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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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ng speed options at new low price. get started now a r as low as $29.99 month. call, click or visit a store today. breaking tonight11at 00, an arrest in the murders that shocked the community. d.c. police tell us they've tan the man who kill an 11-year-old boy off the streets.
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a new excessive heat warning, the advisory leading to a team 4 weather alert. just a few minutes ago, people on the national mall around our region and across the country and around the world celebrating the precise moment 50 years ago man first set foot on the moon. we cannot wait for another child to fa victim to senseless gun violence. >> d.c. mayor bowser delivering a message to t community after announcing the arrest in an 11-year-old's murder. good evening, i'm erika gonzalez. breaking news thisevening, police telling us they caught thd man who shot ankilled koran brown at a gas station in southeast d.c. thursday night. news4's amy cho jo fns usom outside d.c. police headquarters with new information in this case. aimee? >> reporter: hi, we just learned
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a short time ago the manhunt for the alleged killer of an 11-year-old boy has now finally come to an end. d.c. police say tonight they arrested 29-year-old tony antwoa mccm from southeast d.c.ay police s he allegedly fired shots into the car that 11-year-old brkaron n was sitting in. now this is a surveillance photo that poli say shows mcclam around the time of the shooting. he is charged with secondegree murder while armed. police say they are trying to figure out why he would shoot an 11-year-old boy. koran brown had just finished fifth grade at stanton elementary. his mother says he was funny, v log, and kind. on thursday night, karon was affidavit a gas stion -- at a gas station and he and adults got into a fight, and gunshots started ringing out. the little boy made it into a ar c. that's when mcclam allegedly started firing shots into the carhind him. the 11-year-old later died at the hospital. it's not clear if he was the
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intended target. tonight mayor muriel bowser and the police chief held a press conference to announce the arrest. they called the murder completely senseless. >> there is absolutely no reason in the world why we should be burying an 11-year-old boy because some adult felt like it was okayto discharge a fireman. >> reporter: d.c. police say tips from the community played a big part in helping them make this arrest. they say they are still investigating the shooting and hope more people will come forward wit information. >> aimee cho, live outside d.c. police headquarters, thank nu. arrests yet in the murder of afather and son in the district. a relative discovering the bodies yesterday at their home on queen street in northeast d.c. hugh washington and his 17-year-old son both shot in the head. the teen was a senior at dunbar
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high school. police say there was no forced entry ando weapon found at the scene. let's dig a litt deeper into the string of violence on d.c. streets in recent days. six peopler shot and killed in the dtrict over 60-hour stretch. that goes between wednesday afternoon and early this that includes shootings on 2nd street in southeast, naylor roat southeasqueen street northeast, u street in northwest, and 30th street southeast. the youngest victim was 11-year-old karon brown. the fifth grader gunn down thursday night. our other big story this evening is the dangerous heat.g puttff in weather alert mode another excessive heat warning in effect. we have more now. we know how saturday wena wht does this mean for sunday? >> well, if you thought today was hot, it was,and tomorrow's
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going to be just as hot. i mean, i think sunday's going to definitely match your saturday. it's crazy. earlier, i was tracking storms we had in the area. that's out ohere. we're shifting gears back to the heat. let's talk about it. it is -- what time is it? 11:05 and 88 degrees out there at night. it is warm in the distric 82 in manassas. 79 in leesburg. 82 in gaithersburg. so this excessive heat warni for the entire region goes into effect at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and sticks around until ev9:00 p.m. tomorrow ning. what that means is it's going to feel like 110 even though temperaturs are probably in the upper 90s. now overnight, we are going to be in the 80s. the isolated storm threat really dwindling at this point. i think we're pretty dry. then we're humid. stick around. to have storm chances for your sunday i need talk about. >> we'll see you then. something to keep in mind tonight as most of us are in the a.c. relaxing, others have to work outside in order toke us
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safe. several firefighters suffering heat exhaustion today in southwest d.c. several other firefighters and residents dto be evacuated. the firefighters were trying to put out a fire at an apartment on i street, and smoke could be seen coming from several floors of the building. firefightersvaad to ecuate the residents there. no word yet on what caused the fire. and even with this knheat, a lot of you spent the day outside in arlington, for t.stance, at a regional youth baseball tourname coaches had some cooling off breaks built in as paren were focusing on any signs of heatstroke, keeping an eye on the kids. one person that was not so h concerned, t man right here. ron carson. we spotted him wh a full suit, black suit. so thejt ron carson sheer that he spent many years work flooding
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heartbt, or headache. keep an eye out for those.ti as menoned we are not in the clear just yet. should you feel something like that, call 911. and stay with news4 and our nbc washington app for continuing coverage for ideas on how to stay cool during this scorching hot weather. just open our nbc washington app and search "extreme heat." 50 years ago tonight, one mall step changed history forever. find out how people are ng rememberi the "apollo 11" moon landing. and explosive surveillance video shows the exact moment a blast rocked a california home,
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a doorbell cam capturing an explosion that leveled t house next door in california. watch this. the blast sent debris flying all over the place.e this sc unfolding monday. a utility worker died in this. investigators say utility crews were repairing a ruptured gasli right before this explosion. about 15 other people were hurt. the gas company says the contractor did not call toark the gas line before digging which is required by law. anotheray of protests in
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puerto rico. anging pots and pans, protesters rallying outside the embattled puerto rican overnor's residence today. they are angry over governor ricardo rossello's economic policies, alleged government corruption, and an ongoing scandal over leaked messages between rossello and some of his close officials. the messages allegedly contained homophobic and derogatory comments. ologized for has a those comments but refuses to resignrs dond nurses are trying to save a woman's life after a car hit her in montgomery county this morning. the woman was attempting to cross tuckerman lane at kings riding way when the driver of the chevrolet spark slammed into her. the victim's shoe, you can see a water bottle there on the scene. the driveras not injured in this. the victim we're told has ni
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life-threateng injuries. we're working to figure out what may have caused the driver to have this accident in the first place. maryland governor larry hogan is proposing several ways to save maryland drivers money on the tolls. the "baltimore sun" reporting his proposal is not an across-the-board cut in tolls that the governor pushed three in 2015. one proposal would cut toll rates for motorcycles and s.hicles towing one axle and two-axle trailer the governor hopes to generate up to $28 million over ive years. he says the proposal would save drivers more than $5.5 million each year. all right. we continue following one of our big stories tonight. somara is standing by with an update on the extreme heat. and one small step 50 years latet he country comes together to honor a moment that we will never forget.
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i want tohow you a live look at the washington monument. storms have cleared. isn't that a pretty picture? 50 years ago tonight, more than half a billion people around the world tunedn to watch the first person walk on the moon. tonight people on the national mall are watching the "saturn 5" projection on the washington monument. he rocket that carried the astronau into space. nbc's chris pollone looks back a half century. >> reporter: exactly 50 years after he walked on the moon with neil armstrong, buzz aldrin joined vice president mike pence at the spot where it all
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started. the launchpad where he, armstrong, and michael collinsf ded the odds and did something that at the time only existed in our dreams. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: to mark the occasion, the vice president looked >> left indelible mark, not just on my imagination but on the imaginatis of my generation and every generation come. >> reporter: it took nearly a decade and 400,000 people to get to that moment. they essentially iented space travel and changed the course of history. >> "apollo 11" is the only event in the 20th century that stands a chance of being widely remembered in the 30th century. 1,000 years from now july 20th, 1969, will likely be a day that will live in the minds and
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imaginations of men and women as long as there are men and women to remember it. >> reporter: american space exploration is at a crossroads. private companies are partnering with nasa to make the next giant lean forward. d the moon will once again play a role. the last american walked on the moon in 1972, but the technological impact on our lives has been immense ever since. 50 years ago, the whole world watched as three american men gave us a glimpse into the ris pollone, nbc news. we put together elements of he 50th anniversary landin ancluding slow, pictures, and -- video, pictures, d stories of the historic day. just puppll uthe nbc washington app and search "lunar footsteps" to read more. okay. each year nbc's clear the c sheltersampaign helps animal shelters and rescue groups fd new homes for pets. this year our own pat collins is
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helping out with the prized pets challenge. so pat, with the help of some interns, kicked off the contest monday. here's what we're asking. asking all of our nbc 4 viewers to show off your furry friends doing their best trick. the winner gets a one of a kd pat's prized pet bowl. you've got until tomorrow to send us your pics. justost your best pet trick to facebook, twitter, or instagram, and tag us, of course, so that we can see it @nbcwashington, and use the hash tag #patsprizedpets. there you go. >> stay hydrated. >> yes, you want to have fluffy and fido doing all their tricks inside on the carpet because the pavement is scorching hot today. incredible -- the feels-like temperature someplace got up to 118 today. that was quantico, virginia. w. that i mind blowing. >> i know. we've got to call and check on our friends in quantico.
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aantico, how you doing? it's going to crazy one tomorrow, too, girlfriend. e're talking showers and thunderstorms ie evening. but the excessive heat is still the main headline. let's get to the current temperatures. it's 11:19 at night, and we finally left the 90s. i can't believe i'm saying that. i mean, inow summer comes every year, guys, but this is crazy. 88 now in the district. 82 in manassas. 79 in leesburg. and 84 in frederick. just a really hoty. current heat index, still in the 90s. that's what really matters. 93 is what it feels like in quantico. 80 -- can't catch a break down there. 85 is what itineels like manassas. feeling like 90s in frederick. how hot did we get? washington, d.c., we hit a high of 97 degrees. our friends to the south, they det closer to 100, toward ocean city, 99 ees that way. this heat is all the way up into the new york tri-state area. so all of us feeling this heat.m torow, i think we've got a
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good shot at hitting 98, 99. i've gone with a high around 99 degrees. dangerous heat for your sunday. we do have a chance at some showers and thunderstorms again. similar to what we saw this evening. more isolated, but we could see some storms popping, where they do they coul strong to severe. what about brunch? i should be fine around brunch, right? no, 93 degrees at 11:00 a.m. hello, breakfast outdoors, fine. but brunch -- i think it's going to be too hot personally to be outside eveny brunchtime. that means any outdoor activities for tomorrow afternoon, you might want to just reschedule ythem, limitr time outdoors. it's just going to be a no go. now, sunday, tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., i'm pushing forward in time to show what p thisture looks like. doesn't look like a lot's going on. this is what it look ed like earlier and heard the storms pop. that's what i want you to keep in mind. after 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m., we could see showers and
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thunderstorms pop throughout the region. by monday, that's when the storms become more widespread. we've got a front coming through. we are going to be so happy when this front passes through afterm the sto it brings. there's some cooler air on the back end of it. i'll show you that on the ten day. again, this line of showers and storms is going to move through monday afternoon. a few ways beat the heat -- stayhy ated. avoid long hours outdoors. wear light colors and loose-fitted clothes. never, never under any circumstances leave a child or a pet in acar. ten minutes at 96 degrees tside, that car feels like 114 on the inside, okay. re's a look at your storm team 4 ten-day outlook. tdangerous heat through top of the weekend. things cool down by tuesday. we just have to goat tuesday. one more thing -- get to tuesday. one more thing to mention, the number-one weather-related killer in the united states of america is heat.ta >> import to keep in mind. thank you so much. the nationals tried to tlanta a heartbreaker in tonight. it was a thriller that could
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impact their
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> the nationals trying to make i up some groundthe n.l. east against the first place braves. trailing atlanta by 6.5 es they got to bounce back from a stugh night when they trailed all game la night. got down to the lastout, then the two-run shot was snapped to tie the game only to watch the braves come back and walk off in the bottom of the ninth. that was brutal. game tee of a four-game set in hot-lanta, hot-d.c. over here. sanchez on the hill for the nats.
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fred freeman gets the best of this one. en anthony revenuedone and juan soto hit back-to-back rbi singles. both went two for four with a rbi each. to the sixth. a 4-1 game. the two-run shot -- and that cuts the 3d one. sanchez went five innings, gave up three runs. in the ninth,nats pack some insurance. adam eaton singles to left. that scores trey turner.nd ahe nats pull off this win 5-3. they also pull within 5.5 games of the braves. they've got atwo-game lead. >> a good baseball day. got some big outs when we needed it. got the hits, we came out on top. >> reporter: you brought up you got the hits you needed. in the fifth, five straight hits. what adjustments were made? >> i think keep battling. i think we've only got it once time so far. the mor times you see guys, you know, i think that helps the hitter. we just strung some good bats together and put someupruns against them.
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ter: that's the hottest team in baseball since may 24th. the orioles not so much. working on a two-ga winning streak against the red sox. they shelledston 11-2 last night. but boston got revenge. vasquez singled. in the third, chris davis rips one to center for the rbi knock. tied at five at thatoint in the fourth. the sox blow this one open. jackie bradley jr., three-run bomb to right. hne of fiveme runs for the red sox in this one. they win 17-6. the series finishes off tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. well,cic temperatures couldn't stop fans from welcoming d.c.'s home teamor cup heroes back. u.s. women's national team players rose lavelle and mallory pugh returned to the washington spirit earlier tonight. get this, they're just two of six spirit players who laced em up at the world cup. spirit taking on theouston dash, right. lavelle -- did not play as she recovers from a hamstring injury
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suffered in the semifinals against norway. firshalf, both teams kind of dancing around the middle of the pitch. volcanic temps will do that. so the spirit only ad four shots. the dash had six. but then all the sudden, everybody's finding the back of the net. >> a fantastic equal -->> washington would go on to win this one 3-0. the spirit in good shape, and a great crowd to see them and welcome back our world cup heroes. >> very cool. >> very cool.
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[ nbc theme plays ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening, everyone. i'm tucker carlson.m i'ke if those shorts with the little whales on them came
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to life. our top story tonight --ro president trump's he end to the shutdown. it did take him 35 days, but he s finally able to get no wall. a meanwhile,the democrats stall, t crisis at our border rages here wh her take is the host of "justice with jge jeanine," jeanine pirro. jeanin how are you? >> a lot. >> now, jeanine, i'm going to smugly ask a question that i already know the answer to, and, a warning to our viewers, my voice will get very these democrats, do want ms-13 invading their towns and tieing up their hands and feet with duct tape? >> sadly, the answer to that question is "si, señor. " at this point, ms-13 is getting so brazen, they're promoting their own holiday in america. it's called sicario: day of the soldado. >> wow, so, what is th


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