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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  January 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good night. >> danner: governor mcauliffe is calling a historic compromise on gun legislation, but not everyone agrees with the details on this one. plus -- >> it was against me, like really coming on line. >> danner: donald trump is moving full steam ahead just days away from the iowa caucus. we look at whether he'll be the republican nominee. >> george: freezing cold weather tonight as we near freezing. i'll let you know when all of
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>> danner: big news in richmond today. a bipartisan agreement on gun policy here in virginia. governor mcauliffe and house republican leaders announced it today, but mark pena reports tonight. >> we have spent the last two weeks working together to do what's in the best interest of the commonwealth of virginia. >> reporter: the governor and the speakerer of the house announcing a historic compromise on gun legislation. state police will have to be at every gun show in the state to run background checks. >> if we could save one life, we need to do that. >> reporter: the deal also reverses a decision that would terminate reciprocity
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the move, garnishing criticism from gun prevention groups were urging the governor to turn the deal down. >> i have to do what's right for the citizens of the commonwealth of virginia. what we announce here today will make virginian's safer. >> the house speaker praised the governor. >> virginia won and that's all there is to it. >> reporter: saying the deal is not a win or lose for any political party. >> i know there are people on the left and right who are skeptical, and that's compromise. >> danner: andy parker, is not pleased. he is beyond disappointed with the governor's announcement. >> he should not be willing to recognize concealed carry permits from states with weaker standards in exchange
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very watered down gun safety bills. >> danner: and the coalition to stop gun violence described the deal as a mistake and urged the governor to lobby for stronger gun control provisions. we asked you. 20% of you say we need it. it's the overdue. 53% say we don't need it. and 27% say you're tired of the issue. is a long day of testimony and no verdict in the case of a man killing his father-in-law. vincent spinner is charged with the death of james payne. katie brooke has the details. >> katie: court will begin again on monday morning. today's testimony centered
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was doing the day of the murder. a deputy explained to the court that spinner seemed to be in the area of the victim's home that afternoon between 1:00-2:00 p.m. spinner's friend said that she spent the day with him smoking crack cocaine. more witnesses will be called monday morning at 9:00 a.m. you can stay updated with us at >> danner: tonight the pittsylvania county fire marshal marshal's is investigating a fire that took the life of katie yeatts.
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appeared to start in the right front side of her home. the neighbor called 9-1-1 and started banging on her windows to call attention. >> if i opened the door, it would bring in more air and spread it faster. and i don't know if that had any role or not. i'm trying not to think about it a lot. >> danner: arson and foul play is not suspected. the fire marshal cannot give a time estimate on what caused the fire. 26-year-old austin lilly is now charged with aggravated and voluntary manslaughter after prosecutors said that his conduct was a reckless endangerment of life. he did not stop at a railroad
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and his daughter was killed. day three gone and the family of a missing teenager are extremely worried about a potentially deadly situation surrounding their daughter. 13-year-old, nichole lovell, went missing some time thursday morning. since then police have been searching non-stop. when she was just ten months old, nichole had a liver transplant and needs twice daily medication so that her body won't reject it. >> without those medications, organs are going to start shutting down. and it's going to be bad. and nichole knows that she relies on those medications to live. she's sick whenever she is. >> danner: police are asking
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to tip is too small to call them. >> i did something risky. >> danner: just days before the iowa caucuses, donald trump is holding a hefty lead in the polls. he has been unapologetic and brash. the antiestablishment and anti-p.c. candidate with little experience may be experiencing a little shift. >> the establishment is against me really coming online. >> reporter: coming online in the form of bob dole. >> [indiscernible] donald and tuesday, i'm for donald trump. >> reporter: and henry mcmasterer, south carolina's governor and former member of the republican national committee. >> do you need donald trump as the president of the united
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so what was the change of heart? >> folks are starting to realize, hey, if he wins the presidency, we're going to have to work with him. >> reporter: some say that it's about them shunning the number two. >> ted cruz is someone that most people know and they want to stop him first. >> reporter: ted cruz called mitch mcconnell a liar on the senate floor. >> i cannot believe that they would tell a flat out lie. >> reporter: cruz was front and center at the debate. >> if you guys say one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: endorsements are hard to come by with many waiting in the field narrows. >> people are actually
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the nominee. >> reporter: once a longshot, now being given a second look. >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everyone else. >> danner: bernie sanders is opening an office in roanoke. his campaign says that they'll formally open their doors tomorrow afternoon on franklin road. virginia is one of 11 super tuesday states voting on march 1st. another fire ignites all because of a hoverboard. wait until you hear this family's story. >> george: tonight is going to be the last night for awhile that we see temperatures dropping in the 20s. lynchburg is at 34. danville, 33, and roanoke is at 35. right now we're looking live out over danville. the traffic is moving smoothly.
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20s for all of >> danner: you know the old saying if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. a former cop turned realtor contacted abc-13 and says that his phone has been ringing off the hook about a craigslist add. a house with all the amenities for $600 for rent. the only catch is it's his
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one woman was schemed out of $600. >> if you send me the money, i, -- i'll send you the keys. and she didn't get the keys. >> reporter: are they trying to prey on that missionary work? >> absolutely. >> danner: police have been contacted. controversy about hoverboards and fires is a hot topic tonight. a fire in florida sent one family running out of their house. >> reporter: coming from you in south palm drive here in boynton beach. a scary night for folks in this house. it all started because of the
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it was very popular this christmas season. it was plugged in charging, it burst into flames. a neighbor got a fire distinguisher and tried to put it out. >> before i knew it, the front door was open and the flames were coming out. >> what were you thinking? >> i was hoping that the house didn't blow up. >> reporter: and from what we're gathering from other neighbors, apparently a popular hoverboard is popular at this house. other kids got them and this fire is under investigation. >> george: today probably felt
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the >> danner: well, george is going to show you a beautiful view of the sunset, but -- >> george: many of our viewers -- >> danner: sometimes things get crazy in the weather center. >> george: i'll show you what we're talking about. the sky has fallen. >> danner: if you're standing on your head, you can see this picture. >> george: this was what the like. and we have a picture from kathy hudson. you can send us our pictures to weather at a beautiful sunrise. it looks like a fire in the sky. >> danner: you can really tell. >> george: tomorrow is going to be a cool and dry afternoon with sunshine. we'll have a south breeze, but it's not going to be anywhere near az windy as today. tomorrow, we'll have
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then highs 50 and 57. we're looking live at william's stadium at liberty. and they have the football lights on. i'm noticing the scoreboard is on there as well. and they have scraped all the snow off the turf. you probably had to do that today as well. and by 11:00 p.m., we'll be in the 20s. not as windy as it was earlier. you'll notice a breeze this evening. blacksburg, virginia tech is freezing at 32. charlottesville 36. south boston 35. clarksville, 37. 33 for danville. wind chills aren't that much colder than the actual temperatures, so the wind is diminishing. and south boston 31 wind chill and 33 is the wind chill in danville. across virginia, we have cleared out -- you may have
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especially near interstate 81 in roanoke. if you have travel plans this weekend up toward the north and east, i don't think you'll see major issues. there'll be some areas of light snow that way. for us, weather is quiet and it's going to stay quiet as we move into the weekend and next week. 8:00 a.m. on saturday, it's going to be cold with temperatures in the 20s. we'll wake up to sunshine and the wind in the morning will be light. the strongest wind will be from the south in the afternoon for saturday. sunday, it will be ten degrees warmer. lots of sunshine and dry weather across virginia and temperatures making a run toward the 60s. tonight we'll see a low in the 20s. bedford 23. appomattox 25. alta vista 25. cold night toward smith mountain lake at 22. and danville at 27. your hourly weather for
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and noon we'll be in the 40s. 52 for your high. amherst 50s. your 7-day forecast shows that on monday there'll be a few small showers. not expecting any heavy rain. light rain and sprinkles are possible on monday and tuesday. >> danner: abc-13 is giving away some good food for free. it's called the good eats contest. today and monday you can log on to for your chance to win. if you scroll down the home page, the link is under trending. you can also go to our facebook fan page.
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certificate to charlie's. >> danner: with travel warnings now affecting 25 countries, the zika virus has many people worried. and some families are having to make tough choices. >> it's a 10-year anniversary, slash baby moon, slash last chance to take rocco out of school. so we planned it for february. >> danner: they were planning ongoing on vacation this year, but with his wife expecting baby number three and the virus spreading, they decided to stay home. doctors say the this is the best option for families. >> if you are pregnant, you should respond to the recommendation, their trip. >> danner: not only is there a concern for pregnant women,
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somebody might bring the virus back with them and spread it statewide. doctors say that if you're not pregnant and you get the virus, you would likely only see flu-like symptoms. and the virus is prompting four major u.s. airlines to allow customers to change or cancel flights to areas where zika is cancelled. united and delta's policies are broader allowing any concerned customer to rebook or get a refund. southwest is allowing changes without fee. many smaller carriers, as well as cruise lines and tour
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are offering no >> danner: there is more ice
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scientists first thought. these scans were taken by nasa. new data of the dwarf planet was made with the data. it shows that ice abundant on pluto's surface. i love to see the space
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>> george: 52 after a only concentrate on the killer and t ignore the victims? there's something wronhere. >> new oj miniseries backlash as the fans and the victims unite on dr. phil. >> what the fans are telling us about why they are outraged. >> they're very upset. >> that is epitome of disrespect. >> as the cast opens up up about the families and the people they're playing. >> it took a while to finally side and mariah carey's new diamond. what we saw inside the
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