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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 3, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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pretty in pink 2, the reyuan i don't think. and the new ghost busters movie, shot for shot, we're comparing it to the original. now, march 3, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." george clooney, one of the biggest stars in the world is wondering if it's time to leaf acting behind, say it isn't show. >> the sexiest man alive is going on the record, is age taking its toll? on record, is clooney calling it quits? >> i don't think anybody really wants to see anybody really age, it's a very unforgiving thing, the camera is, so aging is something you try to do less and less on screen. cloo was candid about age in hollywood and he said he will act les and direct more. have had really great
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and that's part of the experience. >> but is it all about aging? clooney's last films were considered box office disappoint mptds and there's the amal factor, mrs. clooney is a specialist in international law. >> it could be perceived as a distraction if her husband has this wide platform i this sort of crazy world of entertainment. i think that could have somet do with it, him wanting to protect her career by taking a slightly lower profile position in hollywood. >> regardless, you got to love george for being so open. >> you're forever young, george. >> not so much, you can't stay in front of the camera your whole life >> clooney's message, e your age, say no to plastic surgery. >> you can't try to look younger, you just have to look the best you can at the age you are and not worry about it.
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actors years, approximately 30 actress' years. >> back to george, we have been with him from the beginning, this is on the set of er as his career skyrocketed. >> it's the toughest sho have ever had. i'm not complaining, just my job. >> clooney has already directed four fil it's much more fun and infinitely more creative direct. >> clooney is a great model for that transition from movie star to really well respected and successful direccor. he's clearly on hisway. >> keep in mind that clint eastwood also dabbled in politics. >> he sure did. >> mayor of carmel. >> he did, but i that george might have loftier goals. >> i think george for president. meanwhile things seem to be getting really serious between katy perry and orlando bloom.
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are inseparable. and they became a political power couple. so whether you like orlando or kabloom, last night they were together today hitting up radio city music hall. katy heading outtafter her rumored flame around 11:45 p.m. orlando left in a separate limousine while katy stayed behind taking at toe graphs and selfies with her fans. >> it has been a whirlwind row mansion for kabloom. two weeks later, a one man play, and then last month, we saw him holding a door for at a birthday party for jason bateman. >> we love follow you and katy perry and orlando bloom, how do you them together?
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captured last week in hawaii, now are things really heat aing up? >> katy and orlando are looking for an apartment in new york city. it's not clear yet if this is for the both of them. >> chrissy tiegen and husband john legend en route to the hospital today, we're told everything is fine. we just spoke to the jet setting miami, promoting her new co cravings. >> her book was the number one on the new york best seller list. >> but have they figured a name for their little girl on the way? >> we have a list, a running list on our phones, but we change it every day. that's w i don't have a tattoo, nothing i like more than 10 minutes. >> and john legend had to get headlines approved commander in chief. >> he likes that one best.
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we'll see which we pick. >> something like apple? >> i want you to think about been a year and a half ago, when we first heard about the new female ghost busters. >> some people went crazy. some people didn't li i like it. >> but it's trending like crazy, they are borrowing heavily from the original. >> we have dedicated our whole li studying the paranormal. now there's sightings all over the city. >> the trailer is well on its w getting over a million views in its first 24 hours, but here's how the reboot pays its respects to the first movie. remember the l scene? >> it's okay, it seems peaceful.
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slimer is back. >>proton backs are from the first movie too. adding a bonus for the ladies, chris hemsworth makes an appearance. >> it was one of the best times ever. it was so, so fun. >> someone is creating a device that amplifies paranormal activity. we might be the only one who can stop it. >> >> i have heard that it's great, so just go with that. >> i cannot wait until this movie. the day i was the set, i indulged in my ghost busters fantasy. another highly anticipated remake, bay watch is going to g
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will appear in the film. he made the announcement on just how the rock rolls. >> are you ready? >> i was born ready. >> that's duane let the world know that the hawk is on. shortly after my set visit boca raton yesterday, the rock was dropping some pretty big hints, could we see him in this movie? >> just between us because we know the cameras aren't rolling right now. we always got a little surprise coming. even back in january,,david told us he would be game. >> if it does cool, are you going to make a parody of it, and my party is really funny, of course i'm going to do it. so hopefully it willcool. >> what should the world expect >> a combination of avengers. right? meets anchor man. >> sources tell us that details
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but since mitch buch now being play by dave, dave will be playing someone else. >> the rock, the zack. >> we were born ready, there ain't no bay without the hoff, bay watch, get ready, world. >> by the way, what a fun set to visit. >> can only imagine with the rock. another big movie to talk about. up next, new scenes from the next "star wars." >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 8. and later tonight, is kloe kardashian getting cosmetic
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tomorrow on "e.t" -- how good is daisy ridley's life right now? there she is with barbra streisand and they record adieued areisand and they record adieued a duet. >> daisy is a little busy right she's filming the next "star wars" and he's actually hooking us up with secrets about the production. >> you didn't really get a break there. now that ryan johnson has taken a break has there been a difference on set? >> no, it's still very lovely
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>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode 8. >> a tasty teaser daisy handing a live saver to luke. ryan johnson from breaking bad takes the director's chair. >> is ryan as secretive as >> i think there's a little bit of information out. which is fun. >> there are stories about what happened. >> it's true. >> one of daisy's most memorable episode 7 moments was harrison ford's last day on the set. >> it was really nice because he is great in the feaaure and he put into words what we were all thinking. >> come on, baishby, don't let me
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about what we can expect? >> i believe there will be some bonus features. >> including in the bonus footage, a documentary and deleted scenes like this tyler wren >> well, the date is set f episode 8 to hit theaters, it is december 15, 2017. i can hear those calendars being pulled out right now. and still ahead tonigh we're looking back at a movie icon from the '80 >> i am a rich kid who falls in love with a girl from the wrong side of the t >> angela mccarthy's shocking transformation from this to this. then we meet the wives beverly hills plastic surgeons appearing in a new r show. and is kloe kardashian getting a
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t> t . is kloe kardashian getting cosmetic >> we all are aging, but that's why we have these wonderful things at our fingertips. >> i don't care about that stuff. >> you can't judge, i don't know what i'm going to do ten years, and i hope do it all. >> it's an injectable treatment for double chin, she's all about a positive lifestyle and he's glad her rob is following her lead. >> he is doing really good and on his healthy fitness journey which i'm r ecstatic about. i think it's just, you wake up every morning, i love to work out and i love to just -- that's my selfish time. >> kloe says never say never to plastic surgery, but we're he with some ladies who say yes, please and right now. >> just a little bit more, and it's e them to say that, because their husbands are the ones that are holding the scalpels.
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married to plastic surgeons and beneath the surface, it's not always so pretty. >> i think being married to plastic surgery is every girl's dream. >> their husbands do nose jobs and facelifts. >> i have h botox, my breasts done and my ears pinned back. >> and you operate on >> i hate it, but she's the boss. >> dr. jason diamond does a l of face work, but why jessica's staying away from his scalpel. >> you had some things done. >> i have had a few things done and we underwent to experience of me being the patient, him being the physi and i have to say it did not go smoothly. it's like the classic thing when people say you should not treat family, now we understand why.
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>> but for jessica and dr. david anron, there's nothing like the perks. >> i have done a little bit of setting natural contouring to her area. >> celebrity plastic surgeons of beverly hills streaming on netflix takes us into the or and the lavish lifestyles the rich and famous. >> then you're like home free? >> when we see the show, you guys are going through a rough patch? >> we're going through the roughest part of our marriage than ever. we actually talking about divorce. >> how did you come out the other side then? >> we had two opt either we divorce and go our separate ways or try to make itwork. i am angry all the time and resentful s decided to spend more time together and basically rebuild our marriage. >> marriage is very difficult, it's the last lesson of life.
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having work done, but i'm sure everybody's wonder, what about the themselves, that's what i asked. dr. ray says he has, dr. he says he has see. dr. dieamond is the only one who said he's surgery f i love that mo >> i'm all in, by the way, pretty in pink just celebrated its 30th anniversary this week. it really is the movie that needed andrew mccarthy's career. >> in the abc drama, andrew is playing a character who is going to stalk a lot of long-time fans.
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i wish i took him aaound the throat and watched the life leave his body bit by bit. so don't be sorry about what happened to you. >> i'm not going to lie, it's loyal weird to see andrew play a sex offender who spent ten years in prison for crime he didn't commit. >> i have chosen, i don't need to do any research. i know exactly terror. but it was interesting playing someone who was a predator, you know a sexual predator, a sexual predator is the worst thing you can be in our society. >> would it be better if i asked yo to the prom? >> now this is more the andrew we know and love, the brat packer w demi moore, and the guy who molly ringwald's heart in in pink. sorry, ducky.
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love girl from the wrong side of the tracks, the poor girl. >> the 50-year-old got married and c to participate more behind the scenes, then the family clong, who has a strong cast, played by joan allen, has a strong story line. he had to go back in front of the camera. >> what's your secret, everyone has a secret, and everyone has an ag and they're trying to protect their secrets and i think that's kind of like real life. >> what does he think about pretty in pink? >> when made the movie, i'm like, that's nice. and you know, another generation, people are now falling in love with it. i think it's great. >> how did you feel about a remake of pretty in pin income. >> that would be a great ide let's get together for pretty in pink 2, the reunion.
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class reunion. i mean there's so many of them. >> that's it i'm sold. >> andrew actually directed me in a commercial. the nicest guy, so nice. innour "entertainment tonight" birthday, which star made their tv debut a prison commercial
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the answer is next.the ans at, the divorcereba mcentire says the divo wasn't her idea. sure daughter-in-law kelley clarkson is calling her american idol performance embarrassing. >> i could not hold it together. >> and is scott bac to his partying ways, we ave got the exclusive photos that kloe kardashian probably doesn't want to see. welcome back to the show, in
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star of the a-team made their debut in a pringle's commercial? that was jessica behl. a week from tomorrow, i'll get to modgo to the opening night of "the empire." and you can check out katie cuoco who's looking quite hot on the stands on tuesday, her divorce from ry sweeting has changed the way she looks at marriage, but not the way she looks at love.
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