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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we are in the heart of winter. we might be seeing some of that unseasonably warm weather making a comeback. let's check in with will stafford at the weather center. we are talking temperatures in the 60s. >> will: we had a back to reality check in january. for a little bit of the month of february, we're going to be rather warm. here satellite radar. a little cloud cover in the area associated with area of low pressure down towards south and east. the rain well to the south and east, so that will not be affecting us today.the area of low pressure moving in as early as tomorrow. outside, we are little on the chilly side, 30s. danville is flirting with 40 degree mark. i think we will still make it up to 46 today in lynchburg with seasonable conditions.
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forecast coming up. a lot of you are calling in about heavy police presence on the 900 block of lloyd street. here is what we know. lynchburg police say around 7:00 this morning they executed a search warrant at a home on that block. this is what the scene looked like around that time. police would not say what they were looking for, but they say no arrests have been made. stay with us for more information on this developing story. police asking anyone with information on an early morning forward. they say round 6:15 this morning they responded to the 3000 block of riverside drive. police say the driver of a dodge caravan was traveling down riverside drive when they tried to make a left turn. they say that is when a woman in an avenger struck the caravan. two people inside the caravan
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the driver was cited. right now, a trial for the man accused of murdering his father-in-law is underway. vincent spinner is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 89-year-old james payne. the commonwealth attorney says spinner stabbed pain 25 times. he said spinner and his wife were on and off crack cocaine and payne gave them thousands over the years. will have more 13 news this evening. a judge refusing to bar a jury from reviewing photos of the body of noah thomas. the roanoke times reported the judge rejected the motion filed by ashley wright's attorney yesterday. white was charged by felony abuse and neglect after her son noah was found dead last spring four days after disappearing from their home. photos of noah's body while in the septic tank immediately after he was removed and at the medical examiner's office are relevant and should be shown to the jury. the father faces felony abuse
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his trial is in march. six people died in an apparent murder suicide. officers were called to a home yesterday afternoon to check on someone. when they arrived, they found a body inside. then, they went to another home a few blocks away. police say inside was an armed man who wouldn't come out. when they finally entered, they found five other dead bodies including the gunmen. they say all six people who died are believed to be related. a handful of state lawmakers are working to undo attorney general mark hearings gun control measures. herring announced virginia would no longer recognize concealed carry permits from 25 different states. lawmakers will introduce bills aimed at overwriting the decision under the bill introduced by republican senator bryce reeves. police made more arrests in oregon as a leader of the antigovernment protestor issues
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occupying the federal wildlife refuge to go home. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: three more protesters under arrest and each facing one felony count of conspiracy. they're still occupying the federal land in oregon. a message from the group's leader ammon bundy speaking out from jail through his attorney. >> i love you. please stand down. >> reporter: bundy and seven others were taken into custody yesterday. another member, lavoy finicum was killed. >> he didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad. >> reporter: authority so far giving no details about the deadly shooting, but this morning conflicting accounts are emerging about how he died. murdered him. he had his hands in the air and they shot him.
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he was not on his knees. >> reporter: the remaining militants surrounded by federal agents and local residents echo bundy's pleas to his supporters that it's time to go home. >> i'm kind of upset that bundy and his group do not listen to the majority of the people when we said to go home. >> reporter: there are as few as five militants now out of the compound. as for the deadly shooting, police say a full investigation is underway. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. we are expected to learn today who bought a $1 million powerball ticket in salem. the virginia lottery says it will present the winner of the january drawing with her prize at the 711 where she bought the ticket. the presentation will take place at 1:00 this afternoon at the store on roanoke lavar. tonight, gop presidential front runner donald trump will be a no-show at the republican
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the debate fiasco is playing out just four days before the iowa caucuses. kenneth moton reports from washington. >> reporter: trumps debate boycott. >> i got on the stage number of month ago and got a very unfair question. >> reporter: the gop front runner talked about on the network he is in a better public feud with taking on o'reilly. >> i have zero respect for megyn kelly. it's called an i-4 an eye. bill >> reporter: if you're a christian, the i-4 the eye thing goes out. >> reporter: ted cruz demanding trump debate him on saturday. >> i don't think he's afraid of megyn kelly or afraid of me. i think he is afraid of the people of iowa does not want to answer their questions.
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and bernie sanders in a statistical tie in a wall street journal poll. sanders is back in iowa after his white house visit with president obama. >> the energy, the enthusiasm, the momentum is with us. >> reporter: momentum for iowa. watching. >> i think if they let bernie sanders when i was that he will win new hampshire and then the race totally resets and it's in a different territory than they ever thought. >> reporter: as for trump, our political analyst says our supporters are sticking with them on the debate boycott. trump has a dueling event in iowa tonight, a fundraiser to help veterans. kenneth moton, abc news, washington.
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challenge?now, there is a neurg, danville, bedford, valley. parents, you want to be on the lookout for this one. it is a viral trend at already killed one teen. this what is called the duct tape challenge. first glance, it seems harmless. one-person reps the other in duct tape and challenges them to escape. 14-year-old skyler fish took the challenge with his friend earlier this month. the last thing he remembers is losing his balance. scholars had hit the concrete causing a brain aneurysm requiring 48 staples and maybe costing him an eye. >> i'm so thankful everything played out the way it did after
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of it didn't i would not have my son right now. >> skyler hopes his near-death experience will prevent others challenge. more than 40,000 counterfeit hoverboards. these boards pose a safety threat. mike parker has the story. >> i'm stunned by the size of this. this is unbelievable. >> reporter: the boxes are stacked almost to the ceiling at the u.s. customs warehouse near o'hare and each one contains a counterfeit hoverboards shipped to the u.s. from china. as many as 40,000 of the battery-powered scooters now wildly popular in the u.s. these knockoffs have labeling that so samsungs. the labeling is fraudulent. they may turn out to be dangerous. they can overheat and cause fires.
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safety was sacrificed. >> my son put it out with a fire extinguisher. one of the hoverboards blow up. >> reporter: earlier this month, when the hoverboards caught fire and caused $5000 worth of damage. this is what happened when a hoverboard burst into flames at a texas mall. 28 buyers so far in 19 states. is it possible those could be counterfeits and that is why that's happening? >> i would say it is very possible because the legitimate manufacturers put safety measures in place. he is a quarterback that has taken the nfl by storm. find out why carolina panther cam newton says some of his new
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to do with football.
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on from abc 13 weather expert. i'm super excited for the warm-up this weekend, but it's winter over? >> will: more than likely we will get another cool down. downs. it is nice to enjoy these things while they last. you had a lot of december to enjoy the weather and i had january. i think we are even. there you go. let's take you outside to the lynchburg tower cam. about an hour ago, we had dense fog that has since burned off. some of that fog recorded as freezing fog as the temperature has risen above freezing. the dew point at 29. humidity right now at 85 percent. wind out of the south at about six, so we should start to bit. visibility right now virtually unlimited at 10 miles. other temperatures include 39 in danville. 35 in roanoke. 35 virginia tech.
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41 currently in farmville. if you are wondering, we are 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. his ability problems earlier on have since gone by the wayside. pretty much everybody reporting wide open visibility with the exception of the airport in roanoke.a lot of us dry up pinpoint doppler radar. just off the coast of florida seeing rain fall. the system providing snow around michigan and through parts of canada in new york. we're kind of sandwiched in between two systems. as the low pulls north and well. the only thing we will see our
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then maybe if a few snow flurries. just painting the picture of a few passing clouds this afternoon. no rain should fall from those clouds. many of us should see clear skies. you do notice the snowmachine starting to kick back in. not the question that some of our mountainous counties may get in on a flurry this evening, but they would be few and far between. friday peaches a lot of sunshine. saturday features warmer temperatures, 57. all the way up to 62 sunday. that might not be as warm as we will go.this afternoon, seasonable conditions with passing clouds and high upper 40s. maybe a few 50 degrees readings
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clear. 30 lynchburg. 33 danville. our exception would be the virginia. 20s. we cannot rule out a straight flurry here or there. the weekend looking go with a temperatures. 55 saturday. 62 sunday. as promised, that is not as warm as we will go. we're talking 64 monday with maybe rain by next wednesday. monday. cam newton lightning fast on the field and a lightning rod for controversy. he is touching on that as he prepares for the big game. he says race is often to blame. ryan smith has that story. >> reporter: he has been called everything from showboat to immature, but this morning cam newton, and zone dabbing super man impersonating quarterback of the carolina panthers is saying the reason
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is the color of his skin. >> i'm an african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they compare me to. >> reporter: newton saying wednesday his exuberance is nothing new. despite the criticism, he is staying true to himself. >> i'm doing exactly what i want to do, how i want to do it. when i look in the mirror, it is me. >> reporter: his comments lighting up the internet. some claiming hypocrisy. the end zone dances of white quarterbacks are celebrated, not maligned. others say a pre-rehearsed dance is never classy regardless of race. the panthers coach said he identifies with his star player. >> some people want to tag me as a hispanic head coach and i just want to be tagged as coach. i think he wants to be known as quarterback integrate what that.
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critics have abc 13 closed captioning brought to you by audiology hearing aid associates danville-lynchburg and heritage funeral service and crematory. a reminder now abc 13 is giving away good food for free. it is called the good eats contest. from today through monday, log on for your chance to win. if you scroll down the homepage, the link is on the trending tab. you can also get the facebook page. we are giving away $75 gift card to the crown sterling. look for different prices each luck. each week, we're partnering with chideo to bring you new stories about cause and giving. this week, chideo cause wire
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america of coffee can make a [music] >> reporter: for many, drinking coffee in the morning is a daily habit. a purpose. >> hope coffee was started for five years ago with pastors that i worked with here in honduras. >> reporter: a copy with a mission. every cup of hope coffee served raises funds for mission trips to places like honduras. >> i hope people understand hope coffee and bring it to their churches. >> reporter: give a cup of hope. coffee. it is possible no single ship has affected more lies. mercy ship is made up of volunteer doctors and nurses. a floating hospital around the world that provide healthcare
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>> it's about giving people the skills to take into daily practice and build their confidence in their skills from their. >> reporter: more than prescriptions and surgeries, mercy ship doctors provide their patients with a brighter outlook. >> the language that doesn't need words. people come here with a heart to serve.
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donate, visit mercy ship. time for our lynchburg pet of the week. taylor is here with biggle bite. do you know how he got the name? >> he came to us as a lost pet in our staff is creative sometimes. >> mona: how old is he?
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he gets along great with other cats. he is special. basically, his immune system is slightly compromised, but he will live long, normal, healthy life. >> mona: does he get along well with kids? >> yes. he loves attention. he's wanting to explore. >> mona: how can people adopt biggle bite? >> we have an a doctor profile. just come fill it out. it will take about five minutes. >> mona: awesome. are there more from his letter? >> he came in by his self. we're seeing seasonable conditions this afternoon. passing clouds and 46 the high lynchburg. we will be dry tonight. we see clear skies.
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