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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  December 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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a flood watch in effect, for much of the up state, and all of western north carolina, with 2-5 inches of rainfall, up to 6 inches locally, lands slides and rock slides in to the mountains. for the up state, 2-5 inches of rainfall expected, once again, over the course of the next few days. it's not all going to happen tonight but will happen as rain is now tracking in to northeast georgia, that will push in to up the state, the next several hours and the overnight, i will tell you exactly how much rain you can expect and what it's going to add up to where you live in your 5 zone forecast. a 61-year-old columbia man has been rescued after rains stranded him for days on an island in the broad river. officials report friends called police on christmas day to report him missing. he hasn't been seen since monday. columbia's polechief says
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rescue unit found the man saturday afternoon. the rising waters cut off the man's access to the shore. officers haven't figured out how the man survived. he is doing well. crews in georgia recovered two bodies after rains caused flooding, one of the victims away. the second beside recovered at south lake today. authorities are still working died. more rain was forecasted for the area today as well. snow and ice are creating treacherous conditions for people in oklahoma, new mexico, and texas. ice storm coated roads, signs and power lines overnight, utility crews worked to restore power to thousands. some parts of texas saw white out conditions with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. a state of emergency was declared in new mexico after blizzard conditions moved through that area. ashville woman faced a judge today for charges in
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connection to a kidnapping. the children are safe tonight. 3 other suspects remain in jail in georgia. krystyne bw has new information from bunkham county. >> reporter: trina weaver is facing charges for child abuse in connection to the abduction of two kids that were visiting in ashville over the weekend after given her bond, she was told by a judge monday she cannot contact the toddlers now in dss custody. >> they are unharmed and safe. >> reporter: three others remain in jail in jackson county georgia. they were also arrested sundays after an amber alert was released for r the boys in north carolina. all three are facing kinapping and child abduction charges in ashville. arrest warrant shows -- she drove them under the influence of impaired substance. the police haven't said how the chin ended up in their car in
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there dropped off at a fire department in swannanoa but won't say by who. the kids mother called police around 4:00 a.m., believing her children were kidnapped. and all four suspects knew the kids and their mom. >> it's not a random act of violence or random act of just, you know, there is no threat to the public right now of someone running out and abducting your kids. >> reporter: ashville officials have not been able to interview the suspects and the motive isn't clear. krystyne o 7 news. >> ashville police are not sure when or if the suspects will be extradited to north carolina, they may face more charges depending on the outcome. details to a man found dead inside a home in greenville county. nathan lee crouch was shot to death, his body was found around 6:00 yesterday evening, at a house on perry roads.
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investigators say crouch was involved in a fight earlier in the day and was shot once. so far no suspects have been named in this case. anyone with information can call the sheriff's office. investigators in spartanburg are trying to figure out how a man found on the side of the road died. mike manzoni joins us in studio. a lot of unknowns, what do investigators know. >> the death is suspicious, he says there was an autopsy completed. it did not determine a cause of death. it did show that there was injuries, there were injuries on the man's body, within the past hour we learned the coroner's office is investigating as a hit and run. they found the man unresponsive behind a fast food restaurant, this was yesterday morning. the coroner identified the man as 36 year old brent. they took him to spartanburg
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talked with a man who lives steps from where this happened. >> shocking this close to the house. i'm always walking this road at night. >> i talked with his ex-wife this afternoon, she told me she has not talked with him in a while. if you have information, call sc. to a south florida, clemson bowl. tigers arrived saturday and preparing for thursday's contest against oklahoma ever since. todd summers joins us with more. >> reporter: clemson's offense has been coming in, playing the best football of the season. 9 straight games of 500 total yards or more, it's been pretty balanced. 320 yards passing a game, 230 yards rushing. >> we want to be balanced, be able to create problems, the
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we can do that, it put pressure on different defenses and they have to choose what they want to start first. we have been successful at both. >> the guy providing the running part of the balance appreciates the role his teammates play, in their overall success. >> that help as lot. we have a team that can run the ball, pass the ball and have a good defense, that's a great feeling to attack a team. >> reporter: the player whose catch out, understand the value of the ones who run it. >> try to hit and run with my blocking. we steping that up. >> wap running the ball, opens up plays for me. it definitely goes hand in hand and very special because it helps our whole offense. >> reporter: oklahoma offense is potent as well. they come in 7th in the nation in tote ole fence.
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54 -- offense, 540 yards a game. a tough job, somebody has to do it. live in florida all week. todd is with the team giving you an inside look. catch our special live from miami as the tigers continue the drive to the championship. pete and todd will get you ready with an orange bowl special preview. it wednesday wednesday night at 7:30, here on 7 news the end of the year means the begin of an election cycle for candidates fighting for the white house. a campaign 2016 update. the new details for the ball drop coming up. first, let's get a quick check of traffic before you head out tonight or if your loved ones are coming home. this is greenville county, folks on vacation as you can
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live at 5 continues next. as we get closer to the end of the year - it's just the beginni of an elt it 1 just the beginning of an election cycle, which kicks off with the iowa caucuses on february 1st. to get a better idea of what you can expect to see heading in to 2016, here is mark maredith. >> reporter: we have seen plenty of debates, candidates come and go, but the real action for the race for the white house kicks off in 2016, with the contest in iowa and new hampshire. presidential politics, both contests could be make or break moments. [music] there is a reason democrats and republicans spend so much time talking to voters in iowa. the hawk eye state may not be the country's biggest. in politics iowa is a big chance to grab the spotlight. ask mike huckabee. >> you win the caucuses by meeting voters one on one, talking to them answering their questions.
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huckabee knows too well, winning iowa doesn't mean total victory. a week after the first contest, it's new hampshire's turn to vote on february 9th. jeb bush is one candidate, betting big on the granite state and while his poll numbers remain flat, in new hampshireist about retail politic, getting to know voters one on one. the one on one strategy experts like dr. laura brown with george washington university tell us pays off in early voting states because it's the die hard who actually show up to vote. >> we are talking about people in the vast majority of states have to be registered partisans, to even engage and vote in these contests. >> reporter: a responsibility iowa and new hampshire voters take seriously, one you will hear a lot about as the americans choose their next president. both contests provide worldwide media attention and a much needed boost in fundraising,
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that is if they win. when it comes to who will winks we will have to wait to find out. 2016 is president obama's last year in office. making his to-do list particularly time sensitive. after his 16 day vacation, he will focus on national security ask unpredictable terror threats. also criminal justice reform, the economy and closing the guantanamo bay prison. the biggest challenge, climate change. republicans are expected to block his clean power plan. this afternoon, a grand jury decided not to indict a rookie cleveland police officer or his partner for the shatting of rice. rice was holding a pellet gun. decision comes after a a lengthy investigation by the sheriff's office and county prosecutors, and a grand jury presentation that began in october. the shooting was caught by a surveillance camera, creating
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national outrage and protests over police shootings. muslim leaders want authorities to investigate the apaint fire bombing of a california mosque as a hate crime. mosque leaders found what appeared to be a molotov cocktail tossed over the gate. this comes after a christmas day mosque fire in texas which officials are calling suspicious. council on american islamic relations says there is a spike in hate incident against mosques nationwide. to new york now, preparations are underway for the iconic new years celebration in times square. crews installed 288 waterford crystals on the ball, adding to the more than 2100 sparkling crystals in place. security is expected to be tight in times square. the weather not as cold as it could be. the record low, 18 below in 1917. i'm tracking heavy rain
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approaching from northeast georgia in to the western carolinas. it's not raining yet. the ice rink and shows very mild air here still over the last couple of weeks, we are stuck in a warm wedge pattern, air coming up from the south off the gulf of mexico, that's given us a flood watch through midweek as two rounds of rainfall are coming our way, one tonight, and one again on wednesday, which will put us in a 2-5-inch range for rain. there is that heavy rain tonight and wednesday, cooler and dry by the time new years eve gets here, in time for all of your celebrating outdoors, it's going to be just perfect. in to the forecast tonight, lows if the 50s, to near 60, and tomorrow near 70 again. temperatures running 20-30 degrees above average during the night and during the afternoon, a chance of a couple of showers tomorrow, but the heavier rain gets in through
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here tonight and then tomorrow it's more of a chance of a shower as opposed to an all day washout by any stretch. hour by hour now, right in to 7:00, here is where i believe that rain is going to push in to western north carolina, first, here, brevard and franklin, seeing the heavy rain in the up slope, the moisture comes up from the south, by 10 and 11:00, spartanburg and greenville, eastward, heavy rain here, along the blue ridge and the higher elevations, pickens and greenville counties and that pushes east with on and off rain showers in the overnight. most of this rain falls while you are sleeping and not during this evening's commute. by tomorrow morning, theria chance of showers for much of us on the morning commute, i believe, much of rush hour will be clear, there will be dense fog, need you take caution tomorrow and we dry things out around 10:00 in the morning tomorrow, in to the afternoon,
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things improve significantly. as far as how much rain i'm expecting, not that much in the up state, here in spartanburg, a third of an inch, down towards greenwood. localized hyrain in the mountains and the higher elevations of the blue ridge, where i believe about upwards of an inch to 2 or 3 inches tonight and a small area from round 1 of the rain. round 2 comes through on wednesday, we will get to that later. round 1 coming in to western north carolina, and also the western portion of the up state, northeast georgia as well, tacowa, up and down 85, will see that rain push in from this monster storm that's moving through the country welcomes heavy snow north of -- with heavy snow north of chicago, rain near atlanta, atlanta seeing very heavy rainfall, pushes east and does weaken by the time it gets in
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it makes it east, the more it will weaken, and die out but i believe we will get in to light to moderate and a period of heavy rain. the wind also a condition with this storm as nows it's rather light out of the southeast, watch what happens in the wind forecast in the high elevations tonight, above 3500 feet, wind gust to 50 miles per hour, in to tonight, for up the state, around 10- 15 to 20 miles per hour, so some downed trees and power lines possible up in western north carolina in the mountains. 5 zone forecast, showing temperatures around 70 again, almost done with the warm weather, not quite, but also. as we look at the next 72 hours, temperatures will be in the 60s, the next three days, around 2 of heavy rain gets through on wednesday, thursday a leftover shower at 66, lows in the 50s, and then for friday, as we talk about new years eve in to friday, 46
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55, and the big holiday weekend, mid 50s for highs, sun and clouds mixed, mostly sunny, lows around freezing which is about average, monday, 53. low of 32. for western north carolina, here in the mountains we will see 70 for a high on tuesday. wednesday 63, rain heavy at times on wednesday, once again, that is day 2 of the flooding threat. the forecast takeyito the week with highs in the 40s to 50s and we will see for the weekends lows if the 20s, finally, breakout that nice sweater that you got for christmas because you will need it by the time we get in to the new year. winter is coming after all. thank you, jayson. a christmas eve patrol turns in to a hoot for this police officer. we will show you the perp who was behind this bust straight ahead. the star wars continues to break records at the box offices the latest accomplishment for the hit movie. here is a look at the closing numbers from wall
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this. a police officer in louisiana is o-.t ahipatrol car on christmas eve.. what a police officer in louisiana is okay after crashing his patrol car. an owl flew in to his open driver's side window. the scene was caught on his body camera, after benjamin's defensive driving training was put to good use. car. i was able to stop the cars put it in park and get out. there he was chilling out in the car. >> amazing, thankfully, no one was hurt. the cruiser. benjamin has a permanent partner in crime for the late night ride alongs. star wars , the force
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box office records when it opened this months. yesterday, it hit another milestone, earning a billion dollars in global sales, faster than any film in history. the film took 12 days to hit the billion dollars mark, a day earlier than previous record holder jurassic world. it did this all without china. the film has yet to open in china, the second biggest film market in the world. it will open on january 9th. there is a lot of talk about naps, are they good or bad. here is a few myths about napping, napping is only for lazy people or kids. life science reports, one-third of american adults nap everyday. myth number twoi you take a nap you end up feeling worse. it's not a guarantee, experts say it depends on how long you sleep. a good nap for adults should
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last no longer than 30 minutes. myth 3, you shouldn't nap at work. don't get fired, if your job allows it, it's very helpful. still ahead, christmas is over, you maybe wondering what to do with your life christmas tree. -- live christmas tree, an option that is free and helps marine animals. an update to a deadly shooting didn't yiewfts university of south carolina campus. police discovered a secret the victim was keeping that may have helped keep him safe. first, a live look outside, thank you for joining us in liberty and lieman and across
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get ready for rain around the up state. most of us saw a break today. storms are expected to move in this evening as we look live in spartanburg county, gsp, no airplane taking off in this shot. the ground is wet. meteorologist jason nappi has been watching the for you. people are sick of this rain. >> it's going to continue for tonight, we will see a period of heavy rain, especially west, along the western portion of the up state and also in western north carolina. 2-5 inches of rainfall, this is over the course of a couple of days. you see until thursday morning, national weather vis put a flood watch up for the counties in green, 6 inches locally, that's the higher elevations of blue ridge and landslides and rock slides, mud slides are possible there. most of the up state will not see flooding rain from the storm. another concern is wind advisory until 7:00 tomorrow morning, this is only for
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western north carolina, above
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