down to the deep south, oh yeah, its radar looks the same as it did about six hours ago. some of the stronger thunderstorms and this band right here, a lot of them have coastline.the still from thewar we are seeing some ss we will continue to see th churn and rotate into louisiana. but listen, it's going to take a good 24 hours, if nos, 36 ho to get all the way out of louisiana and up into the midwest, portions of missouri o are going tee it, arkansas, missouri eandven by about 1:00 on tuesdaymorning it's just entering portions of missouri.
9:22 am
so once it gets there, i do believe it will be downgraded today to a tropical depression. right now it's a tropical storm with winds at about 45. and then becoming a l remnant. but all that moisture's got to go somewhere and it looks to be coming to our area. for some kids in montgomery county tonight is actually a so again isolated shower or school night. instead of settling into the storm today. long days of summer vacation, all that moisture to the they are back in the classroom. midwest. tuesday ahead of it we could have an isolated shower or >> it's a new program that makel storm. most of this is cminghrough scholonger, and students at on wednesday late night into two local elementary schools thursday. will now be in class for 210 thursday looks like a wet day before we dry out on friday. listen, it could stall a little days instead of the usual 180 ct. we could have ance for friday. most of the time friday is going days. news4's chris gordon has to be dry. look at ttuse temperares. reaction from parents and get ready for a hot week and next weekend ahea administrators. >> reporter: school buses arrive for the start of the new school i'm mark murray at nbc news. year. you heard right. this is not summer school. two weeks after the first democratic presidential debate these students are being welcomed back after a short the national nbc news/oull street jrnal poll released the summer break. >> good morning, friends, first findings of the 2020 horse welcome back. race. the results? >> reporter: two montgomery joe biden at 26% among county elementary schools in democratic primary voters, and
9:23 am
elizabeth warren at 19% lead the silver spring are testing this pack. they arfollowed by kamala extended school year pilot harris and bernie sanders, who program. what do you think of the school are tied at 13% each, and pete starting in july? buttigieg at 7%. >> it's great. beto o'rourke and andrew yang saves us a lot of money, instead each get 2%. and no other democrat gets more of putting them in daycare. than 1%. maybe the biggest takeaway from it's wonderfuly >> the onl bad thing is we couldn't go on family vacation. the polis that it shows how there are twoddifferent ocratic primary contests it's good to get a head start o right now. there is the primary between the candidates and voters who want big bold change, and warren and started yesterday. >> reporter: the principal is ware that some parents would sanders are ahead with that group. then there is the primary summer. between those who gent less >> as we went through the channd who simply wanted to see trump and biden laps the are happy we field here. there is one import takeaway. forward. 12% of democratic voters say >> th 's how you makeporter: th their minds are definitely made kindergarten class.scol got p up, whhicitt group in somalia a allowing us to bring in our mera. this a title one ans there is a families. the exte performance in literacy mathematics. >> they ne a
9:24 am
ndstanding for all of survey parents and teachers here to determil year should be idu cnews4. >> as break, there is a warningparent. too much not enoughbrain progress in the alis week on news4, doreen gentzler will show us simple and fun things parents cano stue rod to do bt summer. >> yeah. >>ttto you, the are worse placeo
9:25 am
a sunday morning. laces to be, actuall yes. >> you got i haven't made any > if my apartment allowed me to grill, can't grill either outsi of my apartment, but if you are grilling, it's going to be perfect. it's going to absolutely wonderful. nice out there right now. a little on the hazy side. utgain not that bad o there right now. as far as if you are getting your car washed, go ahead and shoot for it because we're going to bcontinue to mostly dry. we have got a 20% of an isolated shower. moain this week. another chance on wednesday. more chances wednesday and thursday. that will be directly related to barry. humidity comes back again today. maybe an isolated shower chance. it will be hot and humid all week long. look at these 94 today, feeling 90s. uppehumidity it's going to feel
9:26 am
current temperatures out there . it is warm out there. you factor in that humidity, it's going to feel like 96t 2:00. so, yes, go ahead and sit poolside. you might enjoy it ttlbihu lite the south. rain pushingn gulf, and this lookssestorms are brea it continues to move onshore. but again it's going tolouisian through missisppi alyday. they are not in the clear in terms of any flooding concerns. now, we have an isolated chance today. we are looking at barry continuing to move through as we head through your monday night and even into tuesday morning. now, out ahead of this little system, little system, barry, we could have a little disturbance that pops up. that could bring us some rain later on tuesday rain, isolated chance. sddnesday we're dry. and then wedne night that's
9:27 am
when the rain moves in likely after midnight. scattered showers and thunderstorms through the day on thursday. we are going to show youhat ten-day forecast that's coming up after 10:00. up after 10:00. [ up-tempo music plays ] man: we don't just play music id.c. ♪ebte lif.
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man: we don't just and love and living. and the beat travels up through our bodies till there's nowhere else for it to gobuout. celebrate your d.c. d. lot. there's over
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welcome back. always seems . hard to believe we are talking about july 14th. ten days ago i the fourth the .
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owns first class beavel in mclean. he has en booking trips for th ty cool pricing. and full to panama.ving, flexibility about dates and location, location, location. >> arizona, vegas. you can get got values in the c eap. n uthwest from bal up through> mexico for c adults only
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jamaicayour budget is bigge >> wyoming, yellow, gnd teton, prime time locations. originalt nt to use might drive book. >> w at pricing and availability with different rat. we couldalso the: me agents offer cash get upgrades we can't and have connections on properties in case you have a problem. >> that was melissa mollet reporting. if you can't take a trip too far away, we are working for you. >> we posted a story g highlightin0 things to do in and around the d.c. area. open our nbc washington app and search day trip. a lve look outside with the city cam at the white housfu.
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city cam at the white housfu. a beauti ithe ias diagnosed wi, the first thini thou
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