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tv   WSLS 10 at 6 PM  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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how a piece of artwork brought two strangers together. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at six. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. blacksburg police are searching for a missing girl they say is in danger. 13-year-old nichole lovell was last seen at her family's blacksburg apartment around midnight last night. when her mother went to wake her up this morning, she was gone. wsls 10's bethany teague joins us live outside the blacksburg police department. bethany -- why are police saying she is in danger? nichole has to take medicine liver going without this medicine could potentially be deadly. we spoke with nichole's mother and uncle today. they say have always known their little girl, who goes by "koley", to be happy. they say she loves to sing and dance, and has always wanted to be on american idol. her mom, tammy weeks, clutched nichole's favorite stuffed panda bear as she pleaded with her
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whoever is with her would bring her back. tammy weeks & fred hawks, mother & uncle - a nightmare. yea, it's like you see it on tv and everything, and you think it's never going to happen to you. and here we are in the position that everybody else is going through, and we just don't know what to think. it's shocking, didn't think it would ever happen to us though. butt sots we love you, nichole. we miss you. we want you home. police say they do not know if this is a runaway situation or if there was foul play. nichole's mother says she believes someone had to have helped her get out of the house last night. anyone with information on nichole's whereabouts is asked to call police right away. live in blacksburg bethany teague wsls 10. senator tim kaine introduces legislation that would hold gun manufacturers responsible for who they sell guns to. the bill would close what kaine calls .. a loophole that allows a gun purchase to be carried out .. even if a
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currently -- manufacturers are not held liable for sales.. making it easier for straw purchasers or traffickers to purchase hundreds of weapons and resell them. now to a wsls 10 follow up... after public outcry over plans to move two historic buildings... botetourt county supervisors are now reviewing their plans. the board is founding the greenfield preservation advisory commission to help guide that move. it's also commissioning an archaeological study of the area. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch has the details for us from botetourt county. people opposed to moving two historic slave quarters say they understand it's a hard decision. 11:00:06 "we want to see botetourt grow, but we also don't want to destroy what it's built on." cheryl sullivan willis is a descendent of those slaves who lived and worked on this property more than 2 hundred years ago. she hopes this planned study of the area will discover people
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moving the buildings to rest. 10:57:33 "i'm guardedly hopeful. i think that's the way a lot of us feel, because it's very important that we acknowledge and respect the last resting place of these people." 10:57:46 rob manch, botetourt county: 10:51:16 "supervisors say to conduct a study of the historical area here, archaeologists will need to remove about 6 inches of the topsoil, then use ground penetrating radar to determine if there are actually graves under the ground." supervisors say development in the area is important for the county. billy martin, county supervisor: 11:04:51 "the more commercial industry that we have in botetourt, that takes the burden of the tax load off of the tax payers and the homeowners." supervisor billy martin says this particular spot also has a price tag on it. 11:13:25 "virginia department of transportation will give us another 5 hundred thousand dollar gift, or forgiveness for that road that they built and put in there, and one of the stipulations on that is we were to get industry in there, corporations in there, in a certain time limit." marna there are already several companies interested in the land. but sullivan willis says there has to be another way to
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11:01:47 "out of 932 acres, i think that we could find a way to work out preserving 19." in botetourt county, rob manch, w-s-l-s 10. the atlantic coast pipeline hits a significant speed bump in trying to cross national forest land. the monongahela and george washington national forests both say .. the project would affect endangered species. forestry officials say .. they've rejected the project application... but the company could re-apply with a new route. the mountain valley pipeline is another project planning to cross the jefferson national forest. the forest confirmed today there are several endangered species there as well. virginia tech students share findings from flint michigan they call shocking. virginia tech professor marc edwards led a team of faculty and students to independently test water samples in flint and detroit.
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complained about poor quality. one student says she found lead levels were 18 times higher in flint water than in detroit water. christina devine / student researcher this is the water that they were using in their system, and it was a fairly simple test they could have run before switching. you can see the results. you can actually visually see the lead particles in the water. you don't even have to send it to the lab to see that there's more lead in the flint water than the detroit water. edwards and his team of scientists and students will present their full findings tomorrow night at seven in goodwin hall. new at six... as the problem of homelessness continues to grow in the roanoke valley... two iconic non- profits announce they will merge... providing more stability to the programs. the trust house and bethany hall will now be under one program known as arch. wsls 10's rachel lucas has more
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between three and six hundred people in the roanoke community face homelessness each year....bethany hall, a shelter for women and children is at max....and just down the road at trust house...its the same story. 15 veterans. 00:22:41:21 "we are not just giving people a place to be housed, we additional services that organizations provide mental health and addiction rehabilitation services..addre ssing the problem at the root of the issue. 00:29:51:26 "we have pretty serious social issues that we need to address, homelessness, addiction, poverty and we cannot do it alone. we cannot stay in silos and do this work. we must work together collaboratively ." the united way has helped fund both non- profits for years, and after a nod, the two have decided to combine services and budgets. 00:21:44:17 "it gives us the ability to be efficient and to stretch our investment and feel confident that we are going to have a greater impact on a greater
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the program now known as arch - will still keep the two facilities working in their respective locations...but under one mission and one operating budget that now equals one point one million dollars. 00:22:02:22 "it gives us a bang for the buck. it gives us the ability to recognize that when we are investing in two different operations that are doing similar work, where really not affecting the same population. when we combine those resources we are able to do more with that investment and we are able to ultimately reach more people." in roanoke rachel lucas wsls10 hospitals across the country are in need of more nurses. it's a shortage our local hospitals like carilion clinic are experiencing as well. currently there are 100 openings at carilion... which is why the hospital is ramping up recruiting efforts. carilion is increasing pay... focusing on getting nurses from nearby states... and using social media. debra lovelace/senior director human resources - 18:10:39 it came back to what
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it's the wide variety of careers we have here. it's interdisciplinar y care and it's that strong nursing voice. we also reached out to centra hospitals. a spokesperson said it's also in need of nurses. coming together through art. the piece of work that brought two strangers together 14 years later. and... wsls 10 is teaming up with feeding america southwest virginia and kroger to bring you our annual "10 cares food drive." on thursday february 4-th from 6 a-m to 7 p-m we'll be at the kroger in bonsack... cave spring... lynchburg... martinsville and blacksburg colleting food. it all started 14- years-ago... when a patron of famous anthony's
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if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza foronly 50 cents when you order any large pizzaat regular menu price. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. a patron of famous anthony's
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year-old created in response to the september 11-th attacks. the customer says the artwork "spoke" to her because many of her friends died inside the towers. for many years the identity of the drawing has been a mystery. today, that question was answered and wsls10's christina craig joined in on the reunion. "the search for the mystery 9 year old artist began back in october of 2015. every famous anthony's in the region hung this poster -- a replica of the of the drawing. finally, right before christmas the restaurant heard a response." nat and, today -- almost 15- years-later -- these two families met for the very first time. "they can destroy our famous american buildings, but they cant destroy our famous american pride. and these words have been so comforting to me for so many years, i want to thank you for that." these words tounched wendy
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anthony's restaurant. at the time jones worked for morgan stanley, the world trade center's number one tenant, remotely in virginia. she says she lost many good friends the day the towers came crumbing down. today, jones celebrates with the once young boy who gave her comfort during a dark time. 1:04-1:14 "at 9 you know, a lot of things didn't quite make sense. but, i knew that this was still america. i knew this was still the greatest country on face of the earth no matter what." aaron, now 23, says 911 was a sensitive time for the entire nation, but it also reflected a tough time for his family. the day before, his grandmother passed. it was at the funeral home where he watched the stories pour out from new york. "i don't guess i ever thought it would speak to anybody. it's kind of an outward gesture." that jones has clutched and framed in her office. signed
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answer. 1:47-1:50 "i've always wondered who he was. i always wondered if our paths crossed, if i knew him." ironically, both jones and aaron live in botetourt and have run for city council, but today is the first time they've met. and now, welcome a long friendship. in roanoke, christina craig, wsls10.
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afternoon with highs in the middle 50s exciting buzzer beater last night against wake forest...we relive that moment.. and virginia tech hosts #16 louisville toinght in cassell...
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men's basketball team finished the regular season with only two conference wins. this year.. it has already doubled it's in-conference wins going 4-3. tonight the team is looking to bounce back from it's 5-point loss to unc... as the hokies host #16 ranked louisville. i don't think they were going to be judged based on our test against north carolina or tested notre dame i think in the end we keep getting the same test because we keep having the the same test and i think we have to be accountable in a different way and that's why am different than just being a ball coach or a ballplayer. tip off tonight is at cassell coliseum at 8-pm... we will have highlights from the match-up at 11. coliseum at 8-pm... we will have 11.
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ranked 11th in the country this week and had a phenomenal come-back win last night to beat wake forest. it's too good not to show again... virginia trailing by 7 late in the game.. when wake's devin thomas makes the basket and draws the foul to extend their lead. -it looks like the deacs have put this one away but oh no... uva makes a comeback to get within 2 points. -and with 4 seconds on the clock .. virginia on the inbounds to devon hall.. hall passes to darius thompson who lobs up a 3 in hopes of getting fouled and going to the line.. but he banks it in at the buzzer!! uva stays alive winning 72-71. they are now 5-3 in acc play. here's a look at the acc basketball standings as of now.. north carolina sits at the top at 7-0 in conference play followed by louisville with one loss... then there are 4 teams who are sitting right under that with 2-losses. following them you have uva and virginia tech who sit in the middle of the pack of the
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sure to change with plenty of games still left on the schedules. to news and notes.. lebron james is upset that he is being blamed for the firing of cavalier coach david blatt. -spurs coach gregg popovich will coach the west team in the nba all-star game. -and dwight howard returns from an ankle injury to play tonight against the spurs. and lakers' kobe bryant sitting during last nights game against the mavericks... can't find a seat on the bench so me makes one.. he tells one of the rookies to take a seat on the floor! it may be his final season but he is still showing the young guns who's boss.... the mamba thinks nothing of it.. just putting on that lip balm.
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nbc nightly news is next. and don't forget join us back here in half an hour for our
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developing news tonight. trump standoff. an intense drama
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front-runner goes to
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