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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is abc 13 news. just into our newsroom, blacksburg police searching for a missing child who may be in danger. they tell us 13-year-old nicole madison level was seen between midnight and 7:00 a.m. in the lantern ridge area of blacksburg. she is 4 feet 8 inches tall with brown hair and blue eyes. she was last seen wearing black jeans, a striped shirt, and brown and pink cowboy boots. she requires prescription medication for a previous liver transplant in does not have that medicine. if you have seen her, please call the blacksburg police department at 540-961-1150. this morning, social media was buzzing with talk of liberty university president jerry falwell juniors endorsement of donald trump for president. yesterday, trunk campaign
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and trumpet described it as an honor. not everyone seems to be jumping on the trump train. this morning, jerry falwell junior's brother took to facebook to give his opinion. john falwell said he does not endorse political candidates. he makes a point to urge his congregation to exercise their right to vote. whether or not they agree on making endorsements or who would make the best next president, he said he thinks they can agree america is in need of spiritual renewal and return to righteousness if we are to serve the great challenges of our day. you can see the full response on our website at, we're trying to get reaction from liberty alumni and others in the community about falwell juniors endorsement. we will have more tonight on 13 news.
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runner donald trump is once again shaking things up. this time, but pulling out of tomorrow's debate saying he will simultaneously hold his own event in iowa. stephanie ramos has the details. >> reporter: apparently, he is not joking. donald trump's campaign said he is skipping the next gop presidential debate on fox news this thursday, just days before the votes are cast in iowa. >> i won't be doing the debate. >> reporter: today on good morning america, trumps campaign manager thing it's an issue of fairness claiming one of the debate moderators megyn kelly is obsessed with trump. >> is inappropriate to have someone like that on the is impossible to have a fair and honest debate. >> reporter: trump headed to butte with megyn kelly after the first debate. in true trump fashion, he posted this message on social media. >> megyn kelly is really bias against me. i know that and she knows that. >> reporter: he seemed caught off guard by the
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fox news which said they learned from a secret back channel that ayatollah and putin both intend to treat donald trump unfairly. >> i don't like that they send out press releases talking about putin and playing games. i don't know what games roger ailes is playing. >> reporter: a "washington post" poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders nationally 55 to 36 percent. sanders has cut her lead to the smallest it's been in an abc poll. >> what a turnout! >> reporter: overnight, 15,000 showed up to see the senator in st. paul, minnesota. >> this is the campaign that has the momentum to take us all [cheering]. >> reporter: bernie sanders will meet with president obama for a formal meeting in the oval office before traveling back to iowa. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. msnbc in the new hampshire union leader to host a newly
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it would be moderated by rachel and chuck todd on fairbury four, five days before the new hampshire primary. the democratic national committee has yet to give its approval for the event, however martin o'malley has already agreed and hillary clinton's campaign said she will participate if the other candidates do. sanders campaign has yet to say yes or no. today, we learned virginia some more deaths from last week's winter storm that any other state. according to the associated press, a total of 49 people were killed during the storm. 12 of those deaths were in virginia. most of the deaths were caused by car accidents, snow shoveling, and hypothermia. other states that side deaths include north carolina, pennsylvania, and new york. a number of schools are closed again today including lynchburg, campbell county, and danville. this will mark the fifth day of
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the snow ended on saturday leaving many parents wondering what's keeping the kids at home. the answer is simple, lingering snow is still a danger on many residential roads. a representative from lynchburg city schools said snow days are built into the calendar and they prepare for these unforeseeable events, so they don't have to put the kids in harm's way. public works is asking for the public's patients as they continue to make their way through those residential neighborhoods, but the warmer temperatures we have on the way later this week should help a lot. melissa le fevere has more on your forecast in the weather center. >> melissa: we are seeing warming temperatures. the rain helped begin the melting and actually saw some grass out there underneath all of the snow. the melting is underway. let's get right to satellite and radar. still seeing high cloud cover. we had overcast skies this morning. we have sunshine across the area. 43 lynchburg right now.
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40 in roanoke. 46 and brookneal. 36 in blacksburg. temperatures in the mid-40s for many of us. we're going to see 40s the rest of the work week. we have 50s and 60s in the forecast. i will have the details coming up. the head of the jubilee family development center ready to take a seat on city council. sterling wilder announced he is running for caesar johnson's two seats since he announced he is not running for reelection. wilder says on his campaign race but page that he wants to facilitate growth for the facility and he is passionate about lynchburg's future. a lynchburg judge called it the most violent murder the city has ever seen. the man behind it, dominique moss, will be serving life in prison. sean moss was found shot to death on 11th and polk street in august 2014.
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sean moss had 17 separate bullet entry wounds. dominique moss took a plea deal back in october. tonight on 13 news at 5:00, we will have more on mosses dramatic court outburst after he was sentenced. we have an update on local radio personality bob abbott. abbott's family will receive friends tomorrow at die good water light chapel from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. followed by a celebration of life service at 11:00 a.m. friday at highland heights baptist church in russ for. abbott worked in the radio market starting in 1976 at wlll and many other stations before retiring a few years ago. staffers tell us his family said he passed away suddenly early yesterday morning. abbott was 65 years old. a shooting leaves two
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in seattle.lynchburg, danville, bedford, roanoke, and the new river valley. two people dead and three injured after someone opened fire at a homeless camp in seattle. it happened last night at a long-standing encampment known as the jungle. police still looking for the shooter today. they believe the shooting was targeted and don't think other homeless people are at risk. right now, no word automotive. developing this mid-day, federal agents conducting an active investigation right now after the saga of an occupied
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oregon turned violent and deadly. >> reporter: tensions boiling over between government protesters and law enforcement. the end result, one occupier dead, one wounded, and several arrested. >> they unloaded on him and just shot him like a whole bunch of times and they killed him. >> reporter: the daughter of protester spokesman lavoy finicum speaking to abc news after protesters say he was shot and killed. in it, spoke to gma earlier this month.>> we have no intent of pointing a gun at anybody. who's pointing guns at me and ammon? they have. >> reporter: the takedown of the militant conducted by state police and fbi agents unfolding late tuesday afternoon after we are told members of the armed group were on their way to a
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soon thereafter, gunfire erupted during a traffic stop. >> i heard a couple people dead. >> reporter: today, photos released showing seven of the occupiers arrested including group leader ammon bundy and his brother. what was once a peaceful occupation now turning deadly after 24 days. the frustration growing stronger amongst community members. >> i'm glad to see an end to this. hopefully it is the end . >> reporter: we are told the antigovernment protester who was wounded has been treated and is now in fbi custody. most of those arrested are now facing federal conspiracy charges.ray monday, abc news, new york. a piano playing teen going talent. we will tell you why coming up. plus, the serious virus that has made its way to virginia. as we head throughout the rest of the week, is going to
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temp a forecast you can count on from abc 13 weather experts. i hope you're having a great day. i want to start with a gorgeous view. jenny sent this in.she posted it on our facebook page. she sent it to send those photos to here is a look at your weather headlines as we head throughout the rest of the week. we have a dry and cool afternoon in store.lots of sunshine to go around. overall, quiet the rest of the week. a nice weekend warm-up. if you're tired of the snow and cold last weekend had, how do 50s and 60s sound? let's start with a lynchburg tower cam.
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everyone out and about. we didn't have any black ice this morning. as you head out the door tomorrow, snow will continue to melt. please watch out for the black ice the rest of the week. we had showers yesterday thanks to the cold front continuing to push off the east coast. you can still see some shower activity for the southeast in the gulf. strong storms moving through parts of florida. as we zoom in a little closer to home, overcast skies early this morning.high cloud cover with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 40s. 43 in lynchburg. 44 in danville. 40 in martinsville and roanoke. 36 in blacksburg. we are going to warm up a couple more degrees for the afternoon. the cold front continues to be history. high pressure builds in as we head out there today and tomorrow. we like to see the high pressure. it means lots of sunshine and seasonal weather. let's take you through
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mostly sunny skies this afternoon. could see little increase in cloud cover overnight tonight. partly cloudy skies. still staying dry. thursday morning, watch for black ice. another dutiful day thursday. same story for your friday. afternoon. 47 in altavista. 46 in appomattox. south. 44 in roanoke. 40 in the new river valley. we have to watch out for black ice tomorrow morning because temperatures dropping back into the 20s. we could see some refreezing. just be alert as you're heading out on the roads tomorrow. overall, we get a check of the weekend outlook. i promised 50s and 60s. saturday, mostly sunny skies with highs near 57.sunday, we will be into the upper 50s and lower 60s. we will be cool and dry. melting snow out there. if you have had cabin fever, hang in there.
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to do outdoor activities.for the rest of the week, temperatures in the 40s and upper 50s, lower 60s. we will see the warming trend back to you. a michigan high school student playing the piano sensation. take a listen. [music] >> whitney: a mall goers facebook. it has been like and shared hundreds of thousands of times. west said he has never been formally trained and does not read music and doesn't even have a piano at home. he said he learned to play the a youtube tutorial. he said he is now getting
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free pianos, and was even contacted by a record label in los angeles. definitely an amazing talent. abc 13 giving away free food. it's called the good eats contest. that's from today through february 1. log on to for your chance to win. you can find the form if you go to the station tab on our home page and click on contest. you can also get information on our abc 13 facebook page. we're giving away a $50 tip card. look for different prices each
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coming up, we have captioning brought to you by audiology hearing aid associates danville-lynchburg and heritage funeral service and crematory. the cdc has expanded the list of places on its zika travel alert.
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dominican republic are on the list of places where zika virus transmission is present. cdc officials recommend pregnant women avoid travel to places where the virus is present. it is also asking doctors to screen infants whose mothers have been to those places. the symptoms of the virus include fever, rash, joint pain, and red can last a few days or about a week. 80 percent of individuals have no symptoms. zika has been linked to a rare birth the fact that causes babies to be born with unusually small heads. a case of the zika virus has been confirmed here in north virginia. the virus poses no risk to others because it is not mosquito season in virginia. cases of zika in the u.s. are up to 19. hawaii has the highest number of cases where six people had the virus. other states include florida
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the founder of bekrim hot yoga found the founder guilty of sexual-harassment. he was ordered to pay damages to his former lawyer who said he sexually harassed her and fired her after she started a rate claim against him. other women have filed rate claims against him.he claims his business is now losing money. it is wednesday. when we come back, we will meet our danville pet of the week, a cat named squeak. stay with us. i'm mark heiman. chicago has had a reputation as the city of lawlessness and corruption since the days of al capone. many think nothing has changed. you heard about laquan mcdonald.
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16 times. jason van dyck was charged with his murder, but not until 13 months after his death. van dyck was charged hours before a court ordered video release. prosecutors now say the video shows an unjustified shooting. there were allegations of police coverups. emails just released under open records request support the suspicions. the office of rahm emanuel, the police department, and an independent review agency coordinated actions. the independent police review authority is supposed to be just that, independent. its website includes all of the original phrases about transparency, public accountability, and building trust. emails released to several media outlets suggest otherwise. according to the associated press, mayoral, police, and agency officials closely coordinated their actions. internal records reviewed last
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raised questions than about the independent. an investigator was fired after refusing to change findings that shootings were unjustified.
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chicag today, we have our danville pet of the week. named squeak. hi paulette >> hi there. squeaks is affectionate. >> whitney: is there a story behind the name squeaks? >> a volunteer named him that. i don't know why. it is a cute name and it stuck. >> whitney: we can tell he is very sweet and lovable. he is laid out having a good time. we have the number there on your screen if you would like to take squeaks home. thank you so much paulette for
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>> thank you. >> whitney: he is relaxed and hanging out. kind of like the forecast.
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