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tv   Eyewitness News at 500  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> and this woman said she was jogging right up there around that corner on stewart avenue when she ran passed the man. by the time she got down here she turned around and he was running behind her. she heard footsteps then turned around to see the man running at her with a knife. she was running by the cemetery. the closest pl trust federal credit union. >> she went to a business that was open and went inside. so you know she did everything right under the circumstances. >> a family trust spokeswoman says the woman came in obviously flustered and asked to use the bathroom but said nothing about being chased. she later called police. >> this is a college area. you want to feel safe. >> the incident happened a block from the campus at winthrop university. hearing the victim is 20 years old frightened some students. >> it's scary. there's all these abandoned buildings. >> others told us t
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about the incident which surprised them. >> when there were robberies at 7/11 or walgreens, we would still get notifications. >> officials told channel 9 they weren't told about it either. it's not known if the victim was a student but she told police she exercised in the area all the time. >> you don't expect a man to run behind you at 2:00 in the afternoon when you're running down the street. >> the suspect tonight is described as a tall black man about 6-3 wearing a black jacket and a panthers cap. the surveillance video from the family trust federal credit union shows the suspect and the victim walking in the business a few moments apart. rock hill police told me earlier today they'll have to go to court and get a subpoena to get that surveillance video. i talked to family trust this afternoon. they told me they're not going to do that. they'll release the video as soon as they can. greg suskin, channel 9 eyewitness news. another major story that we're following. the tragedy at a factory in kansas where a worker opened
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injuring 14 others. >> we're learning about cedric ford and the moments leading up to that shooting rampage. allison latos has a look at the time line and the deputy who many are calling a hero for shooting and killing ford. >> cedric ford was served a protection from abuse order 90 minutes before the attacks last night. ma may have set off the rampage. authorities in heston kansas have started mapping out when the shootings began. during a news conference today, police described how he shot a couple people while driving toward the excel industry's plant around 5:00 last night. investigators said ford shot one person in the parking lot of the industrial plant before going inside with a long gun and a pistol and opened fire. the sheriff said a deputy managed to shoot and kill ford saving hundreds of lives. >> understand there's probably
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people in that building while this is going on. this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> abc news obtained the restraining order filed against ford. filed by an ex-girlfriend. she described him as an alcoholic, violent, and depressed. >> thank you. world news is closely following the newest developments in this story and digging more into ford's background. watch for that report after eyewitness news tonight at 6:00. duke energy is till working to get the power back on to everybody in charlotte. the most significant areas right now, mecklenburg county where nearly 300 customers are without power. in catawba county, barely 100. 500 crews were brought in from across the state to help restore the power here. the high winds impacted duke energy customers and their crews. their workers were not able to go up into bucket trucks for
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crews were not able to assess the damage to get power back on as quickly as normal. we're still checking trying to find out what caused dozens of students to get sick at wingot university the school's health acceptabilitier saying students have been coming by this week with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. it took additional steps to try to clean area bathrooms, residence halls, and other campus buildings. also today, a school in uptown charlotte was closed because of a norovirus out break. we followed this as breaking news for you yesterday at 5:00. the health department saying that at least 70 students and even some of the teachers at the metro school are sick. cms saying that it has been disinfecting the building and the school buses. tonight fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this fire that ripped through an uptown gas station with customers inside. look at these flames. chopper 9 flew overhead. you can see smoke coming out of holes in the roof here on north
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new tonight, reporter jenna deery spoke to a worker about the moment they realized something was really wrong. >> it grabbed the attention of people in uptown. folks watching from above as chopper 9 sky zoom covered it overhead and we were on the ground below. as the intense fire fight at this circle k gas station off graham street unfolded. >> within a couple minutes, five or six trucks were here. the whole roof was on fire. >> firefighters were aggressive getting on the roof as smoke billowed out. minutes after climbing up there, a flash of fire left them scrambling to get down as bystanders watched the flames reach toward the gas tanks. >> the propane tanks right there may have been a little bit of a worry. >> fortunately fire officials say the pumps were never a threat in the 35 minutes it took to get the fire under control, the whole ordeal rattled this circle k employee. >> i fell in the grass. i was scared when i heard the ball.
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face, still shaken by the minutes she had to get customers to safety. >> the registers acted funny. the lights went out. and it was just like all the smoke outside. and i told everybody get in your car and go. >> employees have a hunch the fire may have stemmed from an electrical problem. but firefighters are still investigating a cause that destroyed the popular uptown stop. the heavy smoke made it hard to pinpoint where it started. but it all finished with everyone safe and heading home secure. in uptown, jenna deery, channel 9 eyewitness news. you can see a video and slide show of the fire at it's our top story on the home page. tonight charlotte mecklenburg police asking for your help to find a suspect who cut off his electronic monitor. take a look, police are saying that kenneth edwards cut off the monitor in the clanton park neighborhood today.
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assault with a deadly weapon charges. if you know where he is, call police. edwards was arrested last fall as part of a months long operation to get dangerous suspects off of charlotte streets. a cmpd anti crime task force arrested 20 different suspects. at the time, edwards was arrested on probation violation charges. federal marshals arrested more than 120 suspects as part of a major crime round up. marshals seized dozens of firearms and conducted high risk searches during operation zero hour. investigators say the suspects include gang members and those wanted on first-degree murder and kidnapping charges. a man will spend two years in prison after he threatened two york county prosecutors. bailiffs said to tackle lewis during a court appearance in october. you see that on video here. he lunged out and threatened prosecutors. he admitted that he had cocaine and other drugs in his system. he had been in court on
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yesterday he pled guilty and apologized for this. new tonight unc chapel hill released 200,000 additional pages of documents from its academic fraud investigation. the school collected 5 million pages of emails, memos, and other records as part of the investigation. they were used in a report released last fall. it found that student athletes were given preferential treatment and took quote paper classes. next week, teachers can voice their opinions about what it's really like to teach in north carolina. the state board of education opening up a survey on teachers working conditions. this is just months after the state legislature granted teacher raises but not as much average salary in north carolina is among the lowest in the country. we put the results of the 2014 click on news and then look under latest links.
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and the race for the white house. democratics hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trying to get all the states delegates. anchor john paul says both campaigns have been busy trying to find those last undecided votes. i'm here at winthrop university, a place where both sanders and clinton has visited in the past. south carolina is a pivotal state. so today the campaigns are in high gear. >> i'm a volunteer from the hillary campaign here in south carolina. >> from the phones to the streets. clinton supporters are taking no chances in the day before the primary. even though poles have her ahead by more than 20 points. >> apathy is our enemy. and so we want to make sure that everybody knows in a every single vote is important. >> they're making thousands of calls and have 25 volunteers ready to go in york county. and across town, sanders supporters are doing much of the same. they didn't have anyone authorized to talk to the media
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volunteer who came from durham to help out. >> we've been going door to door asking people if they're planning on voting. >> that could be the key to the primary. for sanders to have a chance, turn out has to be big. but he seems to have written the state off. >> sanders is hardly in the state at all this week. >> he's focusing on super tuesday states today. turn out on saturday is not expected to break records like last week in the republican imary. huff man says the sanders campaign is just trying to put up a five. >> if bernie sanders could lose by single digits in south carolina, this team would claim it as almost a victory. >> one thing is for sure, volunteers aren't backing down until the votes are in. of course primary is tomorrow. poles open at 7:00 a.m. close at 7:00 p.m. you can count on us to follow the results. in rock hill, john paul, channel 9 eyewitness news. and channel 9 will have complete coverage of the primary tomorrow. we're going to send out a breaking news alert as soon as the winner is declared.
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your phone at today republican donald trump picked up a surprise new endorsement from new jersey governor and former presidential candidate chris christie. christie made the announcement at a trump rally in texas this afternoon. all this comes after marco rubio and ted cruz tried to tag team trump on the debate stage last night and even again this morning. trump fired back on twitter today and called rubio quote mr. mel melt down, a choker and a light down. >> cruz just cleared the crash here involving a truck, a fire truck in front of levine children's hospital. the tow truck just pulled away with that vehicle involved. traffic appears to be moving smoothly here now. two people were transported and the fire truck was headed to an emergency when the crash happened. >> channel 9 investigates. if local judges are allowing
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uncovering how often it's happening and the new strategy to prevent it. plus caught on camera, a local store clerk pistol whipped and kidnapped. the hunt to fine the person responsible. what neighbors say they will do if the suspect comes back, next. don't get me wrong, i you. most of us spent the day looking out a window like this.
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steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday.
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steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day, every day, for life. police say a clerk was pistol whipped and kidnapped at gunpoint. >> dave faherty first broke this case last night at 11:00.
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could be linked to another robbery. >> it all happened in the parking lot. there's the business. it was at closing time. the clerk was trying to lock the front doors when that robber came up. police say that the suspect not only hit him with the gun but then made him get in his own car, drive just a short distance down this road in hickory where he told them to get out. but not before taking his phone and his vehicle. we could see the robbery unfold on this surveillance camera outside the business when the robber pointed the gun at the clerk's head and hit him with it. >> what can he do? we have to run a business too. we cannot shut down the business. >> the owner of the fast and fresh says he takes precautions. including shutting down early to avoid being targeted. the gunman told the clerk he'd leave with him in his car after he closed up the store. >> i can't believe this kind of stuff is happening like i can't
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oh my god. like someone got kidnapped over here. >> it's horrible. say. it's just horrible. >> the case is similar to what mile away. there the owner was kidnapped gunpoint. police tell us tonight they connected. during the robbery last night, the store clerk was ordered out of his car, recovered a mile from the store. this neighbor told us he's ready if the robber returns. >> i would assume the position right across here. and i told this guy to drop his gun. >> because the robber had a hoodie on and a ski mask, police tonight have only a vague description of the suspect. i'm told that they are stepping up patrols around businesses, especially around closing time tonight. reporting live from hickory, dave faherty, channel 9 eyewitness news. here's another look at the surveillance video. if you have any information, call the police. we've also posted this inside
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today democratics on capitol hill called for protecting children who come to the u.s. alone. they say undocumented immigrant children are being unfairly rushed through the deportation process. they unveiled the faraday in court for kids act. it would make sure children in federal custody get a lawyer and access to legal services. this year ice stepped up deportations of undocumented immigrant families. homeland security says this is to discourage more immigrants from coming to the u.s. illegally. this week two local advocacy groups are accusing immigration officers of targeting teens on their way to school. once the students turn 18. ice will target them to be deported. immigration officials say they're not targeting them at bus stops they're just enforcing a judge's order. we're getting a clearer look at how south carolina's house wants to spend $7.5 billion. the budget proposal would give counties $185 million to repair
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this is separate from the 800 million-dollar gas tax increase that's being filibustered in the senate. the budget would also give farmers $72 million for october's historic flooding. the plan also cuts income taxings by $130 million. outside now, this is the view from our charlotte cam of the sunset. let's go over to chief meteorologist steve udelson. let us know what the temps will look like tonight. >> we are going to cool down. those fair skies. not a cloud on the found in and around the charlotte area. mountains still looking at clouds. they have been pesky in the high country. this is the view from beach mountain. we'll talk ability ski country at 6:00 if you're thinking about a trip to the high country this weekend from the charlotte area, if you live in the mountains, you know it's been cold. and we've been having a lot of snow up here as well. 29 at jefferson and boone. we just dipped below 50 in charlotte. we check in with 49. 46 in shelby and lincolnton as
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50 in rock hill and monroe and lancaster. if you're outside this evening, you'll need a coat very soon. temperatures fall through the 40s. sun down in an hour or. so by tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like winter. mid to upper 20s in most neighborhoods. chester around 30. 25 salisbury and lincolnton. and low 20s in the mountains. with your weekend always in view, the big stories this weekend will keep the sun around. and we'll also see a warm up. a little bit tomorrow. but certainly more so on sunday with temperatures soaring into the mid 60s. tomorrow's future cast, finally brings the sunshine back to the mountains and for the rest of us, nothing more than a passing cloud or two. should be gorgeous. temperatures in the mid 30s at 9:00 a.m. 50 by lunch time. on our way to afternoon highs in the low 50s tomorrow afternoon. 58's our average. we're still a little bit below. so your neighborhood forecast in shelby, plenty of sun, very chilly start. we'll be around 50 by lunch time. as well as by about 5:00.
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about the last of the snow showers history. we've got a chilly start to the day. temperatures stuck for the most part in the upper 30s to about 40. on sunday, the future cast isn't broken. i'm not forecasting a cloud to be found from the mountains to the metro to the midlands. an absolutely stellar day. next shot of rain, realistically, late tuesday night or wednesday as the next cold front comes in. and right now it doesn't look anything like a repeat of what we dealt with last wednesday. five-day forecast, 50s tomorrow. and then a string of temperatures in the mid to even upper 60s. gradually we'll increase the clouds. but the rain should hold off until wednesday. >> i like monday the best. >> thanks steve. nearly a dozen guns could be missing or in the wrong hands after break-ins involving dozens of firefighters cars. how a receipt helped police to track them all down. plus changes are coming to the controversial diverging diamond in cornelius.
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rush hour, peek time, it gets backed up. >> i'm asking transportation leaders how they're going to prevent more traffic. >> out of nowhere, somebody shot me. >> a charlotte college student shot outside of his apartment. he takes us through the
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we just got breaking news coming into the news room that criminal charges will not be filed against the union county superintendent after an sbi investigation involving school laptops. this is an investigation that channel 9 first broke back in november. we discovered that mary ellis is the president of a company call educatrix. l enovo was in the middle of a contract to sell thousands of laptops to the district. the sbi says it didn't identify any criminal acts in its investigation. a unc charlotte student spoke out about the lawsuit he filed against the apartment complex where he was shot. he was shot at the university house apartments two days after thanksgiving last year. he was walking on the sidewalk when suddenly he was shot.
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the lawsuit claims university house apartments failed to provide a safe area for residents. >> that's your apartment. you feel like that's supposed to be home. you should be able to walk and not fear anything. >> he's hoping this will prompt security changes so it doesn't happen to anybody else there. university house apartments says it has no comment on the lawsuit right now. that shooting was one of four neurounc charlotte's campus in a matter of two weeks. three shootings happened at apartment complexes. the forty was a case of road rage that left a 19-year-old paralyzed. students were upset the university didn't use a campus wide alert system to let them know about the crimes. but university police say that's only used when there's a continuous threat or if it falls under specific guidelines. a major fire is under investigation tonight. the fire marshal's office saying that arson has not been ruled out for the fire that destroyed this home on devon shire drive on monday.
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under going renovations at the time. i'm allison latos. we have all new stories coming up in less than three minutes. >> it's kind of like why are we being so lenient with this individual? >> channel 9 investigates a new push to keep suspected criminals and repeat offenders from getting out of jail too soon. charged with killing his elderly mother, we're asking why it took two years to make an arrest. i uncovered nearly a dozen guns could be missing or even on the streets after 40 car
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geico for your boat.
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how tonight channel 9 has uncovered nearly half a dozen stolen guns could be missing, on the street, or in the wrong hands after they were taken out of firefighters vehicles across charlotte. and the man believed to be behind those crimes just messed his first court appearance because more charges are being filed against him. i'm allison latos. and i'm scott wickersham. those cases stretch from greensboro to fort mill. reporter angela hong found out how a wal-mart receipt led to
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eat janelle is one of the many residents who were concerned and angered by the dozens of thefts from firefighter's cars from all across the charlotte area. all done while firefighters were out on calls. >> firefighters, our rescuers, it's sad that somebody would do that. >> it was at the latest case at the flint hill fire department in fort mill this week where police were able to make a huge break in the case. the warrant states a flint hill firefighter found a wal-mart receipt by one of the cars that was broken into. the receipt was from an ammunition purchase from this wal-mart off north trion. police looked at surveillance footage and an officer recognized 26-year-old johnny bing from past breaking and entering cases. >> one little receipt led us to the bad guy. >> reporter: police eventually arrested bing at north lake mall on wednesday and


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