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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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getting all of those count on. this is abc 13 news. the effort to clear the roads continues today with crews plowing and sanding all over our area. this is video from downtown danville. the crew spent the better part of the morning clearing some of the snow and ice that refrozen in lynchburg, public works trucks have been down every street. while they may not all be clear, have been working on it day and night. katie joins us live outside the studio now. >> reporter: i just got back from speaking with the director of public works gaynell heart. she said the storm has left the city in a mess, but they are doing the best they can. at this time, every main and
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as for residential streets, it's a plow has been down each one. the pact down snow is very hard to get up. just because the truck made a pass down the road doesn't mean it's clear. the next step is to make sure the packed snow melts and then try again.i asked why the side roads are not pretreated and she told me salt costs $117 a ton and the city does not have the resources to treat every residential street. heart said what is working in their favor now is the weather. it is sunny and warm. i don't even feel like i need to wear a coat. i want to show you over here. this weather is melting the snow. you can see water on the road right now as the snow is melting away. i will tell you to be cautious because if the temperatures do drop later tonight then that means the side roads will refreeze. live in lynchburg, katie brooks.
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to see warmer temperatures with us getting to 60 degrees this weekend. melissa le fevere has been tracking the latest. >> melissa: thankfully, we have warmer weather on the way. we have 50s out there right now. i want to show you a live view of rt our danville tower cam. we are beginning to see cloud cover moving in. sing a little bit of rain ahead of the cold front that brings our showers later this afternoon. right now, 50 degrees in lynchburg. 54 in danville. it is only 41 right now in roanoke. 54 in brookneal. 44 in hot springs. about a 40 percent chance for showers later this afternoon. temperatures upper 40s and even lower 50s. we will timeout the rain coming up. most schools in our area
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many roads and residential area still covered in black ice. we just got word into our newsroom not long ago that lynchburg city schools are closed again tomorrow. we are constantly updating the information on our website at and will continue to scroll the closings on abc 13. 42 deaths being blamed on the historic snowfall that shut down federal government offices in washington for a second day. schools in dc, baltimore, and philadelphia are closed again and hundreds of flights are still grounded.elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: in baltimore overnight, unplowed streets made it impossible for firetrucks to reach this house going up in flames forcing crews to drag equipment down the street. in new york, the plow truck was no match for the near record snowfall reaching its breaking .2 days after the blizzard
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the nation's capital still paralyzed. frustration in the surrounding suburbs. homeowners upset their streets have not been cleared since friday. >> plan a went down the drain and they did not have plan b. >> reporter: cruise in d.c. back at work plowing 4400 miles of roadway. the national park service clearing 300 more miles and 155 more bridges. metro lines are for the most part the contract thanks to the special railyard plow. there's limited service for bus riders with many of the city's buses still snowed in. >> getting old real quick. >> reporter: in new york, the long island railroad used a jet engine to clear its track. much of queens remains buried in feet of snow. new york city is generally up and running with commuter singing praises. >> no delays at all. a very nice ride. >> pretty good.
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minutes delayed and that is about it. >> reporter: while the dig out continues, officials are urging residents to use caution. we are told that at least a dozen people died from shoveling. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> whitney: we are learning about one of those deaths at noon. police mourning the death of longtime officer who died while shoveling snow. officer vernon elston died after suffering a heart attack outside his home. the 44-year-old spent nearly 2 decades patrolling the grounds. he left his job and the loss leaves a huge void. he and his wife had a three-year-old son together. virginia tech is mourning the loss of professor jerry schuler who also had a heart attack while shoveling. anyone with a history of heart
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under any circumstances. the american red cross has an emergency need for blood and platelet donors following the big storm. since the beginning of january, more than 300 blood drives across 20 states had to be canceled. that means 9500 donations cannot be collected. the winter blood supply was already low. the red cross must collect about 14,000 blood and platelet donations every day for the patients across the country. new at noon, investigators on the scene trying to figure out the cause of house fire in roanoke. the blaze broke out around 7:15 to 3500 block. when firefighters got to the house, they had to dig away the snow around the fire hydrant to get access. thankfully, they were able to get the flames put out before they spread any neighboring homes. one-person was inside the house when the fire broke out, but he
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the red cross is assisting. a camel county murder trial has been postponed for the second time this week. a man charged with first-degree murder in the death of james payne. spinner was looking for money when he killed pain inside his home. the trial was scheduled to start yesterday, but was moved to today because of the weather. today, the judge is sick, so it has been moved again to thursday. now to the campaign trail with less than a week to go until the iowa caucus. the candidates on both sides are fighting for votes and some of the attacks are getting heated. bazi kanani reports in washington. >> reporter: hitting harder as the clock ticks down to iowa, donald trump and ted cruz accusing each other vicious attacks. trump on gma. >> he is just a lie after lie. it is not becoming. he has a problem. >> reporter: cruz on the campaign trail.>> mr. trumps prescription for what he
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bernie sanders style full on socialized methods. >> reporter: in washington poll shows 64 percent of republicans expect donald trump to win the nomination. trump has a big lead in the polls nationally, but in iowa a statistical tie with ted cruz writing to block trumps momentum. >> i think donald trump has the ability to do something no gop candidate has ever done, which is when iowa and new hampshire. if he wins iowa, he is on a start to fall. >> reporter: on the democratic side, a final face-off on cnn before the first caucuses. >> it is a tough campaign and it should be because it is the hardest job in the world. >> reporter: front-runner hillary clinton a bernie sanders taking on the issues and each other at last night's iowa town hall.
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wall street deregulation where hillary clinton was on this issue. >> reporter: sanders admitted he would have to raise tach taxes. most candidates back on the trail today. breaking news. donald trump campaign just sent out an email confirming liberty university president jerry falwell junior is endorsing trump for president. this comes just a week after trump visited lsu's convocation. trump's campaign says the endorsement is coming from falwell and not the university. we reached out to falwell for official confirmation and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. virginia governor terry mcauliffe ready for his close-up. the governor donned a revenue chiller revolutionary wig and garb. mcauliffe plays general robert lawson and has one line in the
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june 6. mcauliffe, who got through his take without flubbing his lines, job he should be called would take terry. this is not his first time on the big screen. he has appeared in several films over the years including
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matt lynchburg, danville, bedford, roanoke, and the new river valley. today, warning for anyone posting items for sale online. a man in colorado posted an ad on craigslist and when he met the potential buyer he said
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lindsay davis has the story. >> reporter: police are desperately searching for a suspect on the run after an apparent craigslist exchange turned deadly. >> we have never had any problems. it was like, what just happened out here? >> reporter: police say two men came to the house in littleton colorado after the homeowner listed several items online. the homeowner told police that instead of purchasing items one man took out a gun, tied him up, and robbed him. >> they wanted the keys to his car. >> reporter: that is when the homeowner managed to free himself having a handgun and shooting at the suspects as they drove away in separate vehicles fatally wounding the driver who stole his car. the other driver managed to escape. last january, bud and june runion were murdered when they were attempting to buy their dream car. and then a student was shot to death after answering an ad for an iphone six.
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craigslist for comment and have yet to respond. the da has yet to determine if
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charges. a forecast you can count on from abc 13 weather experts i hope you're having a great tuesday. about 12:16 as you head through the lunchtime hour. i'm going to start with a live view of the danville tower cam. you can see it shaking a little bit. wind out of the south and southwest at 5-15 miles per hour for the day. we have seen some sunshine out there and temperatures have
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you can see exactly where we have seen sunshine and where we see a little cloud cover. further west, temperatures in the 40s. it is 50 right now lynchburg. 54 in danville. 49 in martinsville. only 41 in roanoke. temperatures in the upper 40s-lower 50s for the day. enjoy the sunshine because we have a system impacting u.s. later this afternoon. counterclockwise circulation indicating a low pressure system moving over the great lakes. the cold front stretches all the way down to parts of the gulf coast. stronger storms moving through the southeast right now. for us, we will see light, scattered showers for the afternoon. what are we tracking as we head throughout the day and the rest of the week, there is a look at the cold front. behind it, high pressure building in. quiet weather on the way for
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we can get the snow to continue to melt. let's take you through the surface map. the cold front continues to push east. across throughout the overnight hours. high pressure begins to build in for your wednesday.we will see clearing skies by wednesday afternoon. we have a little shower activity later on in the day. you can see clouds beginning to increase later come about 3:30 or 4:00.we will see showers began in the west and push the way to the east. scattered in nature with a couple hundredths of an inch and maybe a 10th of an inch. it will not be a washout. it pushes its way to the south and east early into wednesday morning. we may see a few lingering showers on the commute. it look like we could see a wintry mix last night, but models calling for all rain and kicking it out by early in the hours of wednesday. we will see skies actually begin to clear west to east as we head throughout wednesday afternoon. we have sunshine and dry weather the rest of the week. 50 in altavista.
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55 danville. 47 roanoke. 45 new river valley. overnight, temperatures drop into the mid-30s. where we see temperatures closer to freezing, we will have to worry about black ice. just over the next couple mornings as the snow continues to melt, please be careful and stay cautious as you are on the roads. look at your weekend forecast. once we get behind the chance for rain, we are talking sunshine and temperatures warming up saturday and sunday. look at the weekend forecast. into the mid to upper 50s. looking ahead to next monday, we could see 60s creeping back before it's all said and done. we get through a little shower activity and then sunshine returns. back to you. more than 6 million bottles of water and sent to students affected by the flint , michigan water crisis.
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after their tap water was found to be contaminated with toxic levels of lead. state and federal officials have struggled to provide clean water for those residents. green for the world also helping out. they are providing an additional 24,000 bottles of water. the first shipment was sent out last week and it included 50,000 bottles. partners will pick up the shipment at a sam's club in flint.
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than two weeks away. abc 13 closed captioning brought to you by audiology hearing aid associates danville-lynchburg and heritage funeral service and crematory. abc 13 is giving away some good food for free. contest. from today through monday, february 1, log on to,
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search for contest. you can also check out our abc 13 facebook fan page for your chance to win. we are giving away a $50 gift card to bulls steakhouse. good luck to everyone. we are counting down to super bowl 50. peyton manning and the broncos are up against cam newton's panthers. that is not the only matchup. here is amy schumer and seth rogen for bud light and chris conley has more about the lineup. >> reporter: from date night to websites to bud light, candy bars and fancy cars, movie stars, pikachu, and tyler 2, the ad shape up to be an elite group. they better be. the spots going for $5 million. >> there are very few places
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of people in one-shot. last year, the super bowl had a record hundred 14 million viewers. that sort of opportunity does not exist in this day and age. >> reporter: aerosmith steven tyler walking this way for skittles. >> during the incomparable liam neeson. >> reporter: liam neeson himself represented for lg electronics. abby sings many cooper's praises and christopher walk in ways in for kia. amy schumer and seth rogen our beer buddies. tj miller will have his modesty on tap exit will be the greatest super bowl commercial of all time. you understand? >> reporter: three different shot by immature clips competing for doritos 32nd slots.all of these eager to get your attention the way budweiser's lost puppy did in
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a dogs bathroom break turns into her egg break as she unknowingly finishes a half marathon. the bloodhound turned up at the starting line of the oakmont half marathon in alabama. the dog trotted along with runners for the entire 13.1 miles. she competed without a human or leash and finished in seventh place. her owner, who is not a runner, did not even know about her dogs new fame until a friend called and filter in. the dog was presented with the finishers medal and then went home and took a long nap. i heard earlier her owner described her as being lazy. >> melissa: that is not lazy. i don't want to tell you my
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today might not be a good day to go run. >> melissa: warmer already at 60 and lynchburg. if you get outside, do early before the scattered showers wednesday. the weekend will be a good weekend to get outdoors with
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