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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and when he came to, his uncle was dead. someone driving past the old home spotted the two. hearne said it was a case of bad luck. >> i never wanted to hurt my uncle. he came at me with a knife. i tried to defend myself. he was choking me. i was choking him. >> reporter: hearne told us that he had never been to the property before and deputies are searching that car which was towed over to the alexander county sheriff's office and they are trying to determine where the murder happened, possibly here or in another county. reporting live, i'm dave faherty, inn channel -- channel 9, eyewitness news. >> and we will update you on anything we learn tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. new at 6:00, a charlotte city councilmember is facing criticism for using an employee
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city leaders say that is against the law. he said that his work with councilwoman clair fallon should not be an issue. >> reporter: erica, it's not uncommon for city councilmembers to have interns who are also city employees. he told me he goes to meetings with her and sends out e-mails for her but it was not until this letter was sent out that the two got in trouble. >> i'm not a soldier. i'm not marching in line. >> reporter: fallon was not happy after a phone call on friday. >> and a got a call from the city manager telling me i couldn't have the intern i had. this is on his time, not city time. they try and bully me and tell me i can't have this and i can't do that. oh, yes i can. >> reporter: it was this later that prompted the call calling
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she said she asked her intern to help her forward it through e-mail to the city attorney and the city manager. an employee with the charlotte fire department is also the fire department of the charlotte firefighters' association, seeing the pyring of t he -- firing of the investigator. the city attorney said in a memo months ago that the arrangement could be considered unlawful and conflict of secrets according to the city's charter. but he said there is nothing that he is doing that the average person couldn't do. >> anything that was shown to me or talked to me about that was not public record. i would allow a citizen to engage in the political process. >> reporter: i asked the city
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taken if it's believed that fallon or puckett may be violating the city policy. pucket said he was never paid by fallon and for the time being, he was not working as an intern. >> jenna, thank you. and we have new information on breaking news in north charlotte. medic is telling us that 1 person went to the hospital. somebody stabbed the person and they have life-threatening injuries. tryon. police are interviewing people at the scene and the ambulance left a few moments ago. we are ask figure police found victim. stay with us for updates. cmpd detectives are investigating four shoots ing one day. channel 9 has live pictures from the scene, and mark becker digs deeper into the violence in the neighborhoods. >> reporter: yeah, scott. police have not made any
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that started a little more than 24 hours ago. and if you look back four separate shootings with dozens of shots firessed, it's remarkable that six people were injured and no one was killed. we spoke with a woman who was shot in the hand as he was standing outside a screens store in the plaza. she said that the shooter was just feet from her and was shooting someone else when she was hit. it was the second of four shootings in less than eight hours. while police haven't identified any suspects and say none of the shootings appear to be related, one thing many of them appear to have in common is the ages of those involved, teenagers or young men in their early 20s, exactly the kind of people this former gang member is trying to reach out to now.
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provide for younge middle school and high school students to engage. right now is the time to give them hope so they don't have to go down this road. >> reporter: nelson is a realist and said tell take more than just that to step the violence that we've seen in the last year and a half now and he fully supports the request for more police officers on the street as well. reporting live at cmpd headquarters, mark becker, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you, mark. this afternoon, the veterans got a chance to see the new va health care facility in south west charlotte. channel 9 was there as they took tours of the clinic along tyvola road. veterans say they are glad they won't have to drive to salisbury anymore. >> 40 minutes in the morning with the traffic, and you get
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this is going to be great. >> there was also a town hall meeting with lawmakers so veterans could ask questions about the president and care they will receive there. the original plan did not include a bus stop but for the last few years, veterans have been fighting to get one. the closest one was a block away. but we learned that they agreed to put a stop at the front door at the facility. new tonight, a man accused of smuggling guns into ghana is appealing the ruling keeping him in jail. he was ordered to remain behind bars while federal charges are pending. according to the court records, he is appealing his detention. prosecutors say that he lied on federal applications and came back from a trip to ghana with 30 there are,000 -- $30,000 hitten in a shoe.
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north carolina holding a big rally in fayetteville at 7:00 tonight. people started lining up for this at 4:00 in the morning. after trump and clinton's wins last night, all eyes are on the primary on tuesday. we'll see a push from all the campaigns, and there is one group of voters who could have an extra large impact on the results today. >> reporter: tuesday's north carolina primary is the first that many college students can involved. this is the first presidential race for hughes to be eligible to vote in, and the candidates have lest an impression on her. >> if this is the expectation on how they will act i will not meet that expectation. >> reporter: they are finding ways to stay politically active, some, more vocal than others.
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at his campaign son in concord on monday, a group of asheville and davidson students chanted love thy neighbor. >> the bibles love thy neighbor, and doesn't say love thy neighbor unless they are muslim or jew usual or from mexico. >> reporter: they have held discussions and debate watch parties hoping to create an engaged campus for current and future studentses. >> i'm sure they will read about it in history books. it's a crazy one. i'm glad the online communication is there so it's proof that i am not just making this up. >> reporter: in the most recent survey poll, democratic millennials are backing sanders and republicans between cruz and trump.
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latest swing in the ongoing supermarket battle for business in the charlotte area. the grocery chain plans to give the 142 locations a face-lift. food lion's president in the with reporters at the store and announced the plans on the $260 million on the redesign to make it easier for customers to get around and shopping with express decor. >> our customers will have fresh store design to be easier to navigate and shop. >> construction at 40 stores is already under way and foodly food -- food lion is expecting
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and they will be giving the food bank, second harvest, assistance. happening tonight, the lake more man transportation commission will have a meeting since two towns voted to leave. last month, huntersville and cornelius voted to leave. right now, only davidson and morrisville are left in the friewp. the body of former first lady nancy regan lying in state at the presidential library in simi valley, california. later this week, the first lady will be buried next to her husband, former president ronald reagan. reagan died sunday at her home in los angeles much she was 94 years old. you can find out more on our coverage is on the home page. a typical march day, 61. and we are on our way to the upper 70s.
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continue through the weekend. travel is picking up at charlotte/douglas airport and so are the number of people caught with guns. why are you seeing so many more? >> what a federal offici >> there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do.
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close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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prove this we're back live right now as police are still on the
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from chopper 9, we've been monitoring the incident on dalton avenue. medic rushed one person with life-threatening injuries to the hospital. so far, police have not said that they have anyone in custody. new, tsa agents discovering guns at charlotte/douglas at a staggering rate. >> and they are worried that the number could spike again as travel picks up for spring break. we spoke with john paul about the concerns. >> reporter: those check points were pretty busy today but it's nothing compared to what it weeks. >> everything comes out of your pocket report long lines and tight security is normal when you travel but with spring break, it will get worse. >> we are expecting to see a large number of passengers increase day by day. >> reporter: with more people is the potential for more firearms. take a look.
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charlotte/douglas. >> it was a stupid mistake on my part. >> reporter: last month, the former unc board of governors' chair was arrested for having a ghun his briefcase and call today a stupid mistake and listen to this. this time last year, agents founds four guns in carry-on lug as but this year, they caught 13 guns, all of them loaded, a 225% increase on pace country. >> makes you wonder about why a sudden increase, more people carrying arms and feeling comfortable traveling with them. >> reporter: hoots what we wanted to know. why are you seeing so many more? >> i wish i could tell you. i wish i had the answer. >> reporter: while we were working the story, we watched as police confiscated a gun magazine from a traveler who forgot they had it, and that's the message that the tsa is trying to get out. plan ahead.
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in, the little pockets, make sure nothing is prohibited. >> reporter: not only can someone be arrested for trying to bring a gun through a checkpoint buffets civil penalties up to 11 there,000. john paul, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> there is a list of prohibited items at the airport and we posted a link on our home page. police are working to track down two armed robbers who robbed a cell phone store last night at the mote row pcs on north sharon amity. they got cash and cell phones and ran off. the price to pay to rent an apartment in charlotte is going up. the queen city now tied with houston, texas as the 21st most expensive city to rents in. the average price for a 1 bedroom is $990 a month, up
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san francisco tops the list when it comes to rents. when it comes to home sales in charlotte, more people are buying homes at a higher price. in february, more than 2300 properties were sold, a 1.4% jump over last year. the average sale price, almost $231,000, up 4.3%. another gorgeous day out there. let's check in with steve for how warm we got. 77 this afternoon, hasn't been that warm since a couple of weeks before thanksgiving. the high clouds are giving us a colorful sunset, and a sure shine from mother nature that moisture and humidity returning. yeah. it's only march. we still have humidity. charlotte and university city and harrisburg, and 73 in belmont and we have numbers in the 60s in the mountains right now.
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tonight, the tip-off at 7:00. it could be any more around uptown? by the time that the game's over, in the mid-60s, and the moisture starting to show on the latest futurecast and the fog will be here first thing tomorrow morning, and we'll lift through tomorrow morning and you may need to build that into the morning drive. i am seeing more and more signs this could be a more widespread problem first thing in the morning but mild, mid-60s. leave the heavy coat at home. and there are the clouds at least through lunchtime, and boy, when the clouds part, the temperatures will zoom. we'll be in the lower 60s at 9:00 a.m. and at lunchtime, upper 60s to near 70, 70s south of town which will clear first and notice i-85 at lincolnton, statesville, hickory, still low to mid-60s and clouds holding
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afternoon with the temperatures starting to soar. how about chesterfield, rockerring handle? pushed to 80 tomorrow afternoon and in charlotte, not a record. the record is 82 from 1974 but it would be the warmest we have been since late october. hard to believe. now, you'll hear a lot about heavy weather and flooding over louisiana, texas and the mississippi valley the next few days. this will make a run at the carolinas through the weekend and be a mere shelf what shell -- shelf what - - shell -- shell of what it is now. not a wash out but, boy, mild, 70 on saturday and lower 70s on sunday and this warm weather is going nowhere any time soon. check out the 5-day forecast. the best chance of rain on sunday and lower 70s. when it moves out, we're still
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for the next 7 to 10 days, i don't see anything resembling march-like weather. we'll be in the 70s most of next week. >> such a nice stretch. >> thank you. coming up new at 10:00 and 11:00, a charlotte man invited to a private ceremony tow honor former first lady nancy reagan. explaining their lasting friendship and the doors she today.
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and a final lo coming up, the new interview with donald trump. what hes will happen if he wins ohio and florida next. and families rescued from their homes, the silent danger in your home tonight coming up. we didn't imagine it. there was something special about the carolina panthers last season.
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twice as much money to sign here instead of elsewhere and where mike hulbert is staying put as well signing a two-year deal instead of signing elsewhere for more money. in a conference call, he said, yes, he left money on the table but called the team his family and family didn't leave family hanging and the panthers made it official with charles john son, announcing he signed a 1- year deal, also for less money. the general manager was made very happy saying it was a heck of a day. about 24 hours after a grueling down to the wire win over wake forest yesterday, nc date face a rested blue devils team. but the wolf pack is showing no quit.
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attacks, and the finish here. and the devils, off the turnover, the lay in and devils point lead. that comes from nc state's farber. off the mis, accelerating. he finished with a game high 29 and it wasn't enough. 89-89, and plumlee, the offensive rebound with the put back and the foul. nc state goes down swinging, 92- 89 your final. >> we'll be watching. >> all right. thank you. it's gorgeous outside. beautiful through the next several days but we will see more clouds and a chance of showers on sunday, and don't forget to spring forward. set your clocks ahead on saturday night. thank you for making channel 9 your choice for news
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world news is next. >> and join us at 11:00 for the major news of the n (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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a letter from someone who's here. lshe has to take a brand name vdrug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is calledvaleant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing andwe're going to make sure
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. breaking news tonight in the race for the white house. the new poll numbers just in from ohio and florida. what donald trump just said. if he wins ohio and florida next, his prediction -- going for a knockout. and the sanders surprise. what happened to hillary clinton in michigan? and get ready. how does clinton take on sanders tonight? zwri also breaking, the severe storms hitting right now. churn rescued. homes under water. from the gulf, all the way up to the northeast, where it's coming next. and the scene tonight, a major gas explosion rocking an american city. buildings levels. streeted covers in debris and glass. firefighters injured. the stunning moment, the cab driver held at gunpoint. the officer who happened to walk up to the car. and, the fifth beatle. celebrating sir george martin
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have been the same without him. love me do good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. the dust still settling after another critical night of voting, and already tonight, the focus now on next tuesday. overnight, donald trump winning three out of four states, and late today, vowing, if he wins ohio and florida next, he'll go for, in his words, a knockout. trump now has victories in 15 states, all of those in red. he leads in delegates. and next tuesday night could very well be a turning point. five major primaries, ohio and florida included. tonight, ohio governor john kasich promises he'll win his home state. a new fox poll out tonight shows kasich leading trump in ohio by five points, the only poll so far, showing kasich ahead. and senator marco rubio tonight, saying he'll win his home state of florida. but trump is leading rubio by 23


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