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particularly important in this case? 13-year-old nichole lovell had a liver transplant when she was a baby. she has medication that she must take twice a day to prevent her body from rejecting that transplant. the fear is that even one day without that medicine will cause irreparable damage. that's why police have labeled her as missing and endangered. they say they don't know at this point whether nichole ran away or whether there is foul play involved. that's why this hasn't risen to the level of an amber alert. nichole was last seen by her mother... tammy weeks... at their blacksburg home around midnight last night. weeks says when she woke up around six this morning... nichole was gone... along with a blanket and a few bottles of water. tammy weeks & fred hawks,mother & uncle "we love you. we want you to come home. we're not mad. she's not in any kind of trouble. i know she thinks i'm going to be mad because of the
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want her to take it and be home with us, giver her a hug and a kiss, like she gave me last night before she took a shower." nichole's family says it is uncharacteristic for her to go this long without talking to anyone. coming up at six... we'll hear more about what nichole is like... and what her family is asking from the community or anyone that might be with nichole tonight. live in blacksburg bethany teague wsls 10. a lynchburg murder suspect learns his fate. a judge sentenced dominique moss to life in prison today. moss entered an alford plea to first degree murder charges in october... relating to the 20-14 death of his cousin shawn moss. investigators say moss ambushed his cousin... then shot him 17 times. hospitals across the country are in need of more nurses.
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hospitals like carilion clinic are experiencing as well. wsls 10's ananda rochita has more on what carilion is doing to efforts. ananda rochita/roanok e "carilion has about 100 and it has a lot of competition among other hospitals looking for nurses too." carilion is looking to get some prospective nurses through recruiting events like this one. lauren alban is here wanting to pursue her calling as a nurse. 0:19 - 0:23 lauren alban/prospecti ve carilion nurse - 18:14:52 it's literally a profession that you care for other people and you make a difference in people's lives. she wants to work for a hospital that will pay for her continuing education. it's something carilion offers but it's not enough. 0:32 - 0:36 debra lovelace/senior director human resources - 18:09:58 what happens in the valley is that we're known for quality nurses so what thats doing is bringing in more competition from mid western health care systems, down in florida and those folks they want to come here and attract our nurses away. 18:10:12 because of competition, recruiting efforts.
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getting nurses from nearby states, and social media. debra lovelace/senior director human resources - 18:10:39 it came back to what can we offer the nurses so it's the wide variety of careers we have here. it's interdisciplinar y care and it's that strong nursing voice. alban says she wants to work for carilion because of its reputation. however she says she's not ruling out other hospitals that may have better offers. ananda rochita/roanok e "i also reached out to centra hospitals .. a spokesperson told me it needed nurses for acute care settings. in roanoke ananda rochita wsls 10." there will be another recruiting event next month on february 27 at radford university. after pressure from the community... botetourt county supervisors are comissioning a study of the land surrounding two historic buildings. people argue the slave quarters located on the greenfield plantation may be sitting on top of several unmarked graves.
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supervisors has announced the creation of the greenfield preservation advisory commission to help them determine how best to proceed in their plans for moving the structures. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch is here in studio. rob - why are these buildings so important? well for one, they've been standing in that same spot in botetourt county for more than 2 hundred years. the county wants to move those structures to make way for new industrial development. but descendants say it's destruction of their heritage. one of those decendents, cheryl sullivan willis, says the ultimate goal for her would be to preserve the original 19-acre plantation as a historic site. but the county has already prepared an area they plan to move the buildings to. sullivan willis says that would destroy the historic nature of the property. cheryl sullivan willis, descendant: 10:58:52 "when you move them, you take away the authenticity of, in their history, you can't move all the dirt, all the land, you can't move the things that are around it." the county announced yesterday
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archaeological study of the area around the buildings to determine if there are any unmarked graves. if graves are discovered, the county will have to determine if they will leave the area alone or proceed to move the buildings and the graves to the preservation site it has set aside. coming up at 6, we talk to a county supervisor about what is motivating supervisors to make this move. in studio, rob manch, w-s-l-s 10. in w-s-l-s ten economic news... financial problems within norfolk southern lead to more downsizing. the company released its fourth quarter report today. the report shows profits slid 29-percent. that's being blamed on norfolk southern delivering 6- percent less freight. the company says it will cut 2- thousand jobs... or 4-percent of its workforce... by 20-20. norfolk southern stock has dropped 35- percent over the last 12 months. growing virginia businesses are the main topic of this year's chamber day. commonwealth lawmakers gathered
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to discuss the state's economy. attorney general mark herring talked about how to support small businesses. one idea... a patent troll unit. herring says patent infringement costs the u-s economy 29- billion dollars a year. virginia businesses will now be protected from those costs. governor mcauliffe says the recent winter whiteout may have been the "most expensive" snow storm in the commonwealth's history. mcauliffe says the storm could use up the state's entire snow response budget... which is around 200- million dollars. state crews have been working to clear the snow since last week. the clean up costs about 2 to 3-million dollars an hour. gov. terry mcauliffe/d- virginia "it's going to cost us a lot of money. this could be north of 175 million and top 200 million which would be an historic storm for us and would be the most expensive we've ever had, but cost is not the issue." mcauliffe says the state will request federal assistance to
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drama in the race for the white house continues. today's big question... will donald trump stick to his g-o-p debate? the front runner announced his decision not to tuesday... saying he would not work with the debate's moderator... fox news' megyn kelly. the move has been criticized by trump's rivals. mark murray, nbc news senior political editor :09-:14 "there's a huge risk. we've already seeing republicans pouncing on him saying that he with fox news." meanwhile... voters are responding positively to the news. trump jumped 7 points in monmouth's latest poll. on the left... the leading democratic candidates... hillary clinton and bernie sanders... are tied. sanders has also refused to take part in the next democratic debate. in your w-s-l-s ten timesaver traffic report... there are no back-ups yet... but v-dot is warning drivers about a vehicle accident on i-81 near mile marker 125-point-4 in montgomery county.
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shoulder in southbound lanes. students looking to save themselves from costly loans head to the capital to make their case. the lawmakers they met with... and what the senators had to say about their proposals. plus... local health workers put out a warning about the zika virus. what you need to know about the infection. you have a chance to help out the community. february fourth... w-s-l-s ten is hosting a ten cares food drive. the event benefits feeding america south- west virginia... by bringing in much needed donations. from 6 a-m to 7 p-m on the fourth... we'll be out at five different kroger locations. for more information on how you can help... visit our
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this is a live look from our airport skycam. tonight: partly to mainly cloudy with lows in the lower 20s thursday: sun & clouds with highs in the middle 40s friday: sun & clouds with highs in the middle 40s.overnight flurries possible saturday: early morning flurries possible.mostl
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sunday: mostly sunny with highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s monday: isolated rain showers possible with highs in the upper 50s tuesday: partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s dawn i'm dawn jefferies here in the wsls 10 newsroom with a look at what's coming up tonight at 5-30. vo danville city schools were closed again today. we sit down with the superindentent and the public works office to find out why. vo plus... a dam in danville may soon be no more. the proposal to remove it and why say it's a good idea..
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that's tonight on wsls ten at 5-30. in w-s-l-s ten health team... carilion clinic warns people tonight: partly to mainly cloudy with lows in the lower 20s thursday: sun & clouds with highs in the middle 40s friday: sun & clouds with highs in the middle 40s.overnight flurries possible saturday: early morning flurries possible.mostl y sunny afternoon with highs in the middle 50s sunday: mostly
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highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s monday: isolated rain showers possible with highs in the upper 50s tuesday: partly cloudy with highs in the dawn
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in the wsls 10 newsroom with a look at what's coming up tonight at 5-30. vo danville city schools were closed again today. we sit down with the superindentent and the public works office to find out why. vo plus... a dam in danville may soon be no more. the proposal to remove it and why say it's a good idea.. on cam
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in w-s-l-s ten health team... carilion clinic warns people about the zika
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as we reported yesterday, someone in virginia tested positive for the disease. the state's department of health says the virginian traveled from a country where there is currently a zika virus outbreak. the mosquito borne virus can cause health issues for adults but the effects are more severe for pregnant women. a carilion clinic doctor says ... people should be wary of the virus in the summer. "the potential is here that you can get in the united states in the summer months come cause we do have mosquitoes ... if someone comes in from these countries are sick and can spread in the future." the c-d-c has issued a travel warning for pregnant women heading into areas impacted by the outbreak. to help calm fears... the world health organization is answering some questions about the virus. one common concern is how to protect yourself from it. health leaders say to lower your risk of infection... use
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cover your body in light-colored clothing... and sleep under a mosquito net. another tip is to cover containers that hold water... which removes breeding grounds for mosquitos. another way to avoid the virus is to cancel any travel plans to areas currently affected by the outbreak. the c-d-c says if you bought a plane ticket to one of the countries... pregnant women might be able to get a refund with a doctor's note. another question is about the cure for zika. the w-h-o says currently... there is no specific treatment for the virus... and no vaccine. local students are taking their debt concerns to the capital. what senators are doing to support students and provide relief.
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happening now... more than a dozen college students are in washington... talking about college loans. wsls ten's jenna zibton explains why our local lawmakers called for the roundtable... in tonight's education matters. jenna student leaders from ferrum college and radford university are part of the discussions.. meeting with local senators to discuss student loan debt. vo senators mark warner and tim kane are hosting the conversation with student government leaders from fifteen state universities. experts say sixty percent of virginia's college students will
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some debt with the average student loan topping 26- thousand dollars. sot senator mark warner, d-va "there is more student debt than credit card debt. too many students are coming out of college in the red. that means they are not getting married. that means they are not starting that new business. that means they're not trying to pursue their own career because they get crushed many times by 40, 50, 60 thousand dollars of student debt. i know as the first person in my family to graduate from college, if i'd come out with that kind of student debt, i wouldn't have cont vo the discussion comes as the senate begins consideration of the higher education act. senator warner introduced two bipartisan bills to provide relief to students struggling to manage record levels of college debt. one proposal streamlines income-based repayment programs... and the other would allow employers to help pay-down an employee's student loan debts with pre- tax income. jenna zibton, wsls 10. when you see news happening, we want to hear from you.
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today is national chocolate cake day! according to some sources... chocolate cake was first created in 17-65... when a doctor and a chocolate maker ground up cocoa beans. they poured the resulting syrup
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the first chocolate cake recipe was published in 18-47.
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students in the city of danville
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