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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  December 30, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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lots of rain..around the carolinas..creating dangerous situations.. with it's a weather alert because of all the rain that the carolinas, dangerous situations with widespread flooding and people dealing with front yards covered with water, and in spots, waters coming into homes causing road closures and in some cases, evacuations. let's get to dan bickford. and dan, you have been following this all day long, and it goes in spurts. where are we at? >> we're at the end of the major part of it, and the heavier rain is gone, but it doesn't mean it's finished. the flooding will still be a potential issue. the doppler showing scattered showers south and east of 85 as
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good dowwpours from elbert and greenwood up to union county. and the rain is lighter north and west and gradually pushing eastward. as we go through the evening, it will ease up across the area, and several counties with flood warnings where the flooding is ongoing, and it's possible near a river, stream, or any low-lying areas and a flood watch is in the upstate and southern sections of western north carolina. and flonmay be an issue for some overnight. drier weather is moving in. more on that straight ahead. the rain is causing big problems all over, and we have live team coverage. >let's sawith the crews in the field with here thomas in spartanburg. >> reporter: on pine street, it's still raining, but nothing like earlier today.
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problems for a lot of people who live in the area. just about a mile from here is where we saw the water goininup to people's homes, and we talked to at least one woman who had to call a family member to get her because she doesn't want to be there when the water rises. now, over to addie. [no audio ] >> reporter: we are live in blacksburg where officials are telling me that things are getting better. bridges, however, rstill closed. the d.o.t. is coming out tomorrow to survey some of the bridges before they can be re-opened. we are told there was a mandatory evaluatin one of the areas, and all of those evacuees are with family and
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into what we are told a clean- up mode. dave jordn new >> thank you, and we had a bit of an audio issue there with addie but she is near the zoo with flooding there, extreme weather conditionand you are definitely our eyes and ears. we are grateful for those of you who sent in photos and video, and whitney miller sent in this area. that was usually a pond. and video from cherokee county. this is from john walker in blacksburg, and this video of a river in blacksburg also, and you look off in the distance, that's a bridge with the water going over the bridge. again in blackbetrya a right. wyou are not with us on the air -- we're glad you are right
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new and improved 7 news app. down load if for free. >> the report it feature is on the main page of the app. the clemson tigers are counting down to tickoff at the orange bowl but head coach dabo swinney confirmed that three players are no longer with the team. >> they were sent home for violation of the team rules. >> reporter: gordon, in 24 hours, they will be wrapping up the game but tell not include deon cain, ammon lakip, or jj mccullough. you probalyheard the news. the reports is that each failed drug tests and each have been
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their career for various misdeeds in the past. and earlier today, the coaches had their final pre-game news conference, smiling with the orange bowl trophy, but suffice it to say that the news of cain especially sent home, two wide receivers during the second half of the year was a big talking point during the news conference and the question, does this distract away from the mission of winning the thursday game? >> why would it be a distraction? jj clhdlakip don't have anythito do with the rest of those guys. and it's not a distraction at all. it's a distractinfor me because i have to answer questions about three guys that break our rules. >> it won't change anything we do.
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excellent player in there running routes. >> reporter: cain had an impact in the second half of the year, 5 touchdowns in the past half dozen games, and coming up at 6:00, we'll talk about the impact of his loss for the game tomorrow afternoon. news live in miami gardens, florida. >> pete, thank you. and just yesterday on the newscast, todd was previewing cain's impact on the game. we have an inside look as the tigers prepare to take on oklahoma. be sure to watc the special tonight live from south florida as the tigers continue to drive. and we'll get you ready with the full preview tonight at 7:30 on 7 news. virginia tech researchers are talking to schools around the country about too much security. >> they say data shows that
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and are actually harming them. guards, metal detectors and checkpoints can create a prison- like environment that can lead to over surveillance and over discipline of certain students especially minorities. >> going through the check point sometimes with security guards or not, sometimes, with metal detectors, armed guards, and that leads to an idea of fear. >> and researchers say thh school resource offices can be a destructive additionand many of them go in with the mindset of enforcing the law rather than serving as educators. in two days, oakland carry becomes texas law meaning those with concealed handguns licenses can carry holstered weapons in open view but are still banned in places like hospitals and correctional facilitys and some places have alcohol is served or sold and some businesses have the option
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signs like the one you just saw. one man's post on facebook landed him behind bars. >> yeah. you gotta sethis >> we'll show yo what he was doing that got the attention of the local sheriff. >> he was doing that. >> stay tuned. >> amy woods here. tonight on 7 news at 6:00 with all the high water and heavy rain and you wonder about insurance. whayou need to know to make
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>> and taking a look at i-85 you may have seen this going around some social media... aann ohio isw facing criminal charges... after posting a video of maybe you've seen this on social media. a man in ohio is posting charges after posting a video to facebook, dustin richards. he put this on his personal facebook page. he is about to -- there he goes -- take a swig of alcohol behind the wheel. and his other hand is on the camera, his phone, and people are outraged. but he responded saying i am good. i'm a pro. >> he has his hands full, drinking and i think we are very fortunate this didn't end in a tragedy.
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said he got a tip about his behavior behind the wheel and tracked him down adre him for driving while impaired and with an open container. richards, by the way, has faced these charges twice before. twitter is cracking down on threats and hate spreech. the new policy bans users for promoting violenceon people based on race, ethnicity, religion, or origins. speak out this video making the rounds on facebook and twitter. former hea wait champion mike tyson decided to try out a hoverboard. what coulgo wrong? you can see he took a nasty spill, #miketysonbreaksback and #i'mtoooldt.>#busterdouglasisback. [laughter] d.
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the first snowstorm in the east this week. police in auburn, maine posted this video. the advice was to make sure that the sunroof was closed. [laughter] at least ondriveneeded to hear that before this storm. just ahead, smart phones, and many of you leaving your cameras at home even on a family vacation but one service is offering the help of professionals anywhere you go. find out how it works in about two minutes. and then the road to the white house, the latest candidate making a stop in the palmetto state. >> and looking at gsp airport,
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has ended for some of with the help of smartphones plenty of people are leaving their cameras at
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when you have a smart phone, a lot of people won't take a camera when they go on a trip. >> but a lot of people are looking for the help of a professional photograwhe eyo. >reporter: this solo traveler has a serious case of wanderlust. >> i have a bucket list and i'm checking them off. >> reporter: selfies are not enough to document her magical moments in her world, here in burma at an ancient temple. >> it reminds me that i have been on marvelous advantages in my life. >> reporter: these unforgettable memories were captured in photographers taken by tracy swift. >> i am a flytographer. >> reporter: what is that? >> i am part of someone who wants a person experience.
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on vacation and become tour guides, too. and the company currently employs 300 around the world. marriage proposals a honeymoons are the most popular assignment, but there are all sorts of shoots. in ethiopia, images of a canadian woman picking up her newly adopted daughter. >> it's incredible, and she is still my friend to this day, and that was almost two years ago. >> i feel like she's a great friend, and we're talking. >> reporter: and she provides illustrations to go along with her stories of a lifetime. cbs news, washington. >> flytographers are available in 150 cities, and packages start at $250 for half an hour photo shoot. [whtl] >> you know, when she said that, i had no choice. i didn't start it. i had no choice and i had to mention her husband's situation.
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and tnow the biggest story on television by a factor of 10. donald trump saying he had no choice bringing up former president bill clinton's past infidelity in a rally in hilton head earlier today. clinton has accused trump of sexism and trump said nobody respects women more than he does. l, the rain has quit for some of you. still a couple of sprinkles in downtown spartanburg. and a little lht rain still in the forecast over the next few hours. farther south and east, dealing with moderate showers, and even here, it's better than it was earlier. moderate rain in abbeville and
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newberry county. we haveat rofin places where there is still rain. so still ienthe evening and overnight. if you're in the upstate, you probably saw 2" in spartanburg, greenville, anders greenwood, 3", and some places could see 4 or 5. asheville,.50". thmtsa this one. all flooding in the upstate, and the flooding continuing tonight in the areas where the levels are high overnight. and as we get closer to the new year, we'll dry out and turn cooler and get air in here that is more close to what it should be feeling like this time of year. sunny but it is going to be cool. the main axis of moisture is shifting southeast and into eastern north carolina and points to the east. we're on the backside, finally,
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a few light rain showers and certainly clouds will be left behind for a while this evening. as we go through tonight, the temperatures only slowly falling into the 60s and upper 50s first thing in the morning. a lot of clouds around, and we will get out of the constant rain. we can't rule out a stray shower tomorrow morning. it will take a while for the front to move through. where we are going to be drier is western north carolina, 61 in asheville and hendersonville. t moa,the temperatures dropofmore quickly. but it looks likoutside of a small chance for passing showers this evening, you will probably be high and dry going through the rest of the overnight and tomorrow morning. the next 72 hours shape up like this, mid-60s in the morning and a few showers south and east but not a whole lot. more clouds and sun and
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57 on friday and more clouds skimming through as a reinforcing stretch of cooler air comes in with a dry but cool weekend on the 7-day forecast. reallyfthe new year and on ward, cooler and drier weather with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s and in the mountains, 59 for tomorrow. it will be dry tomorrow and temperatures fall to where we're only looking at upper 40s for highs, and on saturday, lows in the 20s. and the best news of all for the area that has seen a lot of rain in the past few days, dry. get some of this out offer. >> yeah. we could linger into tomorrow for some, but light. not as big a deal. >> thank goodness for that. next on live at 5:00, new reasons to drink a cup of joe. how it could help improve your workout. >> and standing byfor the 7
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we are less than 24 hours away so are you a back or tummy or a side sleeper. >> i think i am a side sleeper. >> if you are a side sleeper, you may have more likely to have bad dreams if you sleep on your left side. >> so this is a 2004 study and it's resurfaced because of social media and getting a lot of attention. the thing is if you force yourself to sleep on your right side, that might not make a big difference. the oldstudy sureonly 63 people. so it's not a huge sample size. the results say 41% of left side sleepers experience
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right side sleepers reported the same which of still seems like a lot of people having nightmares. and now to coffee to keep you from having nightmares because you won't be asleep. research shows that drinking coffee can enhance your endurance. no duh you say. typically in cycling and running. in five out of 9 studies, significant improvements were fnd > still ahead on live at 5:00, before tossing out your olds cell phone, we have ways that you could still use it, one includes providing security
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eni awe look a if santa brought you a new phone or tablet this year and you're wondering what to do with it.. we have some options for you. if santa brought you a new phone or tablet and you are wondering what to do with the
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you can repurpose your olds phone or tablet. >> reporter: i've looked into dozens of apps that repurpose an old device and i think this is the most useful. it's called cameo, and it turns it is unused device into a free home video surveillance system. >> my computer -- my security and my peace of mind. >> reporter: nora downloaded the camio app and plugged in ac power to the phone and set it up in her living room and uses it to check on her mom who is home alone during the day. >> and can i zoom in and see, is she breathing? is she stable? >> reporter: it can turn any phone or tablet into a camera. and it works through your wi- fi, and your phone does not have to have a current date plan or be activated. and if you want to sell your phone, here are the three websites that will off top
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and you can trust them. they make it easy. you tell them what you're selling, the condition it's in and they make you an off, and you can mail in the phone. when they receive it, you get paid. if you would to donate your own phone or tablet, there are great charities you can send them to. we have a link on news 7 at 6:00 begins right now. right now, first at 6:00, we're following a 7 news weather alert. heavy rain pounding the upstate, and western north carolina hit hard. >> torrential rain causi fin some of which you are seeing here. we told you the problems that rain was causing all afternoon long. >> and we continue to bring you the latest. we have reporters stanngby live with the coverage from spartanburg, greenville, and cherokee.
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