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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good night.3 3 danner tight security. it's happening now at hargrave military academy . tonight... the very latest on the terror threat.// plus... pit bulls attack two children in bedford county. their father talks to abc 13 news..georgesaturday will be the better day of the weekend; sunday some rain moves in. details are next. 3 3 3 3 danner pots tonight... what we know about the possible terror threat at hargrave 3 military academy. this is a story you saw here first on abc 13. law enforcement has been at the academy all day. this after they received potential threats through social media this week. valerie bragg met with the sheriff and the head of the school. she has the latest from chatham. 3 they really are keeping
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sheriff mike taylor tells me they will find the person responsible...and they are nearing a suspect tonight. take a look behind me... law enforcement has the enterance to the school blocked off. it's been like this since last night. we have pittsylvania county sheriff's deputies...the guys in green are with the sheriff's swat team...then behind them we have state police. this threat has been the buzz of the town out here today. there were a few people earlier on who just drove up..just to see what was going on. the sheriff's office tells me they have been working closely with state police and its cyber 3 crimes unit to find the person behind this threat. (:15) sheriff mike taylor- "as we speak, we have investigators reaching out, shifting through documents. and we're going to identify the people who did this. you can rest assured of that." many of the students here at hargrave are not local, so not all of them were able to go home this weekend. general don broome tells me they still have about 60 students on campus...and for their safety they are rescriting their live outside of hargrave military academy in chatham,
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3 danner pots a bedford county man is facing charges of owning dangerous dogs after his two pit bulls reportedly attacked twin boys and killed their family dog in boonsboro. priscilla kaiser spoke with the owner of the pit bulls ...and the father of the two boys. 3 this is where the brutal attack on the two children and their dog happened while they were playing outside after schoola& the pit bulls reportedly got loose after escaping from their own backyard. the young boys showed us their wounds this afternoona& some cuts were still visible on their hands and well as a few puncture wounds on their faces. they say they're still shaken up and are mourning the loss of their family dog "scruffy." their father says with the amount of children in the neighborhood,
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dogs return home....konstantin 3 ostapenko/father: "nobody wants to see these dogs around because we've got so many young kids and so many dogs, i mean, friendly dogs, and everybody know each other and we don't want to see this kind of dog around this neighborhood."john maddox/owner of pitbulls: "i've got a 7 year old little boy that they curl up fright next to every night, sleep with them every night and wouldn't hurt a hair on his head. so, for them to accuse them of attacking two children is just ridiculous."3 most neighbors i spoke with say they don't want to see the pitbulls return to the neighborhooda& the sheriff's office says a judge will decide during maddox's hearing next month if he will be able to take the dogs home or if they will be euthanized. in bedford county, priscilla 3 kaiser, abc13 news. 3 danner pots there's a new effort to keep you safe at the downtown mall in charlottesville after the
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police chief tim longo says he is working to install cameras at the mall, along west main street and the university of virginia corner. longo has been pushing for the cameras for the better part of a decade. the police department is recommending the city buy its own camera system at an estimated 75 to 100 grand. two main options outline a plan to purchase a 36-camera system.charlottesville police lieutenant steve upman - "our recommendation is that we purchase the 36 cameras and implement that system. there are several cameras that are privately owned on the downtown mall that we can ask for access to should we have an incident, but the main system 3 would be city-owned."danner graham disappeared and was later found dead in albemarle county. jesse matthew is charged with her murder. 3 3 danner pots job applicants in blacksburg won't have to reveal any criminal history anymore. the town decided to remove questions about criminal convictions due to concerns that those questions could result in discrimination. the federal government
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already done the same thing. blacksburg's mayor says he thinks it will send a message that blacksburg is a progressive community. 3 danner pots the flint water study group at virginia tech is being hailed heroes for their work in the flint water crisis. the group spent the day assembling water testing kits to send to flint. this will let them know if the water has improved. much of the blame for the high lead levels is being placed on michigan's department of environmental quality and the epa ... who are accused of covering up the problem. dr. marc edwards, the groups leader says that makes him wonder if the epa is covering up any other problems.(dr. marc edwards/ flint water study, virginia tech) whether it's the radford arsenal or this coal mine or else, can we trust the government to protect us? and i think it does raise concerns all across the country about whether we can trust anything 3 these agencies can say. " danner pots we have more on the flint water study's
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3 3 virginia is joining a coalition of 16 other states and the district of columbia urging the supreme court to protect access to contraception under the affordable care act. the case of zubrik versus burwell is focused on whether nonprofit religious organizations are having their religious liberties stepped on by being required to provide contraceptive services to their employees. the court's new session begins in march. 3 danner pots a special guest at liberty university convocation this morning - the israeli ambassador to the united states. ambassador ron dermer, who has been in that post since 2013, spoke to the students about the history of the nation of israel. the ambassador talked of the trials that the jewish people have faced, but he says he holds a bright outlook on the country's future.ron dermer, israeli ambassador to the united states - "i promise you that in the middle east, steeped in darkness, israel
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and proudly hold high the torch of liberty." (:15)danner this is the first time dermer has spoken at liberty. 3 3 danner pots a local middle school orchestra teacher says her life revolved around music... but one day, a serious car accident erased all those notes from her memory. melissa dick teaches at o-t bonner middle school and in 2008. the accident left her with a severe brain injury. she couldn't remember how to read or play music. but she didn't stop teaching- and taught herself how to read and play music again along the way. (.18) michelle dick, "it was all sorts of crazy to have to study at night to be able to help the kids the next day. "i would sit there and go mmm, that's an f, mmmmmm, that's a b, and have to literally count each note up the staff to find out what note i was supposed
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dick says although recovery was tough, the experience made her a better teacher because she could relate more with her students. 3 3 danner pots delegates... and superdelegates. what's the difference... and how they stack up when it comes to this years general election; just ahead.// plus... a well-known reality star is taking a break from duck hunting to hit the campaign trail. find out who it is, in two minutes. 3 3 georgegood friday to you! summary:you can expect warmer weather for the weekend, showers on sunday and heavy rain next tuesday.forecast: temperatures will jump this weekend. afternoon highs will reach 60 to 65 on both saturday and sunday. your saturday will be partly
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3 commercial 3 danner this is a live look at presidential candidate hillary clinton's event in las vegas, nevada. she's making her final few stops before the nevada caucus tomorrow. 3 danner the numbers are in. virginians donated at least 7.2 million to presidencandidates in 2015. the vrirginia public access project says democratic candidate hillary clinton and republican jeb bush took in the most cash from virginians. the richmond- times-dispatch reports clinton took in 2.9 million and bush got nearly 1.3 million. virginia's presidential primary will be held march 1.
7:12 pm of the show-- "duck dynasty"-- spoke at a rally for ted cruz today in myrtle beach. in turn -- cruz suggested robertson represent the united states to the u-n! robertson officially endorsed cruz last month in a video that shows them duck hunting. robertson has made waves in the past after he called same-sex marriage "evil" and "wicked," and says that cruz would be the best bet for restoring the country to its christian roots. 3 danner pots if hillary clinton and bernie sanders have each won 1 state so far, how is hillary clinton so far ahead in the delegate count? scott thuman shows us how she's got a massive lead, and explains the part of the delegate system that may surprise you. 3 "sanders file/winning new hampshire"-if you presumed bernie sanders is riding high after a commanding victory in new hampshire and virtual tie in's true, he's up 36 to 32 in the delegate count...but add the *super* delegates, and clinton, is absolutely crushing him. we're talking about delegates
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state results--and have free reign to vote at the convention 3 for whomever they want.- (graphic)according to the associated press, the total *with* those all powerful super-voters and clinton's up 481 to 55.-i recently asked the head of the dnc, about the super-strategy to sway.-(dws interview @3:04---will *shorten* question) me: "what do you think of that, smart strategy?-dws: "well i need to provide clarity for folks about our pledged vs unpledged process. first of all, unpledged can change their minds at any time and the reason that we have unpledged delegates is because those are party leaders and elected officials we try to make sure that we have tremendous diversity at our convention."- but what about critics who say it's another way to protect clinton's path to the nomination?-(230-dsw) "oh, that's just typical campaign fodder...voters decide the outcome of elections, not political parties."- republicans, as you might imagine, are quick to criticize.-scott thuman(fox news clip w/ priebus@1:00) "you if you talk about stacking the deck...ignoring the will of your party--that's what they're doing"-while the associated press says gop'ers have *some* free reign delegates, it's not *nearly*
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moment,-(graphic)trump with more simple 17, followed by cruz, rubio, kasich, and so on. -(scott/standup-tag) as for the clinton lead: sanders team says it's not too meaningful, since *those* voters can still change their minds at the convention--and they believes may do so, if sanders continues to gain momentum. in washington, i'm scott thuman3 3 danner pots being in the hospital is tough -- espically when you're a kid. but these visitors sure did make this a special this week... it's going up... details are next,. 3 commercial break 2
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3 georgegood friday to 3 you!summary:you can expect warmer weather for the weekend, showers on sunday and heavy rain next tuesday. forecast:temperatures will jump this weekend. afternoon both saturday and sunday. your saturday will be partly cloudy, breezy and dry. sunday will be mostly cloudy with showers increasing during the afternoon. light rain will sunday, but not all of our area will receive rain. isolated showers and highs near 50.on tuesday a cold rain
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rain is likely. temperatures will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s which should be too warm for us to get winter precipitation. we'll keep you updated on how much pulled into virginia, but right now, current data suggests our local precipitation will be "all rain" with snow possible for the mountains. rain tapers off on completely ends by thursday. tuesday thru friday will be cold with highs in the
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3 danner pots if petting is therapy -- these kids got a good dose today. in two minutes, one area zoo did a
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3 commercial break our crayons ready. carilion roanoke memorial hospital just installed this 5 foot tall coloring wall. and get this, it's actually good for
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coloring has been shown to shorten recovery time and hospital stays the wall is open to anybody and will be up until june. that wasn't the only special delivery at the hospital today. 3 3 (3 that's because today, the zoo came came down the hill to carilion roanoke memorial hospital. it's part of a program with mill mountain zoo. today the kids got to see a guinea pig, a trantula, a snake and a chinchilla. surprisingly, the kids loved the creepy crawly animals. the parents - not so much. zoo staff says this is a chance for the kids to smile and have fun.(bambi godkin, education manager, mill mountain zoo) "that's one of the reasons i think they like us to come. just because it does definitely i think brighten their day. give them something to look forward to. they're stuck here, maybe kind of bored."3 danner pots the kids learned a few things about the animals... including that chinchillas like cold weather. 3 3 danner pots this furry
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weekend forecast. but you probably will. george is
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33 danner an archivist is helping some folks connect with their past. marissa parra was there to see how folks took advantage of a geneology worksop. and, now that the snow is melting -- it's leaving behind some serious isses. courtney wheaton is digging into the pothole problem -- all for you tonight on 13 news at 11. 3 3 danner a new study suggests that more than a third of americans are not getting enough sleep. the cdc analyzed data from more than 400-thousand people in all 50 states and washington dc. hundreds of thousands reported getting less than the recommended seven hours or more of sleep per day. southeastern states and those along the appalachian mountains reported the least amount of sleep.... the state with the single lowest reported sleep levels was hawaii. 3 danner & georgemonday will be
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highs near 50.on tuesday a cold rain moves in during the chance will be near 100%, and
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a cop calling for beyonce's tonight, new beyonce outrage, cops calling for a boycott. >> we're not going to put up with her anti-police message. >> get in formation.
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bowl halftime show enraging police. will they refuse to show up at her concert. her inner circle fires back "e.t." >> and supernanny controversy. she called child protective services after her cameras caught this. what joe frost is telling "e.t" today. her new york's fashion week run debut. >> what a beautiful model. >> plus. i wish that i had jesse's girl >> dealing with depression, what you never knew about the '80s icon. >> jesse's girl is something i didn't get. and a huntsman exclusive. all about the ladies. i'm on location in london with their incredible co leather feathers and a whole lot of gold. >> mama'sspicy.
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this is "entertainment tonight." 90210 star shannon daugherty's breast cancer. why she is removing a big tumor. and a video that ignited a firestorm controversy. >> tonight's top story, the blue versus babe. >> we're not going to voluntarily show up there and sign up to work for a woman who anti-police. >> beyonce is in no way anti-police. i find it absurd and offensive. >> from beyonc formation video, stop shooting us gra feet te and police in riot


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