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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  December 28, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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western north carolina, above 3500 feet, we will see wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and with the saturated grounds, trees could come down and knock down power lines as well. here is the rain off to the west, northeast georgia, tracking northeast, as it continues to do so, pushing in to the up state, also western north carolina, that line extending down from tennessee to northeast georgia atlanta and spartanburg zone planner, temperature of 70 now, in to the day tomorrow, a temperature in to the 60s , the chance of rain throughout tonight and then letting up tomorrow, with another round i'm tracking coming in for wednesday in your 5 zone forecast. road. guyton in anderson county, remains closed after parts of the road collapsed. the hall was originally created when floods washed out a portion of the road in october.
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water main broke and haded to be repairdz. there -- had to be repaired. a week from today, january 4th, is the deadline for floods assistance, anyone who suffered damage has until then to apply for help with fema or complete a small business administration loan application. the deadlinea set for this month. officials change ed that to allow for people to get the help they need. clemson is basking in the sun as the team works in on getting dialed in on the orange bowl. tigers on a drive for a national championship. let's go to south florida, todd summers joins us live once again. >> reporter: they are close to that dream of winning a national championship. they beet oklaho the next game is the next game. you think of terry allen,
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ellington, with 14 yards rushing in the orange bowl, against oklahoma, wayne, the single season rushing leader for the clemson tigers. >> that's pretty big. i really didn't take in to account when i first heard it. really be in the group with those names, that's pretty special to me. >> reporter: he has been consistent, five of the last 6 games, best game this season, came against north carolina, 187 yards rushing, doesn't hurt that his quarterback, watson, is a pretty good runner as well. defenses try to focus on stopping him, watson takes off running as well. offense is potent. we will see if they can score points against oklahoma coming up on new years eve. todd summers, 7 sports. back to you. we are life in florida all week.
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catch our wednesday night special as 7 sports team brings you extended look ahead oh the tigers and sooners from south florida. airs wednesday at 7:30 here on 7 news. for those who bought a real christmas tree, you might want to take it down soon. more try your tree is, the more easily it becomes a fire hazards. according to the national fire protection association, it can burn fast they an newspaper. you will know you need to get rid of it once it starts dropping the needles. don't just throw it out, this is a way to put your tree to good use. addie hampton shows us how christmas tree sinking is helping lake heartwell all year long. >> reporter: as much a tradition as it is environmentally friendly, for more than 40 years , the army corps of engineers has been collecting christmas trees here for lake heartwells it makes the fish happy and the fishermen. hope to tensile and lights, but
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is a home to small fish. >> small organisms get in there and the fish fry the baby fishes they basically live in there, trying to stay away from predators and the predators stay around them. >> reporter: the predators are game fish like bass and crappy, making the areas around the sunken trees a fisherman's haven. they see between 25 to 500 trees donated each year. fishermen can pick up what they want to reuse. sink them in prime fishing locations in georgia and south carolina, old trees decompose after 3-5 years, new trees add to the has been that's each year. >> a mall eco system right in one. >> reporter: more than just fish friendly, it's economic insurance. the latest corp.of engineer, say 3 million vis itses for
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use, a potential economic impact of 156 million to the region as lake heartwell continues to be a prime fishing destination, drawing in bass masters. it is safe to say your christmas tree can put dollars back in to your community. >> people recycle bottles and plastic and metal. they can do the same with the christmas tree. >> repor: t willing topart with the tree, they say, not to worry, they will be collecting christmas frees through mid january. the corp.of engineers asked all your trees be in the natural state when you drop them off. no tinsel or ornaments. the interstates have been very busy with people traveling home after christmas, others taking trips for the new years holiday. record number of south carolinaians with rr expected
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50 miles or more. low gas prices are the big reason behind the increase. >> it's a great time on sunday morning to travel. trying to beat the people traveling back home after the holidays. >> the department of public safety reminds drivers to move over for law enforcement emergency and highway workers. it is the end of an era at the south carolina supreme court. chief justice gene toll will retire after 27 years on the supreme court bench. she was only the 11th woman to have an active law license in south carolina. she is leaving because of a law requiring justices to retire the year they turn 72 years old. last day is december 31st. new information tonight about the deadly shooting of a professor at the university of south carolina. state law enforcement division investigators say raja was a
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victim of domestic abuse. his ex-wife killed him back in february before killing herself. reports show fie yad suffered from mental and emotional abuse. the man tried to keep the couples issue as secret. south carolina botanical gardens director hope as $1 million gift is the start of a fundraising way to improve the resources on the clemson university campus. mike mc bride and his family are giving the money to provide programming at the garden, challenging others to raise additional million by may 30th, to turn the garden in to a showcase in the upper state. catastrophic flooding wiped out much of the grounds near the garden site. north carolina stapark system is launching centennial year with guided hikes. they will ober in anniversary e -- usher in anniversary events. division of parks and
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recreations say they range from short lake stretchers to 6-mile treks. a photography hike, a art trail, scavenger hunts and a polar plunge a list is available at nc parks .gov. a quarterback is responding to a report he used performance enhancing drugs. next why payton manning calls the accusations complete garbage. tonight on 8 news at 6:00, the week of christmas returns, what if you got a gift card you don't want. exchange options that might not know about. first a quick check of traffic before you head out tonight or if your loved ones
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live at continues after this. tonight's faceoff between the bronsdenl will sure focus on one player... quarterback peyton manae t in quarterback payton manning listed listed in a an al- jazeera under cover probe. in the movie, which aired sunday, a man secretly being taped claims manning received the drugs under his wife's name. manning says he is disgusted by the report. >> it's a joke. it's a freaking joke.
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nfl, i done it the long way and hard way. to insinuate is a complete and total joke and defamation and ticks me off. >> the man sited in the documentary recanted his story. broncos defended manning saying payton does things the right way. carolinas bid for a perfect season is over. they lost the fest game of the season yesterday in atlanta. the loss is the team's first in 19 regular season games. cam newton fumbled in the final minute giving falcons 20-13 win. panthers are 14-1 on the season. playing the buarn in the final game of the regular season. a win and the team will earn home field advantage throughout the post season. it is time for some r and r, regifting and returns that is. next, we will run down the etiquette. the deadline to get money back from major phone companys is
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for refunds. jason ad lib i'm tracking heavy rain in to the up state and western north carolina, with a flood
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the full details hoverboards were a best- seller over the holidays hover boards were a best seller despite fire warnings and the possibility of injuries. parents wanted to try them out and the results could be funny, but also painful. ben tracy found out firsthand. social media sites are full of their kid's hoverboards fayd.oyon giving. especially for kids enjoying seeing parents hop on hover boards and finding themselves cruising for a bruising. hash tag hover board fails, has now gone viral. florida congressman, carlos, shared a photo of his arm in a
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for kids, my daughter got it, i ended up in the er. just before christmas, the u.s. consumer product safety commission reported the number of injuries associated with hover boards spiked 35%, that is expected to rise dramatically in the post holiday tally and worries some safety experts. >> off product that -- you have a product that doesn't have to meet safety requirements. >rr: showed me the proper way to board the board. >> try to stand straight up. >> reporter: i thought i got the hang of it quickly, well, until i didn't. the cell phone caught me hovering on the ground. that maybe the lesson of this holiday season, something that seems like child's play, is probably best left to actual children. ben tracy, cbs news, on the pavement of a los angeles parking lot. >> glad he is okay. if you are planning on
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regifting or returning a present, there are rules to follow. emily post institute of etiquette, says make sure you are pleasant. make sure it isn't something the giver made by hand or is personalized. you don't want to hurt the gift giver's feelings or insult the new recipient. check the fine print on the gift receipt. make sure you keep the original packaging in tact. many retailers require a photo id to protect against return fraud. time is running out to get money back from verizon or sprint if one is your service provider, customers have until thursday, december 31st, to claim refunds for unauthorized third party messages. charges for those texts for things like horoscopes, or sports scores, that were buried in your bills. the wireless carriers agreed to shell out $158 million to
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the government. here is a live look outside, interstate 85, interstate 385, it's smooth sailing for tonight as the rain doesn't get here until later on and that's when there could be some delays but for now, i believe rush hour is just fine as a flood watch is in effect through midweek. periods of heavy rain, one comes through later tonight in to the overnight, after rush hour, and then on wednesday, we will see that heavy rain come through, cooler and dry, though, for the weekend, for new years, if you are celebrating, things will be great, nice and dry and clear. the 5 zone forecast, in to the next night and also tomorrow, temperature around 70, the sun will be out, little bit tomorrow, more clouds than sun, on and off showers, heavier rain comes through tonight in the forecast. moving in to western north
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carolina and the mountains for up the state, seeing dry conditions on 24/7 live doppler, northeast georgia about to get in to rain because of a big storm that is moving thaw the ohio valley -- through the ohio valley. cold front with rain from cincinnati to atlantas going to push east, as it does so, we this storm. as far as how much rain you can expect where you live, not that much in the up state, unless you get just north of clemson, seeing a brighter color pop up, that's going to be about an inch plus from round one, that's going to be until the overnight, that's where i'm focusing the rain along the blue ridge for round one and round two. i will take you in to round two. round one is not as significant as round two, it's a wednesday during the morning, and midday, seeing heavy rain coming through greenville, wednesday afternoon, seeing more heavy
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be round 2 to come through, 2-5 inches totals from round one and two wednesday. wind speed is light for the up state, i believe things start to get going especially heading up towards the mountains, gusts to 50 miles per hour, with the potential for trees down and power lines with a saturated ground. won't take much to blow down limbs and trees and power lines and things start to get breezy tomorrow in the upper state southwest around 15 miles per hour sustained. 5 zone wind forecast, temperature 70 tomorrow, lows in the 60s, another night where you will be tempted to use the air-conditioning, it's on the humid side as well. the forecast, next three days the up the state, temperature in the 60s to 70s, with period of heavy rain on wednesday, thursday 66, friday, saturday, sunday, look at new years eve and new years day. a temperature in the mid 50s, gets you in the holiday spirit.
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winter coat that you may have gotten for christmas and the weekend in the mountains. 50s for a high, low in the 20s, air-conditioning to ac, or to heat, heat, i haven't used heat in weeks. >> i did get a winter coat. i'm one of those people i'm not complaining i can't use it just yet. >> thank you, jayson. next, a police chase that is a little unbelievable, covering hundreds of miles across the gulf of mexico. on 7 news at 6:00, organ
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an up state professor three men are in custody after u-s cota officials say they stole a 36- foot go-fast boat in fort myers florida that's the kind you've seen in a james bond movie. the theives then led officers on a chase
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across the gulf of mexico. the thieves led officers on a chase across the gulf of mexico. it lasted for 300 miles and nearly 20 hours, as the stolen boat hit speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. at one point the men tried ramming in to the sheriff's boat. the three suspects were eventually captured and taken in to custody. alabama, armed woman stole an ambulance and took it for a joyride after calling 911. according to police, the woman had called for help at the birmingham airport when the ambulance arrived, she fired three rounds at paramedics and stole the vehicle. the responders managed to get out of the ambulance while the woman drove away. police surrounded the ambulance and the woman was arrested and taken in to custody, no officers were hurt. steve harvey took lots of heat after incorrectly crowning the wrong miss universe, he showed he could laugh about it.
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the words merry easter, ya'll. it was retweeted 240,000 times. harvey did correct his error in the pageant before the broadcast went off the air. still to come on 7 news at 5:30s a young boy's love for trash pick up day is in his neighborhood ends in a christmas day surprise that you wouldn't expect for most kids. first let's take a live look outside, thank you for joining us. back .. right after this. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay
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to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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it's a chore even on christmas which i a chore even on christmas, is still garbage pick up day. while other kids were unwrapping gifts, there is a 4 year old putting away the garbage cans. his papers say it's an obsession that began 2 years ago. a chore, even on christmas, still garbage pick up day. while other kids were
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unwrapping gifts, in the distance is this 4 year olds putting away the garbage cans. his parents say it's an obsession that began two years ago. >> it started with waiving at the truck each week and exciting to see them. they started waiving back. >> reporter: now he pulls up his family's trash cans, and takes in his neighbors. >> i pull up the cans and make them happy. >> reporter:tjust one or two, but 17 neighbors. >> some people are outside. they say thank you. i sometimes say you are welcome. >> reporter: the truck drivers see it, week after week. >> he loves it so much. i'm amazed how he goes up and down the neighborhood and puts everybody's back. got to be perfect, too. >> reporter: when it came time to make a list for santa. you guessed it, he asked for shiny new garbage cans. >> anything else you want for
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christmas? >> trash cans. jus the trash cans. >> yeah. >> reporter: he was on the nice list when after all the tbar badge was picked -- garbage was picked up, the trucks came back through to drop something off just for him. >> santa did it right. >> reporter: the drivers on his route cliff and aaron, are like rock stars to the preschooler. >> he loves me. he loves garbage, all things garbage, all the other drivers. he can't get enough of drives. >> it warms my heart. it is amazing. >> reporter: the city of folsom posted video and his new garbage can delivery on facebook.
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