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tv   News 13 530  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: each candidate doing what they can to stand out the first vote since the 2016 presidential race. trump may not be here tonight, but you will still likely hear his name and each of the candidates be pushing hard for face time because even a thirdface time because even a third-place finish here could give them a much-needed boost. brandy hit, abc news, des moines, iowa. >> mark: our parent company got an interview with donald trump. you can watch that live at scott thuman goes one on one with the republican presidential candidate just seconds before he steps on stage for an event in iowa. watch it here on our web site at at 8:45 tonight. governor terry mcauliffe and republican lawmakers are set to announce a major deal on gun legislation tomorrow. mcauliffe's spokesman said a compromise on gun legislation that strengths some while relaxing others. they will reverse course and not revoke reciprocity
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in exchange, republicans will include a measure that will prohibit the subjects of permanent protective orders from having concealed handgun permits. republicans will also agree to require state police to be present at gun shows where they can provide voluntary background checks on gun purchasers. good evening to you. you likely notice that some of that snow did refreeze overnight and this morning, and there were some slippery areas around. right now we are looking live in danville where a lot of the snow has melted away. a live look toward memorial drive and central boulevard, but tomorrow morning, we will see some of that melted snow refreezing, so use caution, be careful in the morning. right now we are above freezing by -- by 11. many of us will be dropping below freezing and temps will be in the upper 20s by morning. coming up later, i will let you know when you can expect to see 60s returning. police in chesapeake identify five of the six people
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they say 36-year-old cameron dooley killed his parents, siblings and another relative. his father had just retired from the chesapeake police department. officers were called to a home yesterday afternoon to check on the welfare of the person, and when they got there they found the body inside. their investigation led them to another home a few blocks away. they found an armed person who would not come out. police tried to negotiate but after several hours they went in and found five people dead, including that suspect. >> danner: abc 13 was on the scene of a hit-and-run accident today in lynchburg. police tell us this morning a dark van pulled out of delray circle and hit another car and took off. three people went to the hospital for minor injuries. police later arrested a man they say caused the whole thingthey say caused the whole thing. you can help raise money in honor of a local girl who passed away after battling leukemia. the claire parker foundation is looking for teens to sign up to play dodge ball.
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the tournament set for march 17the tournament set for march 17-19 in hurt. $100 per team and you need six players. you have to register by march 1, and if you go to watch, it is $3 to get in. the money goes to providing care boxes for pediatric cancer patients and their familypatients and their families. claire's family started that after she passed away in 2014 after a 10-month battle with leukemia. today marks the 30th anniversary of the challenger tragedy. nasa will pay tribute to the crew of apollo one and space shuttle challenger and columbia and other nasa colleagues remembrance. seven members of the challenger crew died on the morning in 1986. a booster engine caused the challenger to break apart 70 seconds after launch. we would like to know where you were when you heard the news. tell us on our abc 13 facebook page, go there, like our page and share your memoryand share your memories.
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>> mark: i was in a class. >> danner: i was in second grade and on a field trip. >> mark: i was in college. always remember it. two people in the area get a whole lot richer after hitting it big in the lotto. we have their stories. >> george: today's temperatures reach the lower 40s. tomorrow will feel even colder though.
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going to feel colder, award-winning coverage you can count on. >> danner: i am just looking for the weekend. [laughter] >> mark: it is almost here so that is a good thing. and it is going to be nice. >> george: we are all looking forward to the warmer weather saturday and sunday, but first we have to get through tomorrow. day out tomorrow. >> danner: oh -- and it probably will refreeze overnight too out there on the roads. >> george: it is. and we are going to have slippery parking lots and sidewalks in the morning. tomorrow will feel much colder than today and that will be due to the wind. i got a bad look from danner when i said that because she doesn't like the windy part of the forecast. >> mark: it is the hair thing. >> danner: sure. >> george: forecasting 100% chance of a bad hair day. >> mark: there you go. >> george: mostly sunny with a wind of 20 to 30 miles per hour. a clipper-type cold front moving in that will not bring us much you cold weather. the highs tomorrow will be
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will keep it cold. yesterday at this time, we are talking about some of the snow in the parking lots in these little mashed potato piles aren't quite as big today as we saw some of that melting. keen in mind that the parking lots will be slippery tomorrow morning as we will have temperatures in the 20s. we are at 38 right now. we briefly saw temperatures in the 40s this afternoon. south wind at 7 miles per hour. tomorrow. if you were watching us from roanoke, you are at 41. up toward the university of virginia, 40 in charlottesvillevirginia, 40 in charlottesville. 41, farmville. 41, south boston. and south side danville, you are at 42. now the weather is dry and it is going to remain dry this evening. i do want to point out for you if you have travel plans into the carolinas, gurr going to be getting areas of -- you are going to get areas of rain to the coast. wilmington, advancing showers. and most of that rain will be to the east of charlotte. also tomorrow with this clipper system moving in, there will be some snow in the mountains. we are not expecting any measurable snow locally but if
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west of i-81 into west virginia, there will be some snow that direction. jumping ahead toward your saturday, that is when we will see the big warm-up, and on saturday, all of us will be in the 50s. will be mostly cloudy and cold with refreezing of the melted snow. lows 27, amherst. 28 alta vista. danville at 29. your hourly weather for tomorrow say before 9 a.m. temperatures will be above freezing. then after 9:00, we will be above the freezing mark. 40 at lunchtime tomorrow and 43 at 4:00, but it is one of these days that you will want your coat with you all day as that wind which will be coming in from the west will be keeping you cold. amherst, 43. bedford, 43. watching us from buckingham county, mid-40s. appomattox in the mid-40s as well. charlotte, 48. brookneal ofbrookneal 46 tomorrow. gretna and danville near 47. and we could see mountain snow on the western side of the mountains for tomorrow with highs closer toward the lower
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your seven-day forecast show we will be in the 50s on saturday. it will be cold in the morning. 60s for sunday. and we will keep that mild weather to begin the workweek for the next week. we will see rain returning tuesday with a few showers possible. increasing rain for all of us on wednesday. a madison highlights man is counting his money tonight. he just turned into n a virginia lottery scratcher ticket worth, get this, $1 million. and arey had to sit throughout big snowstorm before he could claim his fortune. randy said he you hid the ticket and baby sat all weekend making sure it it was still there. wipe too. i don't think it would leave my pocket. when the storm passed, virginia lottery he took the cash option of $537,000. $537,593. what randy plans to do with the cash and where he bought the ticket, that is right now at
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>> mark: he is not the only one either. a salem woman won $1 million in historic powerball drawing earlier this month. kelley cox was one number from hitting the record-setting $1.5 billion jackpot. kelley bought her ticket at the 7-eleven in roanoke boulevard in salem. the mother of four didn't realize she had won anything until a co-worker greeted her on that morning with, hey, kelly, are you new millionaire from say level and she checked her numbers and then called her husband, and then called probably an attorney and -- >> danner: the good news. guess what, honey. >> mark: we're rich. we are taking you inside an interactive new exhibit to get your child's mind working. >> mark: to see what your kids from scienc
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in the mood for some music? starting tomorrow night the ellington fellowship playhouse is wack in lynchburg with the renaissance theatre on commerce street. the nonprofit group will provide a concert series to find a new home for the ellington which has been on hiatus since think won't work out an agreement with the old building on rivermont. they will present five shows through may. get all the information on
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new sxibt giving kids a chance to learn how state parks are designed which is cool, video games are made, and you light shows come together. >> mark: the center is debuting its new exhibit called design zone. tola adamson got a sneak peek while crews were furthering on the finishing touches and joins us live from danville. >> reporter: they cater to teach kids about science, technology, engineering and math. this is why older siblings and parents can join in and have a blast. i sure did. >> can we go. >> reporter: they say you learn by doing. and starting saturday, visitors to the danville science center learn to create everything from video games. >> our challenge is to collect all five stars by adjusting the gravity and the jump power. >> reporter: to music.
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>> reporter: design zone takes us behind the scenes to experience what producers and engineers do to provide what you enjoy. skate parks. >> at least one section with a slope of zero, see if your skater can get all the way through. >> reporter: roller coasters. >> 2.6 miles per hour or 5.2 miles per hour. if could you, could you do them both in the same roller coasterboth in the same roller coaster. >> reporter: biking. >> manipulate the gears and levers and race family members or classmates. >> reporter: i had to give that one a shot. >> see how it is grasps your distance over time. well, you beat me. >> reporter: the list goes on. design zone is one of the biggest exhibits that danville science center has had. there are 24 activities to choose from. taking science technology, engineering and math to an interactive and fun level. >> reporter: the exhibit opened
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available -- won't be available until may. it came from the oregon museum of of science and industry and most exhibits visitors hang around for an hour and a half but with design zone, visitors are staying for several hours. live in danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. >> mark: great place to take the kids.
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the government wants to make it easymake it easier for you to buy and use cable boxes from companies other than your cable provider. lack of competition forces 99% of people to pay rental fees for those boxes. the ftc says since 1994, the price of cable boxes have gone up 185%. this proposal paves the way for more modern, smart devices to become available. the commission will vote continue to february 18. facebook is making more money off of you than ever before. the site reported that it made more than one and a half billion dollars in profits just in the last three months of 20in the last three months of 2015. facebook hat more than 1.5 billion people who use that site each month. the amount the company makes per person has grown 33% globalper person has grown 33% globally. in the u.s. and canada, facebook makes $13 per user.
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mattel will sell barbies in tall, curvy and repeat, 24 eye colors and 24 hair styles. for years they have been given the reputation for at unrealistic opinion of a woman's body.
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>> mark: including that time to take a look at some of the top videos of the day. >> danner: here jeremy roth. >> say a. >> reporter: video of a 2-year-old practice2-year-old practicing his abcs with his grandmoth very gone viral and with good cause. the cutest thing ever. little john david who has down syndrome gets increasingly excited when he recites his letters. wait for the w.
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>> reporter: video has received tons of positive you feedback on facebook. check this out. that will be a two-headed turtle, the super cool/freaky animal showed up at a miami animal hospital it got a clean bill of health which is rare for similarly unique turtles. it is heading to a life in a zoo in philippines. an apology to a dog. you heard that right. well, a suspect's car is being searched, he takes off in the trooper's car with a police dog in the back. you can hear him apologizeyou can hear him apologizing to the dog for the rough ride as he swerves through traffic. >> sorry, buddy. >> reporter: he eventually crashed and went on foot and was picked up an hour later. for take a look at this, i am jeremy roth. >> danner: just so you know and we are clear on this, the dog did not get hurt. >> mark: important to remember. court still in session at in four in campbell county where a man is on trial charged with killing his 89-year-old
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anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. >> noreen: court just wrapped up for the day in the murder case of vincent spinner who is charged with killing his 89-year-old father-in-law. spinner is accused of stabbing james payne 25 times back in august of 2012. >> katie brooke has been in day long. today? >> reporter: well, mark, in opening statements, commonwealth attorney paul mcandrew shared 89-year-old james payne lived 467 million minutes and only took a fraction of that for someone to end his life. mcandrew says payne owned and operated payne construction and was generous with his money,
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