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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 8, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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dollars and cents of the erin andrews verdict >> erin andrews is a true americanhero. >> erin andrews. correct? >> this isn't just a big verdict. this is an enormous verdict. >> erin a wipes back tears after the verdict. it came after seven days of testimony and seven hou deliberation. but how much of that $55 million will an actually receive? >> she gets a $55 million verdict. more than half of that is attributed to the guy did this, who's got no money. so you've got over$26 million left that's attributed to the hotel. take away the possibility it gets reduced, attorneys' fees, taxes, and erin andrews is taking home a fraction of tha total verdict. >> by one estimate it's as
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>> he actually was next to me. >> the verdict is vindication for erin who testified that michael barrett's peephole video humiliated her. after the verdict was read, sportscaster reportedly signed autographs for jurors. was there a c factor in all of this? dan abrams s it was more about being a victim than were going to sympathize with erin andrews.& even thedefense. >> here's the take-away. it's not about the money but the message to the hotel which allowed rinn's stalker to get a room next t hees. >> the big q was how much damages will the hotel have to pay. this verdict is much higher than most medical malpractice, car accident, wrongful death. >> we have learned erin will return to co-host "dancing with the stars" on march the 21st. she di attend the new cast announcement today, but the show's dance pros express their support. >> i think ittsamazing. congratulations. >> we're rooting for her and can't wait to see her back
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>> this was a difficult time for her to go through, so good to the jury for awarding that because the amount of damage probably c even be matched by that. >> so true. >> well sa tony. >> his father passed away just four ago, a tough time fotony. >> our thoughts are with you, tom. as the resident "dancing with the stars" alum, capping the leaderboard. zeroed in on five cast members we have our eye on starting with the donald's ex-wife. >> marla maples! >> you can't back out. this is happening. >> it's totally real and there is no backing out. there is no going ho we are in it to win it. >> the "x" factor and questions about trump are off-limits. married from 1993 to '99, daughter tiffany has been on the
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rebooting. >> time to step up for what i believe in. >> gera rivera has her back. >> i can't imagine w marla maples' life must blike. the poor thing, probably why she's been underground. i salute her courage. >> we're going fields, tango duty. we're hoping old gang cheers her on. >> we might have some surprises from a couple of family. >> i like it. >> we told you last "full house" sweetheart jodie sweetin was she's scared about dancing her live because on the sitcom she gets do-overs. >> it's fun with the en of the live audience, but if you screw up, you get to do it again. mischa barton might be the comeback kid. she was post busted for dui, spent time in a psych ward and rehab. looking healthy, making a f start. >> it's the perfect time in her life to sign up for this?
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didn't fit into my schedule or feel right and now it does. >> she didn't even know what a busy schedule is yet until she starts dancing, right? >> "dancing with the stars" is insane. when she went on dancing, kim kardashian was third star out in 2008. now kim is fighting back after she was attacked for posting a nude selfie. she even doubled down by posting another one today. we talked to one of kim's critics. here's morgan. >> i wake up this morni find all hell breaking loose on my twitterfeed. >> he was in london with us today on tte defense set. all started yesterday after kim posted this with a caption when you're, like, i have nothing to wear, lol. i suggested to will happily step in and buy you some clothes. kim had responded by saying i should stay off ashley adison's cheeky website because this is the kind of activity they do on there to b married women clothes. kim then has a nude and hashtags it liberated.
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you're a 35-year-old mother of two very young children. a littl desperate. >> ariel winter, emily rad cow pki. today t blurred lines video victim said love when a man comments on a woman's decision to post a nude photo. her her career. >> women? why can't men comment about this? >> two areanti-kim. chloe's message to kim, we have so much more to offer than just our bodies. selfie kim's response, "let's all welcome chloe to twitter since no one knows who sh oddly, chloe was out yesterday wearing kanye's sneakers. kim denied kanye was behind her pierce has this message. dignifyied, grateful, and >> today is international women's day.
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cuba gooding jr. has made a big & comeback "the people versus o.j." which airs again tonight. and new video sfalsed t shows him celebrating. maybe a little too hard. >> reportedly more than a little tipsy taking to table tops in a miami nightclub on sunday stripped to the waist with his shirt stuck on top of hishead. eyewitnesses say he was flirting and having a good his antics caught on camera by clubgoers. he's even seen eating a cell phone. meanwhile, sara paulson reveals to ellen today she was doing partying herself with the woman she's portraying, mar clark. >> i drank a lot of tequila with her. >> yeah? >> yeah. it was fun. it was like the mole kept moving all over her face. oh, now on your forehead. it was a lot of tequila. >> next up, j. lo stands her man. >> give the ladyysome sup sport
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>> that's what doing, man. for her. >> miss j walked the red carpet. even stepping aside to let him take spotlight. >> that's amazing. >> jennifer's ex,diddy, was there supporting his girlfriend, kathy, also in the movie. kindaweird. finally, the big secret. launching the new victoria's secret swim collection. see her tomorrow night on the victoria's secret swim special on cbs. there's mermaid in adam lewife. we had to ask >> i approve. >> i approve, too, with all the other women in america. >> up next, behind the scenes of the new "divergent" movie. the beth breathtaking stunt. and later tonight, hear what
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cyrus getting back together with liam helms werth. >> she's been through a lot. she's put herself through a lot. >> that is com up. first -- >> yeah. >> now. >> 16-year-old kenny is conflicted. >> come out, kenny. >> yeah, kenny. why don't you come out? >> what are you doing in my mirror, shirtless co mod snell. >> a nice, irish catholic dysfunctional family. >> every family has its flaws. >> we're getting a divorce. >> i have an eating disorder. >> cast think ls they've nailed it. >> it's all being handled very delicately and very smartly. >> i'm gay.
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in the new cam tomorrow -- our "captain america: civil war" exclu exclusive on the set. and robert downey jr. >> are you the bad guy? >> i am not the bad guy. >> that's tomorrow on "e.t." other superheros in the "divergent franchise," but you'll see a lot of action. it's larger than life. that means the cast has to pull off crazy wild stunts in the new installment, and only nischelle turner went behind the scenes to see just how they did it. >> ready, andthree, two, one, go. >> how many of you stuns are you doing here? >> all of them. i went to the shooting range to get ready for this movii.
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yes, there areexplosions, careening down cliffs, or but today it was a wall, giant wall that would make donald trump jealous. >> like 700 fe >> it's really high. >> actually, it's 80 feet high. tough enough. >> did this bit bitetto where shane ha to be ind of facing down. >> i was holding onto his shoulder like it was the last thing. >> three, two, one,go! >> my whole costume got torn up yesterday. this is a new one. by the end of the day it will get totally torn up. >> you had to run in those? >> these a my shoes, my action shoes. >> they spent six months shooting outside of atlanta. for maggie, that meant travel time. >> in the heat, the poguy. he's like, honey, i got togo. it's too hot here. >> speaking of hot, that would describe the careers of this cast, pretty much unknown only
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>> i feel it more is peoplesay, hey, you're miles keller. whereas before, it's like, dude, did we go to high school together? >> hey, miles,it's only the beginning for you. trust me, man. st ahead, bindi irwin akes a look back our "e.t." vault watching this special moment with her father. plus, is thinking about getting married? >> he's a huge part of my journey and life. >> and dolly parton's candid on her weight struggle. >> i used to be a lot heavier. >> a what she thinks about blake shelton's new song. is it about him? getting over him and i'm
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by --ovided by -- you're getting over him and i'm getting over her ain't got to say a word >> blake shelton's candid new song, "came here to forget."
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>> he said his knew music would be personal and he was not kidding. the name off his album is called "honest" and it's pretty clear he's talk b at gwen stefani and their divorces. looks like it's just me and you enough to get through what we're getting through >> country legend dolly parton knows all about sharing her life and lyrics. serving up her reac to blake's new song and new love. getting even wit her and >> i think they look great as a couple and they've both been some of the things -- met her when i was doing "the voice" and she seemed very sweet. but i l miranda also. >> yeah. >> and, you know, so it's like i just think all those -- you never know what happens in people'slives. they're all great people pip just wish them all the >> aside from that, dolly has one degree of separation from another hollywood couple we love. dolly is god mother to miley. she's back with liam and it
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she's great. she's deep. she's smart. she's sensitive. and she through a lot. she's been put through a lo and she's put herself through a lot. >> do you like them together? >> yes, i do. i was really happ to hear they'd gotten back together. and i say it all in the name of love dolly knows about relationships. in may she'll celebrate her 50th anniversary with husband carl dean. in j she'll start her 60-city >> well, i used to be a lot heavier. i used to be -- >> really?
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back in my early days in cou music when i was eating everything. yeah, i gained quite a bit of weight. but any entertainer will tell you nothing worse in the world than trying to go out and entertain when your clothes are too tight and you're thinking my belly looks big, everybody is looking at my belly. >> i don't think anybody's looking at her tummy. she h new greatest hits album with new material called "pure and simple. "got to love this she calls it double d. >> double d! >> that is the moment when bindi irwin conquered america as a "dancing with the stars" choen champion. how much has her life changed since moving back to australia and finding the new love of her life? i'm talking about this adorable pug puppy named stella. don't worry, the guy saw her dating are still going strong. >> we h a quick stomover in cement and i really fun.
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>> i'm kidding. >> he's part of the family now. i don't know who loves him more, me or my family. always stealing him away going -- it's fantastic. he's such a kind and genuine person that i reall really am blessed. >> so with this grown-up statement and these adorable makeout photos on the beach, we have bindi, could chandler be the one? >> a huge part of my journey in life. at this point in my life, i am -- i'm looking f lot of things. i'm going to be 178. there's so much on the horizon. >> that is one very well-worded answer for someone who doesn't even turn 18 until july. that is sobindi. she kind of puts us to shame with how mature she is. >> 18 wil really fun. i think that i'm going to be celebrating in a very wild way. with cups of tea and may some takeout chinese food.
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i was thinking i might rent aa movie. maybe i might have two cups of tea. be wild. >> ight now bindi's returned to working at australia zoo. she is in contact with derek hough often. what does she have to say the new contestants? >> i felt like a being painted a different color and sticking things to my eyelashes which i now know are false eyelashes. that's interesting. i had no clue. >> of course the reas she's so down to earth is because of close bonds with her family and the legacy left by her father.& we showed her from our "e.t." vault and nearly ten years after steveirwin's t death, this man is still teaching this little girl and us all. >> watch what you make of him, hate. you have to have fun. you can't waste one minute being sad or sangry. ryangry. you ggt to try and have fun.
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that's really sweet. >> i want to be just like my daddy. >> yeah, i you are. >> little beauty. >> oh, that's so funny. oh, how wonderful. that's amazing. because i still say that. when i grow i want to be just like my dad. after losing him, quite a journey to try and find that happiness again. life is short. you have to do what you love now. and you have to do what just brings you the most joy. and dad was the best at that. >> bindi, you are doing fantastic things and your father would be so proud. >> no doubt. our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which
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(phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the perfect match. moving on after divorcing robert thicke. >> you have to get back up, give it a go again. >> and "top chef" host padma lakshmi reve didn't know who fathered her now 6- daughter at the time. then prosecutors marcia clark and christopher debit carden were thromantic? "the people versus o.j." raises the question again. >> he kept me utter
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>> time for the answer to the question. which "dawson's creek" star -- james vanderbe the anniversary of the mtv movie awards and "star wars: the force awakenn." >> it's always one of the wildest award shows. hosted by dwyane johnson and keven harden. you will not see them wrestle. >> because why would you want to put a tuxedo over this? or over this. >> or this? >> or this? >> i'm goiig to be watching. >> how co not watch? the 2016 mtv movie awards airs
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ssants forfour b i am so excited for book club! oh, i've been looking forward to this for weeks. oh, me too. i haven't seen you in forever. i had togo through your mail to seewhat's going on with you. that was a joke. i hope so,because i'm missing a redbook. my mother-in-law's birthday is coming up, and i need those perfume samples. so, i was thinking about whoi would haunt if i was a ghost, and i think -- ohh, you ladies having wine club? i would love some. [ laughs ] tha--that was my glass. oh, uh, we have more of these bad boys in the kitchen just to the left of the fridge. o...kay. um... can i...
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cheers. [ chuckles ] sorry about last night. i guesslouis was feeling chatty. oh, i thought his idea for a wide-mouth gas-pump nozzle -was interesting. -[ chuckles ] oh, yesterday you were tellingme about who you would haunt. [ gasps ] yes. okay, so, you know that female traffic cop that's across the street from the park? [ door opens ] louis: knock, knock! -with the...-the kids said you were here, and i thought you might likesome snacks from the restaurant. oh! see this? this is about half the diameter of that nozzle we were talking about last night. mmm. doesn't it feela little weird hiding from your husband like this? here we go. louis is great, but ever since he stopped staying late to close the restaurant, he's just been around a lot more. and sometimes you just want girl time. mm-hmm. so, ghost, haunting, go. louis: there you are! [ laughs ] marvin told me where you two were,


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