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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we're tracking what you can expect tomorrow morning. >> thanks for joining us, everyone, i'm erica bryant. >> and i'm scott wickersham. steve. >> still looking like we will see a round of flurries in the charlotte area late tomorrow morning. right now, we're talking about temperatures falling after a bit of fall this afternoon. we have seen temperatures again plummet tonight. already down to 28. those are the normal local cool spots. charlotte, still the warmer spot in the map on 35. we have readings of 20 and 24 in boone and jefferson. clouds will fill our skies and those clouds act as a blanket. so we won't be as cold tonight as last night. low to mid 20s in the charlotte area. teens as you hit the high country. bus stop forecast just cold. temperatures in the 20s early on. upper 20s as the kids get into school and 9. here comes our next blast of cold air. it is being marked by a tiny little storm with a little bit of snow. that's what will be crossing thecarolinas late tomorrow morning.
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the snow showers starting in the mountains by 8:00. look at this area blossoming toward shelby through the central foothills and it's going to try to move across the charlotte area. the air is fairly dry. no more than a few flakes between 10:00 and noon. that should be about it. after that, it's all about the cold air. so again, as far as falling from the sky, mountains will see snow showers early on. a rain drop in the charlotte area through 1:00. no travel impact in the metro. >> developing tonight, crews are scrambling to stop water that is spewing out on independence boulevard near 277 and freezing. >> we first reported this problem for you on daybreak and it will be a problem again tomorrow. just in the last three hours, reporter, dashon brown spoke with crews about why it's so hard to find and fix this leak. >> reporter: erica, a spokesperson for the charlotte water told me drivers here should expect this right lane to remain closed until at least 4:00 friday afternoon.
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issue starts, just look for those brake lights. >> it is signs like this one, drivers like lauren pearson hoped to avoid. roadwork ahead, right lane tomorrow. >> like many others, pearson travels this route daily. here on independence boulevard. earlier today, crews with ncdot filed an old water line burst and was seeping into the road. a fix they now hand over to crews with charlotte water in an area pearson describes like this. >> it's a nightmare. i've been rear ended twice and there's consta traffic and no one seems to know how to merge there. >> friday, charlotte drivers won't have a choice, with cues like this one pointing traffic away from the right lane. a spokesman of the charlotte water say the lane will remain closed through the morning as went wrong.
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crews will not know what caused that pipe to burst until they can get out here friday morning and take a closer look. just to give you more perspective here, in the county, they are dealing with more than 8,000 miles of pipes. that is enough, he says, to get from charlotte to china. reporting from independence boulevard, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you. now over the weekend, ice in that very same spot was blamed for four different crashes. channel 9 was out there on saturday morning as the tow truck started loading up two cars. mark taylor will be tracking the backups around that area tomorrow morning on daybreak. trying to help you navigate around all this. look for his reports. it's every ten minutes starting at 4:30 a.m. charlotte dot says it is taking no chances with tomorrow's possible flurry or light snow event. 6 to 12 trucks were out pretreating roads with salt grind. they targeted bridges, culverts, overpasses, hospitals, just in case
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to the road tomorrow morning as steve just talked about. >> it's really important to keep the streets passable and things in good condition. it is much better to be prepared. >> avery schools are on a two hour delay tomorrow because of winter weather in the mountains. ash county will operate on a normal schedule, a half day saturday weather permitting. cms starting on time. we'll have a full list of all closings and delays on >> breaking news right now, as one person has died and a serious crash just outside of lancaster. authorities say two cars collided this afternoon on sc903. a driver stopped at the intersection, pulled out on to 903 into the path of a second vehicle. that driver was flown to the hospital and pronounced dead. the driver of the second vehicle was also taken to the hospital. no word on how serious that person's injuries are tonight. >> tonight we have breaking news. the u.s. and other world powers reached a cease fire deal.
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immediate aid to syria. secretary of state, john kerry made this announcement tonight in germany with other world leaders. he said their goal is to start the cease fire next week. they say this will not apply to isis held territories in syria. >> new tonight at 11:00, the fanal family of a woman who was killed is thanking the public for tips that led troopers to a suspect. stevey is in custody in charleston on unrelated charges. highway patrol has a warrant for his arrest and the crash that killed flora. tips started pouring in after troopers released these pictures of pieces of the purple tractor trailer that broke off. and just in the past two hours, i spoke with flora's daughter by phone. she described her mother as a loving mother and grandmother. she says it won't bring her mother back, but she is relieved a suspect has been
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grateful for the tips. flora's funeral is set for saturday. >> a candle light vigil was held tonight for a man murdered in uptown charlotte. family and friends gathered. police charged mccain for shooting him. investigators say the two got into a fight on 3rd street over the weekend. >> new tonight, a billion dollar company is moving its headquarters out of charlotte. carlyle companies incorporated is moving its headquarters to phoenix. a range of products, including commercial roofing, brake and friction systems, and food service products. this move is expected to happen in the second quarter of this year. right now, stock futures thankfully. this after the market fell for the fourth straight day today. pointings. nasdaq dropped 16 points today. the markets reacting to oil prices hitting their lowest
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>> in the past two hours, a forum for gop presidential candidates wrapped up in rock hill. >> the front runners were not there. eyewitness news reporter asked people out there if that might affect their voting decision. alexis. >> reporter: yes, scott, erica, we're 9 days away from south carolina's republican primary election. and those who attended tonight's forum said it really helped them decide who to vote for whether the candidate was here or not. the first republican presidential candidate to take the stage on winthrop's campaign -- >> we have to be willing to stand for marriage. >> religious freedom was a focal point as well with family values. cruz talked about the need for criminal justice reform. specifically alternatives for nonviolent offenses and school choice, meaning a parent
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child will attend. dr. ben carson, who later took the stage, agreed. >> we have to have a state mediated voucher program so that everybody can have a choice and that way the really bad schools will either be forced to get bebeter or they will disappear. either one is okay. >> carson also addressed poverty, saying he has no intention to withdraw safety net programs for people who need them. those who attended tonight's forum said the discussions were beneficial. >> i feel more informed. >> i think we are moving forward. i think there's a lot of hope for america. >> and although they didn't see all of the republican candidates, marco rubio and john kasich were in other parts of south carolina and donald trump in louisiana, voters here said it didn't sway their opinions much. >> in all, 2,000 people were expected to attend tonight's forum.
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on february 20. reporting live from winthrop university. >> within the last hour, democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton debated in milwaukee. >> i think what our campaign is indicating is that the american people are tired of establishment politics, tired of establishment economics. they want a political revolution. >> i have spent my entire adult life working toward making sure that women are empowered to make their own choices. even if that choice is not to vote for me. >> as the battle to gain support continues, the gop candidates will face off again in south carolina saturday night. is your source for the 2016 election. read more about all the candidates in our special section under the news tab. tonight, friends are defending a landis woman whose
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>> she made a mistake. she is not a bad person. >> we first reported shannon klemments arrest as breaking news. she was found asleep tuesday morning and 20 month old cecilia next to her struggling to breathe. they say the child ate pills that had been left around the house. th toddler is expected to make a full recovery. some new information tonight. an nypd officer has been convicted of manslaughter in a dark stairwell. a jury convicted peter lang tonight, a union representing new york city officers called the outcome quote, absolutely the wrong decision. he was charged for fatally shooting back in 2013 while patrolling a stairwell with his gun drawn. >> new at 11:00, an nc state professor is facing charges accused of embezzling thousands
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charles is accused of taking $73,000 from those groups. his attorneys say he paid back some of the money. a student treasurer noticed the discrepancy and reported that. he resigned on tuesday. new tonight at 11:00, channel 9 learned that kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the country, is trying to buy north carolina based fresh market. cnbc reporting that kroger is in the second round of an auction process with fresh market. it's not certain if kroger will win that auction or if fresh market will agree to sell itself to anyone. some new developments tonight. a house committee approved a bill to put a nonprofit corporation in charge of the nation's air traffic control system. right now, it's under government control through the faa. the bill would make a nonprofit that is run by airlines responsible for the system. critics call this a give away to the airline industry. that bill now goes to the full
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the cold air is starting to arrive around lunchtime. i'll tell you what kind of chill that will mean for the weekend and talk about our winter storm next week. >> plus, a former unc chair arrested with a gun at the airport. >> i'm very embarrassed. >> thousands clicked on our web story since we first reported this at 5:00.
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account of how that weapon got unt of new tonight, a former unc his arrest. in the last five hours, john sent this statement to channel 9 saying quote, this is an embarrassing mistake and i am to blame for this. channel 9 was there when he left jail today. police arrested him this morning after they say he tried to take a gun through airport security. he was with his family at a gun range sunday and accidentally left the weapon in his briefcase. >> i'm very embarrassed about it. and it was a complete accident. other than acknowledging i'm stupid, can we do away with this now? >> the airport was discovering when he was leaving to go on vacation. more than 6,000 people clicked on the story on our website. to see his complete statement, go to
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charlotte mecklenburg police looking for three suspects in an armed robbery at an apartment right across the street from unc charlotte. this happened along arlen circle at 6:30 on tuesday. police say the suspects had a gun and stole computers, cash, and a phone. two people were inside that apartment at the time. one suffered minor injuries. >> charlotte mecklenburg school board members want to hire somebody by march who can help them with student assignment. parents packed into a small meeting this morning as the cms policy committee meeting met and talked about it. the board wants to hire an outside consultant to help them make the district more diverse and successful. cms is collecting surveys on the topic through february 22. >> and new tonight, new developments in the controversial plan for a shopping center in mooresville. in the past few hours, the towns planning board voted 5-3 to recommend approval for that project. this would include sporting goods, store, a costco, and six other businesses off the school
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we told you last night at 10:00, that some neighbors signed a petition against the development. the town board will talk about the plans march 21. >> we're expecting our wsoc photographers to arrive back home after their long journey to and from super bowl 50. karl mcclane passed through arkansas this afternoon and just in the past hour, they stopped for the night in memphis. they have been documenting their entire road trip to and from the super bowl on social media. you can follow carl and sean on the final leg of their trip by using the hashtag, wsoc back to charlotte on twitter. >> well this weekend could be the busiest of the year for north carolina's ski industry. the owner of appalachian ski mountain says the recent cold weather has allowed the resort to build up a 6-foot base of manmade snow. when you add in the more than a foot of real snow that's fallen in the past few days, conditions couldn't be better for all those skiers.
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tracking the temperatures for us here. steve. >> they are falling. skies still clear in the charlotte area. remember, our storm is still well to our north and west. that's going to allow temperatures to fall overnight tonight. for the charlotte area, it will be a small window. 10-1:00 in the afternoon when we'll see a little bit of flurries or maybe a sprinkle or two. that's about it. not a lot of wind in the charlotte area. it will be plenty chilly. temperatures hovering around the 40-degree mark. there's our future cast. again, a little bit of potential flurry activity north of charlotte through 10:00 a.m. and it pushes on east through lunchtime and out of here very quickly. northwest wind will dry us out in a hurry tomorrow afternoon. and again, we're talking about the potential for snow showers continuing up across ski country. welcome news after that huge base erica talked about. our latest future cast suggesting another couple of inches of snow in the ski country as we head through late tomorrow on into the first part
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as far as wind speeds go, they stay well behaved in the charlotte area. notice picking up in the mountains and pick up everywhere as we head through tomorrow evening. in fact, they continue to grow through tomorrow night and in fact, 30 to 40-mile per hour winds with higher gusts in the mountains and 15 to 20-mile per hour wind ushering in that wind. should say the cold air again. here's a look at our future cast windchill values. teens in the mountains. by this time tomorrow night, close to 0 already. if you are thinking about skiing this weekend, please dress for it. you're going to need to wear all the winter garb. the neighborhood forecast, mainly cloudy skies, a couple flurries from late morning through lunchtime. that should be about it. we'll see temperatures climb to the upper 30s. lincolnton talking about a few flurries late morning to lunchtime and some afternoon clearing, highs will be again upper 30s to 40. probably more of a sprinkle than anything else with temperatures rising into the lower 40s. friday night and saturday, snow
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mountains and it's really all about the chill. this is the heart of the arctic air arriving and believe me, you'll know it. upper 30s saturday. middle 30s on valentine's day. that's it after an an salutely bone chilling start. in fact, that will be the coldest temperature so far this winter. so for valentine's day itself, bundle up. we'll be above freezing for awhile and quickly fall below as we head through sunday night. cold air in place and here comes the next storm. i hear the snow lovers now. it's going to roll in and roll out as we head through tuesday. the thing is, it looks as if the track will pass right into the charlotte area and that's going to start to drag warm air our way very quickly. it will likely start as snow first thing monday morning. a quick change over to freezing rain, then all rain in the charlotte area. i just had a peek of some of the latest guidance. it is suggesting as early as lunchtime on monday. it's all done in the charlotte area. cold rain, the more north you go. the longer the cold air runs in
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of the mountains monday night and on into tuesday. but again, this is still five days out. it will be fine tuning that forecast for sure. what i won't need to fine tune, i have a feeling, is the chill over the weekend. that's a shoe in. >> yeah, no matter what, we're going to be wearing coats. raincoats, warm winter coats. >> we have exciting news, too. >> tell us about the coast. >> talk about this chill. it's so excited. i'm also excited about this. we received an incredible amount of coats this year from our coats for kids drive. it took longer than normal to count them because we had so many. thanks to your generosity, a record of 20, 385 coats. that's 20,385 warm kids and i thank you for them from the bottom of my heart. it really is unbelievable. >> incredible every year. it gets bigger and bigger. we thank you for doing it. >> thanks, steve.
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firefighters while they are out responding to an emergency. the work that is underway right now to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> plus, a push to move the mens shelter and transform the north corridor. why some say it co steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt alittle forced. and steve,
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woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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weighed the possibility of moving charlotte's mens shelter to help development in the city's north end. the shelter and urban ministry center are holding back development in this area and that they could actually benefit by moving to a bigger space. one possible place is a vacant lot on freedom drive. the shelter has no plan to move. both sides promise to continue their talks. >> for just this third time in the last 35 years, carolina's healthcare system will have a new ceo. 51-year-old jean woods will be taking over the leadership as charlotte's largest employer. woods says chs and 60,000 employees will face major changes in delivering healthcare in the coming years. he says he will spend as much time as he can getting input from employees. >> scientists say they made a big breakthrough in helping prove albert einstein's theory correct. they say they detected gravitational waves, ripple in
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havertys. after returning two months older from a shoulder surgery, michael gillcrest received devastating news.
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last night against indiana, again, tearing. there's no timetable for his return. he'll be reevaluated. missed the first 36 games of the first injury. he was supposed to be out six january. starting seven games. and no surprise the hornets won 5-2. the last two seasons, one game above 500 when he plays, doesn't. the hornets appeared to turn the corner. as the league heads into the all-star break. the charlotte 49ers can't find consistency in conference u.s.a. play. they lost four of five. won three in a row, and dropped their last two. mark price and company trying to find solid footing welcoming in rice. inside.
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the lay in goes. later in the half, off the owls miss. the rebound gets ahead to john davis and never stops running. gets it back and lays it in. he had eight points. later, good ball movement from charlotte. joseph to scott to john davis for an open three. he had 17. 102-73 the final. that super bowl loss may still sing. but true panther fans are looking ahead to next year. i promise, you're not as excited as the city of houston. today, next season's host city unveiled their countdown clock to super bowl, we're back. just 360 short days until kickoff. it feels like only yesterday, we were talking about super bowl 50. but it was five days ago. >> those reps lied about that. big lie. >> that was good. >> he is quick.
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>> glad to have you back. >> thieves targeted the cars of firefighters while they were
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the changes considered to tonight, police are looking for the person who broke into cars parked outside of a fire station while crews were responding to an emergency. >> they think it happened sometime overnight at the station on florida avenue. three or four cars that belong to first responders were targeted. the person used an object to break out the windows and rummage through the cars. they are now looking into security upgrades to try to prevent this from happening again. >> snow showers to our west
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a lot of people asking me tonight, what's going to happen tomorrow? >> a couple flurries. late morning lunchtime, it's about the cold more than anything else. 40 tomorrow, 30s as we head through valentine's weekend. we start to warm up in time for our next storm, which means rain. >> thanks for making us your choice for news tonight at 11:00. >> remember, join daybreak starting at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's
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tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from alessia cara. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank to all of you for coming. love is in -- well, it's almost
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