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tv   Eyewitness News Midday  ABC  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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members of the page land bld. - - pageland police department out here. this after the town council reinstated chief larry brown after a sled investigation was conducted. the investigation still technically open but no charges have been filed. we spoke with several people at the meeting when the chief was reinstated, but they said it shocked them. >> you expect a few officers to be upset or quit but not the entire force. >> reporter: they are talking about the logistic of how the deputies from the sheriffs department will be patrolling the street. there is an emergency call, a special meeting of the pageland town council tonight. just as i was standing here, a man walked into the police
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wanted to apply for a job. greg surfingin, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> the sheriff is putting three extra deputies on the streets to help patrol. you can follow greg suskin and other channel 9 reporters to find out about major news as it's happening. rock hill officials have identified a jogger joggerrary attacker. he chased the woman intending to stab her. they will release the man's name once he is concerning a lot of people in charlotte. we released this yesterday at 5:00. you can see a cmpd officer
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>> reporter: john, councilmember -- councilmembers that i spoke to who are considered the police department's bosses are not commenting while an internal investigation into it unfolds. this is the video that we are talking about. the police officers have the suspect on the ground at the sardis place apartments. the officer straddling him is punching his back. malcolm elliott. they were trying to arrest him following a hit and run crash and a foot chase. the strikes were to get elliott to comply. we're told that he did not request or require medical the department is investigating allegations of use of force but they have not said if the officer or any of them involved
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i have been told that city leaders have been instructed to refrain from commenting on the video while the internal investigation develops. thousands of people have viewed that video on wsoctv's facebook page and just look for the top story. a gaston county woman charged with killing her husband could be charged with two more murders. police believe that crystal gambino killed her home, giovanni gambino and two other people. police believe that they met online and were involved in bedroom activities. all three victims were found naked. neighbors say they were shocked by the crime. >> it's devastating to have
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in the area. >> police say gambino confessed to the murders. she's due back in court again march 21. 40 students on their way to school are okay after a pickup truck driver rear ended a school bus on central near long fellow. the students were on their way to mary oaks elementary. nobody was seriously hurt but the pickup truck was seriously damaged. raising eyebrows. the kabuto sign says take your hoodie down. pull up your pants. finish your phone conversation. allowed. the sign has been up for a few years but the owner made it ignoring it. >> it looks like it's trying to say something about some kind
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but i don't think it makes sense. >> eyewitness news reporter angela hong did speak with the owner saying that the feedback from the sign has been nothing but positive. there are four kabuto's in the owned. each store does operate on their own. why he felt the need to put it up and why he said this has nothing to do with race is coming upstarting at 5:00 today on eyewitness news. a controversial abortion case heard by the supreme court today, the impact that could have on laws across the country. and donald trump and hillary clinton are celebrating big wins in their parties today. the changes you could expect to see in the two weeks before you cast a ballot. the weather doesn't look any different than yesterday but, boy, it sure feels
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a breezy north wind, and we a >> stocks are faltering this midday after yesterday's strong showing. right now, the dow is down about 50. the nasdaq is down around 23. this midday, donald trump is celebrating his huge super tuesday win and now party leaders are debating whether to embrace him as a potential nominee or rebel and oppose him. >> this isn't like it's a close match. i mean, it's only too bad that winner didn't take all because if winner took all, this thing is over. we're just having a celebration. >> he did not spend yesterday in a single super tuesday state yet he won nearly all of them. marco rubio did pick up
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the race and ted cruz won texas, oklahoma, and alaska. yesterday, center graham said the only way to beat trump may be to rally behind cruz. hillary clinton on the democratic side took seven states and had strong support among minority voters and took a not so subtle dig at trump. >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness instead of building walls, we're going to breakdown barriers. >> bernie sanders is defiant about the future of his campaign and said he will fight on. north carolina's primary is two weeks away. trump will campaign in fayetteville a week from today. you can expect more anti-trump ads on tv. three outside groups plan to spend millions. health officials at windebate university report that several dozen students got
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symptoms similar to the norovirus, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. they are cleaning campus buildings. and the norovirus shut down a private school in matthews in the past few days. nearly 50 teachers at covenant day school got sick after catering from jersey mike's. we have more on the norovirus and the steps you can take to keep it from spreading on the home page at wsoctv.comment. the supreme court is take up the first high-profile case since the death of antonin
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the impact his just in the past few hours, justices at the supreme court wrapped up listening to on or about all thes in -- to oral arguments in the first big case scalia. >> reporter: this could really affect the outcome with a 4-4 here. hundreds of abortion rights supporters rallied outside the supreme court.
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law but more than a dozen other states have similar legislation and more state legislatures could be eager to pass this restriction if this is upheld. it would require doctors with hospital privileges to perform at facilities where abortions are performed. it would mean the lower court decision stands and the tie would mean that the law remains on the books. >> we will fight as long and as hard as necessary to protect your lives, your decision, your future. >> reporter: one thing about a 4-4 tie is it doesn't set a precedents. that means that the texas law would stand but couldn't become the law of the land and the event of a tie of the justice's next term could decide for them to revisit the issue. right now, carowinds is unveiling a new attraction to
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there is a new starbucks in the building. the construction crews were out working today and you will see zombies. million expansion. you may remember in december the park gave us a behind-the- scenes look at the expansion plan. it will scan the current water park by 20% and opening day is march 25. we'll bring you highlights of the opening starting today at 5:00 on eyewitness news. cms is hosting six community engagements between now and the end of april and then will give their budget requests to the county. they expect $27 million in new costs next year for salary increases, more students, and some other things.
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south meck high school. a lincoln county man is facing charges after finding evidence of a meth lab in his home. he now faces a drug charming after they found bottles used to make meth and other drugs. a powerful earthquake hit indonesia. the 7.9 quake hit off the western coast of sumatra. these pictures were taken right after it hit. there are worries it could trigger a tsunami. in 2004, a tsunami killed thousands. new at noon, three reported tornadoes in alama yesterday, the same stheas -- system that pushed through our area. the storm damaged more than a dozen homes.
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you don't have much time to think. >> we are just so shocked at what happened. >> the same storm created blinding conditions in nebraska yesterday and in the midwest, heavy snow caused crash after crash. a much different story here. meteorologist keith monday is looking at blue skies in the metro area. just a couple clouds spilling over the mountains. don't the clouds have a nice ripple in the high country? those are wave clouds. they go up over the mountains and come down the other side. kind of a neat effect. but they are seeing snow showers. a bit of a light coating at banner elk from the resortcam. the picture has become much, much snowy. roads are clean and the higher ridge tops may find a bit more of a light coating. but this snow event is wraching up with more on the way
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51 in charleston and low to mid- 40s in the high country in the foothills and i-40 corridor and the mountains may get sun later this afternoon. for everybody else, we keep the sunshine and we are still in the low 50s for the rest of the afternoon. chilling down quickly to around 40 by 11:00 for tonight. tomorrow morning, when you wake up, much colder than this morning by at least 10 degrees or more for most neighborhoods, freezing in charlotte and 20s will spill in the foothills and the mountains easily in the 20s once again but not warming up much today at all. a clear start to the day other than a few high clouds. by tomorrow, midday and in the afternoon, the clouds are already thickening up with the rain chance building out to the west by tomorrow evening it. will change quickly to a mountain snow event tomorrow night and rain in charlotte through midnight. decent showers will come back in, similar to last night with
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the snow is moving across the i- 40 corridor briefly. i don't expect accumulations outside of the mountains, but you could see a few flakes briefly. we can't rule it out as cold air spills in. but overall, you get the accumulation on the order of 1 -3", and the darker blue shading, the 3" plus mark and a light coating on the grass in the i-40 corridor. once that passes, back to sunshine on friday and the weekend looks great. the 5-day forecast, with the weekend always in view, the temperatures stay cool, low 50s tomorrow and mostly cloudy skies and the rain's here tomorrow night and we'll be back in the 60s on sunday, and actually will be on the warming trend for next week. >> not a bad forecast.
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this is the time of year when storms bring power outages. some of them are getting new attention from duke energy after it found some of the most frequent trouble spots are slipping through the cracks. the way duke's figuring out which neighborhoods go dark more often and how to keep your
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on channel 9's eyewitness hannel 9 today, astronaut scott kelly is back on earth after a
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>> scott kelly, back on mother earth after 340 days in space. >> there's a look right there of the crews hoisting him out of the capsule in kazakhstan. he said they were confused as to why they bundled him up saying that the air felt good where he was but he is sad to leave the international space station. >> it's always bittersweet when you leave this incredible place. leaving this amazing facility will be tough because i'll probably never see it again. >> he spent nearly a year in space, the longest for any american so scientists can measure the affect of long-term space travel. they will compare him with his twin mark kelly. today, the man accused of murdering two virginia college guilty. jesse matthew junior is charged
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graham and morgan harrington. he is already serving life in prison for sexual assault. by pleading guilty to these charges he is avoiding a possible death sentence. the sheriff said that a deputy stole a roll of tape from a victim's home. the richland county sheriff said that kaleb broome and another officer responded to a call and that broome defaced a poster and took a role of double decided tape. the federal government often donates extra guns to local police departments but the inspector general said that the program has not been keeping track of the weapons. last year, 69 guns disappeared from the police department. the general services administration said it's improving the tracking system. >> without reliable information about where the weapons are
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lost and there is a lightened risk that the firearms are used for purposes they were not intended for. critics say that the new north carolina congressional map is still racially bias. late last night, lawyers filed briefs for the districts that will be used in the congressional primary on june 7 but they want better boundaries drawn up. the state has until monday to respond to the groups' request. a pretty decent day today but we have changes? you will notice that tonight when the temperatures bottom out but today, we don't warm up much, 50s and sunshine. even tomorrow as the clouds roll in, we won't warm up any more. we have rain coming in on the future and and other warm weekend. all right, keith. thank you. and thank you for making
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