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saw his daughter alive. he told dr. phil the last time he saw his daughter nicole was december 19th. she disappeared nearly six weeks later on january 27th. lovell told dr. phil he puts a lot of blame on himself. 20.21.29 "i have so many regrets. i wasn't there for her when she needed me. there's no way to roll back the time." during his appearance on the show... david lovell speculated on any possible motives suspects david eisenhauer and natalie keepers could have graphic detail. if you remember... during keepers' bond hearing... we learned according to prosecutors... keepers and eisenhauer plotted to take nicole to a remote location and cut her throat. his daughter was stabbed to death... he says her throat was not cut. he also described how nicole was bullied... made fun of for her tracheotomy scar and
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on her. 19.44.06 "a girl with self- esteem issues anyway somebody told her some good things about her of course it would be easy to seduce a bullied little girl." tonight at six... we'll talk more about david lovell's appearance on dr. phil and what he told the talk show host about learning his daughter had been found. meanwhile... many of you have been asking about nicole's mother.. tammy weeks. she spoke out at the community vigil for nicole earlier this week but we've also been talking. tammy tells me she wants to raise awareness about social media and online dangers but right now... she just wants to grieve the loss of her daughter. christiansburg police look to save more children from sharing nicole's fate. they're doing that by offering parents a free class on how to keep their children safe online. w-s-l-s ten's duke carter sat down with officers... and has more. duke radford police say having an
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can help keep them safe while online and build trust. vo detectives say there are some signs that your child could be at risk online. the first - they're spending a lot time online, especially at night. most children who fall victm are usually in chat rooms and spend time online after dinner or on the weekends. another sign - making a phone call to long distance numbers you don't recognize. your child may turn the computer monitor or change the screen when you walk into the room. also, they may be using an online account belonging to someone else. investigators say parents should routinely check a child's computer or cell phone. sot when something tragic happens in your community or you see something online and your kid talks about it, sit down and have a conversation with them, do you know how this happens lets talk about this do you have anybody on your social networking site that you don't know why are you friends with them? duke chrisitansburg police will host an internet safety course for parents on tuesday, february 23rd it's from 7-9 the christiansburg recreation
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the course is free.and will walk parents through the social media sites and apps they need to be aware of. you can find more information on the internet safety seminar on our website... w- s-l-s dot com. the trial for ashley white began monday.. but it will restart tomorrow with a different audience. after two days of trying to find an impartial jury.. the judge ruled a change of venue was necessary for a fair trial for the death of her son, noah. however.. the defense and prosecution agreed instead on a bench trial in pulaski county. wsls 10's bethany teague has more on why the judge made this rare decision.. and what's next for ashley white. after about an hour and a half of consideration.. pulaski county circuit court judge bradley finch made a decision that has only been made there twice in the last 50 years. finch granted the change of
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white. out of 66 potential jurors.. 41 were disqualified. finch told the court that 20 jurors had either fixed couldn't be impartial. 11 had been active on social media regarding noah thomas and the case against his mom.. ashley white. six personally knew noah.. or had helped search for him last year. and eight felt that white should be charged with murder.. not just child abuse.. or that she should be required to prove her innocence. however.. after this decision.. the prosecution asked for a bench trial rather than a jury trial elsewhere. in a move that surprised some.. the defense agreed to this. we spoke to a criminal justice expert at radford university who says judge finch's decision to change the venue could have influenced the defense's choice to let him decide white's fate. jack call, radford university 1:08- 1:11 "one of the reasons the defense might be willing to
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attorney perceives judge finch as a very fair-minded person. if she had a different judge, she might not perceive it that way and may not be willing to give up the jury right." white's bench trial will start tomorrow morning at nine. in the nrv newsroom bethany teague wsls 10. noah's father... paul thomas... also faces charges stemming from his death. thomas is expected back in court march 9-th. roanoke police investigate a shooting involving a teenager. officers say the 17-year old showed up at carilion roanoke memorial hospital's emergency room on tuesday. the teen said he was shot while sitting in a car on 8-th and harrison. police confirmed his statement after finding evidence of a shooting at the scene. the 17-year-old is expected to be okay. at this point... no arrests have been made. the case is still under investigation. there will soon be more protection for residents... when it comes to gun violence. today... virginia delegates passed historic state bills on gun control.
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of an agreement between the governor and the general assembly. in return for restoring concealed carry reciprocity... the legislation requires state police be available to perform voluntary background checks at gun shows. the bills also prohibit residents under permanent domestic violence protective orders from owning guns. governor mcauliffe says he looks forward to signing these important measures into law. three new roanoke city councilors and the next mayor may be decided as early as this weekend. the city's democratic party is hosting a firehouse primary to decide its candidates. and with no republicans stepping forward yet, the winners will be the favorites for the positions. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch spoke with both candidates for mayor to find out what issues they think will sway the vote. when voters enter the booths at the berglund center this saturday, they'll have two choices. current vice mayor david trinkle... or 12 year council
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which will likely be the next head of roanoke's government. but without an absentee option available, candidates first need to get people to the polls. :81 - :22 david trinkle, mayoral candidate: 18:06:55 "i'm hoping all the candidates like i'm doing are really out trying to drum up people to come out." once the voters are there, trinkle and lea both say they'll be showing people how their expertise in office will lead to success on pivitol issues. the most important of those for both candidates is economic development. :35 - :48 sherman lea, mayoral candidate: 17:53:36 "i think if we're going to be successful in a lot of areas, especially in the area of economic development, we have to sell our area as one locality, and my background and history reveals that i've done that." trinkle says jobs will come when people are ready to fill them. 18:09:11 "we need to make sure our workforce is motivated, healthy, trained, certificate programs, and ready to work, and with that i really do think businesses will start to locate here." but to bring businesses to the city, both candidates agree it has to be safe to live there. 17:56:10 "when you look at our
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priority in this city was public safety, and is public safety, and i'm fortunate that i have a career, i worked 35 years as a regional director of probation and parole services." trinkle says a program developed by police chief chris perkins is taking a step in the right direction. 18:10:26 "he's arranged immediate access to substance abuse treatment for people that are arrested that are willing to go into treatment and have a mentor and stick with the treatment in order to avoid the charges, and that's the type of thing we need to do more of." in roanoke, rob manch, w-s-l-s 10. people will get the chance to hear the candidates talk about those issues publicly tomorrow night at a forum in center in the square hosted by the regional chamber of commerce. the primary this weekend will be from noon to 7 at the berglund center. in addition to the mayoral race, voters will choose 3 out of the 6 current democratic candidates for city council. the city's republican committee is hosting its selection on the 25th.
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dramatic effect on the race for the white house today. after donald trump picked up the g-o-p win in new hampshire last night... carly fiorina announced she's leaving the race. chris christie is also reassessing his campaign. meanwhile... other republican candidates jeb bush... ted cruz... and marco rubio have already moved on to south carolina to prepare for the next primary. for the democrats... support for sanders came through... giving him a more than 20-point lead over hillary clinton last night. but the competition is expected to tougher for sanders in south carolina... where clinton currently leads by 30-points. in your w-s-l-s ten timesaver traffic report... currently... all roads are clear of any major accidents or delays. still ahead on wsls 10 at five ... federal health officials testify at our nation's capitol. the threat they say the zika virus poses. plus the new birth defects
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this is a live look from our
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with wind and cold air in place, wind chills were below zero in the highlands and in the single digits in the nrv. and tonight looks to bitterly cold with wind chills 15 below zero in the will also feel below zero in the nrv. please bundle up and take good care of yourself and your pets tonight.
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showers end, blustery with lows in the middle teens.but with the wind, it will feel much colder than that. thursday: partly to mostly sunny and still blustery with highs around 30. another weak disturbance may impact the area on's a weak clipper system that could bring us more light rain
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the nrv and highlands, with maybe a dusting in spots as far east as roanoke. it will be a mostly cloudy day with highs in the middle 30s. the weekend does look dry. both days looks to see a mix of sun and clouds. it, however, will tonight at 5-30.
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natural bridge ...after a devastating fire wiped out the population years ago. plus ... all roanoke county middle schoolers may soon be using computers ... instead of books. the push behind technology in the classroom. that's tonight on wsls ten at
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as concern over the zika virus continues to grow... federal health leaders testify in washington. today... the director of the c-d-c and the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases testified before several federal committees. they addressed the national and global threat the virus poses. the w-h-o estimates as many as three to four million people across the americas will be infected with the virus in the next year. at this point... there is no cure and no vaccine for the virus. health leaders say ... a vaccine most likely won't be available for a few years. "this is the latest in a series of unpredicted and in many cases unpredictable health threats. and it emphasizes how crucially important it is that we continue to strengthen the systems that will find, stop and prevent health threats wherever they emerge around the world." the meeting comes as researchers release new information linking the virus to eye abnormalities in babies.
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linked to several other birth defects for babies who have contracted the virus through their mothers. researchers look into whether laptops... tablets... and phones are better suited as educational tools or toys. why they say some technology is putting learning on the line.
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i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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a new study doubts whether the tech tools are actually increasing student learning. wsls 10's jenna zibton has more on a study that says ... retention can turn off when the technology turns on. children's fun is starting to look less and less like this, and more like this. razo of kiddikat day-care says that these tablets are the go-to items for play-time, but feels they have some value. tisha raxo, kiddikat daycare "we have to reserve at least five minutes of play-time for things like these. while tablets are fun researchers say children aren't learning the things they should, and need to go back to the building blocks. bradford wiles, k-state assistant professor "we're teaching children how to use a tablet, but the information that's on the tablet, the children aren't really retaining." that's because interaction with others is vital around this age, and things like tablets, phones, and other technological devices are distracting children from playing with other kids and their parents. bradford wiles, k-state assistant professor "children learn from adults through play
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reading and shared activities, and so anything that you do that isolates them, that's detrimental." razo says that over the years she has seen less and less children knowing how to write their names... and other skills. tisha raxo, kiddikat daycare "when you have to say put a block here, they need the hand-eye coordination, they need the gross motor, they need to do something other than looking at a tablet." bradford wiles, k-state assistant professor "so we think that we are teaching them things like their letters and numbers, but what we are really teaching them very well how to do, is use a touch screen." technology is becoming more integrated in classrooms and daycares. not just for preschoolers, but higher grades, as well. the daycare just got these tablets this year. but they use them sparingly because they rely on the old-fashioned way of doing things - tisha raxo, kiddikat daycare "kids need to go back to learning actually- the main level, the main stuff we jenna wiles also says that toys that intelligent, may not be necessary for playtime. jenna zibton, wsls 10.
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