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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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they have had this part of the road blocked off just before the overpass since 3:00. it has caused quit a bit of confusion for drivers in the area. many have stopped to ask police which direction they should go in. they are sending people on the interstate when people are trying to go straight through. so we are going to send to you traffic team 9's mark taylor to give you more information on how you can avoid this. >> reporter: we are looking above this. you can see the police presence in the area and the road is complete lie blocked on the outbound side of the brookshire right at 485. folks can still access 4:85 you just can't head up toward mountain island lake. take bell haven to 16 for that alternate route. beatties ford we have an
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this could cause problems north of the brookshire. gam mark. we are tracking a freeze warning that continues across the carolinas this morning and includes us here in charlotte, as well as counties off to the south and east under a frost advisory. the top of the 6:00 hour we have dropped a handful of degrees. we are down to 35 right now in the charlotte area. in britney's shot she had her gloves on and thick coat. that is what is needed for the kiddos. 32 in rock hill. 32 in lancaster. 33 in rockingham. 31 in statesville. make sure you have extra layers this morning. the afternoon not looking bad. we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up in less than 10 minutes. a major story in brussels. video of debris scattered across the brussels airport.
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two explosions that killed 13 people. authorities deshared these explosions and another one at a subway station as terror attacks. a witness described the terrifying scene at the airport. >> windows were blown out of the main building. i saw half a dozen where i was on the access to the train lifts and the stairs that building in the airport. >> and you can see the smoke here pouring out of the airport. here are the shattered windows he was just talking about. authorities have shut down the airport and all subway stations in belgium. all americans are told to shelter in place. there are no direct flights between charlotte and brussels. this comes four days after belgian authorities captured the top suspect in november's
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they found a lot of weapons with salah abdeslam in brussels and believe he was planning another attack. authorities are searching for another top suspect connected to the paris attacks. i'm going to update you with new information as soon as i get it. 6:03 right now. north carolina lawmakers are getting ready to go back to raleigh tomorrow for a special session about charlotte's controversial nondiscrimination ordinance. they want to overturn a law that arouse transgendered people who public restrooms they want to use based on the john f. kennedyter they identify with. the ordinance is scheduled to go in effect april 1. critics are concerned criminals might take advantage of it. >> the issue is this is going to have people throughout the
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we should have uniformity on privacy luis. >> this special session will be costing taxpayers $42,000 every day. the governor is urging them to wait until the regular session next month. new this morning, a proposed nondiscrimination proposal in president obama's healthcare law, big companies are pushing back concerned it would require their medical plans to cover gender transition proceed does. it could end up in court because the law does not spell out if that nondiscrimination section would apply to major private employers. cms parents have a chance to weigh in on expectations for the next superintendent. ann clark will serve until june 2017 to give the school board time to find her replacement. meanwhile the town of matthews formed a task force to evaluate possibly leaving cms.
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stay in neighborhood schools as the district considers changing its student assignment plan. cms has not decided whether it will send students to different schools, but some worry that will happen as board members say a top priority is bringing more diversity to all schools. leaders in huntersville, cornelius and davidson passed resolutions saying they support neighborhood schools. today we could get a better idea of how mecklenburg county plans to expand pre-k programs. last month we told you the board wants to make sure every 4-year-old has access to a pre- k program. they didn't say exactly where the money would come from, just that they would need support from state and federal governments and nonprofits and businesses. a mother will be back on
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yesterday shay malzahnen testified against the child's father, todd broderick. 6-month-old keen that was found dead. they waited a day to call police when the child stopped breathing so they could come up with a story. >> he told me to tell them leah was holder had and she dropped her. >> reporter: broderick is representing himself without an attorney, so he cross-examined her yesterday. he says he didn't make her say anything. we have a sad update today. a 10-year-old boy involved in a deadly crash in union county has died. the boy's two sisters and father were also taken to the hospital. the family was in the suv on the way to school yesterday morning when troopers say a pickup truck crossed the center line on old pageland monroe road and hit them head on. the driver of the pickup, richard moss, was killed instantly. justin william was waiting for his bus nearby and saw a little
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>> the window was cracked and i pulled back and pulled her out. >> a witness told channel 9 she had seen the pickup truck driving erratically moments before the collision. police are asking for your help to find a bank robber with a unique tattoo. they say the man here handed a note to the teller at the bank on roosevelt boulevard. police say he did not she a gun but indicated in the note he had one. tonight people in harrisburg can share their thoughts about building an industrial site of an abandoned quarry. neighbors near mulberry road fought lines to mine there.
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tribune report rezoning is at 6:00 at town hall. the congregation pushed for the changes say they want to help the area thrive and become more pedestrian friendly. a developer asked city council to delay a public hearing to tear down a popular hangout in elizabeth to make way for apartments along seventh street and caswell. that means restaurants like jackalope jack's would be demolished. customers told us they are afraid it will take away from the neighborhood charm. >> condos and highrises it will be more corporate and maybe not quite as fun. >> the city council may hold a
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the panthers general manager was named nfl executive of the year. dick edelman was honored during the annual meetings yesterday. he earned the honor after a remarkable year, he signed key players like michael orr and kurt coleman. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist christine rapp with why you might see people putting blankets on their flowers this morning. >> hopefully you took care of plants last night. temperatures just at freezing around the metro area. 32 in matthews. 34 in mint hill. the airport coming in at 35. 34 in belmont. a wider view shows freezing conditions continue all the way to the south. 32 in rock hill and lancaster. this morning feels more wintry.
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afternoon, we are looking at seasonal temperatures. right around our average for this time of year, you will need to hold on to sunglasses today. i am tracking a few chance of rain in the 5-day forecast and that is coming up in the next 5 to 10 minutes. an update on your morning drive mark what is the latest? >> we arrived on the scene at beatties here's the utility pole. here is the. i can tell you beatties ford is not passible north of the brookshire freeway. you can use statesville, brookshire. a local police officer shot in the line of duty is speaking out about that their identifying experience. >> every person we talked to
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ahead at 6:30. the way town leaders honored him and how he says the incident made him a better officer. a 3-year-old walked out of his mother's home in the middle of the night. ahead on daybreak the special steps officers took after they found his mother to keep him from wandering off again. leaders in chester county want the state to make changes
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>> a very busy morning. i am following several stories. two major problems first for your morning drive. we want to give you a live look at northbound lanes at the brookshire boulevard. they are shut down near i-485 in northwest charlotte because of a deadly wreck. you see a lot of police officers on your screen right now. this is an area you'll want to avoid. we'll have alternate routes from traffic team 9's mark taylor in just a moment. beatties ford road shut down in both directions, near northwest school of the arts. again traffic team 9's mark taylor will have alternate routes. you can see right now there is that is a power pole. you can see the car that went
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also we want to give you a live look. this is a news conference happening near the brussels airport where at least 13 people died in terrorist attacks this morning. we are learning what countries are doing at this point to keep people safe while on high alert. we'll let you know what is said out that have news conference as soon as we can. chester county leaders want the state to make changes to improve safety on a major highway. >> people in the area call this dead man's curve. this is highway 9 at turn buckle road. clover police officer tanner crash. >> if my dad could think this tragedy led to someone else being helped or saved that that easier. >> engineers tell us they'll
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the layout and the geometry to determine if any safety improvements can be made there. this morning water is back on in a north mecklenburg county neighborhood after crews repaired a break overnight. here's video we received from a viewer when the water line broke around 8:00 last night. we are asking authorities what may have caused the water main to break. a ride operator accused of camper with the ride at the north carolina state fair that later injured five people will have to wait to learn his face. timothy at this timer's sentencing on assault charges was postponed. he told a judge his boss told him to tamper with the vortex ride back in 2013. the ride suddenly restarted and threw people off. the ride owner, josh mar coney pleaded guilty will serve 30 days in jail, starting on friday. north carolina's attorney general wants the federal government to do more to
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predatory loans. roy cooper says the process is students to get help. he and 18 other attorneys general called for changes, including eliminating time limits for fraud victims to apply for relief and faster case reviews no pharmacy students on the unc asheville campus are celebrating a major pharmacy. u.s. news just ranked the unc school of pharmacy as the number one pharmacy school in the nation. the asheville satellite campus opened in 2011. here's meteorologist christine rapp. >> reporter: a big issue as you head out your door to start off your tuesday morning. we have completely clear skies. you want to make sure you have thick layers with you.
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low 30s to the south in monroe, lancaster chesterfield 32, 33 degrees as you head out the doors. the mountains some of the warmest spots. 37 in jefferson. 35 in boone. as you head out the door to start your day. by this afternoon, off to a cool start but springlike conditions will continue as we head into the afternoon hours. middle 50s for the mountains. low 60s for morganton and lenoir. jackets definitely needed this morning. but the sunglasses you will need to keep on hand throughout the day today. mid-60s expected in the foothills. 64 for statesville and area. upper 60s. 66 in charlotte, 67 in monroe. 64 in shelby 67 in rock schill. upper 60s expected near 70 wadesboro, rockingham. we are a handful of degrees warmer than yesterday
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we are keeping quiet, clear conditions around for your tuesday night. hold onto the jacket just in case. cool temperatures throughout this morning really the only concern we have today. pollen counts starting to climb back up and they will the next couple of days as temperatures warm back 10 degrees above average. we hold off on our next chance of rain thursday night into friday. that is when we see the chance of rain move back in. definitely we need the rain, we are 2.5 inches behind where we should be and we will continue to see dry conditions, today and tomorrow. temperatures warming back into thursday. if you have been waiting for return. more cloud cover to deal with and another chance for rain throughout the day on sunday.
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here's traffic team 9's mark taylor with an up date. new information we are following over north charlotte on beatties ford which is completely shut down in both corrections. this car hit a utility pole in the area. i just checked in with duke. there are no outages reported. an update one person was treated on the scene with very minor injuries. no serious injuries but it is going to cause problems this morning. this is happening between dunn and tate street. use 77, 16 or statesville. outbound brookshire still closed at 485. bell haven to roswell's ferry back to 16. protesters gathered outside duke energy. the steps people who live near the allen steam station are expected to take tonight to
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that their water is safe. channel 9 investigated after several crashes in construction zones along i-77. ahead at 6:30, the factors professional drivers say make this area especially dangerous and the changes d.o.t. is now making. a 3-year-old boy walked right out of his mother's home in the middle of the night and she had no idea he left. next this morning, the way police were able to find out
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helping his mother keep better lping his a 3-year-old natureville boy was found wandering on the streets at 2:00 in the morning. >> the little boy unlocked the back door of his apartment and made it 100 yards down the street when a newspaper delivery driver spotted him and called 911. police searched the complex and
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door was open. the officers installed two chain locks just out of reach of the little boy's hands. >> i think it is expected of our officers. we want them to do the right thing and i think it has become, they are not thinking about it now they are just doing it. >> mcclain thanks the officers for the locks and plans to thank the delivery driver for keeping her son warm until police could get there. duke's health system is restricting visitors to keep the flu virus from spreading. duke will only allow visitors who are immediate family of patients. a cornelius police officer shot while on duty is speaking about for the first time since the attack. >> every call is dangerous. every situation we go to. next at 6:30 the way town officials honored his service and the two things the officer says saved his life is that a
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out the door this morning. freeze watches in effect for the next couple of hours. we'll talk more about your hire head, coming up. -- your hour ahead, coming up. a deadly car crash shut
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down parts we are following two major breaking stories this morning. more than a dozen dead many others injured after three explosions at the brussels airport and subway system there. witnesses reports are pouring in right now as authorities investigate ties to terrorism. the advice the embassy is giving americans in belgium and what u.s. officials are saying about the security here. but first here in charlotte, two major problems for your morning drive. first a live look at beatties ford road. it is closed near northwest school of the arts because of that car you are seeing crashed into a power pole. you can see the lines and the pole hanging sideways right there. also part of the brookshire is blocked because of a deadly crash involving a dump truck.
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>> we have been bringing live updates since about 4:30 this morning. eyewitness news reporter britney johnson is live at the scene. just got new information about the efforts to save the victim in this case. britney? >> reporter: 15 minutes ago i got new information from the owner of the dump truck you see there. he told me his driver had just gone through the light when a person driving a black car hit him. that started a fire and he said his driver used an extinguisher to put out the flames. crews are clearing out the debris from that wreck. the black vehicle involved in this crash. we are going to show you video from the scene from a little bit earlier where you can see the damage done during this crash. the black vehicle the front end has significant damage. the wind on are also smashed in and we know from the owner there was a fire that caused a lot of damage here as well. cmpd has been on the scene
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and a half hours. i just checked in and they told us they expect to be out here for quite some time as they continue their investigation. so that means the road here is going to remain blocked off for quite some time as well. traffic has caused confusion for drivers trying to get down brookshire boulevard. we are going to send it over to traffic team 9's mark taylor. also looking from our scene. roadway. we are making progress with outbound lanes of brookshire still closed at 485-6789 starting to see this minor delay on 16 as well. bait tis ford is closed between dunn and tate street north of the brookshire.
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and from uptown. you can take 16, inbound is open. take i-77 no delay there or statesville avenue as alternate routes. cool conditions as you head out the door and start your tuesday morning. clear skies overnight tonight with the past couple of hours noticing a few clouds starting to fill in north of i 406789 warmer in the mountains this morning. 35 in boone. 33 in monroe. 32 in rock hill. 29 in lincolnton. we have a freeze warning that continues the next couple of hours but the sun officially coming up at 7:24 this morning temperatures. we are still at number one for the driest march on record. we are going to see a couple of changes in the 5-day forecast, i'll let you know when you need to break out umbrellas. a terror attack in brussels bell judge. we have brand new cell phone
6:33 am
you can see it right here, this is rising from the subway station. this is the first video we have seen from that metro subway station. we do know around 8:00 a.m. belgium time there were two explosions at the brussels airport and one at this subway station here. in the last 10 minutes officials said suicide bombers carried out those attacks. 13 are dead dozens are injured and officials say that area is now on the highest alert level. in the last 30 minutes euro star suspended high speed rail service to brussels. that train connects london with brussels and patient. airports have stepped up security. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch was notified of the explosions. she said the department of
6:34 am
are monitoring the situation in brussels. france has now deployed 1600 extra officers. safety concerns along i-77. yesterday we rode along with a truck driver and placed go pro cameras on the sides of the trucks to give you an idea of how tight these lanes are. drivers told us it makes for a dangerous drive. >> the worst i have ever seen. >> i think it is dangerous, to be honest with you. >> the d.o.t. sent us a statement, saying the speed limit will be dropping from 65 down to 55 as the construction picks up in certain places.
6:35 am
you are caught speeding. some believe the 77 toll lane fight impacted the outcome. mecklenburg county board officials are expected to start recounting votes in the race. 28 votes separated them in the primary election. jeter initially supported the tolls but has called on the governor to break off the deal. if the race is still close after today the candidates could request another recount. mooresville leaders rejected a plan for a new development after dozens of people protested the plan at a town hall meeting. there were so many people last night overflow areas had to be set up. the project would have included academy sports, costco and six other businesses. new this morning, york county council gave initial
6:36 am
that is the code name for an undisclosed new business that would create hundreds of job and invest millions of dollars in york county. crown would receive a fee in lieu of tax agreement from york county to locate in the county if it were to invest at least $13 million and create as promised 86 new jobs. tonight officials will hold a community meeting in belmont. they will be discussing whether they should order duke energy to remove coal ash from the allen steam plant or cap it in place. they are angry they were told not to drink well water but now they say it is safe to drink. >> the risk is still the same. nothing has changed. no one has come out to retest my water. absolutely nothing has changed. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 at gaston college's dallas campus. you can count on channel 9 to
6:37 am
duke energy is looking at making alternative energy sources from animal waste now. yesterday the company announced a new plan to turn methane from pick and chicken waste into power for about 10,000 homes. a new facility to handle the process will likely be built in eastern nc nook. we are asking for nor information about a deadly crash in the steel creek area. one person died after the crash involving a motorcycle and a truck on yorkmont road yesterday evening. authorities say the motorcycle driver crashed into the back of a box truck. the driver was taken to the hospital and died. the driver of the truck wasn't hurt. police believe speed may have been a factor. new this morning, north carolina republican party leaders want to oust their chairman hassan harnett. he tried to replace the party's website with his own site
6:38 am
harnett says that is not true. he voted to restrict duties and ban him from party headquarters. today voters in three states will be heading to the polls for the presidential primaries. where he had the candidates took aim at each other once again over plans to springen ties between the u.s. and israel. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday. >> i have studied this issue in great detail and it is a bad deal. >> arizona utah and eyed hoe have primaries today. a cornelius police officer shot on the job opened up about that day for the first time. last night, lieutenant james quattlebaum and three other officers were honored for their actions after a shooting incident last may. police say 16-year-old grayson ferrall shot lieutenant
6:39 am
his bullet proof vest and fellow officer jeffrey heinz saved his life. >> this has become a reality. it happened in our town and it is a reality. >> reporter: lieutenant quattlebaum was awarded a police purple heart. officer heinz received a police medal of valor. ferrall is charged with attempted first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon on a government official. his next court date is june 2 believed. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist christine rap with a look at the temperatures we are dealing with just before the sunrise. >> reporter: it is cool out there this morning. 35 right now in charlotte. we have completely clear skies and that is something that will stay with us throughout the a today. now we are going to see much in the way of cloud cover. temperatures in the mid-50s by lunch time. mid-60s this afternoon. make sure you have sunglasses on hand. 43 by the midmorning hours,
6:40 am
we are off to a cool start this morning in shelby by the afternoon. highs making it back into the mid-60s. we are going to need those umbrellas soon as we look at your 5-day forecast. want to send it over to mark taylor. how is it looking out there this morning? >> progress made on beatties ford road. lane closures in the blair. looks like you are able to get through on both sides for now. even after this car took out that utility pole, still no reports of any outages from the area, you are able to get through, sill use 77 or statesville as an alternate route. taking you toward brickshire at 485 where the outbound lanes are closed here. a fatal crash is under investigation. if you are heading toward mountain island lake take roswell's ferry and bell haven
6:41 am
in north tryon blocked the intersection, use 85 as the alternate here. a north carolina man faces federal charges, accused of bilking investors out of millions of dollars. the way he kept the scam going and how he spent the money. 13 people dead.
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m/ideas you are starting to see back-ups. fake bell haven roswell's ferry back to 16 as an alternate route around the lane closures. today cms parents have a chance to weigh in on expectations for the next
6:46 am
ann clark will serve until june 2017. meck ed is hosting the meeting tonight. today we could get a better idea of how mecklenburg county plans to expand pre-k programs. the board wants to make sure every 4-year-old has access to a pre-k program. they didn't say exactly where this money would come from though, just that they would need support from state and federal governments and nonprofits and businesses. a mother will be back on the stand today, testifying about her child's death. yesterday she testified against the child's father, todd baldrick in his murder trial. they waited a day to call police when the child stopped breatheing to come up with a story. to want people in harrisburg can share thoughts
6:47 am
park on the site of an abandoned quarry. the developer canceled that project, and now wants to build industrial buildings. our partners at the independent tribune report neighbors are still worried it would lead to today's public hearing is at 6:00 at town hall. today we are going to get tension underpass. when it is finished the light rail will travel through the underpass beneath north tryon street and on to unc charlotte's campus. watch for a behind the scenes look at the underground tour. time now 6:48. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist christine rapp in severe weather center 9. the big story is the temperature. >> reporter: feels more like winter. usually we are down in the low 40s. we have locations in the low 30s this morning. we have freeze warnings in effect. completely clear skies, still early for the sun, but here in
6:48 am
see the camera views lighten up a bit. we are at 35 in charlotte, 33 in monroe. 30 in lancaster and 32 in chester. up in the mountains, a little bit of cloud cover moving through areas of ashe county and watauga county. as we keep the sun around today we are going to do wonders and warming up the temperatures. by lunch time mid-50s. we are going to add on about 8 to 10 degrees for most locations by the afternoon with highs in the mid-60s in the charlotte area. how about the rest of the neighborhoods, 65 upper 50s in the mountains. still a nice, springlike day ahead. 64 in statesville. near 70 to the south in chesterfield and rockingham this afternoon. lots going on today the winthrop baseball game against east tennessee state a beautiful day for it. temperatures in the upper 60s by 5:00. upper 50s by 9:00 or 10:00 this
6:49 am
if you are not a fan of these cool temperatures, by tomorrow morning we are going to be warmer still expecting mid-30s in the mountains. if you covered up your plants, i think you are good to go. you can uncover them. we are not tracking those temperatures to get down near freezing at least for the next 5 to 7 days. for the next forecast we actually warm up. and return back into the mid 70s. if you have been waiting for a few chances of rain, got it throughout the early morning hours on friday. a few showers moving toward the carolinas. won't see a lot of rain but something as we head into saturday and sunday. we'll keep clouds around. seasonal temperatures in the mid-60s but another chance of rain for sunday. a lot of folks have plans for the holiday. you can stay on top of the weather by downloading our weather app, interactive radar and get our hour by hour forecast if you have plans to
6:50 am
download the app right now for free. handy tool here the next couple of days. a lot of folks enjoying the 60s and 70s. thanks christine. traffic team 9's mark taylor following breaking news where part of the brookshire is shut down. mark? >> reporter: outbound lanes closed. you can access i-485 heading outbound this morning. this is the 485 ramp heading over toward brookshire, heading inbound. still open, look at the delays this morning, this is happening as folks make their way outbound which you can access and get up toward mountain island lake. bell haven over to roswell's ferry back toward 16. and the delays we were seeing just now are in that outbound side. beatties ford update. out bound lanes are now open. had anaccident that took out a utility pole. duke now on the scene.
6:51 am
though and plenty of room. beatties ford north of th brookshire. take 85 over to 16. use i-77 or statesvillavenue as alternates. the dow is down 42 points, the nasdaq is down 17 points. channel 9 is stayinon top breaking news inere terrorists targeted t
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
new information on the number of people killed in brussels. abc news reports 15 people re killed in a single blast at a metro station. at least 13 people were killed after two explosions at the airport. a suicide bomb soldier responsible for at least one of those explosions. that makes fo a total of 55 people were injured. authorities expect those numbers to rises. we also have new video of
6:55 am
the blast at the metro station. these attacks happened around 8:00 a.m. in brussels as people were coming in to work and come after the man authorities say plotted the paris terrorist attacks was arrested and said more attacks were planned. coming up in five minutes on channel 9, abc news has a team of reporters following every development in brussels, including new interviews from people who were inside the airport and subway station during those explosions no traffic. mark taylor is following breaking news on the brookshire right now. >> live right now at some of the back-ups on the brookshire outbound. it is closed because of the fatal crash we continue to monitor this morning. you can access 485 but you can't get past 485. if you are heading to mountain island lake use roswell's ferry
6:56 am
beatties ford was closed. now the inbound lanes are open between dunn and tate street. still seeing delays. take 77 brookshire or statesville. stephanie? you know the weather this morning, very cold across the area. here's a look at those temperatures if you are just now getting ready to head out the door. 20s and 30s, lots of sunshine, expect highs to region average in the mid-60s. your breaking news coverage continues with eyewitness news this morning on tv 64.
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this one here on good morning, america. at least three explosions rocked the capital of brussels this morning. a suicide bomber reportedly targets the crowded airport. >> there were explosions in the main building. >> ceilings collapsing. running for their lives. another blast rocks a metro station. just days after a major suspect
7:00 am
americans in europe told to shelter in place. nypd set to ramp up security here in new york. the hunt is on right now for who's behind these blasts. >> announcer: live in times square, this is "good morning america." >> good morning, we are live all across the country and all time zones for the latest on those terror attacks unfolded in brussels, belgium, at 3:00 a.m. eastern time during their morning rush hour. this is the scene as it unfolded, terrified passengers running for their lives at the airpor. at leastwo different attacks across the city ts morning. >> here's what we know right now. it is changing. at least two explosions hit that airport. another rocked a metro station latsteople now killed. dozens injured. all airport and public ortrtion in brussels now shut dow and the terror level thd to maximum.


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