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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 23, 2019 11:00am-11:51am EDT

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right now on news 4 midday, we're tracking major delays on the beltway after a messy morning commute. the cleanup takes hours. >> at at robert mueller is willing to say to congress. ahead of his testimony, the justice departmen outlines what's off limits. >> a lot of steady rain pushing through the area. what can we expect as we head into the afternoon and into the evening. let's talk about the timing of when this rain gets out of here coming up. to news 4 midday.
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>> we want to begin this morning with updates on two accidents that had major impacts on the morning commute. the first on the outer loop of the beltway. this is between university boulevard and new hampshire nvga t. clpd e thhcr leavasing morning commuters sitting in a six mile backup. still no details on the victim or how the crash happened. >> and the other accident was also on the beltway. chopper 4 on thecene on the inner loop just after connecticut avenue.e e there. you see a truck split open spilling bundles of magazines on to the road. the lays remain. no word yet on what caused this crash either. that is how it sounded and looked yesterday, mt. airy was
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under a tornado warning. peoplh waking up wit a big mess to clean up. >> you cane see on of yesterday's storms blowing right across the district. >> severe weather being blamed for one deathn maryland. a tree fell on a home in carroll county, killing an 89-year-old man inside. there are tree branches down ale across t area. including right here in northwest washington. our cameras got a look there, firefighrs in tenleytown overnight. drivers all over the region had a tou time navigating the nasty rain. today should be the start of much better weather. >> who betr t ask about that weather than our very own lauren ricketts. >> the rain sticking around today, but the tem tours are going to drop. >> you can see our temperatures are in the 70s right now, we're going to see w this coolather out there today. average temperature for this time of year, 88 degrees, we are
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seeing those temperatures well belowormal for july standards, which is fine, because we spent a better part of last week above normal. you can see thatrain, the steady rain sking south of i-66 in virginia, and really south and east of the beltway and i-95. and a lot of earing, dry air trying to work its way in from the northwest to the soueast. you can see this front right here. all the way back down to south west and virginia, it's all the way back down into north carolina, it's eventually going to sink down to the south, we'll continue to watch it go that way. we've already got a good amount of rain. today's rain, just about anywhere from a quarter to half an inch of rain. let's talk temperatures, when this rain will be out of here, even though the steady rain is moving out, showers and thunderstorms possible this afternoon. we'll show you that coming up in 20 minutes. in the meantime this morning, a gesture ofod will for a family who's coping with an onli fund-raiser has raised
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nearly $2,000 for rachel parkinson's family, she died this weekend while hiking in the intense heat in montgomery county. the heat index that day was 106 when she collapsed. parker son was fr a mother of three children. >> we are under attack. what are we going to do? >> people living in southeast washington walked against gun violence last night in the district. this comes afterour da of gunfire that killed seven people, including 11-year-old caron brown. police arrested tony mcclam for bkilling that young . according to charging documents, mcclam admitted to police that he fired his gun into that car in self-defense. he said he didn't know the boy was in the car. that's just one case from the very violent outbreak, and district leaders arer urging fo your help this morning. the mayor pleaded with the community to turn anone in w
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has an illegal gun, even if it means your relative could goto jail. >> it's better to be arrested for having a gun than for murdering a child. call us. >> d.c. police urge anyone withi informa about any of these recent shootings to give them a call. today mary chase is trying to ban the sale of elephant ivory in thedistrict. this is her fourth attempt to do it since 2015.he says it's encouraging the inhumane act of poaching the animals for their tusks. a news cference on this proposed bill just wrapped up, megan, good morning. #. >> good mornin that's exactly right, council woman shay says d.c. has been branded as the hu t for sale of ivory, which encourages the slaughter of these animals, that's something that she is trying to stop. i want to get to some video and
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show you inside that press conference, where chencil woman along with leaders of the humane society showed an undercover video of what they're calling illegal activity in d.c., local veors at antique shops, selling tusks inside their stores. many pieces of ivory carved into pieces of statues, even jewelry. kitty block is the president of the humane society of the united states, these sales or potential sales atlocal stores are t happening wihout any documentation to show when this ivory was created. take a listen. >> this is to ban the domestic sale of ivory and rhino horns. it's got to stop, these anima are being slaughtered for their parts. the federal government has said this is unacceptable. yet there isn't the strength within the district to stop the interstate sale ofhese products. our investigators founvory
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all over the district. >> reporter: the council woman says she will introduce her bill again for the fourth time when they reconvene in september. back to you. >> megan fitzgerald joining us live, thank you, megan. tomorrow is a big day on capitol hill. former special counsel robert mueller will be in the hot seat. >> tracie pott reports, that the trump administration is trying tout the brakes on what mueller can say. >> reporter: new from the justice department, this letter tellg russia's special counsele robrt mueller, any testimony must remain within the i boundar of your public report. no testimony concerning the redacted or blacked out portions of also off limits tomorrow, privileged information, decisions made during the ti investiga and any communication with the president. >> no, i'm not going to be watching, probably, maybe i'll see a little bit of it. >> i think i the presidents terrified. >> mueller is set to spent five
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hours with the judiciary and intelligence committees talking about his report on russian election interference. it didct not in or clear president trump on obstruction of justice. p mueller'somise he won't say anything new. >> the report is my testimony. i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in 234i appearance before congress. >> reporter: docrats believe most americans haven't read the 448 page report and will be shocked to hear the details. >> it will be important for ust go through that evidence of conspiracy, co because it is damning whether it can be prosecuted or not.n >> reporter: while they disagree on hthat, there's somg democrats and republicans do agree on, your money and how washington needs to end it. president trump announcing a two-year budget deal with congressional leaders that would also send the nation's debt
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limit. america's credit is about to max out. >> thank u, tracie potts, we'll have live coverage starting tomorrow morning, can you tune in and watch it all right here on nbc 4. new york firefighters in the meantime are in d.c. today waiting on the senate. they want to make su the victim's compensation fund related to the 9/11 attacks never runs out of money. we're going to have the latest on an important vote. ai the informaton a judge wants released in connection to these massive protests in puerto these massive protests in puerto rico.
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developing this morning, the associated p that a puerto rican judge has issued search warrants for the cell phones of governmentic offls involved in a leaked chat. >> in that chat, the governor is
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accused of making personal attacks on rival politicns, jokes about the victims of hurricane maria and an anti-gay slur directed at rickyn.mar it's all causing massive protests in the streets of san juan, as you can say here. he says he won't run for n, and is stepping down as the head of his political party. new this morning, boris johnson has been elected new conservative leader and will become the next u.k. prime minister. the former mayor was chosen by party members. >> thank you all very much for the incredib honor you have just done me. i will work flat out from now on with my team i will build in the next few days to repay your confidence. in the meantime, the campaign is over, and the work begins. >> theresa may congratulated johnson and promised her full support.
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a 9/11 compensation fund is expected to pass in the senate today but not without controversy. rand paul blocked it last week, he says lawmakers need to focus on the nation's debt and any new spending should be offset by tting something else. yesterday new york city firefighters blasted paul's decision. >> if he was so fiscally responsible he would have announced it before then instead of keeping it secret until the moments before senator gillibrand brought the vote up. >> tn fund will out of money next year, once the bill passes, president trump is expected to sign it next week. thisweek, the news 4 i team is working for you. highlighting specific, sometimes even dangerous concerns with air travel. >> a mother's near death experience on a flight back fr vacation is now raising serious questions here. scott mcfarland the i team explain. a a womann a flight home
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from orlando says she nearly died aboard the airplane, because of what was circulating in the recycled air. >> tric powell has a severe allergy to nuts. she says that didn't stop a flight attendant to serving nuts to other passengers. >> what runs through your mid? >> oh, my god, oh, my god. unable to breathe, she used her epipens d received oxygen, but stillt wennto anaphelactic shock. the crew went into an einrgency land the i team wanted to know how often these allergic aions happen on flights. the airlines wouldn't release internal figures. we even found members of congress who had difficulty getting answered. >> mauninable that the airlines can't respond appropriately. >> reporter: tonight as partf our full news 4 report, what airlines are doing to protect
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passengers with severe allergies, and whys may impact more people than you think. at reagan international airport, scott mcfarland, news 4 i team. today former supreme court justice john paul stevens is being buried in private funeral at arlington national cemetery. yesterday he lied in repose at the supremcourt. president trump and first lady melania trump paid their respects. so did most of the supreme court justices, including elena okayingen who replaced stevens on the high court. he was a brilliant ma a who deep commitment to equal justice for all. former d.c. council chairman sterling tucker is lying in repose at the wilson building. you can pay yo respects until 3:00 this afternoon. t later served as hud assistant secretary underhen president ekmmy carter. he died last wet 95 years old. it's been arly 400 years since the firstta represenve ssembly was held in jamestown,
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virginia, next week the commonwealth wil pause to mark that occasion. president tru has been invited he may attend and that may keep some lawmakers from actually going. our cory smith explains. >> reporter: nexteek marks the 400th anniversary of the assembly the new world. >> is is the original deed that freed g myreat great great grandfather simon fairfax from slavery. >> it reminds me of thei ncredible journey not only my family has taken in virginia, but we've all taken and how hope can inspire us to be better to get through dark times. and i think we need a reminder of that now, more than ever. >> that's why fairfax plans to attend next week's celebration, even if president trump shows up. some of its democratic colleagues say they'll boycott any etrent presidentmp
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attends. the current president does not represent the values we would celebrate at the 400th anniversary of the oldest democratic body in the western world. we offer three words of advice, send him back. >> too often we get caught up in social media mobs and justice and we don't really take a step back and think about, what is the bigger picture here. >> for vivian watts, that bigger picture is learning from the mistakes of the past. >> i only wish that president trump could be there for the full three days. >> republicans have seized on the difference of opinion. todd gilbert called the boycott disappointing. and accused democrats of putting politics ahead of an historic occasion. this transcends politics. >> this isnot about him at all. this is about all of us and our collective journ and who we aspire to be. cory smith, news 4. >> the morning rain is s
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wly clearing out of here. good news. lauren will let us know if we will see any sunshine today. coming up next, a local man finds himself in a dangerous spot. and you may have his dogs to thank
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a man h pleaded guilty for raping and kidnapping two intellectually disabled women. he was a behavioral specialist at an organization thd provi therapeutic and work opportunities to disabled adults. wh one case, the woman was unable to say assaulted her. in the second case, the woman identified him as her attacker. he faces up to life in prison. sounds like something out of a movie. you get stuck in a quick sandke limud. >> or my worst nightmare.
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that's what happened to an 87-year-old man yesterday at the potomac river near the brook mont dam, he was trapped for an hour before good samaritans found him. what to do ifdyou fin yourself stuck in that situation. >> it looks like this man may be wearing long socks. te aloser look, and that's actually mud. it shows you just how deep in he was trapped this afternoon, luckily his two dogs -- >> captain eddie russell with the montgomery county fire department. >> he had waders on. >> he's one of the people that t helped man get home safely.ll russe says he's been mired in mud before too. fo you don't realize when your shoe or feet be stuck, the more you move, the worse you're making it. >> what to doif you find yourself in that sticky
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situation? we dove in and got a look at the responders can use. imagine this bucket of water is filed with mud. >> her right boot is stuck in the mu>> firefighters woule take th two pipes and blow bubbles underneither. >> it breaks the suction and creates an air pocket betwe the mud and her boot. >> it's rare they have to use this type of tool, but they like to have it o hand just in case. luckily the man who got stuck today is going to be just fine. thanks to his four legged friends and soit good samars. >> this truly is a good story start to finish. >> in bethesda, amy cho, news 4. >> very lucky. >> i don't know how i would react. they say you're not supposed to move. how could you just stay calm in that situation. >> when you get stuck in the
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snow, we have three feet of snow and you can't get out. it's the worst feeling ever. >> your snow boots, they get you >> you know listen, no snow today. 102 chance of no snow. good. >> we'll take that. >> is the sun going to come out at all? g>> we mayet a few streaks of sui that's abot. most of us are going to see the cloud cover throughout the day. the steady rain is pushing to the south and east riht now. but we are looking at some cloudy conditions out there, and you can also see we've g just a few raindrops out there as well. 72 degrees is our temperature. oh, man that' chilly compared to the last couple days, now, here's your weather question, is it going to rain the rest of the ray? no, steady is moving out. we will have an isolated chance of a shower or storm continuing through the rest of the day. is the humidity am coulding back? no. maybe this weekend you'll feel an uptick in humidity, but not as oppressive as it was the last
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several days. that will be much better for that morning commute,y,hopefull do we heat back up? looks like the temperatures will go back to seasonal temperatures for this time of year,per 80s, so again, we'll head back into that direction. but we're not going to have that added humidity. look at our 24 hour temperature change. it is chilly out there compared to yesterday. yesterday we made it up to 96 degrees, and with the humidity, it felt about 4,10 105 out there. current temperatures out there right now, can you see we' in the s, 74 is the warm spot. the afternoon planner, we're headed into the mid to upper 70s foi daytime hs today. the steady rain will continue through the south, maybe a storm or an isolated shower for the us.t of we're drying out as we continue through about 6:00, 7:00, listen, if you're headed out to union market. come see me, i'm playing at the castle charity tournament. we'll have a little information on that, it's maybe a stray shower.
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i'm going to keep my fingers crossed that we'll get to play on the roof there. it's the charity tournament, come out and say hi, we're going to be out there. as far as what we're talking about right now, rain pushing through the area. this is all with a cold front that continues to sag to the south. we did get a good deal of rain yesterday, and today, we've seen a quarter inch of rain in some l spots,'s time out the rain, it looks like it's going to end this afternoon, i can't wait to show you this ten day forecast, it looks spectacular. let me show you that coming up in a few minutes. the 2020 olympics are a year away. coming up, though, t four new sports making their debut in tokyo. plus, a sports event a lot of people are going to be talking about in d.c. in the coming weeks, the city open. we're going to tell yoabout the changes this year from
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yo, what? are you on a bird scooter on the highway? what are you doing? bro. what are you doing? >> yep, guy riding a scooter during yesterday's morning rush hour in dallas. a city ordinan doesot prevent scooters from being used on the interstate, dallas's website says scooters can only be used on streets with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or lower. don't do that here. >> especially don't try th on i-95. in virginia, you can help improve that roadway if you've beven on it, you know it can a mess. a study found the worst bottleneck on the entire river state. people spend 1.2 million hours a year in traffic delaysust on that one mile southbound stretch. transportation leaders want to hear from you about your thrustration. e will be a community meeting at james monroe high
11:29 am
school in fredericksburg this evening. it begins at 6:00. >> there's major progress on metro's silver line extension to du fes airport, the first time actual metro trains have moved into louden coun. esterday i was able to get up in chopper 4 to get a birds eye view of it all. > a look at this momentum milestone, really not just for louden county, but for our entire region. take a look, this is the louden gateway metro station, phase two of the silver lining, you see what's hanging out there in the station, that is a metro train, yes, louden county forhe first time, you actually have a meo train in your property, and it is not far from the crown jewel of phase two, dulles international airport which is rit over here. this is why this project was envisioned all along, to b able to bring metro service all the to the and then into louden county, and with all the problems, the
11:30 am
con kree issues we detailed. all the issues regarding the labor management. we are starting to se physical reality that this project is coming together. the test timetable is that next summer you should be le to get on a metro train and roll here, frankly, louden county residents are ready for it. >> i think people like the metro, the traffic is horrible.h e toll road is so expensive now. >> it's a positive? >> yes, definitely a positive. >> traffic is really bad here. the metro train testing is going to take place over the next several months. don't be surprised if you see olling these trains along the dulles corridor. the project is going to open next summer. sports news now, a five-time olympic champion having a little bit of trouble this week. medical issue for katie ledecky to pull out of two races this morning in south korea. her coaches say they're waiting est results to figure out
11:31 am
exactly what's wrong. all this comes after she had one of the biggest losses of her career yesterday. coming in second place in the 400 meter freestyle race. and the countdown is on, one year from now the world will come together for the 2020 summer games in tokyo. and this time around, there are four new olympic sports. nbc's kirk gregory shows us. >> reporter: in one year, the athletes of the world will gather in tokyo. the japanese capital is the best prepared olympic host city ever. more than half of tokyo's permanent venues are complery. >> eveing has been on track, on time and i think it's -- i'm pleased. >> the olympic stadium more than 90% ready. japanese fans are excited. and tcket sales are unprecedented. a second ticket lottery is underway. while baseball and softball
11:32 am
return to the olympic schedule. four new sports will make their olympic debuts in jan. karate, skateboarding, surfing and rock climbing. >> amazing, yeah. >> athletes from 206 countries will competen i 339 medal events. the medals will be made of recycled metal including thousands of donated cell phones. olympic torches, podiums and some uniforms will feature recycled materials. katie ledecky and simone biles are expected to lead the largest american contingent ever. who will replace michael phelps. so many questions to beed answer in one year. rk gregor nbc news. da> the city open starts in a few ys, it's one of the largest professional tennis tournaments in the country. 75,000 fans are expected at rock
11:33 am
creek park tennis center between july 27th and august 4th. coco gauff will be making an appearance. she stole the hearts of everyone at wimbledon. another draw is the food. the chairman is here this morning to talk more about the tournament, we know coco will be a big draw, tell us about some of the other players we'll ab to see. >> we have five of the top ten players in the world. on the mens and women's side, we have most of the great players and this new young generation cocoa is a part of starting on saturday. >> very exciting stuff. i know we talked about the food, that going to be changing a little bit this year, with the fan experience. talk to us about that. >> it's going to be changing a lot. we tooye this over this , i've been at this event my whole life. the first thing i said is, you have to have great food and drinks. we brought in jose andre, ice
11:34 am
cream jubilee. amstel light garden. it's a transformed event. indoor air conditioned spaces er ovoking the practice courts on one side. the beer garden or on side. a frose terrace in anothp ce. tennis is a sport you can come out for five, six hours, as long as you're havg good food, drinks, i think people will be excited when they come. >> what are youxcited for? >> how are you going to make it a little different? >> well, i mea we've literally -- the theme thisea y is washington summer tennis tradition reimagined. it's been part ofty our communi for 50 years, i've seen all of its iterations. as great as it is, we thought there's a whole other level we can take it. between the players, the food, the drinks, the hospitality areas. the access.
11:35 am
they'll talk to the fans, sign autographs, we've tried to touch every single element of the event and make it a world clast. i s's event. this is also an event that helps give back tour youth in community. >> swtf i a long time owner of the ehaven'the and ty're the beneficiaries. a lot of the money that gets raised goes to help wtf. it's eae of thensit i think 's been embraced by our co unity. it's a great experience. it's a treasure in our town for so long. >> yeah. i know you're also the owner of the washington castles. we're all big for some reason lauren rickets is playing in some sort of an skent. i don't want to you the question about why? >> she's a good tennis player. the castles are playing on theh been insane to play tennis up there. tonight we have our charity
11:36 am
classic, we have members of congress, members of the media a and our t together, playing as a team, playing as two teams to benefit a lot of great charities. lauren's going to be out there, there's still some tickethe available, not many. at 7:00 at union market, it's going to be a great night. >> she probably has -- hey, lauren. hey, i was going to say, even if your tennis game isn't strong, you have the clap down perfectly. >> that's all i'm talking about, i don't know who told mark i was good at playing tennis, maybe it was his wife. i don't play organized tennis ever. so you might want to come outtho just to check out this potential train wreck. i think we'll be all right, but we'll see. >> i'm going to have to go to the website and buy one of the few tickets left. >> thank you so much for coming in, the city op starts next week, go ahead and get those tickets online. >> you better start practicing right thanks, s. coming up, new concerns about those doorbell cameras that have become so popular
11:37 am
across the country. two sides of the debate, is it a security device or a spying tool? (vo) this is will preparing for take-off. his wife. and this a loving remim this is will finally depositing that expense for take-off.
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oh, and this is inll paying his brother- law back with zelle r their annual camping t and this fs will finally relaxi the long flight. this is your right here, right iw bank. thiswells fargo.
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this morning we're getting our first look at a film that's sure to remind plenty of people about their childhood. >> tom hanks takes on the role of mister rogers. ♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ ♪ would you be mine could you be mine ♪ >> the film tells the story of a real life journalist who befriended fred rogers. a beautiful da the neighborhood comes out this thanksgiving. >> i want to see it. >> i mean -- >> i loved misterro ers. >> and hanks is great. no doubt about it. i don't know. >> did you like mister rogers growingp? >> yes, of course. i don't know, what are they going to tell us? >> the story.
11:40 am
>> singing the song, taking his shoe off. >> what would i do with all the weekends here? >> the one that got me was the top gun trailer. a lot of action. >>. >> is it go ag to be beautiful day in our neighborhood today? >> it is. it's pretty cloudy out there, we have some rainshowers, it's going to be a beautiful day in everyone's neighborhood starting tomorrow, and goingll the way into the weekend. that's coming up, sunshine is wait up, but we have t until tomorrow. treaks of ee a few sunshine out there as we go into the after noon, they're going to be few and far between, we have e cloud covert there right now. steady rain is pushing out, we could have isolated showers, e ybe even a thunderstorm as continue into the afternoon, as i said, the beautiful weather
11:41 am
starts on wednesday. ies us right into the weekend. current temperatures out there right now, it is chilly out there, and as we continue over the next 12 hours, that rain is going to be south and east at about 2:00 or3:00, areas to the north and west will continue to dry out. now again,solated shower possible, maybe a pop-up storm i if you get some sunshine, better chance of pop-up srms out there, they're not going to be widespread and we're not expecting anything like we saw yesterday. we have real madrid and arsenal playing tonight. ie think we'r going to be okay for that game for kickoff. now, as we go into this afternoon, can you see we have steady rain for the district down south through i5, this is all with the frontal system pushing to the south and east right w, all of this dry air is working its way in from the north and again, m few isolated showers as we continue through the afternoon and evening. but that's about it. maybe an isolated storm, but we
11:42 am
dry up pretty quickly and clear up pretty quickly going into your wednesday. wednesday we could have an isolated shower. a 10% chance may see that. stray shower, lowhu dity, over the next 10 days, look at this. wednesday, thursday, that's our next chance of rain, humidity tries to creep back in this weekend. all in all, not going to be too bad heading into the weekend. let'sboalk more a that weekend in detail, we have a lot of things going on, that's coming up. guys? >> i think we earnedi some n weather around here. smart home devices are becoming common, of course. with them, new privacy concerns as well. you think about sophia vergara taking a picture with scott. >> scott is trying so hard to get a reaction out of me. >> that's a teaser for tonight's episode of "bring the funny." episode of "bring the funny." me the d.c. ♪ my ♪ here i go
11:43 am
ow ♪ goin' dn the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i s-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% orore.
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kourtney kardashian in live time certainty real reaction video. this is going to be good. >> i'm so busy as a mom and a content creator, i just don't want thisro negative energyd me and my family. like i just don't have >> i loit, that is d.c. impressionist andrea lopez on the new nbc show "bring the funny."ty morning. very funny impression there. she's going to tell us more about the show and how started making people laugh. bring us show is all about? >> sketch comedy.av they he a little bit of improv and standup, it ranges from all typescof edy, it's so awesomv there's neer been a show like this before. awesome judges. it's all across the board. >> is it one of these american deals. >> there's 40 groups of people that are al competing. it is, and we're all facing the judge's decisions.
11:47 am
it's similar but smaller group. >> it gets to a stage where people can vote for you? >> yes. and people here can vote for you because you're from d.c.? >> yes, born and raised in d.c. >> which high school? >>rad comedy on it, it was snl.eo >>e are going to say you're from d.c., you have the kardashians down. but you have to have a politicae impion, right? you have to have one in these da ys? >> i submitted my srah palin impression to nbc when i first auditioned, asell as alexandria ocasio-cortez. we have a ran. mostly stick with pop cultur h toit the millennial audience. but yes, politics, i'm thinking snl, that's the big dream. i'll have to incorporate some politicians. >> can i put you on the spot? >> sure. >> which one do you want to do? how about aoc. >> let's see what i didha for t audition. i really want to talk about the
11:48 am
2020 census.ow i kn my boyfriend is a redhead, but that should not -- i really want to discuss the 2020 census. >> that's a quick one right ths re. >> that'good. >> well done. that's hard to do on the spot. >> i love you alexandria. >> give me sarah palin then, if you can do that too. >> you dokn'to w,know. i >> can you seero russia f your house? >> let's get back to that point, i can indeed see russia from the house. >> even the alaskan accent down well. >> thank you. >> can peop see you perform here in d.c.? >>yes. >> i'm dabbling in d.c. improv, that's where i got a littl bit of my start. i'm on a local pod cast, nday, wednesday, we go live on youtube. and i dab el, open mics, you can follow me oninstagram, that's where i always tell where i'll be performing next. >> i think we all need t follow you now. you have the kardashians down as well.
11:49 am
any clue how you do on the show? >> little hints -- the judges honestly, chrissy was really fighting for me, she's good friends with the kardashians, she loved the performance, that's all i can give you righ there. >> bring the funny is a new show, thank you for coming in. you're fantacaic, you see bring the funny right here on nbc 4 at 10:00 tonight. >> 10:00 tonight. >> you'refunny. we all need to get together after this, and continue the across the country.p ice say they've become a valuable crime fighting tool, critics say they're putting entireneighborhoods under surveillance. here's tom costello. >> get away from the door. >> from catching thieves 2349 act to cute kids on the porch. to solving kidnapping. doorbell cameras have gone viral. ring cameras at a down theto deter crime.
11:50 am
the wolcott connecticut police department says the cameras have already solved three burglaries. >> whether it's innercity or rural area, people want to be safe in their own >> police have no access to watch the cameras live. the footage mains in the cloud for two months t controlled homeowner who remains anonymous. if a crime occurs, police ask ring to ask theif homeowner they'd share the video. some privacy advocates warn more surveillance will unfairly impact minorities. >> we've already seen in the past several years a lot of high profile instances of people policing black folks and brown folks who ey don't think belong in their neighborhood. >> washington, d.c., offers rebate checks to people who list their cameras. no different than cameras on street polls, police stations and body cams. someone is always watching. tom stello, nbc news,
11:51 am
bethesda, maryland. it is pat's final four. we have narrowed down the final feed in pat's prized pe


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