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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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primary for the race for this is abc 13 news. thank you for joining us on 13 news midday. i'm mona kosar abdi. voters came out in their record numbers in new hampshire yesterday taking up both sides house. outsiders donald trump and bernie sanders won big. what's next? elizabeth hur has the latest. >> wow, wow, wow. we want to thank the people of new hampshire's. >> reporter: donald trump and bernie sanders rocketing out of new hampshire with resounding wins. >> thank you new hampshire. [cheering] >> reporter: senator sanders, the oldest candidate in the race winning big with young voters. >> we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington.
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phone on gma this morning. signals. many people would show up. many more than we anticipated. >> reporter: john kasich finishing in second place is now believed to be the top contender in what's called the establishment lane.>> i absolutely do believe i cannot only unify the party, but i also believe i can bring back the reagan blue-collar democrat who were for reagan. >> reporter: i when iowa winner ted cruz tied for third. march on. >> we take this campaign to the entire country. vote. >> reporter: clinton and sanders back on the campaign trail in new york city today. sanders making stops in harlem and on the view.
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governor chris christie has not race. we are told he is suspending campaigning for now. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. president obama is set to walk down political memory lane today. >> i stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america. [cheering] >> mona: he will address the state legislator in springfield, illinois to mark the anniversary of his presidential announcement in the city nine years ago. obama served as state senator there from 1997 to 2004. the president is expected to urge the nation to move beyond the partisan divide that has marked his time in the oval office. if you thought this morning was cold, brace week. we are talking temperatures in
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melissa le fevere is in the weather center with a look at the forecast. it's only going to get colder from here. >> melissa: we will be in the 30s today. upper 20s tomorrow. let's start with a live view of our lynchburg tower cam overlooking liberty university. everyone is out and about at the lunch time hour. we have seen a little snow activity. it has been out in parts of the mountains. most of us seeing a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures holding steady in the 30s. 31 lynchburg. 34 danville. 29 roanoke. i'll have the latest details coming up. the danville regional medical center says it will once again hold a neighborhood walk this week. the hospital organize a prayer and walk after a doctor and neighbor were shot about a half-mile from the hospital. ceo alan larson says that because of the great response he received it will be organizing again this friday. it will start in front of the boys and girls club on foster street at 6:00 p.m.
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concealed carry rights to the virginians protected by a protective order is gaining bipartisan support. the senate voted 32-8. under this bill, people 21 and over with a protective order could carry a firearm without a permit for 45 days after the order was issued. supporters say it would help domestic violence survivors to protect themselves against abusers. there's still months of planning left before the commonwealth games officially began, but organizers are not wasting time. this morning, virginia amateur sports hosted a breakfast at the summit in when hurst. this year marks a big change for the game. for the first time, lynchburg will be hosting the event. today they discussed the positive economic impact the games will have on our area. organizers open the floor for questions and talked about what folks can expect this coming season.>> people are very sad about it.
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they can put their arms around and support and really enjoy. new blood, new energy for all of us. >> mona: peter says registration is open for most events. the number of job openings in the u.s. is near a record high. the labor department says there were 5.6 million unfilled jobs in december. that is just shy of the all-time record high set in july of last year. the downside is many u.s. workers don't qualify to fill those positions. many require vocational training such as truck drivers, electricians, or plumbers. the new zaxby's in forest has available positions. the location expected to open later this month. the first 100 guests will each get a free item each week for a year. if you want to apply for a job, you can stop at the new location. zaxby's's is known for its chicken fingers and wings. there is another location in
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there are now 66 confirmed zika cases in the u.s. as the number grows, concern grows as athletes prepare for the summer olympics in brazil where zika is spreading rapidly. stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: the real olympics begin seven months from now. instead of worrying about their fitness levels, some top athletes are worried about the zika virus. soccer star hope so low help lead usa to a world cup victory in 2015. she says because of the risk of zika she would skip the olympics if forced to make the choice today. she said she would never take the risk of having an unhealthy child. she never knows when the day will come for jeremy and she, but she reserves the right to have a healthy baby. zika is linked to a virus that can cause babies to have abnormally small heads. once it has left the body, the cdc does not believe it affects future pregnancies. still, solow says no athlete dilemma. some say so low will not be the last to reconsider going to
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>> women are closing on 50 percent of the entire olympic games. almost all of them are of childbearing age. >> reporter: for now, the u.s. olympic committee tells abc news it is closely monitoring the situation through the cdc and is passing on recommendations to athletes. the good news for athletes concerned about their rio games is that by august the population will decrease temperatures. the summer games are being held brazil. he met many christians around lent. ash wednesday is the beginning of the 40 day lent. many observers will give up something such as the favorite food in observance of jesus in the wilderness.
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you are watching abc 13 news, award-winning coverage of lynchburg, danville, bedford, valley. an online protest post calling for an anti-beyonce was posted on the website eventbright. the invitation asks for those who found the singer's super bowl halftime performance offensive to protest in front of the nfl headquarters in new york. organizers right, let's tell
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speech or racism at the super bowl ever again. supporters have organized a counter protest. the conversation occurs while excitement mounts over beyonce's upcoming formation tour. yesterday, two players from the detroit pistons were in flint giving the national guard a break from passing out water bottles. tony anthony and reggie jackson visited fire stations throughout the city to meet with people and even purchase dinner for the national guard. this was just a small part of the support the team has been giving to flint over the past several weeks. >> you definitely need community when things are good, but you really need me to do and things are going bad. you know, you come to find out the character of people went bad things happen. >> mona: the players union expected to announce additional support in the coming weeks. as flint officials look for
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the extent of damage continues to grow. this is flint fire engine 61. it is a little over a year -and-a-half old and it is the newest. fire chief david cox junior says they have seen corrosion on the intake valve which should not be happening for several years. he says it is due to the unsafe level of lead in the water. >> we call the manufactures of three of our firetrucks and they gave us some ideas of how to combat that a little bit. what's done is done. we're hoping it doesn't get to the point where we have to replace pumps. >> mona: the fire department also looking into the water's impact on fire compression systems. still to come, prom is a special occasion for any high school student. one california teen said her school's dress code unfairly targets female students. the story i had.
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on from the abc 13 weather experts. i hope your wednesday is going great. a live view of our thaxton tower cam. sunshine and blue skies. a beautiful day. cold across the heart of virginia. temperatures still in the 20s and 30s.31 right now in lynchburg. 34 in danville. 30 in martinsville. 20 in blacksburg. only 29 in roanoke. wind is breezy. these are sustained out of the west at 13 miles an hour in lynchburg. 18 miles per hour in roanoke. 12 in danville. what does it feel like as you're going out to lunch? you are going to need to keep the heavy coat. it feels like 21 in lynchburg. 22 in martinsville. 10 in blacksburg. 16 in roanoke. still feels like 5 below in hot springs. we have winter weather advisories. that is the purple you see in
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at 7:00 a.m. a winter storm warning in effect until thursday morning. wind chill advisory goes into effect from areas to roanoke and west until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will see widespread windchill below zero by tomorrow morning. most of the snow is going to continue to taper off today. radar. a low pressure system sitting stationary.that begins to move north and east. snow showers will finally subside in the mountains. for many of us, we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds. mostly clear to partly cloudy for tonight. thursday, dry for our entire viewing area. lots of sunshine and blue skies to go around. cold temperatures. we are only in the upper 20s for tomorrow. let's show you futurecast windchills for this afternoon, tonight, and heading into tomorrow, so you can plan out. here is a look at what you will be seeing.
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feels like low 20s in lynchburg. feeling like the teens in blacksburg and roanoke. as you're heading out the door tomorrow, widespread single digits and feeling your below zero the further west you go. please bring in the pets tonight. it is going to be bitter cold all the way through your thursday. we're still seeing windchills in the teens for tomorrow. high temperatures today into the 30s.only 35 in lynchburg. 39 in south boston. 32 in roanoke. 25 in the new river valley. overnight, actual temperatures drop into the teens. that is where we are going to temperatures. it is valentine's day weekend, cuddle up. we are waking up in the morning with temperatures in the teens. we are only going to see highs into the upper is a quick check of the next seven. 35 today. 29 for your high tomorrow. saturday night into sunday morning, overnight lows in the
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mona, back to you. a california high school student claimed a new dress students. the students must sign a prom appropriately. the teen said the school is going to far. >> reporter: this is the dress that nalmost got nada abdo kicked out of prom. this is what the dress looked like on her.the high school make students signed a prom code. >> we have been looking online, but a lot of the dresses conflict with the code. i have no amount of dresses i can choose from. >> reporter: imprint, the dress code seems reasonable, but the rules of more strictly enforced by the activity director. >> there's kind of like an opening in the back and i cannot wear that because she said the opening was too big. >> reporter: abdo said she brought her prom dress to
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it was denied. she said the dress code for female students is much more strict than it is for male students. >> my parents are arab american. my parents are already strict. i feel like if my parents will let me wear a dress, they should not have any problem with it. >> reporter: individual school set their own dress codes for
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appealto you by audiology sociated danville-lynchburg and heritage funeral service and crematory. hundreds of american soldiers are headed to afghanistan. the u.s. army announced yesterday that it would deploy soldiers to the southern afghan province. the nutrients will assist afghan forces who try to push back taliban insurgents. the soldiers will not take any
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this will be the largest appointment of american troops outside major bases in afghanistan since 2014. how would you feel if you entered your home to find an intruder sitting on your couch? that's what happened to a california man yesterday. was. she said she was going to hurt me unless i got out. i said, no, you're going to have to go. >> mona: she was holding a piece of glass from a jar of pennies. perkin said he feels violated, but he feels sorry for the woman who he said appeared to be on drugs. are danville pet of the week next up. hello.
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the huge influx of immigrants as increasing multicultural diversity. it makes us a better nation they argue. some immigrant practices are contrary to our long-held values and they should never be in point, female genital mutilation. it is just what it sounds like. it is practiced in many african and middle eastern countries for cultural and religious reasons. globally, 3 million young girls will have the procedure forced on them each year. in america, we view the practice is a violation of basic human rights. we outlawed it in 1996. immigrants have skirted the law by taking their daughters to their home countries for the procedure. it's called vacation cutting. in 2013, congress passed new legislation that made it illegal to take a minor abroad for this purpose. the centers for disease control released estimates of how many women and girls in the u.s. have undergone or will likely
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the number is staggering. more than half million with more than one third younger than 18. this is double the estimate of just a decade ago. the dramatic increase a beaded to the rapid rise of refugees and asylum seekers from
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anytime, anywhere, abc 13 news's coverage you can count on. time for our danville pet of the week. paulette dean is here with billy. billy looks like a cute little kitten. how old is he? >> he is only seven weeks old. he came with his owner. he is with other kittens.boy is he a q1. >> mona: he looks really active. is he? >> he will be once you get settled in a home. he will be an active little boy. >> mona: what are his favorite things to do?
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>> my guess is running and climbing. >> mona: he is so cute. seven weeks is an appropriate time to adopt a kitten? >> yes. that is a wonderful time. they can grow up and get used to everybody in the household. their personalities are already formed, so an excellent time to adopt. >> mona: what can you tell us about billy's personality? >> he loves to cuddle. he did very well in the car riding over. i think he would do well in just about any household. >> mona: if someone wants to adopt billy, you can call the number on the screen. thank you.we appreciate it. >> melissa: i have two cats. i can't. how about that cold weather? >> melissa: i'm going to ask for a sweatshirt or blanket . 35 for the high today.
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beautiful tomorrow, but bridget with a high of 29. back in the 30s friday. high saturday and sunday in the upper 20s. overnight lows in the teens and single digits. wind chills will be frigid waking up tomorrow, so remember
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