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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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temperatures that we have seen in quite a while. you can feel the difference when you step outside. >> big changes coming our way. the first change is the way from last night has moved along. doppler nine, things have really dried up quickly and the roads are still wet the drier conditions settling in. snow wrapping up as well. temperatures and jefferson slightly above freezing. you are finding temperatures below freezing around town or oak. statesville 35. east of the mountains is above freezing so no ice issues east of the high country this morning and today we enjoy sunny weather and temperatures a few degrees cooler than yesterday thanks to a northerly went. i will show you the bigger jump. northwest charlotte police said a man was shot in the leg three times.
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on mcdonald street off of south street in baseboard. one person taken to the hospital and people say witnesses are not cooperating. we are asking the police what led up to the shooting and if they have a suspect. us to follow the story and we will bring you any new information throughout the morning. police are looking for the people who were in the silver car. the driver hit the back of the city truck on i 85 past where sugarcreek road around 1238 and. the right to lanes were closed for 30 minutes. the city truck driver was not her. copd investigating an armed robbery. an employee said a man pointed a gun at the managers had and demanded money. when he got the money he ran out of the store and got away in a car.
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hoodie and a backpack and a gun decided to run up in their and put a gun to the managers had and had him open the register. >> the employees said they were to customers in the restaurant when this took place. know what was her. mecklenburg county and iredell county are hoping to identify anyone who may have been exposed to the moms. two adults contracted the virus. cases are contained but they want to make sure they say. symptoms are similar to the flu but with swollen salivary glands. doctors say you can get the virus even if you are vaccinated. people who have received two doses of the vaccine are nine times less likely to get it done someone who was not vaccinated. it is unclear whether the
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have been vaccinated. south carolina primaries three days away in the latest cnn polls show donald trump as a 16 point lead over us senator ted cruz. hillary clinton has an 18 point lead over bernie sanders. town hall's. today and thursday, carson, us senator ted cruz and marco rubio will appear today in south carolina. will bring you the latest from the town halls on eyewitness news at 10:00. a lawsuit challenging an option to select some north carolina supreme court justices. the general. assembly passed a law for justices elected in close elections can agree to an up or down vote on whether they should remain in office. opponents say it is an constitution but lawyers disagree. may be until the end of the mecklenburg county know which
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voting for. until the us supreme court decides on the boundaries, lawmakers are moving ahead with plans to redraw the lines for two districts. judges said the for registering -- existing areas were based on race and changing district boundaries will have a ripple effect on the neighboring districts. >> it is not just as simple as changing 12 and change 1. it will have a domino effect on the rest of the precincts. channel 9 to stay on top of the story. cmpd will try a new tactic to stop people leaving keys and cars. in the last three months there were 85 cars stolen and all with the keys left in the ignition. that is a 67% increase from last year.
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trip stores and handing out coupons to drivers who show them their keys. we posted a list of the participating stores on my. wsoc june 17 will be known as mother emmanuel nine-day. senate judiciary committee approved the resolution yesterday that honors the nine people shot and killed inside of a charleston church last summer. the house already approved that measure. the state is pursuing that death penalty against delivery. he is facing a federal charge for a hate crime. he is scheduled to begin in july. passengers are expressing frustrations with slow wi-fi on american airlines flights. the steps the company is taking in an effort to provide better service. mecklenburg county commissioners calling for pre-k
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another misstep by google contractors. >> they are accused of slicing another utility line in north charlotte. this is the second time since friday night cutting the heat off to 300 homes in the highland creek neighborhood. piedmont gas said the lines were marked before that maine was cut friday. google fiber hasn't said what led to the mistake. the work is part of a citywide project to bring a faster internet connection to charlotte. the company tasked with building lanes on i 77 is accepting bids to move forward. it is focused on major hurdles. demolishing the griffin street bridge over the interstate in davidson and widening the lanes over lake norman. once completed the express lanes will stretch the 26 miles from uptown charlotte to nor as well. please take down trees on i 77 median. this is video we shot from
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near exit 23 and they are slowly marching north towards lake norman. it is the first step for getting the media and ready. your county schools are considering new calendars progressive students can take exams before winter break. if we give districts the same spring break. districts say the proposals come after parents surveys. rock hill and fort mill takes semester exams before the break. police pushing for a program that will let heroin possession for the recent police say thehepolicy could community as a whole. a man who admitted he ran down a woman with a car will spend years behind bars for the surprising words the victim's
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killed the lincoln county woman. the lincoln county good morning. time is 444 a and. this is a live picture from the speedway cam. we have seen rain the past two days but the good news is when you walk out the door he feels nice. we're talking about how cold it is and you need to bundle up. that is not the case this morning. nice temperatures for later today.
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center nine in minutes. mecklenburg commissioners county for universal pre-k for all kids under age 5. >> trevor fuller played out his plan so far. all kids currently on waiting lists will be placed in programs four in the second phase all four-year-olds in the county would be served. lastly breaching children up to three years old. implementation team will be formed to oversee this initiative. fuller did not say who or what it will pay for the initiative but it's a support will be needed from state and local governments as well as nonprofits and businesses. parents are pushing charlotte mecklenburg school leaders proposed reassignment plan. 700 people attended a form of carmel baptist church in matthew's. most concerned about busing kids outside the neighborhoods for school. cms wants more diverse schools and better academic performance.
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there are schools that are failing. i don't think it is fair to take them out of their community and bus them progress to make people were done comments and concerns which will be passed to the board of education and there will be another meeting in district 5 on monday. channel 9 to learn whether the accused shooter of a lake wylie couple could face the death penalty. documents say a capital review committee will hold a meeting later this month to decide on that. malcolm hartley is one of a member of united blood nation gang. they were indicted in 2014. he shot and killed doug and debbie london. analyst j wyatt said the meetings offer a protection for the defendants. the death penalty cases, there are more safeguards than in the usual criminal case. the meeting will happen on the 29th. the committee will make a
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seven of the 12 suspects have taken plea deals. a man who admitted he ran down a woman with her own car killing her was sentenced to eight years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. channel 9 had the only reporter in the courtroom yesterday as deal. he ran over sherry tobeler with her own car in 2013 in denver. the family was there and spoke directly to williams. if my sister was here today she would give the young man a hug and tell him she was 10 -- wished him the best. >> williamses girlfriend and mother did nothing to help to the. they are charged with accessory after the fact. students across the viewing area will have to make up days
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charlotte mecklenburg students will have to go to class a 25th of april 27. a union county students will go to school on the 25th. we posted a full list of school makeup days on our website at we posted a full list of school makeup days onourwebsite@wsoc- we learned watauga county schools are closed once again today. keith monday has a look at your forecast and severe weather center 9 and we've had huge improvements in the weather but some areas still tricky. you find the backcountry roads, buses can't get to them. you will have some school delays and cancellations. doppler 9, a clear scan, the rain from last night it charlotte has moved along and for most part the snow has wrapped up. we had 2 to 4 inches of snow in the high country. no additional accumulation here. there's your icy road concern.
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everybody else near 43 dimensional. we will keep an eye on the numbers to the north but so far not anticipating icy travel but we will keep an eye on things. by midday we are around 50 degrees and the mountains will stay in the 30s today. everybody else gets back into the 50s. yesterday we got into the upper 50s in charlotte. we had a west went off the mountains that warms us up. today's wind direction is out of the north so slight cooldown for this afternoon. in the mountains light snow is wrapping up this morning and a lot of sunshine this afternoon and we will be barely above freezing all day. will be another day before the mountain counties move through. mooresville looking better today. back to 53 up there for this afternoon. the temperature trend is upward quickly as we had to the
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close to 60 friday and mid to upper 60s are expected for the upcoming weekend on sunday. it looks amazing with temperatures close to 70. five day forecast, tons of sunshine for the next several days and if you high clouds this weekend will remain picture-perfect with temperatures soaring well above average for 75. we will see a sharp cooldown next week but will moderate that but for now the trend is up. five day with the sun out there. awesome. police seven -- in aimed to get their teixeira when addicts the help they need. to give up the supply without being punished. police said the program could help dry at the here when supply. one woman whose sounds are both recovering addicts says the drug is responsible for some of the worst days of her life.
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when it hits and they turn from going from prescription drugs to hear one, i told him he had to leave. police said the county has responded to 65 overdose calls. a report says one of the best ways to improve your child's health to is improve your health. 17% of parents statewide don't have health insurance which can be a problem for developing children. report says the state got a d great for weight and physical activity. on the bright side it gave the state a b grade for immunization and dental health. a major mistake in a presidential campaign at is gaining national attention. marco rubio and the embarrassing geographical errors. you could soon get more work done on north american
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the change american airlines is suing to try to get out of his contract with a company that provides its wi-fi service. the airline filed a lawsuit against gogo and they say it is too slow. gogo will have a certain amount of time to fix the problem and
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the all-star game is coming to charlotte next year. we should you the new logo yesterday and you can get the gear. crews unloaded the first shipment of all-star merchandise yesterday afternoon, t-shirts and hats put up at the hornets fan shop. the game will provide a $100 million economic boost to the area. folks heading out on the roads, let's check in with mark taylor. uptown charlotte 77. john belk freeway, not much happening. damper of ways but north of charlotte and iredell county we have overturned logging truck. wet roads will remain for the morning drive and conditions are dry. you will find temperatures still into avery county above freezing with banner elk's. watch for slick traffic.
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kids want to venture outside of their neighborhoods to go to school. angela han tells us what cms board members are doing to lessen the fears for student reassignment. weather and traffic every
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you may notice more police if you stop for gas or coffee on your drive to work this morning. police in northwest charlotte are investigating a shooting that said one person to the hospital. the questions we are asking investigators about the crime. good morning. i am john paul. i am stephanie maxwell. it is a dryer start to the morning that this time yesterday. we want to mention watauga schools are closed today.
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weather center 9. >> snow is done up there but we had snow last night that had 2 to 4 inches. temperatures below freezing. school cancellations up there. the weather has moved along and it is a four hour loop. the roads are wet but the rain well above freezing in charlotte, 41 now. 38 states the. the foothills are above freezing and close, so we will keep an eye on the numbers. in the mountains their spots below freezing. we anticipate things to warm up pretty quickly as we had to this afternoon. low 40s for 9:00 and clouds clearing out and get back with plenty of sunshine today. low 50s today. it won't be quite as warm as we had yesterday. the warmth will be back before long. by the m, mark taylor tracking what we have up to the north progress the i-77, an accident involving a logging truck on
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memorial highway heading north towards harmony. you're heading out in the next few minutes we are seeing minor delays southbound. the truck lost logs on the southbound side. 49 miles per hour so minor slowdown now is the traffic picks up. people see a bigger impact and you can use 21 as the alternate. in charlotte we are looking at 77 near trhs st. southbound north towards the brookshire freeway. no big problems here in mecklenburg county. overnight in northwest charlotte. police are searching for the person who shot a man three times after 1 am. mcdonald street near lasalle and beatty. officers tell us the man was hit in the leg and it appears to have started as a robbery with a medic took him to cmc. channel 9 is asking police if they had suspects. we will bring you new
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