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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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announcer: we think it cabe something bigger. so we have the essays from e last three announcer: this mmer, i volkswagens supporting america's teachers. announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn h you can join in. announcer: nowuring the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus 2019 jetta, tiguan, and select atlas models. lightning, strong wind and heavy rain. severe storms knock out power. we're live tonight with the an
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cle, plus. >> chants of send her back from a crowd of trump supporters in north the presi continuing his attacks on four congresswomen of color. >> and the heroic rescue of a service dog.ed theac and surgeries that saved her life. >> she's my hero. under ght the cleanup is way after a strong line of afternoon storms knocked down trees and power lines. >> tonight the cleanup is on after a strong line of afternoon storms knocked dn trees and power lines. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm leon harris. re than 20,000 customers still without power. ake a look at these sparking lines and the flames that we sao in nrthwest washington. ed late this afternoon. the lines were still live after that massive tree came down on them. >> in loudoun county,
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lightning strike caught this house on fire. no injuries here, but plenty of flames in the roof of this home. and a new look from chopper4 at this home in montgomery county. that's where shomari stone kicks off our team coverage night. >> take a look at this master bathroom here. it's not like a home ener could come and take a bath because i is a complete mess. right over here, this is a part of the ceiling,insulation, and i'm sure he would like to come itre and be able to brush his teeth. not going to happen. and look up here, that is a gaping hole in the roof. above.actually see the stars the homeowner says that he's glad that no one was injured, however, it's going to take thousands of fillars to all this damage. >> i was like, oh, my god, it's the end of the world right now. >> reporter: douglas is surrounded in branches after
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this huge tree crashed on his family's deck in the backyard. he was inside his house around 5:45 wednesday evening when heavy rain and wind caused the tree to also slam on the roofr focing the ceilings to fall on the tile floor. the damage and this week's heat is too much tow bare right no >> you're sweating. your skin is always wet. you can't get awayt.from tha >> reporter: people want to get away. the heat index is sometimes above 100 degrees. >> it's really hot outside. >> reporter: and it's so hot outside that you want to go to plces to cool off, right? i rolled down my sleeves because it is cool inhere. the perfect place whether you may want to come and stay cool. >> skaters beat the heat. >> you don't have to be as hot. nice. s really >> reporter: it was very nice
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and reling at this nearby pool before the storm. >> ow it'smptied out ermpletely within a matt of a couple minutes. >> and it online took a couple of seconds for the storm to damage is house. >> i thought we were having some sort of large earthquake because the hole house was shaking. >> reporter: now, you look at this damage here, it looks like a minor, a small earthquake.ou ye now looking at a live picture of the hole in the roof. they're going to have to put a tar over that thing because they're concerned we could have some more rain. you look at the ceiling, they're going to have to repair all of this mess. the good news, no one was hurt. >> that is good news. close call there, thank you. >> and you win, the best negotiation for a live shot tonight was at the iceur rink.
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la standing by in the weather center on what the latest is. >> they moved in fast, lauren, but we got to worryre about mo extreme heat, don't we? >> yes. and you're right. with the heat and humidity today, they flourished and then they scooted right on through the area but leaving damage in its wake. let's go ahead to our maps right now.d e storms passed through the area. not to say we won't see some more showers as we continue overnight. but, again, we are just watching a lot of that rain dissipate as it enter a more stable atmosphere. the atmosphere is worked over with those strong thunderstorms. a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm as we head into the overnight. but for the most part, we're going to d remain and muggy. the temperatures are in the 70s. but look at this, a heat
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advisory. up.t's coming president trump spoke to his supporters tonight for the first time since the congressional primand for racist remarks about four democratic congresswomen. >> at one point the crowd began sending send her back after the president launched into a diatribe. >> as craig reports now, the president isg usin democratic opposition to rile up his base. >> reporter: tonight president trump launching a direct attack on the four progressive democratic congresswomen of color. >> these hecongresswomen, tir comments are helping to fuel the rise of a dangerous militant hard left. >> reporter: singling out each representative by name, at one point, the crowd shouting send her back.
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chants referring to the president's tweet from sunday, saying the lawmakers should go back to their home countries. >> this is a person that really wants to vilify not only immigrants, but communities of colors. rashida tlaib, alexandria ocasio-cortez, il hawaiiahan ome ya in a pressley. >> he does not embody the integrity of a true president. >> theur not backing down and tonight the president not backing off. >> you know whay if the don't love it,ell them to leave it. >> reporter: the p esident taking a swipe as the democrat-led house of representatives. >> now we have that behind us. >> reporter: hours after the house overwhelming tabled an impeachment resolution. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi opposes impeachment for now. >> and the president knows the argument that could be made against him.
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>> reporter: top democrats focusing on the mueller report and the testimony next week of the former special counsel. while the president is claiming victey, democrats still h a series of congressional investigations leading in that direction. craig boz well, washingt w. theite house is slamming the ondemocrat-ctrolled house's vote to hold attorney general william br and wilbur ross in contempt of congress. the vote is large seen as just symbolic. the white house called it ridiculous. doreen? >> james fields is spe rest of his life behind bars for ramming his car into counterdemonstrators afterhe 2017 unite the right rally in charlottesville. we're able to show you some oke the evidence prosecutors used to argue for the life term. prosecutors showed the judge
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this vid taken by counter demonstrators. the feed broadcast captured the peaceful marchers, then the chaos as fields barrelled down the street. >> oh, my god that car just dro through them. >> virginia state policeca ured a view of the entire rampage from above. the pilot and copilot, made it theirission to keep his car in their sites. three hours later, one of those pilot ent trooper diff took off in the helicopter. unfortunately the chopper crashed and both en were killed. court action in another state. pcutors in massachus ts have dropped charges against actor kevin spacey. he was accused of groping an 18-year-old man in 2016. that case crumbled about a week ago when the accuser invoked his fifth amendment right. prosecutors in southern
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california are alsoig investating sexual misconduct allegations against spacey. spacey has d repeatedlyenied all of the allegations being made against him. onef oe world's most notorious drug kingpins will r spend thest of his life in a prison. today el chapo was sentenced to life plus 30 years. prosecutors say that he controlled much of the illegal drug trade in the entire western hemisphere for almost 30 years. he spoke briefly saying he was denied a fair trial. new at 11:00, a man is behind bars without bond charged with a sexual assault and abduction. police arrested steven edwards this afternoon. they put out the sketch you see on the left after the attack
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eelast a woman told police she was s shopping wh struck up a conversation with a man. she says she left the store and was on a walking path, when the guy hit her from behind and raped her. a reward is being offered to find a man who willed a morgan state student. 19-year-old sophomore was shot and killed during a robbery in he was headed to his parents'h ome when it happened. he recently graduatedm fro park dale high school. a wall of shame, but some of his customers think it goes too far he owns three gas stations. he u puts surveillance photos of people who he claims have stolen from him in that store, but it's the special commentary
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that he includes that's driving the controversy. he says that he does it because there are no other consequences for the alleg teves. a former customer of that store thinks it's wrong. >> something you'll never see on the northwest side of town. , sometimes people come call me a racist, some people call me -- why are you degrading other human beings. why are you -- i justshow the criminals. >> he says that he could call theve cops time someone steals something, but nothing really happens when he does that. he says all they do is write up he ncident report and already has stacks of those. the rescue of that d.c. fire and ems service dogo's been involved in so many high-profile investigations s >> i think's more appreciative of what he t didhan we understand. >> tonight the great lengths rescuers went to.
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and maybe you've tried it, the face app is the application thatan age you, but new tonight, a senator is asking the fbi to look into questions of privacy. and it is gog to be another hot one tomorrow. but nothing like we experienced todayand then we get really warm heading into the weekend. we'll let you know about this excessive heat adv is
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it's the worst time of year. no winter, no snow, nothing tosu mea. just the dog days of summer.
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what are we going to do now seriously. i'm looking for some ideas here. >> here's an idea, send us a picture of y pur doing its best trick. you could be featured on news4. >> want to play fetch? dogs love fetching sticks. >> only o news4. >> that's the reason why they are our best friends. and we got a story about one such friend, a d.c. fire department search dog who is beloved and experienced now is resting comfortably after getting impaled in the leg while the job. >> a piece of metal rebar nicked an artery in his leg during a search operation yesterday. she left the hospital today after having three surgeries. now she has a cast on her right front leg.
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kylie was actually airlifted from thecene and flown to friendship animal hospital for the surgery. doctors say that may have saved her life. >> i expect her to make a full recovery. her getting here quickly was the utmost importance. >> she's an all arou excellent girl. we saved her and she saved us. >> the sergeant took kylie in as his family's pet. she played major role in finding the remains of three people buried in an apartment complex in southeast washingtonl she's hd search for a missing girl. now at 11:00, chuck schumer is calling for th fbi to investigate the popular face app. >> that's the app being used to instaly age you. you probably have seen it all over your social media feeds ieday. you know, we tr it ourselves today here on news4.di
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one of those dn't turn out well at all. i cantell you that. but senator schumce is coned about the personal data from the app finding its way into the hands of the russian government. experts are warning about what the russian-based company can do with your photos. >> what we are all doing by posting our photos to apps like this is essentially creating a surveillance technolsty induy, that's going to be worth billionsof dollars and will always know what you look like. >> face app founder says the app only u loads the photo you select for editingd nothing else from your camera roll. most of the images areeted from their servers within 48 hours they claim. >> and you canqu t to have all of your data removed from the server. we explain how to do this on the nbc washington app, just face app. even though the research team is located in russia, your user
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data is not being transferred to that country. the music is fading tonight for a cultural mainstay in our area. it's preparing to close because it's run out of money. the orchestra has provided classical music in our area for more than 40 years and it's home is the music center at stratmore. funding has decreased and operating costs have gone up. a montgomery county council member says his new bill is a matter of life or death especially considing the heat 've been seeing this week. landlords would be required to provide and maintain air-conditioning for their tenants. as we were out shooting the story today, our camera caught the video here of one woman who passed out because of heat. >> she fainted. she got too hot and no water to
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drink. >> on days like today, this is life o death issue. it's not a comfort issue. without a bill like this, the housing department i montgomery county can't compel a landlord conditioning because it's not a requirement. >> providing ac should not be outional. a final vote w come in the fall which would be after the heat. >> yeah. well air-conditiong right now is just essential. >> absolutely. to be inside and away from this heat, it's onge going to hotter, guys. it's hard to believe. >> yes, it is. >> because we haven't had triple-degree temperatures for years, since august 2016. when youck on the humidity it's goi to feel a lot hotter out here and then we h the storms out there today. wead a little bit of everything out there. so we got a eak. there humidity is still but the temperatures are coming up. we're going to bottom out in the
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70s. it's going to be warm when you walk outside tomorr morning with a little bit of fog as well. let's go ahead and take a look at those maps right now. you can see we've got some rain out there right now that is going to continue toushnto the region at this moment. so just a few isolated showers out there as we continue through the afternoon and evening. hey, guys, yeah, we are on max one. let me go back to this map right here. i want to show yo it's not going to be as hot as tomorrow. we do have some more storms in the forecast and i don't think they're going to be qui as strong because i think we're going to have a little bit more cloud cover throughout the day. you thought today washot,ust wait until those weekends. those temperatures are warming up, friday, saturday, and even into sunday. no relief in sight until next week. it's not until tuesday that we start to see some relief. a few isolated showers out there. maybe an isolated thunderstorm before the most part, we're looking at some of these showerc
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oting through the region. temperatures out there right now, in the 70s. 80 here in annapolis. again, an isolated shower possible tomorrow morning. as we go through tomorrow afternoon, anytime after lunch, that's when we'll start to see some more storms pop up. some heavy downpours and also some damaging winds once again. butf that scoots out o here pretty quickly. by friday, we are dry as we get into your friday. however, we are hot. excessive heat advisory, we are already weather alert for your friday. look at this, guys, feeling like 105 to 115 in o area. oh, yeah. so that temperature on the si left-hand de, the heat advisory, the heat index on the right, that's what it feels like outside as we go through the weekend. it's a dangerous heat. make sure that you are staying hydrated, especially if you're heading to the beaches. it might be the place to go.
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ngerous heat for your friday, saturday and sunday and then again we've got some more rain as we head into your monday, but tuesday and wednesday, we're looking a lot better and we're going to have more news rht going to have more news rht afterig t ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete,
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> time to continue the heat theme, the only thing not hot is our bullpen, still. >> isn't it crazy? it's like the nationals are either really good or not so good. >> yeah. >> the nationals, they are one of the hottest teams in baseball, but more than an hourn and a half rai delay and the orials cooling them off. some people, they just want to be the dog. bottom four on the mound.
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you got to relish the moment until trey gets in this one. he's crushing this ball. his first homer since june 23rd. trey turner on second. eaten at the plate. eaten delivers. twrbis are scored. nationals up 2-1. they're playingatchup in the seventh. crush comes through, that wasth o ahead run on the rbi single for davis. three runs were gin up in the seventh. but thear birds e not done. takes it deep to left. really can't make that play. two-run shot. his second homer of the game. right now th "o"s lead the
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nats. enough about the condiments, get youres coffee machin set. in just about, two hours the british open tees off. that's a 1:35 a.m. startastern time, and, yes, it's anarly start, but those list of names will make this a must-follow tournament across the pond. northern ireland is hosting the open since the first time since 1951. tiger woods one of thfarites this weekend, he hasn't won the british open since 2006. but rory macle roy is from there. >> my dad brought me h e play for my 10th brthday. so it's been a very big --st at
11:28 pm
lehe golf club has been a big part of my upbringing. i'm going to love being right there and having the cries and support. if that can't help you, then nothing can. g> you might see that herd of folks followin rory when he plays like here with tiger. >> it looks pretty appealing. >> it looks pretty appealing. >> sheed not all water is creat.
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was there somhing you wanted to add. >> let's go ahead tohe ten-day
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forecast. it's going to be hot this weekend.of small chance rain tomorrow afternoon but feeling more like 105 to 115 through thed. weeken >> hot and hotter. >> exactly rig you got your homework? yeah. yeah? hey, give me a kiss. announcer: what's the role of a car co ]any? [ kisses announcer: to take your kids to and from school? don't forget your science project.
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