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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the problem was from rain over the weekend but it's been pooling water ever since. today they found out after more digging, an abandoned water line may be leaking on to the road and upset drivers may be without an extra lane to move until it's fixed. >> as a taxpayer, you want stuff fixed as soon as possible. could have prevented accidents or injuries. so i feel like they should have done something a lot sooner. >> reporter: right now, road crews will begin work on drilling in the pavement so they can seal it to stop the leak from coming above ground. they estimated a finish time of around 4:00 this afternoon. but that could be longer depending on the work needed to the line. it could go well into rush hour. we will be meeting in a couple hours to get an update and keep you updated. >> thank you. we have a look at how it's
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and if it will have an impact on the drive home tonight. >> reporter: looking live right now at independence boulevard inbound near briar creek. not seeing the delays we were seeing this morning but as the day progresses, and most of the travel is headed outbound later today, not expecting impact. again, inbound towards 277, drive time technology showing 43 miles per hour. so 15 minutes coming in from 485 towards the freeway. at this time, no alternate route needed. >> thank you. we will send out a breaking news alert as soon as all lanes are open. you can sign up on the alerts on under the news tab. a former chairman of the unc board of governors is now on his way to jail. we are live outside the county jail to explain this arrest. blake -- >> reporter: police tell us that the former unc board of governors chair tried going
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douglas with a gun in his bag. now, he is a charlotte attorney, he was a board of governors chairman until he resigned in october. a captain said he forgot the gun was in the bag. they have not told us if the gun was loaded or not but it does not affect the charge. he will be charged with possession of a weapon on city property. and now we will be asking for his side of the story of course and have much more on eyewitness news starting at 5:00. reporting live, channel 9 news. nearly 2,000 customers are without power after some trees fell and pulled down a distribution line. this is in the area of the golf club. duke energy is telling us, this is a very difficult area to access with a truck. they do estimate power should be restored by 1:30. this midday, stocks are
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13-year low after they crashed below $27 a barrel. stocks in europe and asia are also tumbling and making it worse on wall street. the dow is down a whopping 317 points. the nasdaq composite is down 53 points. new at noon, lawyers for a south charlotte church are responding to channel 9's questions about a growing discrimination lawsuit. yesterday we learned two more families joined the lawsuit against cavalry church. they claim the church's school discriminated against them for their children's disabilities and medical issues. the church's lawyer sent can a statement saying the church has not seen the new lawsuit and cannot comment on it. and it said in part, quote, with respect to the allegations made in the original complaint, my clients strongly disagree with the allegations that have been made against them. a new leader is coming to charlotte's largest employer, the place many of you trust with your family's health. carolina's health care system
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executive will take over as ceo. we were there early this morning when the chs board of directors voted. >> reporter: the chairman of the board here at carolina's health care system called the day a historic day for the hospital system. for only the third time in the last 35 year, chs is getting a new ceo. today the board of directors met in a private session and unanimously approved gene woods as the top executive. he is a hospital executive in texas right now and is the president-elect of the american hospital association. he will take over the system here in charlotte with 60,000 employees across the carolinas and 30,000 right here in the charlotte area. he says the health care industry faces huge challenges in the years ahead. he says he plans to spend his first days once he starts at the end of april by getting as
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>> i want to hear their aspirations, where they see the best future is and take that dream. >> reporter: gene woods says he plans to be active in the community and he will be taking over for ceo right now who has been ceo for the last 14 years. he is retiring attend of june. channel 9 eyewitness news. today, a toddler is being treated for a drug overdose and the mother is expected to face a judge. she faces felony child abuse by negligent charges. a friend found her in the bed with the baby. officers found drugs inside the home. the child is expected to recover. passengers are back on dry land after a serious storm aboard a cruiseship. >> at one point, i thought i wasn't going to see my family again. >> the frightening moments facing 30-foot waves and hurricane-forced winds that
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would lose their lives. plus, the presidential race is heating up. the candidates coming font the damage control hillary rodham clinton's campaign is doing today. the bright sunshine helping us out after 17 degrees this morning. we're already close to 40 and thankfully the wind not a factor today. a small snow chance tomorrow a small snow cha if you have a speech challenge
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yncsts.c tonight several republican presidential candidates will be in rock hill answering your questions. the university is hosting a forum at 6:00. dr. ben carson ask ted cruz have confirmed they're going. bernie sanders will be there on marco rubio's behalf.
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south carolina because of the upcoming primary. it's the first in the south. jeb bush is hoping a strong showing will save his campaign. john kasich donald trump both campaigned in south carolina last night. >> if we win here after winning so big in new hampshire, all of give it up. >> i'm not going to be the a pin cushion or a marshmallow but i'm also not going to spend my time trashing other people. >> yesterday, chris christie and carly fiorina dropped out of the race. meanwhile, hillary rodham clinton and bernie sanders will debate tonight in wisconsin. clinton's advisers are calling supporters trying to ease concerns. she barely won in iowa and lost by a wide margin in new hampshire but sanders will be tested in south carolina among black and minority voters. rock hill. we are breaking down their messages for voters tonight on
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in the next the few hour, the charlotte knights look to hire workers for the upcoming season. they collect applications for cooks, cashiers, servers and bartenders. it runs in the home plate club at the ball park. the home opener is april 14th. seats on planes across the country are getting smaller and smaller. the new plan being debated right now to make your next flight more comfortable. then -- >> when i looked at my wife and said, it's over. we held hands because we thought it was over. >> cruiseship passengers finally back on land.
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at one point, i thought i wasn't going to see my family again. >> this midday, passengers are finally back on dry land after facing 30-foot waves and hurricane-forced winds on what was supposed to be a relaxing cruise. passengers said it was the scare of their lives. and we have the cruise line's response to the scary situation. >> reporter: pure relief -- >> we're happy to be alive. >> reporter: and anger today. >> angry as hell. never again. >> reporter: 4500 passengers on royal caribbean's anthem of the seas back on solid ground in new jersey after this, their ship cruising right into a
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foot waves and wind gusts topping 100 miles per hour. >> out of nowhere, the ship started going crazy. rocking. the ship was on the side. we saw the ocean coming in. >> try to keep it moving, please. >> water coming in. scary. >> reporter: some questioning the captain's judgment, knowing severe storm warnings were in the forecast. royal caribbean refunding the passenger, giving them half off a future cruise and an apology. >> royal caribbean couldn't be sorry. we already know we're going to make changes to provide more guide examines overtime. >> reporter: but a lawyer says despite the nightmare, passengers looking for anything more probably don't have a case. >> we simply think that the cases are too difficult and probably won't be successful. >> reporter: abc news, new york. tonight leaders will decide
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should move forward. developers want to add retailers to this space of land at the intersection. but more than 100 neighbors have signed a petition against it with worries about too much traffic for that two-lane road. this afternoon, lawyers will meet again to possibly offer a plea deal in a 25-year- old double murder case. yesterday a judge declared a mistrial in william murphy's case after the jury could not reach a verdict. he is accused of killing a cup until 1990. the daily record tell us, lawyers will discuss the next steps this afternoon. this midday, the north carolina ski industry is getting ready for what could be the biggest weekend of the year. the owners says the recent cold snap has allowed them to make several feet of snow. he is expecting a lot of skiers this weekend for both valentine's day and the president's day holiday on monday.
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already in the high country enjoying the conditions. very cold. you know, not very cold but cold enough so it won't get slushy. nice powder. >> and we are expecting an update from the d.o.t. around 1:00 on the road conditions. the main roads are clear. we are tracking the bitterly cold temperatures and the chance of seeing light snow right here. >> yeah, it was nice that the mountains got a break today. the sunshine back but we will see more snow up there tomorrow and likely more snow in the mountains heading into next week. we have a clear picture here at it's beautiful and it's warming up pretty well. i mean, we're already 20 degrees warmer than we were 17. already 41 in lancaster. mountains. you won't get close to freezing in the high country. you are still several days off back up. staying cold, the low the to mid-40s for highs.
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and difference tonight though, the clouds will build up much more and that should keep us from falling into the teens once again. still 20s but not as severe as we had this morning. forecasted 25 in charlotte. still teens in the mountains tomorrow morning. and as we get out there, especially mid- to late morning tomorrow, maybe not the early morning drive but there will be snow that starts up. and it's not expected to accumulate outside the mountains. all the numbers still showing zero which means less than an inch. so yes, maybe a brief snow shower late morning for a while but by midday, it's long gone to the east. we will track this for you and i will have the update tomorrow morning at 4:30 and we will let you know the outlook for what to the expect as we don't expect it to start up until the mid- to late morning. the weekend sunny but very cold, 34 on sunday. the forecast has been trending colder and colder for the weekend. still dry this weekend, so
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remain. fast tomorrow. sunny and dry through the snow. and it lingers into early saturday morning. but saturday afternoon, the southeast is completely clear. and dry and quiet on sunday. and the next weather maker back country. and that's forecast to move our direction on monday. and some of the newest data this morning as we have been mentioning the last couple day, the models go back and forth on what to expect. than snow. so we are still several days we cannot nail down exactly what we will see just yet but there will be a wintery mix across the carolinas on monday. we will nail down timing days. stay tuned, we could have an week. stay on top of the forecast through the weekend and tracking the big chill and the flurries rolling through with
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weather app. the weekend always in view, cold is the main story, another blast into the weekend. we won't crack 40 for saturday and sunday. and lows back in the teens sunday morning. and out to dinner late saturday night, it's going to be blustery and cold. hopefully some of the cold air eases out into early next week but we will have to watch the time of the system. >> this has been several days of this with no break. >> i know. next week does look better eventually with 50s. >> eventually. all right. , keith, thank you. employees of charlotte's water department can work long hours during emergencies but some are making huge amounts of overtime year after year and one worker almost doubled his annual pay. we are asking people in charge how someone racks up that much overtime week after week and whether your tax dollars are being wasted. airlines are giving you less legroom so they can flight.
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now that could keep seats from shrinking even further and make
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and the winning numb if you have flown recently, you may have noticed you have less legroom on the plane. a lawmaker in washington wants to stop seats from shrinking and it's being debated by a house panel right now. we explain, the plan to make flying more comfortable. >> reporter: a u.s. congressman says this is more than just about being uncomfortable, cramped on a plane he says it's so crowded these day,
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risk. the faa does require planes be evacuated in a certain amount of time in case of an emergency. >> there's going to be access where people can't get off because they haven't tested the these small of seats. >> reporter: the tennessee act. it would establish minimum standards, limiting how small can be. he says airlines are literally squeezing people on to planes in tiny seats to boost profit it felt airline industry says the government doesn't need to regulate seat sizes, that the transportation department's own advisory committee looking for the flying public decided not to make recommendations on seat sizes and that consumers have plenty of options when it comes to flying. the consumer airline blog called the idea absurd and said it would cause ticket prices to soar. airlines say more seats means
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in washington, channel 9 eyewitness news. federal customs agents seized nearly $1.7 million in counterfeit hoverboards at the port of charleston. officials say the boards pose a fire risk because their batteries don't meet safety standards. officials across the country have been testing shipments. they seized 16,000 in chicago last month. several local universities are restricting or banning hoverboards. that includes queens university, state university and the university of south carolina. the boards are banned in the carolina panther's locker room. new at noon, fewer americans applied for jobless benefits last week. applications dropped sharply by 16,000 to 269,000. it's well below the 300,000 benchmark that shows employers are confident enough in the economy to hang on to workers. it's a good sign after last month's disappointing jobs
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temperatures have gone up a little bit. still very cold out there. >> yeah, it is. it's better than yesterday. we are warmer than we were throughout the entire day today. there's no big wind chill. we may see mid-40s this afternoon. so enjoy this little bit of a break because it's going to get colder tomorrow, clouds in the morning and maybe a few flurries and then more cold air for the weekend. we will have the time lines today at 5:00 and the latest coming into early next week. >> when the 40s feel warm, sad. that's when you know. all right. thank you. thanks for making channel 9 your choice for news this midday. join us for eyewitness news starting at 5:00.
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