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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 23, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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strayer has graduation fund. finish your bachelors degree and save up to 25% with tuition-free classes in your last year. finish your bachelors degree and save up to 25% come see what's new this summer at busch gardens and water country usa. soar 80 feet high on the new finnegan's flyer. then blast off on the newd cutback water coaster.a. and ex rience a whole differentpark after dark at busch gardens summer nights. enjoy your favorite thrills into the night, with new entertainment each week featuring stars from americ's got talent. visit now for as low as $30 per day. that's a 25% savings!h burdens and water country usa. right now 11:00, a construction site becomes the scene of a tragedy. a ditch now the center of a death investigation. the death of a young employee. >> i think it's very important light.ese facts come to >> plus, just hours away from
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testimony day. special counsel robert mueller preparing to spea publicly. how both parties are getting ready for the big day in washington. the heat finally outf here. the rain has now moved out. a nice cool night tonight. but then, yeah, youow it's july, we're talking another heat wave. i'll show you when in my forecast. >> the mud was up to both knees. i was standing in it on both knees. >> and toughde mud a man rescued after being stranded in mud. and wait till hear howis dogs helped save the day. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. i'm going to be there for y'all. >> first tonight, new video from ff0k >grlal4ñr it was held in nor of the 11-year-old boy who was shot and from last week not far his southeast home. good evening. karon brown was one of at least eight people who have died in a shooting in the district since
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ghursday. >> ton community activists came together to show support for his family and toencourage eir neighbors to put down their guns. but police weres invegating yet another act of violence. a man shot on a residential street in northeast. >> as news 4's shomari stone shows us tonight, that community is also demanding change and safers. street >> i'm telling you how disgusted, you know, tired of this. >> linda witherspoon is sick and tired of shootings in the district. >> this gun violence just has to stop. >> reporter: the latest shooting this evening behind this yellow crime scene tape right outside her hou on the 5700 block of nannie helen burroughs avenue northeast. witnesses say they heard fiv to six shots fired and watched two men run away from the scene, leaving the man who was shot in the middle of the street. >> it could have happened to me or my grandbaby.rt >> repor: or her dog ace. they're often in the front yard. >> i'm not safe. i don't feel safe.
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>> reporter: police have investigating to see what role g this car mi have played in the shooting. it crashed into a parked van. >> i want this tostop. i want something to be done. you know, and it's the communith thatas to do it. newsometer: chief peter and mayor muriel bowser ree. they pleaded with the community to turn in anyone who has an illegal gun, even if that means a re might go to jail. >> it's better to be arrested for having a gun then for murdering a child. call us. >> it's like the wild, wild west. you know, you don't own anything be ause it's allout survival out here. >> reporter: detectives want anyone with information about this shooting to call d.c. police. as for the man who washot, well, medics drove him to a hospital. he was conscious and breathing. police have not released his name. in northwest d.c. outside metropolitan police headquarters i'm shomari stone, news 4. andonight d.c. police telle us they'ralso investigating the shooting in the shaw
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neighborhood. d.c. police say a man was shot this evening around 6:30. it happened her at 8 and o streets northwest. that victim was taken to a hospital, but so far no arrests have been made. now to storm team 4. and what a difference a day makes. our highs today in the 70s. nice relief after aeek of temperatures in the high 90s. but of course it is summer in d.c. and this cooldown won't last f long. >> yeah, enjoy it while we've got it. doug is here to fill us in on what we should expect tomorrow. doug?bout it, >> it will be here long enough, guys. by long enough, it will give us at least a couple of days to enjoy it before the hvet does mo back in. out there today we saw cloud cover, we saw rain, and for some of you you sawrain most of the day. fredericksburg over toward parts of southern maryland you saw that rain just about all afternoon. you can see it now. down to our southern zones. and moving on ou that's the good news. we're just about done. we had some shower activity rightow in the bay. we have a few showers back here toward parts of the shenandoah
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valley. but that's it. yesterday 96. today a high of 77. just amazing how much cooler we were during the day today, and that's areawide. take a look at this. a great morning start. low humidity over the next three or four days. and yes, the heat does return. it is mid july. we do have another heat wave in the forecast. i'll show you when, we'll see you back heren a few minutes. >> all right, doug, thank you. tonight a family grieves after a young man died while working on a construction site today. >> chopper 4 over the scene here in mclean, virginia this evening. a second man was injuredhe in t ditch. this is on solitaire lane in fairfax county. >> news 4's amy cho has been working this story since it she's in mclean with new information on what happened here. amy? >> reporter: doreen, jim, a lot of heartbreak in this neighborhood tonight. this is the construction site where that deadly accident happened this afternoon. police tell me workers were building a sewage line for a new neighborhoo on the other side of this lot.
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that is when a ditch collapsed, trapping two workers inside. >> medic 104.: >> reportis is the call that went out for help this afternoon. first responders learning two construction workers were trapped in a ditch. one of the workers a young person below the age of 18. he would later be pronounced dead at the hospital. several neighbors too distraught to go on camera, but he had told news 4 they saw people using paddles to try and revivehat youngorker on the sidewalk. >> my prayers go out for the rson who lost their life. >> reporter: peter gilbert lives nearby. he says he often saw the workers and never noticed any unsafe conditions. >> there seemed to be a really d manag coordinated type of effort going on.po >> rerter: the other worker who was trapped was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. wen found a constructiompany that's advertising new homes in this location. we tried calling them for comment, but they hung up. it's not clear how old the
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worker was who died, but virginia child labor laws say you have to be at least 16 to work in construction. also still unclear, what caused the ditch to collapse. >> that's why ourdetectives were out here along with osha. they're going to be investigating the circumstances that led to this unfortunate incident. >> reporter: and you will notice this construction site is set up on a slope. another neighbor around here told us because of all the recent rain around here he had been concerned that the ground looked unstable. tit again, fairfax county police say the investi is still ongoing. live in mclean, amy cho, news 4. >> amy, thank you. just what will former special counsel robert mueller say tomorrow up on capitol hill? you can bet his every word will be scrutinized all day ng. mueller will testify before two house committees on his report over the russia investigation news 4's leon harris is standing by at the live desk with what we can expect. and leon, some new information coming out tonight. >> yeah, tt's right, jim.
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long-time mueller aide aaron zebley is going to serve as his lawyer. he'll be sitting beside mueller in one hearing and he'll be sworn in for testimony in another. he's mueller's former chief of staff and top 5id on the russia investigation. thuss change comes as the jtice department is asking mueller to be talk beyond his report on russian election interference. the justice department sent a letter to mueller outlining a broad range of restrictions including testifying about only what is in the muler report. he's being zruk ing instructed talk about redactions, nf privileged imation decisions made during the investigation, and any communication with the president. of course, as you can guess, d.c.'s going to buzzing about this tomorrow and d.c. bars are ready to take advantage. bars like shaw's tvern, duffy's, and union pub will open n early for watch parties. in fact, you nd a listing of places like that on the nbc washington app. and of course we'llave live coverage starting just after00
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8: a.m. right here on nbc 4. dorine? >> all right, leon, thank you. going to be interesting. tonight d.c. police are searching for a person who threw a lit firecracker at an. officer we want to show you the new video just in to our newsroom. this happened on the 4th of july on 4th street in southeast. investigators say the suspect walked up to the officer and threw it at the officer. medics treated the officer, who had injuries from the firework. assaultect faces felony on a police officer charges. a man whose job was taking care of disabled adults admits he raped two women at a springfield facility. bernard betts king pleaded ruilty today. he was a behavio technician at a place called mvle community center. it's a non-profit that helps the disabled. but last year two intellectually disabled women in the programbi gave h. dna from the babies identified betts king as the father.
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prosecutors say neither woman was o even capab giving consent. he faces up to life in prison when he's sentenced in november. now to an amazing rescue story. a man has his dogs to thank for saving the day. he got stuck in quicksand like mud off a popular montgomery county trail. all the rain we've had left the 87-year-old lamar neville stuck deep in the mud yesterday afternoon. pictures of his legs show he was trapped up to his knees. neville couldn't move for an hour after he got stuck near the potomac river right near the brookmont dam inbethesda. his dogs ran away and barked for help from nearby bicyclists, who held to free him. >> and i was totally stuck in that mud. it wasn't just gentle snd and dirty sand coming down there. it was deep mud. and there i was. >> firefighters can use a device
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like this if you ever find yourself stuck in deep mud. theyemonstrated how taking two pipes and blowing bubbles underneath can help loosen your a situation like but don't try to wiggle out of it because it will just make it worse. >> always helps to have first responder dogs. >> yeah. >> at the ready, too. couple of lassies there. >> ds came through, didn't they? a we have much more just ahead on news 4t 11:00. >> i i just --'m struggling. i'm struggling to breathe. still ahead, flyer beware. a woman nearly killed by a mid-air allergy attack. >> i thought i had -- >> tonight the news 4 i-team shows the changes needed to protect passengers. and going above and beyond.h a ild's tantrum tamed by am ro officer's kindness. tonight hear from the mother whose thank you message is going viral tonig. viral tonig. >> ire not all water is ced equal.
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a close look at safety in the skies. >> yeah, tonight a mom on her flight home from vacation says she suffered a near-death experience. she says she had an allergicre tion on the plane and believes it could have been prevented. >> an snvestigation bycott mcfarland and o i-team raises questions about whether enough is being done to prevent this from happeng to other passengers. >> reporter: patricia powell, a mother with severe food allergies, praring to fly takes a whole lot more effortt n most. >> we were heading back from disney. >> reporter: so before her famiy flew home from a florida vacation in 2017she says her husband placed a call to the airline to ask nuts not betd:xi served. >> i thought the airline
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actually listened to our request. >> reporter: but then the flight attendanstarted handing out snacks. >> and she's holding these little trays of nuts. >> what went throug your mind? >> oh, my god. i was praying to god, please. >> reporter: withiminutes she says she had trouble breathing. she used herr epipen but her airways continued to close. >> i'm struggling to breathe. >> reporter: with her young son beside her. >> he's calling me, mama. >>mareporter: the crew an emergency landing in north carolina where medic husherusher to the hospital. >> i thought i was going to die on the planend i would be leaving my kids without a mother. >> we know it's a public health crisis. >> reporter: lisa gable of the food allergyresearch and ucation group says acute food allergies are increasingly common. >> there are 32 million americans that have food allergies. but some percent of the population and the a numbersre growing. >> reporter: the news 4 i-team wanted to know how often is this happening so we investigated and found the federal government is not keeping count. in 201718 and and again in
11:15 pm
2019 congress ordered the federal aviation administration to detail how many allergic incidents e occurring on flights and what airlines are required to report. for the first two years they received no response. >> frankly it's puzzling to me that the faa is not responding in an efficient way and providing the iormation which we've requested. >> reporter: house appropriations committee chair nita lowey new york requested ihe data. >> it's essent that we know. >> reporter: in june after the news 4 i-team began asking questions the faa issued a response to congress sayg "there are currently no regulations or statutes that require airlines to report to the faa about allergic reactionv nts." the agency estimated about 90 allergic incidents a year based on national institutes of health data that's nearly 10 years old. the faa memo says requiring airlines to tabulate cases would require new regulations and additional costs. >> as far as i'm concerned, unimaginable that the airlines
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can't respond appropriately. >> reporter: we asked the major airlines how many allergic incidents they've handled. none provid us the number. many did tell us they stock emergency kids kits, some with benadryl and but they have policies regarding the foods they serve. and though many airlines tell us they allow pngers with allergies to preboard to sanitize their seats the i-team found all airlines are required to. that's becae the u.s. departmentof transportation considers food allergies a disability that warrants special accommodatio accommodation. >> different airlines have different policies. >> reporter she's hoping the industry will come to agreement about ways to protect people with deadly allergies. >> what we want tdo is get in there, be swift, wipe it down, have our seat, buckle up and be ready to fly.yo >> do u think if the flight hadn't been diverted you would have died on the airplane? >> i do. >> reporter: tricia powell says she wants better tracking of incidents like hers. >> to come to that point where someone netually dies on a pla for something to be done. >> reporter: and uniform policies to help everye arrive
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safely and on time. scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. >> many airlines told us safety is a top priority but they can't guarantee an allergen-free cabin. to see more of the i-team's flyer beware series or send us a washington app and search for investigations. a local officer whoame to a young mother's rescue is being praised by thousands of people tonight. taylor pamila tookto facebook to thank the metro police officer who helped her son andrew. she took his picture moments after the transit officer offered a helping hand to her son, who has autism. >> right by the tracks. and he was just rolling in the dirt. he's pulling my hair and he's kicking me. and it breaks my heart because there's just nothing i can do about it. >> officer dominic case not only helped her calm andrew down, he rode with him all wait home. as f andrew he not only made a new friend he got something to remember the officer y, a patch from his uniform. people couldn't help but react
11:18 pm
to her post on facebook, calling it an amazing story of kindness. good for him. >> knew just what to do, didn't he? >> he did. and obably a lot of people were watching and kind of nervous to even acknowledge. od for him. random act of kindness. we appreciate it. what you looking at there, doug? >> i was just making sure. i took this picture. are you okay with that? >> you've already tweeted it. you don't have any choice. >> twe it out, everybody, so you can take a look at what ju happened. show you what's happening weatherwiselyecause we actual have a really nice day out there tomorrow. we've got one on thursday, one on friday. then the heat tries to ramp up little bit for the weekend but nothing like what we saw just yesterday with a high temperature of 96. out there right now look at tha. sh it is a gorgeous night across our region. temperatures signature at 73 degrees at the airport. winds out of the northwestgbout miles an hour. starting to clear things out. notice the temperatures to the west. 67 culpepper, 68 degrees
11:19 pm
gaithersburg. i think many of you will wake up to the low 60sarly tomorrow morning. even cooler on thursday morning. so some pretty nice weather over we next couple of days. not much in the of rain right now. we did have a lot of rain down in our southern zones earlier. the only thing raining is right along the eastern shore toward the chesapeake. we even saw a water spouse a little earlier down toward parts of the chesapeake bay. water spout down there as aul re of some of the storms and the rain throughout the day. here it is. you can see all that rain in our southern zones today. we had a couple of showerswn our tern zones as well. but they got out of here pretty quickly around the d.c. metro area. just saw the cloud cover and that's why we saw temperatures so cool today. this same system that came through us prausedrn two toes up toward cape cod. just amazing. ef1 tornado up there with winds up to 110 miles an hour. for us we're watching that whole system move out and this system has literally cleared out the nation. look at this. not much goingon anywhere ere. not only has it cleared it up,
11:20 pm
it has cooled things down dramatically a und parts of the nation too. look at the high temperatures today. only in the 80s. the warmest on the map 93 in savannah. going tothat number is be going down. very nice across the eastern half of the nation over the next few ays before theat does start to build. and this is what i mean. this is the pattern right now. we've got this deep trough of low pressure on the east. t that allo cool air to come right on down from canada, just kind of sit across our region. this time of year we say co -- this time of year we say cool and that's 80, 85 for us comorrow. batoward the west that's where the heat is. but you know what's going to happen. just like last week. this was the pattern last week. the jet stream was way up to the north. hot weather all the way across the country. i think we see a repeat of that into next week. enjoy the weather over the oext couple days. high temperatures tomorrow 85 degrees. 67. refreshiing. this is the city. many cooler than this. 85 by 4:00 and 83 degrees by the time we get home around 7:00. 86 on thursday. 87 on friday. nice, nice, nice. 89 on saturday. speaki of nice on thursday,
11:21 pm
we've got back yard weather coming up on thursday before next week. yep, next week we get the heat moving back in. and yes, another heat wave, but nothing, nothing like what we saw last week. so some very good news there. no problem at all as we move into the next couple of days. we need to get -- >> him too. >> get in here, dave. >> we've got the whole gang here and we're in the studio with video and everything. good night tonight. >> all right. coming up, the redskins reporting to richmond tomorrow without two of their scars. plus trey turner decided to take a spin cla ss
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. all avright, nats on fire. >> fun game to watch. holy half smokes. we have a baseball team in this
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town. this is fun stuff if we play the name game and i s say nationa pitcher who seems to win every time he takes the mound, right away you think max scherzer. and rightly so. scherzer's won seven straight games, set to start on thursday. but starting tonight for the nationals the pitcher who has already surpassed his win tal om last season and has not lost in over month. stephen strasburg has won five straight. he'ortied for the ma league baseball win with 12 wins. bottom of the first, how about trea turner getting things started? ahead ithe count 3-1. turner gets all of this one. andhat's into the seats at nift center. h career lead-off homer. dancing gets going early. de right charlie blackmon can't come u with it. that's a bad idea with turner on the base pads. turner has aan std-up triple. now he just needs a double to go for a spin class, the cycle. stephen strasburg locked in,
11:26 pm
throws a heater by nolan arenado. six stkeouts in eighti shutout nnings. top of the sixthr strasbug locked in, rears back and throws a heater. and gets the win. trea turner here. this is a double. and that means t he completeshe cycle. turnere ging it done. both of his cycles, by the way, coming against the rockies. and the nats win i the double header starting tomorrow at 5:00. strasburg's 13th win. that leads the major. tonight the orioles are out in the desert visiting the diamondbacks, and they brought their ts. top of the third o's up 4-2. two on for dwight smith jr. yere. and they' all coming home. that's a 3 run shot for dwight smith. the orioles up 7-2 in the fifth inning. hey, i don't need to tell you i'm not a math genius, but the population of madrid is 3.1 million. yet real madrid has 201 million followers. arsenal has 68 moll followers. even though their population of
11:27 pm
their home town london 18. million. something tells me real and ve arsenal hafans in other parts of the world including landover where they brought their brand of football to the hoechlt redskins tonight. two of the benefit clubs in the world taking shall we say the pitch at fedex. and they did not disappoint. 24th minutersenal up 1-0. back heel. aboumier, he scores, puts it in the back of the met. arsenal,avhe gunners h their cheers. u2-0. they're p. but real madrid battling back. 59th minute marco gives them the tying goal. real madrid comes all the way back. they win it on penalty what a m for the fans. 52,000 plus at rfk. and you know redskins reporting to training camp tomorrow. you won't be seeing mason foster. fgter's agent tweetinhe team released the linebacker. one of their captains,g leadin tacklers last season. redskins.h with the and you know what, trent williams reportedly will not be there at campeither.
11:28 pm
nfl network saying that williams is upset with the team's medical staff and wants a new contract. that's news to team president bruce allen. >> l,wel trent, players are reporting tonight and in the morning and we expect him. >> you expect trent to report? >> we expect everybody. >> you know there was a report yesterday he's not coming. >> okay. >> he's expected.yo >> thank u, dave.e
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only 1 billionth of 1% is filtered naturally. and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park 100% nural spring water. born better® [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 3rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." and now, here he is, jimmy fallon


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