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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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covering the carolinas. this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00. >> i'm worried about my baby. i'm like, oh my god, i'm pregnant. >> a pregnant charlotte woman attacked while waiting at the bus stop. all new at 11:00, the woman opens up to channel 9 about how she fought off a would be thief. olivia is recovering from scrapes, bruises, and stitches tonight after that attack in west charlotte. i'm erica bryant. >> and i'm scott wickersham. reporter, alexa ashwell spoke about that terrifying attack. >> it's horrible to hear about anyone being attacked, but a woman, a pregnant woman. that takes this crime to another level for many people. tonight, the mother to be told me she wants others to keep an eye out while police continue to look for the suspect. >> i had to get six stitches right here. >> tonight, olivia, who is just days away from delivering her first child, showed us the
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outside a local hotel. she and her boyfriend are staying here after a brutal attack at this bus stop in west charlotte saturday night left her shaken. >> he could have had a knife. could have had a gun. >> the 25-year-old mother to be said she was standing at this bus stop when a man, possibly in his 30s, walked up and started somewhat of a conversation. one that didn't last long. >> he came up and was like, i'm waiting for the bus just like you. i'm like okay, he smacked me on grabbed my purse. fought back. the two ended up on the ground. when she managed to wrestle the purse back, he began kicking her. >> he started kicking me in the face telling me to shut up. he walked away. >> but olivia -- was her baby boy okay? >> anything could happen, it's a baby. >> a sonogram calmed her fears. thankfully, she and her future
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mighty, will be okay. >> i'm very thankful that me and my baby are okay. >> and olivia said the suspect got away with nothing. we checked with cmpd. no arrests have been made. reporting live up town, alexa, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> tonight, this school psychologist is charged with assaulting a 14-year-old student at monroe middle school. we first reported dale's arrest as breaking news at 5:00. >> all new at 11:00, the student's family spoke exclusively with eyewitness news reporter and explained their shock when they heard what happened. >> err qa, they showed me the paperwork saying the assault left the boy with bruises on his back and hips. he will not be going back to school until they know how the district plans to handle the staff member accused of hurting him. union county public schools is staying as quiet as it is tonight at monroe middle school.
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psychologist, dale rust, accused of losing his temper and assaulting tyson's 14-year- old son. >> if your child come home and tell you that she or he had been hit with an apple, look into it, research it, because they might be telling you the truth. >> tyson got a call tuesday morning from the school resource officer telling him to come to the school about his 7th grader. >> i'm thinking that my son misbehaving, i need to talk to him or something. she said he's not in trouble, she said, but i need you. >> he says the officer told him she saw rust put his hands on tyson's son coming out of a classroom before the school called the police on russ. >> she said she doesn't know what came over him. he just snapped. >> the boy's parents asked details of the assault be kept private for now. rust is charged with simple assault. the boy's father says it's hard
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happened to his son at school. >> maybe it's nothing personal with your child, but they get so stressed out, sometimes they lose it. and i just hate that he lost it on my child. >> now the school district won't comment about the arrest or whether rust will be back at work at any age. he is expected to be in court sometime next month. reporting live in monroe, jenna deary, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> roads are back open in north charlotte after a two-alarm fire shut down parts of north trion. breaking news today at 5:00. more than 60 firefighters fought this large warehouse fire next to channel 9 studios. it shut down between dalton and 13th street for two hours. investigators are looking for the cause. nobody was hurt. breaking news tonight, the huntersville mayor and council members voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that they
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every student a guaranteed spot in a school within their own neighborhoods. charlotte mecklenburg school leaders say they are very early in the student assignment process. they hope to break up concentrations of poser si. town lead everies told us their main concerns are a lack of stability and predictability. >> i think primarily should dictate where your kids go to school is where you live. that's how it was when i drew up. not four options, really. we should have one option and have it be the best option. >> parents also express concerns about students being bussed to schools that are farther away. the cornelius board of commissioners voted on a similar resolution. that vote also unanimous passing 5-0. and the davidson board of commissioners is set to vote on this same issue tomorrow afternoon and then all three of the towns plan to present their resolutions to
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last week, we told you the towns of matthews and mint hill went as far as talking about breaking away from the charlotte mecklenburg school district and that would require legislative approval. the plan extensively to see all of our coof ran. go to >> tomorrow, republican presidential candidate will be in kanapolis. our primary is just a week away now. donald trump is in mississippi after a fiery rally earlier today in concord. trump greated a crowd of thousands. every several minutes, he stopped while protesters interrupted him. previously, he chatstized them. his supporters roared as he talked about main platforms, including on immigration.
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it's goings going to be a real wall. >> trump was joined by mark martin. also, hundreds gathered today where former president bill clinton was telling voters his wife, hillary, would make the best president. >> yes, it would be a good thing to have a president who would be immediately respected and trusted around the world. that's true. but you aught to be for a sing the best change maker i ever saw. >> clinton said that his wife has a track record of helping all people succeed. again, north carolina's primary is coming up a week from tuesday. you can get a list of all the voting sites in your area. head to our election page under the news tab. new tonight, charlotte based duke energy is closing its public offering of common stock in connection to its acquisition. the company offered up more than 10 million shares. tonight, we learned it has closed out that offer.
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all of the shares available. the closing will give duke $766 million in proceeds. in january, federal regulators signed off on duke's buyout of piedmont natural gas. it was a $4.9 million deal. customers will receive bills with the piedmont name on it. the companies are hopes to complete the deally the end of this year. the scene of a deadly crash will be closed down again from 9:00 until 3:00 tomorrow for hazmat clean up. a work van crossed the van on highway 9 at turn buckle road and hit a log truck head on. that driver was killed and so was jackie blalock. the van caught fire and the log truck spilled over. >> tonight, we are asking the d.o.t. for answers after the
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with texas dot officials in dallas. in a four hour meeting, questioned about the toll road outside austin that went bankrupt. the governor sent him to texas to gather information. now he's trying to figure out what legal and financial options we have available regarding the 77 toll lane project. >> we are down here at the request of governor mccrory to learn the context of project sh130 and how that might affect the impact on the budget. >> it's not the first highway to go bankrupt. another toll project in indiana declared bankruptcy in september of 2014. years. i traveled to dallas where centra opened up a toll road. they called it unfair, but
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they can't afford to build all the roads. stretching from charlotte to mooresville. lake norman residents have spoken out against the spanish company to the leaders for years. the company's failure comes as no surprise. widen i-77. hold a meeting thursday at the town hall to talk about the lane project here. in, cdot plans to talk about the trip today. they'll release more information as soon as that process is done. we have been following every development for years. you can under the news tab. >> the director of the cdc traveled to puerto rico with over 100 cases of the zika virus was reported there. >> thousands could be infected in puerto rico. >> emphasize the need for preparedness and reduce the
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reducing the zika virus to pregnant women. >> we reported the fifth case of zika confirmed in north carolina. a woman traveled out of the country and got it. researchers say the risk for locally transmitted cases is minimal. north carolina's second in command wants to tackle charlotte's nondediscrimination ordinance right now. >> the republicans in the general asemipli are appealing. >> why leaders are using charlotte as a spring board. >> temperatures in the upper 60s.
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it will get and not north carolina's lieutenant governor asked lawmakers to come back early to fight what he calls the bathroom ordinance in charlotte. part of the nondediscrimination law. >> the governor said that it can wait until lawmakers come back at their regular time, new at 11:00, we asked a political expert what message that request could be sending. >> weeks after house speaker, tim moore, made the same suggestion, lieutenant governor also president of the senate,
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repeal the ordinance before it takes effect april 1. >> showing each side that i'm for you, i'm standing up for what you believe in. so remember that credit me for doing that on your behalf next time i'm on the ballot. >> eric says it's a political move for forest who would need 3/5 of lawmakers to agree to return to a special session before they are set to come back april 25. the governor said he doesn't think it's necessary, so what does it mean that the lieutenant governor is defying those wishes? >> he's running for reelection this time around. but probably what he's doing is poting a marker down for when he runs for the nomination for governor. >> the votes could be there to overturn the ordinance. the question is, do 3/5 want to come back three weeks early just to do it? >> just today, new york city's mayor signed an executive order mandating restroom and locker room access for transgender people.
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he said he hopes this order will be a national model. >> a funeral will be held on friday for former first lady, nancy reagan. she passed away yesterday from congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old. her body will lie in repose for public visitation on wednesday and thursday at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. at the billy graham library here in charlotte today. many stop by and focused on the images of reverend graham and the reagans. and with her loss coming during a divide in the republican party, some try to channel her advice for the candidates. >> i think she would say, clean it up. clean it up and do what it is you're supposed to do. say no to the things you're supposed to say no to. and stand for what's right. >> in a statement today, president obama called the former first lady gracious and charming and a woman of comfort and strength.
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facing charges accused of armed robbery in south charlotte. barry and risher are charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. last month, they robbed someone. minutes later, they robbed another person less than two miles away on lodge south circle. both suspects are in jail tonight. new tonight, police issued arrest warrants for three suspects who they say shot a person trying to buy an xbox. that victim set up called offer up. they agreed to meet at the wells fargo on statesville road and police say these three men showed up and shot him. tonight, police have warrants out for their arrest. happening tomorrow, the union county board of education is holding a special meeting to talk about its search for a superintendent. dr. mary ellis announced her retirement after the sbi and district attorney announced that no charges will be filed against her in a case that involved her company and a laptop contract.
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county school district since 2012. >> our chief meteorologist is standing by with some really good news about the warmup. right, steve? >> erica, a lot of folks ready for a taste of spring and this is it. i don't normally show temperatures at 11:00 at night. not a lot of folks are heading out at this hour. when it's this warm, lower 50s at this hour. we were 5 to 10 degrees warmer than this time last night. typically this time of year, you warm up, you get more moisture. we are starting to see low clouds form along the highway 52 corridor and out across the southwest mountains. i don't anticipate a widespread fog issue tomorrow, but i do clouds. future cast suggests miles. shouldn't be a big deal first thing for the morning drive. but again, that warmth, wow. we start in the mid 40s in the charlotte area. only 30s on the map will be out
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light coat is all you'll need. we just keep going from there. unlike today, we won't see that vail of cloud cover. plenty of sunshine as we head through midday in the afternoon and that is really going to allow us to warm quickly. by lunchtime, mid to upper 60s everywhere east of the mountains. rocking ham may push 70 as we head through the afternoon, everyone east of the high country into the low to mid 70s. neighborhood forecast tomorrow, how about a lunch outside? i mean, we have lots of greenways in charlotte. mid 60s in at the lunch hour. very warm, temperatures around 70 by lunchtime. mid to upper 70s tomorrow afternoon and even our friends in the high country take in some sun and warmth. low 60s by lunchtime. mid 60s tomorrow afternoon. first game at bbnt park this season, it's not for the knights, unc charlotte taking on georgia. 6:05 first pitch.
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baseball and it seems to be a great night for baseball. temperatures slowly falling back down to the 60s. as far as the rest of the week goes, little if any chance for rain. little if any chance for cold air. this will slow people down. pollen counts will continue to rise until we get some rain. and that's not going to happen any time soon. this week, our future cast suggests, i can show you the same thing for thursday and friday. lower mississippi valley, it's not going to come near us. records are safe. they are in the 80s this time of year. mid to upper 70s looks good. five-day forecast, next shot of showers and it's only a few. latest guidance, lowering the chance more. 30% chance on saturday and sunday. we'll see temperatures in the mid 70s. >> i can't complain about any of it. >> i don't think a lot of folks can. >> and you know, everybody has
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>> you'll hear more of that. >> the raspy voice. >> thank you. there's a plan in south carolina that could put new restrictions on your children in cars. why they could have to wait until their teens to be able to sit in the front seat. >> 9 investigates a rare eye cancer cluster in a local town.
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town leaders are taking now and vo: know you have a dedicatedadvisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy.
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pnc wealth management team. c wealth management team. environmental testing for possible links to a rare cancer could begin this spring in a local high school. >> this is the story channel 9 investigated for two years. officials in huntersville had been pressing the school system to allow testing at hope well high school after nearly a dozen cases of a rare cancer had been diagnosed in the area over the past few years. commissioner jim says after the meeting with the health
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said environmental testing is coming. >> we all came to an understanding that it is in the community's best interest for us to do testing. >> cms will pay for the testing. the health department is paying the school system to pick a lab and deciding what to test for. the testing is expected to be done this spring. this tow truck driver who is accused of shooting a man in south charlotte is out of jail tonight. jarvis simpson faced a judge today. cell phone video shows the victim running off just seconds after police say simpson opened fire at the park south station. that victim declined to discuss what led up to the shooting. but said that his truck was booted on saturday morning and he called rescue tow in charlotte to have it removed. >> like us on facebook to follow the latest breaking news, top stories, and weather.
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log the charlotte hornets keep rolling right along. tonight, their latest victim, the minnesota timber wolves. charlotte improves to just the second time this season after notching their 12th win out of their last 15 games. the time warner cable arena we go. kendall walker coming into this one, scoring 20 or more points,
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picked this one up early. downtown walker is feeling it. six threes in this game. later in the first, off the rebound, hornets run and it's kendall with the pass to cody zellar. 49-47. third quarter, walker feeling it a little more from beyond the ark. he hit three straight in the third. 34 points, his third straight game with 30 or more. later in the third, the big fella out jefferson taking carl anthony towns to school. big al second in scoring with 20 points. charlotte wins their fourth straight game. >> he was playing, he did it in philadelphia. similar way into the third. he's playing really well. >> the acc tournament fires up in washington, d.c. tomorrow as 12 seed nc state battles 13 seed wake forest in the tournament opener. the winner will play duke on wednesday. nc state head coach says it's a
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make a run at an automatic bid in the big dance. >> starts with the tournament and it's up to us. and so it's been a tough year. we get it. but we can rewrite the story. >> wolf pack guard is named first team all acc by the coaches. barber averaged over 23 points per game. eight times this season. hard to believe it's been a month since super bowl 50. panthers quarterback took to social media voicing his appreciation for broncos quarterback, peyton manning. on instagram, newton posted a picture with manning at super bowl 50 saying quote, i am grateful to have shared the field in your last game, but most importantly, grateful to have mimicked your style you created to bring out the best of me and that style is mastering preparation. we saw that all season long. now the carolina panthers have announced that they have tendered restricted free agent offensive tackle. remmers started every game he
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arriving back in 2014. the tender is worth over $2.5 million. the panthers also announced they resign wide receiver, stephen hill, to a one-year deal. hill was on injured reserve all year after suffering a knee injury in training camp. a couple other big names they are looking to sign is mike tolbert. and joe webb. something is going to happen, hopefully, it's going to be good for them. >> you hope to keep everybody, but it's business. thanks, lawrence. >> there's a new plan that could put restrictions on your child and where they ride in the car. why they might have to wait until they are in their teens to be able to ride in
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and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13 may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13 is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13 today. a new proposed law could keep your children in the backseat for longer. lawmakers are considering raising the minimum age to ride in the backseat to 13. the law would also require
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seats until they turn 7. lawmakers are studying other states laws right now. tonight, police are looking for a man who has not been seen in more than a month. officials say roger bowman could be in charlotte or new york city. statesville police have been in touch with police in both of those places. they haven't released anymore information about his disappearance. >> enjoy today's warmth, i'll
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>> beautiful stretch coming up. you didn't miss anything. it gets better tomorrow. mid 70s. mid to upper 70s wednesday, thursday, finally we'll see a few showers over the weekend and if you forget nothing else, remember this. i've already forgotten. saturday night, set your clocks ahead one hour. >> thanks for making us your choice for news at 11:00. >> get >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - naomi watts john legend and music from eliot sumner with cleto and the cletones.
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here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. welcome at a time show, i'm jimmy. i'm host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. welcome to hollywood. and wig news around here, it rained today. there was rain and even hail this morning. either that or justin bieber was pelting our houses with tiny little eggs. but something was happening and i'm glad you made it inside safely. i made a crazy video i want to show you. there's an app called masquerade. it turns your face into other people's faces. one of the people you can turn into is me. you can swap faces with the person next to you. so it was my wife's birthday


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