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a few hours ago. it includes officers from six local police agencies... members of the f-b-i's child abduction rapid deployment team... and around one thousand virginia tech corps of cadets members. right now they are focusing on about a half mile to a mile radius around nicole's home... and will go out from there if need be. they have set up a mobile command center... and say it will remain here until there is reason to go elsewhere. lt. mike albert, blacksburg police department "it's one of the darkest and worst things that you can deal with, but nicole also requires medication daily for a medical condition. we know that we're going on 36 plus hours without her not having the medication." the blacksburg police department has set up some phone numbers for anyone with information to call. you can call in to 540-552-2222... or
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police say they can't stress enough how important it is that the community pull together to offer anything find nicole. john...? do we know exactly how long nicole can go without this liver medication? we don't know the exact timeframe. has never gone this long without it since she was a baby. the fear is that even just one day could cause irreversible damage. that's one of the reasons time is so much of the essence in this case. live in blacksburg bethany teague wsls 10. a roanoke man is missing as well. roanoke police say 26-year old jonathan alan kent has been missing for more than a week. kent was last seen january 20- th. he was reported missing by co- workers monday. if you have any information on where he may be... you're asked to call the roanoke police department's tip line. you can remain anonymous. a pulaski county judge says .. pictures of noah thomas' body
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upcoming child abuse and neglect trial. ashley white's defense team filed several motions... asking that pictures of noah's body in the septic tank and during the autopsy be excluded from trial. white's lawyer says .. the photographs are irrelevant to the charges... and would only inflame the jury. the other motions asked for information about the seizure of marijuana in white's home... and that each prospective juror be questioned individually before trial. the judge denied all motions. noah's father... paul thomas... is lawyer just filed a motion requesting that all references and evidence relating to the search for... or the death of noah thomas be excluded from his trial. the judge has not yet ruled on this motion. dozens of people in alleghany county woke up this morning to door. round up by the alleghany highlands drug task force. wsls 10's ananda rochita was there and has the footage you'll
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nat sound knocks -- 18:37:53 this is what several dozen "wanted" people woke up to --- 18:34:12 - "sheriff's office" before officers took them to jail. lieutenant casey gibson is in charge of this team as part of a drug round-up in alleghany county. casey gibson/lieutena nt alleghany county sheriff's office - 0:18 - 0:21 we all get together before we go to different places and look at the packet ... talk about if they have weapons charges or narcotics charges or if they're violent offenders so we're prepared to take action 18:44:38 fifty five officers were involved in "operation deep freeze." they were sent out in teams to arrest 67 people indicted on 188 charges. dr michael moran helps out the team's as a physician. i can carry" showing medical gear he's also another set of eyes out on the scene. michael "when i'm looking at the house i'm looking at the entry team and make sure they're organized and i'm looking at the left side of there."
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happen a few times a year. alleghany county sheriff kevin hall says they're trying to catch these people off guard. kevin hall/alleghany county sheriff - 1:08 - 1:11 the element of surprise ... get them and it could possibly lead to another case and not let them know that it's coming out so they can't leave the area or the state 18:48:05 the charges these people are facing range from possession to manufacturing drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamin es. the sheriff hopes these kinds of round-ups are a reminder there are consequences for bad decisions. in alleghany county, ananda rochita wsls 10. agencies part of today's roundup include u-s marshals service, virginia state police, and bath county sheriff's office. public safety is a top concern in flint michigan where people have been exposed to water contaminated with lead. virginia tech researchers are helping the community with the problem. professor marc edwards' extensive testing helping bring the issue to light.
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oversee all testing done by the state and federal governments. tonight... edwards will share his findings. wsls ten's duke carter is live in the new river valley on virginia tech's campus... duke what did they find out? students involved with testing of flint's water supply say they easily noticed the water wasn't clear. in fact the water was brown. students say without even testing the water they noticed high levels of particles which they learned was lead. they tested detroit's water and compared it to flint's. after three weeks they learned flint's water was 18 times more corrosive than detroit's water. "when we trun on the tap we trust that water is safe and i think there's been a huge
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there are lot of issues with the residents of flint now not being able to trust people and rightfully so." students involved with testing flint's water will present their findings tonight to the community. marc edwards a virginia tech professor civil engineering professor who was called to lead to the independent testing will also speak tonight. coming up at 6, we'll hear from one of the students who participaed in the testing. ten. in flint... the state steps in to help residents affected by the water crisis. the state legislature has unanimously approved 28- million dollars to address the water. the emergency spending bill includes money for bottled water ... filters... and services to monitor children for developmental delays caused by the contamination. the money will also help flint test and monitor its water. this
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state funding allocated since the lead contamination was confirmed in the fall. in w-s-l-s ten economic news... local business leaders travel to richmond to talk to senator stanley. all week... senator bill stanley has been meeting with people from the district. today... the senator met with the executive director of the cross roads institute in galax and the pittsylvania county farm bureau. he's also talked with farm bureau constituents from carroll county about their legislative and policy priorities. senator stanley says he will continue to fight for legislation that promotes the agriculture business and the small family farm. a salem woman didn't know much about playing the virginia lottery's powerball game but that changed after her million dollar win. the lottery handed kelly a huge check this afternoon at the salem 7-11 where she bought the ticket. she aksed the clerk to give her "20-dollars of whatever the big jackpot was."
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one away from the record breaking 1-point- 5-billion dollar jackpot. she says she thought she had to match the numbers in the order they came out but a co- worker told her differently. kelly cox/lottery winner "she confirmed i had them all so i called my husband woke him up and told him that i've gotten five of the numbers right. he was like oh that's great baby congratulation s, how much did you win, like $1000? and i was like no million and he was like no no wait what did you say and i said 1 million and he said you're kidding and i said no i'm not kidding." kelly says they'll invest some of the money for retirment and also help their kids who are paying their own way through college. in your w-s-l-s ten timesaver traffic report... drivers... there's some luck on your side as well. currently... we aren't seeing
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major accidents or back ups. as the zika virus spreads... so does concern. the latest from world health leaders on the infection... and how they plan to combat it. w-s-l-s ten... kroger... and feeding america south-west virginia are working together to combat hunger. thousands of south-west virginia families rely on the food bank and its partners for food... but the non- profit is currently seeing a decline in donations. you can help... by participating in our ten cares food drive... next thursday... february fourth. we'll be out at several different
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if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two.
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when you order any large pizzaat regular menu price. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. this is a live look from our downtown roanoke sky cam. the sun was out in a more filtered variety as we were being grazed by a storm system that was sliding off of the east coast. a very weak system will slide through friday bringing with it some wind and a few stray flurries. tonight: partly cloudy and cool with lows around 30. friday:
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windy with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. friday night: mostly clear and cold with lows in the mid 20s. saturday starts our january thaw as temperatures make a run for the mid 50s. we warm things up even further heading into the upcoming week as 60s, possibly low to mid 60s make an appearance on the seven day forecast. rain becomes likely on wednesday as a stronger storm system arrives. that system will
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40s return for highs on thursday. dawn roanoke sky cam. the sun was out in a more filtered variety as we were being grazed by a storm system that was sliding off of the east coast. a very weak system will slide through friday bringing with it some wind and a few stray flurries. tonight: partly cloudy and cool with lows around 30. friday: mostly sunny and cool.
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the low to mid 40s. friday night: mostly clear and cold with lows in the mid 20s. saturday starts our january thaw as temperatures make a run for the mid 50s. we warm things up even further heading into the upcoming week as 60s, possibly low to mid 60s newsroom with a look at what's coming up tonight at 5-30. vo governor terry mcauliffe and republican lawmakers are set to make a major announcement involving gun legislation. the deal being made and what it means for people with concealed handgun permits. on cam that's tonight on wsls ten at
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in w-s-l-s ten health team... international concerns over the zika virus continue to grow. the world health organization says the outbreak is - quote- "spreading rapidly" in latin america. the zika virus can cause mild illness in adults... but is particularly harmful for pregnant women. it's been linked to serious birth defects in babies whose mothers were infected during their pregnancy. the w-h-o will hold an emergency meeting monday to determine if the outbreak should be declared an international health emergency. meanwhile... brazil's president has called for a meeting with the several south american countries to eliminate the mosquito carrying the virus. however... 31 americans have tested positive for the infection this year alone. president obama is looking into
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he met with c-d-c leaders to go over options. topics they discussed included speeding up research on the virus and diagnostic testing for it... along with developing vaccines and therapeutics. a local university's president receives a national honor. why hollins university's president is one to watch in
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in tonight's education matters... hollins university students have more options when it comes to paying for college... thanks to university president nancy grey. during her time in office... grey increased the school's endowment... allowing it to offer more student aide. wsls10's christina craig has more. as the price of higher education rises, sophomore emma sala -- a theater major -- is grateful for her two scholarships. 8-17 "i couldn't come here if i didn't have my scholarships. i could not afford it. so the fact that i can come here at all, is because of president grey and it's amazing." a bachelors degree at 36-thousand- dollars a year. sala's scholarship pay for over half of her tuition. nats because over the last decade president nancy grey has made it her mission to increase the university's endowment. it's grown from from 72- million-dollars to
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"primarily we talked to individuals who graduated from hollins. our alumni loved their alma mater. they believe their lives were changed, that they've gone education." because of that loyalty, many of their alumni helped the debt. 1:03-1:11 "we were at a place where we were actually spending the endowment to survive and that's dangerous." many describe grey as nurturing. because she fought to increase the endowment both teachers and students have greater arrival in 2005. it's a safety net for the university. nats and for sala, it's provided an opportunity she could not afford alone. in roanoke, christina craig, wsls10. want to hear from you. call us at 1-800- see news ...
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news-at-wsls- dot-com. you can also let us know about stories or upload photos to our facebook page ...
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our 90 minutes of news conitnues next.
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now at five- thirty ... a major deal on gun legislation in the commonwealth. the agreement governor terry mcauliffe and republican leaders are set to announce. plus... we're learning new details tonight about a murder suicide in chesapeake. the latest in the investigation. senator debbie stabinow, d michigan - "we need to get this done, the people of flint have waited way too long." and... michigan senators head to capital hill to push for progress in flint. the new proposal calling for the government's help with the city's water crisis. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at 5:30.
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