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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 19, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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able to get off a six flags rolle corvettaster after stuck hours. >> this mtheris turning this story into a springboard in northern virginia. breaking news. an 11-year-old boy was shot in northeast washington and died a shortime later. police released a picture of a possible suspect late last night but far no arrests. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we will have the latest on that breaking news in a moment. another day o dangerous heat in our region. it is already 80 degrees this morni morning. >> our melissa mollet has a eye on the roads for you in your first 4 traffic but storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with another srcher of a day. >> higher heat index values
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today and unfortunately thattt pan is going to continue on into your weekend. i think saturday is probably the hottest day of the stretch from a heat index standpoint. right now, current. 80 in arlington and 82 annapolis and 76 at clinton, maryland, morning. it is already very muggy and look at how quickly these temperatures are going to climb. we will be above 90 degrees before lunch time today and afternoon highs probably won't gethundred for a temperature today but the heat index could be as hot as 105 and we will talk about how to beat the heat with the weekend coming up. for now, it is time for traffic. melissa, you got to have good news at 4:00 a.m.? >> you would think, right? annandale outer loop on a work joan there. but not impacting anything. 66 and 95 noprlem.
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everhing good in and out of town. same situationro thh prince george's county. indian head highway route 4 and 5. we have this. if you're heading northbound oni 270 any t soon still have that work zone there at the spur atisdemocracy right lane blocked. i drove by it is slow through there rightno d.c. lice released this image of a possible suspect in a deadly shooting of a young boy. 11-year-old kron brown was shot and died at the hospital. police hope someone will recogni the man our screen and give them a call right away. he is one of several peocee poli are looking for in this case. >> police believe a traffic argument led to this shooting. jummy olabanji has more. >> reporter: this is simply heart breaking. as of right now, it happened at
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the intersection in eas d.c. police tell us kron brown in a car with someone when some sort of shouting match happened between a group of people. multiple shots were fired into that ar, hittingbrown. he was taken to a fire station in prince george's county and then taken hot tonight where he later die thooting, if you'll rember, happened almost exactlyone year to the day after 10-year-old makia wilson was shot when wking to the ice cream truck when shwas shot. so far eight people have been charged in connection with her murder. now show you the distance between these two shootings. these are children shot and killed in our community. d.c. mayor muriel bowser spoke last night. take a listen. there was a child and were other children in and around the area. and our communities have to stand up and speak up and make
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sure anyone who knows a about this brazen homicide is brought to justice. >> re is one more look at the suspect police are looking for in this case. if you know this person, all d.c. police and help them track down the person who took an innocent 11-year-old boy's life. police are asking yone who was in that area or live near there. if you got home surveillance cameras, check those. it happened around 7:00 yesterday evening. you can keep up with this sry as it develops today with the nbc washington app. a murder suspect is off the streets this morning. police say video from a doorbell surveillance came led them to the man who killed a woman in prince george's county. thomas has been charged in the murder of zoe spears who was er found dead o month ago a
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couple blocks from eastern avenue on the maryland side. investigators say a grainy imag of aminivan with a distinctive paint job helped them trace is back to a rental companynd ultimately to thomas. police say there is still no motive in. >> speaking to him he didn't mention about her being a transender female or sexual orientation. at this point we don't have ae motivd continue to work toward that. >> spears murder happened after another transgender murdein the same area. they say the two knew each or tr butn't believe the two cases are connected. a man is charged with involuntary man slaught. investigatorsneay dar bassett hit a canine accuse cruiser and speeding away from police and ended up on the bw
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parkway where poli saye killed$ studying to be a dentist. a woman is hurt near a crasn near tra tracks. chopper 4 was over the scene of the railroad crossing last night. we are told a ppickuruck rear ended another vehicle and ended up in the path of the train the driver and the kids in the pickup managed to get out but the train phed the vehicle into the charges a pending. update on a story we have been following for days now. a plan to build 4.1 million square foot amazon fulfillment center in westphalia is going
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forward. >> the duty that is left behind that is here after some people have gone, it's a community that stays here and invested in -- invested here in the county that we care about the most. >> the proposal now headed to the county council forapproval. it was a terrible situation, being stuck in a sehigh-ri building during a fire with no sa down. this happened to a philadelphia man but he took action. it happened on the 13th floor. watch him climb down the outside ofbu this lding. official say he made it to the ground safely. very dangerous! but he made it. you don't have a lot of options. you have to make an option to save your own life. few people trying to beat the heat ended up cloer to the sun than they anticipated. >> stuck. me and brendan were just about to go on that ride.
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feel bad for them people. >> this was not the dayor this. the scene at sixlags in prince george's county. roller coaster riders stuck on the hill around 6:15 lastight and up there about two hours. it is a floorless roller coaster so you can imagine the heat there. this happened several times in the past few years. senate minority leader chuck schumer will lead democrats to the u.s./mexico border. he plans to, quote, investigate, inspect and evaluate the latest conditions at border facilities 37 the group will visit the same detention center in texas that vice president mike pence visited last saturday. the vice president saw crowded conditions where men are held behind a chain linkfe nce.
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federal investigators believe trump was involved in hiding payments to stormy daniels. the former porn star said she had an affair with him and trump has denied the affair. a judge released the court documents after prosecutors he finished t investigation with trump's former fixer michael cohen. cohen is in jail serving time for tax evasion, violating compaign finance laws and lying to ngress. president trump says he will nominate eugene scalia to be his next labor secretary. the son of anthony scalia. scalia previously ed as a solicitor in president george w. bush comunadministration. acosta was criticized for handling a plea deal with tejey wffipllyere st in custod
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while he awaits trial. a federal judge in new york rejected his defense team's arguments to release him from the judge ided that epstein was a flight risk. millionaire pled not guilty to fisex trafing and conspiracy charges. the woman who made international news when she flipped off psident trump is now jumping into a political career. julie briskman is running for the loudoun county county of supervisors. she raised her middle finger to the president's motorcade while bicycle in sterling in 2017. that photo went viral and she was fired from her government cob.racting jo the democrat says she wants to improve schools, traffic d infrastructure. the election is in november. all week, ourrea has been celebrating the 50th anniversary
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of the landing on the moon. a festival is on the national mall and tents ure lined between fourth and seventh treet and you can hear from international astronauts and scientists. we will have much more formation in the nbc washington app. a remihaer you still ve a chance to see the washingtonum monent as a rocket, if you will, for t the next nights. the air and space museum will host apollo 50 go for the moon. spectators will be able to relive the historic launch in 1969. the first show is tonight at 9:30. really great event planned to ark this anniversary over the next two nightsso if you can get down to the mall, go for it. a trendy housing option the d.c. has not seen for years. now a new proposal in montgomery
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coun m could mean a lote of these tiny homes. we will explain the plan. we are days away from the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, as we have been telling wau. one day a as a matter of fact. e look he break, an ins at one of the naion's greatest achievements and the food it took to make it happen. one of the best things that came out of the moon race was tang! i loved that as a kid! temperatures in the 70s to near 80 in the early parts of your morning. a weekend best spent in the pool or in the ac.
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wel tme back. for first time in a decade, congress voted to ray the federal minimum wage but you will likely never see t.
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the democratic-controlled house proofed a plan to increase the federal minimum wage by $15 an hour by 2025. now it's 1$10.25. republicans control the senate and will not approve it. a proposal to allow for more tiny homes in montgomery county. homeowners with an acre of land can get units known as accessory dwelling units or adus. the council is considering a zoning change to allow on seven-acre of land. exception just an any more or a waiver to get a special in-law suite. they want to rent them out. so then it's a
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enterprise next door. >> take issue with the fact if you're creating more affordable using, people are worri about certain people in their community, that -- i don't think we want to be saying that. i think we want to have peoplea havess to all parts of our community. >> the council is expected to vote on the proposed zoningha ce next tuesday. this morning, we are continuing the countdown to apollo 11 mission to the moon. >> tomorrow marks the first time that neil artrong walked on the mon. here is a look at the food thel fu that mission. >> reporter: coffee. bacon bars, and sugar cookies. those were a few of the favorite food items that fueled e apollo 11 crew. neil armstrong and buzz aldrin collins.ael dr. jennifer with the national air and spe museum said
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astronauts ate normal food like shrimp cocktail. >> they like spicier food and one of the popular food is shrimp cocktail because it has horse radish in it. >> reporter: this is pork and from ped potato left over michael collins. each package color code. red for armstrong, blue for aldrin, white for collins. in order from the top of the command structure down to the bottom and each rotated four or five days. now to the do not eat list. >> they are not eating things that usually havebread because thead crumbles too easily and it would float arouncabin. >> reporter: what about space ice cream we have seen in the museum shops? >> ha ha. not real! ha ha! no! >> reporter: it turns out astronauts don't like the texture. too much like styrofoam. like the mission to the moon, nasa figured out a way to make the real thing happen. >> when there is a freezer that goes up on a resupply mission,
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it's usually intended to carry samples back on earth but on the way up it doesn't have anything in it so nasa likes to pack it with ice cream street. >> repor r: safe tosay, fellow food lovers, fly me to the moon! ♪ ♪ why we fly to the moon >> it's the least you could do!g >> i'mlad they figured out a way. >> to give them real ice cream. all that time up in space? >> good they figured that out. >> i know you like ice cream too. it's nasa. they can figure about anything t >> they figured out velcro. who knew velcro was a result of that and cordless power tools. >> and gps. >> that wasn't gps not from the moon shot. >> i think so from the program.c notsarily from apollo 11 but developed in the apollora progacross the decade. you can can look it up. >> he knows everything. he is likeait a minute!
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>> reading encyclopedia. the only thing good to do this weekend is compete in a swim meet and jump in the pool and wim laps this weekend. a stifling hot and especially saturday. probably the worst of it. sunday will be equally hot but hare cloud cover late sunday and at least ace for a cooling rain shower. that will not be the case today or tomorrow. already a heat indexf 85 in washington. temperatures arestly in the mid-70s to around 80 to get your friday morni going. high temperature today not a record. 98 degrees but t heat index up around 105 degrees. barely even a cloud later on in the afternoon. the excessive heat watch is in place from 11:00 this morning until 9:00 tonight same storygain for tomorrow. and they are likely have to put that up again on mperatures, w especially downtown and near the
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bay will struggle to get below 80 degrees. afternoon higup around 100. none of those would be records. only dulles airport has a chance of breaking or tying a record high. our record high tomorrow in washington the orall-time r 106 degrees! luckily, that record will not be broken. nonetheless, dgerously hot. here is the heat index forecast for today. around 105 degrees. staying that hot all the way into the early partsf the evening. by tomorrow afternoon, look at these peak numbers. 114 heat indexmo torrow in fredericksburg and 107 in martinsburg and 113 by the bay in annapolis. let's go over to first four traffic d see howthat is doing for us this morning.
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good morning. innnandale right lane geby the work zone on the beltway. rest of the beltway looks good and even that area doesn't look bad. 66, 64 miles per hour gets you there in nine minutes. chances you weren't right-hander for the real moon landing in 1969. actually, a lot of you probably were. we will tell you what is coming up in "the scene." keep it here all day. "ellen" at 3:00 and stay news at 4:00 for your news.
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♪ this is not j. this is not just a fever. this is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... andwhile meningitis btis uncom. once symptoms appear,
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they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to colle... makem.ure you help protect the talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination. welcome back. if you know tommcf m, you know he has a pulse on the scene around the region and why he is
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launching ouren new segmcalled "the scene." >> he scopes out the coolest things to do from night life to fun activities for the family. >> reporter: n b mean tog but this weekend scene is out of this world. i'm tommy mcfloy. we have been talking all week about the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. a free late night eagle has landed party with music, fun,e ibit and they will time out to the minute and rebroadcast the actu lunar landing and first steps on the moon. at 1:00 a.m. there is a space suit fashion show, whatever that is. v vers the organize promise they are going to give you incredible samples for a 10 dollar ticket and get you excited about eating
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more plants our plate and living a more holistic listyle and ty are saying they are whipping up plant-based dishes to makeea east m lovers believers. sunday is national ice eam day. i'm a chocolate chip ice cream myself so celebrate on sunday. speaking on the scene page on th nbc washington app, we have all of the details about d.c. pools being open a little later this weekend and perfectly wonderful to a beach destination for you to get away for the day. search "the scene" on the nbc washington app. i'm tommy mcfly, news4. >> chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite as well. do you have a favorite cream? >> not really. >> i know you like it. >> mint chocolate chip? let's turn to chuck bell. >> it will stay weather alert through the weekend because of high heat.
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index values in the afternoon almost no chance for rain this weekend to cool you down until very late in the day onay sund closer look at today'sorecast is f yo now can make any morning of the week feel like the weekend. with jimmy dean simple scrambles. o made fresh with twreal eggs, sausage 'n cheese. and ready in seconds. why don't you put a sunday morng shine on tomorrow morning's breakfast.
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the workweek is comingto an end. we made it to friday but d.c.'s heat wave contimoes. good ning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we are in for another round of stifling hot temperatures today. melissa mollet is standing by with a look at our first 4 traffic. but let's set totorm team 4 chuck bell and look at the forecast. another weather alert. >> sure is. even aaron and i didn't bother to put a tie on this morning because it's too hot for neck wear today! honestly, it's hawaiian shirt at the sation but was he dent want to go all in with the hawaii shirt. if you got one, today is a great day to wear it. loose fitting and light colored clothing is in fashion today and the weekend.ur temperates in the 70s in the suburbs but 80 downtown and 82 in marynd in annapolis. ot


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