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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 24, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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back tears towards the of "all by myself." mid song stopped. overcome by tears. overcome by emotion. took a moment, finished the song, crying, walked off stage. before last night's near two-hourperformance, preserved as she prepared. inside her dressing room she stayed focused talking with her musical director and going over the speech s written herself. >> renee is the only man that i have known all life and nothing has changed. >> opening with a two-minute tribute video, pers photos of renee who l gamble. sing are was a teen around the time they first met. celine pregnant. and touching images of all of the buf beautiful way renee protected her behind the scenes. just 5 1/2 months since his death, she still talks to >> i think of him all the time.
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and now, i can feel that he's telling me to zip in. and start singing. >> and talk about a fearless performance at one point celine walking down the aisl few feet from me and the fans al started swarming her trying to get selfies while she continued the song, didn't miss a beat. >> s normally opens the show with a white dress, but chose this black one to renee. celine with her return to the stage, first song and speech so fans could join her in remembering the man who was the love of her life.
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her performcts.ets.s.. >> celine sounded out of this world. when she was walking d the aisle right beside me, in that sea of fan adoration, police just wanted to touch her, comfort her. at one point i thought i would have to step in and play a little defense and be a bodyguard. and nancy, came from all over the world to celine. no exaggeratio i talked to people from china, scot australia, brazil, canada, from everywhere. and i c you this, one thing clear to all of us in the coliseum is this is not just a performance. definitely a transformative moment in celine dion's life. >> no doubt about right? such a song lady. >> pretty special to be here. >> somebody else strong and having a transformed at this moment. erin andrews $75 million lawsuit filed against the national mariott at vanderbilt university an emotional turn today. her father took the stand and
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>> a distraught steven andrews testified his his daughter erin looked on c suing the national mariott at vanderbilt university because she claimed in 2008 empl there allege lid gave michael david barrett, a man later jailed for stalkingandrews, her room number, 1051. >> she was there and -- [ inaudible ] in the room next to her and he is up next the door videotaping my daughter. she is undressed. she didn't know anybody was at the door. [ inaudible ] >> erin continues to wipe away tears as her dad talks about the video of his naked video has changed her. >> she'sterrified. she's depressed. >> seems the legal team is trying to show the jury who she was an a little girl, very energetic, outgoing.
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did a complete 180. >> the scandal became front-page news and erin sat down with oprah. >> did you call first? >> my mom and dad. >> during interview, s broke down and this red rash on her neck and she was telling me about what happened. >> i kept screaming, i'm done, my career i over. i'm done. >> trying to cover the rash. >> you can see the rash down neck again today as steven told the court his daughter's anxiety remains evident to this day. >> on the stand, scared for pight years. >> the court issued a new rule of upcoming witnesses today. it is unclear if she will take the stand. meanwhile chrissy teigen and john legend's baby gi is due in the spri there is nothing about
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her infertility. and talking about something controversial, about how she chose her baby girl, the gender to be. she said that she chose a baby girl thinking john would be the best father it daut ir. quote, not only am i having a girl but i picked a girl from her little embryo. now some questioned the ethics of gender selection. which was originally cre bring out serious genetic diseases. not for choosing a baby's sex. and one methodembryo's chromosomes are tested to see if it is male or female. the u.s. is a handful of countries to allow the process for nonmedical reasons and can cost up to $ last night chrissy's growing bump on full in a dress, she and john met fans at a signing of her new cook book craving. hoping for a big family, she thinks a boy will come in the future and tells people they would do ivf again if pregnancies don't happen
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my eggs earlier, so we would have a few more on ice. outspoken star took to twitter, writing quote, my natural blessing to god was infertility. i'm around so many open db minded people and forgot it is controversial. >> well see john and chrissy this sunday oscars. he is presenting. she will be there add together beauty and glam. and chris is prepping material for the big show. >> chris will take jabs at the diversity controversy and penn meeting with el chapo. but the big he question is, what won't be he talk about on oscar night? >> probably say something more risque at 10:30 and realize it is 8:30. >> you to address the big black elephant in the room. i spoke to man who might know chris best, his little brother, comedian tony rock.
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>> tony is hosting that night all deaf movie awards and it is all about change. >> hoping this awards show will create dialog get things moving as far oscars is concerned. >> another alternative airing on b.e.t., black film festival award. jamie foxx is there to present to packer and straight out of compton won for picture. oh, and we have to address this. a viral video of our very own mary hart freaking out on a producer. we have the story behind that coming up as well as a look with the possible future first lady trump. >> melania -- >> plus the people versus o.j. what is real and what is not. >> what nicole brown's close friends say they told us the trial. stick around.
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>> in monday "e.t." at the oscars as we dream of gold. leo. >> gag >> j-law. >> parties, winners after hours. >> on the red carpet, breaking down the best and worst dressed of the night. >> you're wearing the -- >> i know, crazy. >> oscar coverage you won't see anywhere else.
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>> monday only on "e.t.." >> and hosting a special sunday from the red carpet. "e.t." at oscars on top and to find it in your area go to "e.t.".com. >> always with us in spirit but she is a busy woman these dayes. working on the sitcom baby daddy. and tonight, on family, you will see a side of mary that you have never ever seen be >> cranberries? >> cranberries. >> mary's melt down gets tuned at her rant as a producer secretly taped. we should point out, mary playing herself. but with a fictional anger managemen issue. >> other people in this world that i have never ever seen mad, thi of them. >> they have created this exaggerated version of me, is really a control freak and a mean one at that.
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coming out, obviously. >> i'm maryhart! producer. >> taking p in hurricane hart is baby daddy taj. >> i'm sorry i'm taking this out on you. but wanting to vent. finally i do. >> how do you not know after cranberries? >> the cool thing is everybody is seeing mary's sense of humor. she is having a with the character. and she is still as busy as of. she ran right off the set to a flight, right to a flight. she will never slow down. >> should she? >> no. >> someone who finally got the clans to slow down. melania, doi in-depth interview. donald trump's wife, melania. and what she told us about possibly becoming first la back in 1999 as we go inside her manhattan penthouse. >> how shoes would you say you have in your new york
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>> last night on people versus center stage. we look back with nicole brown confidante. >> why was she dropped as a
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that's ahead. that's a resounding win in nevada caucuses last night. >> meanwhile, his wife, melania, in new york do first solo sit down since donald announccd he wrunning. >> with his win last night, donald is the favorite to
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nomination. >> which would make melania, if he can win the generalelection, the first foreign-born, first lady in modern americanhistory. >> what was it that you saw in donald when you met him? or fell in love with him? >> list mind. amazing mind. >> what about some of the language he uses? he cur >> well do i agree all the time with him? >> mm-hm. >> no, i don't. and i tell him that. >> melania in front of the trump apartments and in the rar interview defending her husband. mexicans. >> no, i don't feel he insulted the mexicans. he said illegal immigrants. >> you're an immigrant. >> yes. >> do you think he goes too far? >> i followed the law. i followed the law the way it is
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>> coming frommer is beena 1996. >> in 1999, the new york model sat down with "e.t." for the first time. she was dating donald at the time and there were rumblings way back then that he could run for president. we asked her about the pr&-of being firstlady. >> i put all my energy, all my power, everything, and to the people. >> in 2010 she took "e.t." inside her opulent new york penthouse. >> this is the living room. >> this view, oh, my goodness. >> fantastic. >> how many shoes woul say you have just in your new york penthouse alone? >> maybe, i would say,150. >> that's melania with the 4-year-old baron trump. >> what a nice picture that is. >> here he like, he is runni around and driving around. >> melania told msnbc nothing,
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house run, will keep baron from being thepriority. >> i'm a full-time mom. and i love it. so i decided not to be in the campaign so much. hundred per husband and several languages. she speaksitalian, german, and her native language serbian. >> that is connie britain as faye resnick, one of nicole brown simpson's friends, who cashed in on the death writing a tabloid tell all saint. we look back at the interview t fiction. >> my everything. she was my constant, my spiritual >> that was true if you're to
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>> i had never met a that was just so loving. just such a great friend. >> but res nick parlayed her friendship with nicole into a six-figure tell-all. and she tell all. >> nicole is my best friend in every way. >> he used to hide in the bushes and watch her have sex with otherguys. >> did o.j. watch ni from they told us he did. >> we used to check the bushes there. >> throwing a monkey wrench into the trial, while o.j. could have been seen as an abusive story, res nick will not be a witness. >> later telling she only had
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>> it is my goal to tell who the vafrn vanishing lady was. >> that's pretty much what connie who played faye told us. >> to show nicole in a good light and to bring awareness to the issues she had. >> but where did the tv drama possibly take liberties with the >> going clubbing and partying. >> cocaine, really? >> actually nicole did use, according to >> she used drugs. >> ooj.? don't know now. >> they were the most undivorced divorced think i know. >> th wasn't true towards the ends s resnick. >> nicole was very afraid of him. >> half the time resnick appeared to recent the notoriety. >> but these days she seems to
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s besties with long time friend, kris jenner. faye is also friends with real housewives kyle richards but haunted from that tragedy two decades ago. >> i nothing to say to anyone. what happened years that was a very ha time. and we were friends. >> one of the few things that faye finally remembers from that time peer jod she pose ford playboy in 1997 saying at the time it was the best offer playboy had ever made. >> in our entertainment tonight thursday, originally offered the dancing? >> the answer is next.
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remake.ty dancing tv od
7:55 pm, oliviawe livea live olivia munn addresses engagement rumors. >> if there's was a ring would be on my finger. >> and beverly hills star on her massive mansion. 17,000 square feet and even has a chapel. you got to see inside. all on >> travel consideration provide by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which actor was originally considered for the patrick swayze role in dirty dancing? >> that's billy zane. reportedly lost the part when they found out he couldn't dance. billy is 56. >> a little bit of a problem if you can't da dirty dancing. we're going to get a brand
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working on three-hour tv event and they have found their johnny. his name is cole. he obviously works out -- >> a lot. >> a lot. like all the time. >> this guy can dance he proved in 2012 in pink's try video. got to get u and try try try >> right now starring in rock of ages in vegas. >> cole will start rehearsals
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bye, everybody.ncing. [ crow caws ] frankie: cultures around the world celebrate coming-of-age in different ways. out here in the middle, we don't do much... unless we have a jewish friend. jewish people know how to party. and josh got to read from this giant scroll, and the font was insane. i want all my books in scroll from now on. plus, they're letting me keep the hat. i'm gonna wear it to church next week. wow. sounds like a hell of a bar mitzvah. oh, it was. but here's what i don't get -- josh goldstein is several inches shorter and a whole year younger than me, and he's a man now? but i'm not? i don't get it. that's just how it is in josh's culture. it's what they do. well, do we have something like that in our culture? we're protestants. we just tryto obey the commandments and keep our heads down. really? you sure there isn't someceremony we were supposed to do but you didn't feel like doing it,
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and then pretended you forgot? if there was something, we certainly would have done that, but honestly, there's not. so, how do i know when i'm a man? well,that's a tough one. i guess technically,you're a man when you turn 18. [ axl groaning ] and sometimesnot even then. no, axl, no! i told you if you're gonna be here, you got to keep your crap in your room away from the rest of our crap. and when are you gonna find your own place, anyway? i want you out of here. actually, i'm moving out today. -aw! -yep. savor your last moments with me'cause after today, i'm dust. hutch and i landed ourselves a sweet new pad, which we're totally stoked about. [ air horn honks ] why, there's my house now. [ laughs ] brilliant, isn't it? while you suckers are stuck here throwing money away on this pit, we are taking a mobile house party wherever we go. where did you even get this thing? where does anyone get anything awesome? police auction. you can't even tell this was once a mobile crack den. it started at $600then got up to $800


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