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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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a bride and groom get ready to rumble on the way to the wedding. >> i don't know what he could have said about your sister. >> see if he can get to the church on time. >> an off road racing and the ultimate expression of sportsmanship become a viral hit. >> a little girl at the airport with mom says we're just meeting a friend of yours. >> the moment she realizes who it really is. >> and a prankster pretending to break car windows to see whose wrath he can and cannot escape. >> when i catch you. >> there are certain countries in the world where the divorce rate is 50%. america is one of those
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another one, russia, ladies and gentlemen. meet the statistics. >> it does have a couple on the way to their wedding. a wedding that i'm not sure is actually going to happen because this bride is trying to get away. >> is this one of those arranged marriages? they turned the child locks off and she wasn't able to get out. >> i don't know what this guy could have said on the way to the wedding for it to then get to this situation apart from by the way, about your sister. >> bang, bang, birds, birds, everything gone. gone. >> abort mission. wedding doesn't need to happen. the marriage is going to fail. just let it go. >> this is great though. it's great. they didn't get married. >> so in conclusion this is good for marriage statistics in russia. now we know what they say about family. the family that eats together, stays together. except the family that eats
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this is from a food court where a little bit of a kick dropped because something wasn't on the menu. >> i'd call that a fight in america. >> a bit of a barny. >> staff and security. >> a female member of the family is now on the serving area and we can see a bit of a scuffle going on behind the scenes as well. >> what is going on? why are they beefing like this. >> because something beef like wasn't on the menu. >> order something else. >> they are hangry. >> the smart thing would be to have a seat and sit down. >> they did not get active like this over something on the menu. >> we have found multiple news. >> we have not given any.
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>> you know what, you're right. >> it's showing up like that. and it's the competitor rolled over on the side. both cameras catching this. the guys with their haed hands up. they're asking for some help. >> adam slams on the break. this is a race. other cars go right on by. one of the guys is in there. and look out for the truck of adam. adam gives it some gas. they right their race car. >> if you want just racing itself. so the fact that it's no longer back.
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thanks to adam their race did continue. however the team lead by dewayne and the guy in the buggy there they did not wind up there. they eventually wound uptaking their car but adam here climbed all the way up to 7th place. however he also did not finish the 115 miles in this section because of mechanical issues of his own. but because of this small bit of video that was put up on gook it went viral. people just loved this expression of sportsman ship. hundreds of comments. it's made up of many active duty and veteran marine, also navy and army. the team made a small tribute to a company. >> that's also why it explains he had a team to help. and even though he didn't win the race he still wins that
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>> sports mission. >> there's shana with her little girl and her little girl asked her momma why are you crying? we're just meeting a friend of yours but that sign, there's somebody much more important than just a friend. >> oh, that's so sweet. what's going on here? where has he been? >> overseas. daddy has come home. this is a military homecoming. they never get dull. little girl didn't know that daddy was coming home. it was a surprise for her. >> she is never letting go of his neck. >> the next one, also precious, this one is waiting for the baby to come. mom is expecting baby number four. this is big sister waiting for
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mom is 29 weeks and one day. >> big sister loves when her stomach moves. when the baby kicks. >> can anybody hear me? can you wake up? >> aw. >> they can't hear him. they will respond. they'll swim. >> they say you should let him listen to motzart or big sister. >> oh. >> she is not even born yet. there's already sibling rivalry between these two. super cute. >> the police are here to keep us safe but there's somethings they can't even protect us from because they don't see it coming. >> it pulled over to check on the person in this parked car when this happened. >> oh my goodness. how did that happen? >> that was like a crash test. >> you can see the officer
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>> the red driver i think was jerked away without even looking at what was going on straight into the head on. >> you see one person head over and pick a person up and carrie them to the side of the road. you see the person in the red car struggle out. just a miracle that they're alive. moving on, oh, no. >> i see lots of exposed skin and all i can think of is road rash. >> no road rash. just more like road rudeness. see these fellas. they're going to ride up ahead of us. when they spot the police, pop a wheelie and they think that they're cool. they're going to do a little thumbs up. >> that was really dumb. >> the person riding behind didn't actually anticipate it. >> now they think it was me. >> they don't think it was him. cops pull up next to his guy and headlines and sirens.
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>> coming soon. >> this summer in our world, one man, one woman, will get no sleep. >> see why the force is strong in this family. >> oh. >> and a nervous nelly trying to park a ferrari. has a guy there working with him. see why backing in. not for him. >> wow! wow. that was more than i the piadinathe newest addition to olivegarden's lunch duos menu paired with your choice ofunlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla thatspeaks fluent italian olive garden a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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when your skin is feeling dry and crinkly, time for gold bond healing loti >> closed captioning provided by.h 7 moisturizers leaves skinnourished, healed, healthy-looking. gold bond. >> they have decided to ask once again. but this time they might be a bit confused. >> what's inside is giant rubber bands.
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>> you know what i'd go with that one too. but that's not what the venue is about. these guys decide to have some fun watching what happens and i have to be honest it's very, very satisfying. >> they have some seriously big balls on their tables. >> this one here weighs 14 pounds. probably took a year and a half to make and they have another one here ft they're a fan of this and spent six months building because the last time they tried to do this the camera wasn't on. >> oh. >> so what they do is they just get to the giant river band ball and get this circular saw and started cutting into it and as the energy starts to release it opens up and suddenly -- >> it's like active spaghetti. >> i guess it's going to bounce like that. >> all of that time went into it. >> i honestly thought this was a really dull idea but it's super cool. >> right.
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million views you saw how compact they were. just look at how many rubber bands there were when they all separated crazy. >> so it turns out it's actually quite interesting. >> who wouldn't love to have a day like this. give me the keys to the ferrari. this one has a couple of nice custom parts. thankfully it's going to light it up for us. >> what are you going to do with all the power? you don't want to see people misuse this power and speed on public roads but that's exactly what this guy does.
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put the hammer down my friend. >> isn't that beautiful? that's what scenery looks like when it's smeared. >> it's so fun to see this. modified in an environment where it can run free and sound great. all right. that's a ferrari in the hands of a driver that knows what he is doing. >> the guy is behind the wheel of a red ferrari. he has a guy there working with him. he's going to help this guy maneuver what i assume to be a grand new ferrari. this has been going on for awhile. why would this person get the camera out. >> you see this guy being gentle with the car when i saw this guy doing a good job. there's a reason why this video is going viral. easy. >> wow, that was more than i expected. i that maybe a tap. not a tap and crash and crumble.
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trying to park it over there. i'll try. >> coming soon to a grib near you. >> this video approved for all audiences by an emotional mom and dad. >> a star destroyer is hovering as momma walks the two babies down the path. >> my father has it. >> my father dressed like kilo ren from star wars the force awakens. >> i have it. my sister has it. >> everybody in the family has the force. the force is strong with these two children. oh, wait, there's more.
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>> this summer, in our world. one man, one woman, will get no sleep. star wars, the babies awaken. >> created magic. >> exactly. >> here's the story behind this. william ridder said his wife said let's do something simple. he saw the trailer for star wars the force awakens and this is what they came up with to announce that they're having a baby. only took them one day to shoot that. a week to edit because they got help from fat head media. it's good and cute and i like the fact that they're using the little voice. >> rock climbing taking it to another level. see what the thrusting is all about. and 25. an intriguing collection. >> through the course of his collection he had over 800 chairs. currently he has about 200 of them.
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sinuses? allergies? for all of them... provided by. a maximum strength decongestant for 24 hour relief. try allegra-d . giving people options based ontheir budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the"name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> now you can watch videos while you wait. it is the cure for boreden. >> match boxcars, comic books. all collectible items. things that people enjoy. trying to build the collection up. what about plastic garden chairs. >> hello. they were going to go through the top 25 of my most favorite plastic chairs. >> this is brian ropar's top 25 favorite plastic chairs.
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this chair made by rubbermaid. 23. this 1986 chair. >> he knows what brand manufacture, date and the name of the chair. even some of the styling cues that go into it. >> 13. the decorative chair has compass on the back. >> but the number one chair. >> the one that started it all. >> the best plastic chair ever made. the chair that spawned the entire industry. >> wow. >> it's a little funny. it seems quite strange. i was intrigued by this video. i dug a little bit deeper and found an interview. >> i look at it like a 57 chevy. >> through the course of his selection he had over 800 chairs. he had about 200 of them and this may give you a much broader
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>> actually i don't know if funny is the word to stay about autism but autism just does that to you. it will make you obsessed over strange things like plastic chairs. >> oh. see. it makes sense. he's found something to keep him focused and he found something that he's passionate about. i'm all about this. >> autistic people see the world in a completely different way and sometimes they see the magic in the completely inane. >> if you're curious about the furniture in your backyard check out the plastic chair world you tube channel. he has individual videos of many different style chairs. you may find one that looks familiar to you. >> it's the largest product of the entire 1980s decade when it comes to touching the most. >> we can't black line. i have this video of people that do it really, really well. as these guys in hawaii step out on to this black line and make
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beautiful. >> i don't know that i have any real desire to do this but i wish i could anyway. >> you don't want to spend the time alone. it would be cool. >> that's a great place to go do it as well. gives us an idea of what they have to do to get it set up. >> they show you everything that it takes. the little details that makes it possible but not just that i do love that they show us some fails because often times we see only the successful walks across the linenene in thi one we see some of the guys falling right over the line. >> it's still super cool. it took them a long time to actually make this happen but over the course of two days they were able to capture this super cool video. now from flat lining to rock climbing, this guy has some moves. >> come on. what's going on here? >> trying to shake some rocks loose or something. >> no, he is trying to pull the gear out of the wall.
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designed to do. >> that's why you have this. you put it and it doesn't come out. >> you say well, it's working. >> doing it's job. >> it's really funny. everyone else thinks so too. including the climber that's stuck up there because they keep on laughing. messing with someone's car is never a good idea.
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prppens in the battle of the burgers,jack made a "declaration of he took a stand for hand-leafedlettuce and fresh-sliced tomatoes. he formed a perfect unionbetween 100% beef, cheese, ...with buttery bakery bunsfor all and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burgerbetter, like the new double jack.
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>> get ready to start drooling. i give you oreo ice cream bred. >> cookies and milk all in one. >> kind of. this is barry. somebody wrote in and said you should make this recipe. you need a pint of ice cream, cookies and cream, oreo cookies and self-rising flower. >> simple enough. >> turn the cookies into crumbs. get the ice cream at room temperature. mix it together with the flour. >> i want some. >> spread it into a bread pan and looks like an ice cream cake but it's not because once it comes out. >> that is quick. >> i don't know who discovered you could use ice cream for this purpose but thank you. >> but think about it. it's got butter, fat, milk. >> sugar. >> all the things you would put into a cake.
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this is an abc news special report. the nevada caucuses. now reporting george stephanopoulos. we're colling on the air with breaking news in the race for the white house. the democrats voting in nevada today and abc news can project that hillary clinton will win the caucuses in that key state. hillary clinton will win nevada caucuses. we'll see the vote coming in right now. over 60% of the vote in. she has a four-point lead. i'm here with cecilia vega. cecilia, hillary clinton won barack obama. >> i just got an e-mail from the clinton campaign, there were cheers in the brooklyn headquarters and hillary clinton herself is claiming victory on twitter. a tweet right now, thank you, this is your win, nevada. they put a lot of effort in the ground game. 200,000 doors knocked just in this past week alone. they needed this nevada win.
5:29 pm
carolina with a huge fire wahl. >> let's talk to jon karl about right now. it works for hillary clinton going forward. lot of southern states on that big super tuesday, march 1st. >> that's right. she dodged the bullet in nevada. a strong position for another big win next week in south carolina. in fact, george, in every single public poll of this entire campaign, hillary clinton has had a big lead in south carolina. those southern states should be strong for her as well. but bernie sanders isn't going away. he has enthusiasm, money and delegates. even in this today, nevada, coming in second, he'll get delegates and because of those democratic rules, he'll get delegates in every state he has a strong second-place finish. >> that's it for now. all of the latest election results on and "world news" later tonight. have a good day.
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