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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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police won't release that identity at this point calling it an on going investigation. now to the college football play offs and the day clemson fans have been waiting for plenty of tiger faithful to watch the team take on oklahoma and the orange bowl. fans getting ready earlier today but tail gating and hanging out at fan fest. the teams kicked off about an hour ago. for the many fans that couldn't make the trip they are watching the game at home with their family or at watch parties. >> we are at bar louie where there are a few fans gathered to watch. >> thisih oof the fans are wat the game this afternoon. therbea lot of cheers so there must be good things going on. we can't show you the highlight lights because it is on right now. many fans traveled to south florida but some drove just as far to be able to watch the game ncontinue with their friends.
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preparing for the orange bowl fans have had their fair share work too. >> drove from philadelphia to hang with my buddies. >> jeff drove hundreds of miles. >> i'm the only clemson fan in philadelphia it seems like so i get my fair share of abuse but i'm not watching it with anybody else, not this game. >> he stocked by to grab some gear from champion shirts to orange bowl souvenirs we found lots of fans in search of the perfect game day attire. >> getting ready for the game. buying a shirt, getting ready to do oysters and hoping for a tiger win. >> the south carolina highway patrol says with folks headed out to viewing parties and also for new years eve expect a lot of traffic tonight especially if clemson wins. >> there's going to be a lot f excited people, the first time in 34 years clemson has been in the national championsand that's going to roll into new yseve. >> fans are focusing on the fun
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to their perfect season. >> it's been awesome. 13-0 a national championship on the line. let's go play. >and everywhere we've gone everybody is wearing something orange today because of the game. a lot of the fans who weren't able to travel to florida today say that if clemson wins today they do hope to travel to arizona next month for the next big game. live in greenville, laura thomas 7 news. >> taking a look at this laura is not showing highlights but we'll show scores. clemson 10-7 a deshawn watson rushing touchdown. tigers are behind 7-0 that they have taken the lead in the orange bowl. dan is already asking the question why aren't we doing the weather forecast from the bar? >> well i think that could get a bit tricky and dangerous there. >> we've got to be here to watch the weather. > anly it is not quite
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yesterday. thrain is gone, pushed off to the east as a front has finally moved through the area. in fact the frois sitting right across the carolinas right now continuing it's push to the south and east anda sh we are seeing cooler air that's going to be working in. some of you have seen those clouds breakup just a little bit. others haven't. those clouds are going to start to fill back in as we go through the overntbut we are going to stay dry so if you have got any new years eve plans you should be in good shape. there's where the front is right now. through new years eve expect a lot of clouds to be around but only a slow temperature so won't be too bad. 50s in the upstate 40s in the mountains. it will be cooler than that tomorrow morning. a look at the forecast coming up. >> nice graphics dan thank you. a busy new years eve for public works crews around the upstate. the massive flooding left behind mounds debris and the
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>> we were there all day with the heavy rains and now we have that part of the story. >> well goard yan and diane this was a mess a--gordon and diane this is a messy place. some roads still closed t of them having to deal with water that came in from a nearby creek as well as the debris and take a look at some of what was left behind when the flood waters came rushing out. for neighbors here it was a tense time for them as et water came out as well. we spoke with a couple of neighbors who watched all of this unfold just from their homes. >> it was scary. it was very scary. i have never seen so much water in my life. >> and back here live right now the clean up is still going on. this bridge behind me, the broad street bridge is closed down right now because the department of transportation was supposed to come out and inspect it.
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for them right now so this is going to be inspected and people are basically waiting and watching and the clean up is continuing as well. the nearby creek still a problem for neighbors in low lying areas in blacksburg. gordon and diane back to you. >> it will be interesting to see what happens because it could end the bridge's future. speaking of the creek that runs underneath it that area floods a lot when we get heavy rain. is there something the city can do maybe to make that area safer? >> there is a lot they are working on right now but we are told that the department here, the blacksburg town hall has a project under way they are going to start in just a few weeks to help alleviate the flooding. you are going to hear about that at 6 and also hear from some of the neighbors who watches this unfold. it was very scary for some of them. many people elderly or disabled. not manyptnsor them to live but they fortunately got
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much more on that tonight at 6 gordon and diane. >> thank you dave. record flooding is making for treacherous conditions for parts of the midwest and the waters continue to rise there. the mississippi river is cresting at historic levels now. the floods have forced missouri to close two major interstates in st. louis. 20 people have died and people are being told to stay in doors until the flood waters subside. >> the water is up to the red line up there. >> john houser and his wife have been up all night protecting their e thyeusing thousands of sand bags to keep them safe from the water. a former principal union county high school is suing the now former superintendant cristie woodall. they claim hidden cameras in
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after requesting a raise and instead lost administrative staff and was given a pay cut. she he also had a hidden camera inside his office and caught him changing clot. saccused him of improper conduct and he eventually resigned. andespcey help to find the person responsible for assaulting one of their officers. kristin brady waback at work today after suffering a concussion and bad bruising from the november attack. krystyne brown tells us why authorities believe ail meth bust is connected to her assault. >> we are at a point now that we just can't seem to connect it any further. >> anderson officer kristin brady was patrolling overnight november 16 in miracle mile drive when she spotted a suspicious masked man. she got out of her car and before she could radio dispatch that man attacked. >> took her to the ground. a struggle ensued. no doubt in our minds this
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the officer. >> she fought him off when he tried to reach for her gun and was nearly stabbed. when the suspect finally went off into the woods she was able to call for help and when responders arrived they found her slumped over in her seat. it was dark in this new neighborhood so she couldn't see much but a dark hoodie and a skull mask. while officer brady was being treated for her concussion law enforcement began their investiaand this woman showed up looking for her boyfriend so police went back to her apartment nearby where they found him and now police believe they may have something to do with this case. >> i don't think anyone in their right mind are going to go with an alibi they were hunting rabbits at 1:30 in the morning with a bb gun. >> there's enough evidence to identify who the skull mask attacker is which is why they need your help to find the right clues.
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we have that until they carry these ca etus and we just can't seem to escape them. >> in anderson county krystyne brown 7 news. >> state investigato are looking into the attack on the officer and anderson police are offering a $1,000 reward. if you think you can help call 1-888-crime sc. new at 5 a defense motion for a speedy trial in the michael clarkeer case the former north charleston officer who shot and killed walter scott back in april. in her response scarlett wilson said a trial date for november of 2016 is reasonable and necessary. one fthe reasons is a judge has ordered her team to be excused from appearing in all court appearancesfrom january until the end of dylan rooff's trial which is scheduled for this coming july. also new tonattorneys
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charleston are denying accusations they haven't been honest with donations information after the deadly shooting this summer. nine people were shot and killed in june in a racially motivated attack. the fef one of the victims sued after asking the church nothing. the church would donate more than a million of the 3.5 that was given to the organization. dylan rooff now facing state shooting. presitobama is expected to announce executive action. gun sales. the sale of--the set of executive actions willful fill the president's promise to curb gun deaths in the united states. gun control advocates expect the announcement could come next week ahead of the state of
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bill cosby is cosby's lawyer is unjustly accused and xiong rated. if convtecosby could face up to ten years in jail. 7 news live at 5. a lot of you will be out celebrating the new year. what they are asking you to avoid as you count down the new year. plus we'll take you inside one of the world's biggest new years eve celebrations and tell you why times square will be one of the safest places in the world tonight but first a quick check on the traffic before you head out or someone is driving home. >> not much traffic to talk about.
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many people off today so i-385 if you head out tonight to celebrate ... police want if you plan to go out tonight celebrate police and ayall of us hope you'll be safe.
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well lit areas with lots of people. another probmesee every year, firing guns in the air at midnight. law enforce urge you not to do that because you never know where the bullet is going to land. >> if you are hitting the road for new years eve you are going to have company. trpeslbe on the look out for drunk drivers as part of the sober and slammer effort. it's really in effect tonight. alcohol was to blame for 40% of deadly crashes in 2015. if you are out celebrating have a designated driver, use uber or call a cab. people lined up very early and more than a million people are expected to party in manhattan tonight. >> there will be a billion more watching on t.v. a billion. we have the report. >> crowds for the world's biggest party started showing up at 4:00 a.m. wanting a good seat to watch
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taylor coiner is celebrating the new year and her 19th birthday. >> i've never been here before and always dreamed about it since i was a kid and i'm finally here as my birthday surprise. >> thousands peopwill be searched and corralled into secure pens to make sure revelers can safely bring in the new year. >> we know how to do big events and have shown it time and time again. >> there is no specific or credible threat but close to 6,000 officers will be in times square just in case some in uniform and some under covered. >> we are as prepared as you can be for this event coming up. >> no backpacks or alcohol are allowed and if you leave the secured area for any reason you have to go all the way back to the end of the line to get back in. but most spectators aren't worried. they are excited for a good time. >> check on my bucket list. i did it. >> organizers have tested the
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will be watching around the world. cbs news new york. >> diane has done that before. >> i have. i've done it. >> doesn't look fun to me. at the stroke of midnight the lights on the new years eve ball are turned off and the numerals of 2016 will light up. wherever you are it's probably more fun than that, just saying. belgium canceled new years eve festivities because of terrorist activities during the new years celebrations. the plot appears to be inspired by but not ordered by isis. belgium's prime minister says it was delicate and made by the city's mayor. [ music ] the song we know well or
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it's old la ngzin. do you know what it means? it's a poem from the 1700s that reminds us to remember old friends. the song has five verses but most of us only sing the first one and maybe just part of that. >> i know two words. if you are celebrating tonight but trying to stay on a diet here's food or drink for thought. delicious holiday ber might be packed with calories. it would take 35 minutes of racket ball to burn off 400 calories in one margarita and even if you stay away from the beverages you'll need 45 minutes to compensate a medium pepper mint mocha but worry about that tomorrow. >> definitely. meonthe square opens at 6:00 and will stay open until 12: 30. ice on main also opened again in downtown greenville this
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warm weather shut it down. the rink is going to be open until 12: 30 as well. weather should be a little more hospitable to ice rinks in the coming days. taking a live look at biltmore in asheville. clouds in place but quiet and dry and kind of like what tomorrow is going to look like. a lot of clouds in through tomorrow but dry for new years day. the weekend brings cool weather. the 60s and 70s will be gone and plenty of sunshine so it's going to feel a lot more like it should for early january. stay cool and dry into the middle of the coming week. after that slight chances of showers coming in around thursday. a lot of rain is what we've seen over the past few days so for the years so far we are up 12.5-inches of rain. it has been a wet finish to the year.
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the surplus the entire year about eight and three quarters. frontal boundary the rain has settled into the midlands running across southern georgia into the low country of eastern north carolina. some of us saw breaks in the clouds behind all of that and filling back in. a lot of clouds to our west contending with clouds throughout the day tomorrow and cooler than today. 60s for highs today looks like we are stuck in the 50s tomorrow, tomorrowafternoon much of the region dry. most of the rain out over the atlantic and maybe into far south eastern georgia and definitely north florida. friday night and early saturday we could see clearing and a good bit of sunshine early saturday and upper level clouds scooting across the area during the afternoon and temperatures seasonably cool. a little above normal temperatures for this time of year. as far as current temperatures look we are 64 currently in greenville, 65 in clemson.
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62 in greenwood, 50s in the mountains in hendersonville and bravard. 9:00 this evening in the 50s in the upstate dipping into the 40s for the mountains and ringing in the new year close to 50, a few lower 50s in the upstate well into the 30s for the mountains so chillier tomorrow morning with a few mid 40s in the upstate and 30s in the mountains first thing tomorrow morning. here's your next 72 hours. 56 for the high. mid 50s for highs through the weekend. do look for partly snyto mostly sunny skies. a shade below freezing early sunday morning. next week reenforcing pushof cooler air monday night into tuesday so lows in the 20s highs in the 40s tuesday and wednesday. small chance of a shower thursday as low pressure develops to the east and in the mountains close to 50 for the next few days. a lot of clouds tomorrow but
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lows into the 20s. keeping 40s going monday and tuesday. we will get slightly warmer towards the weekend a small chance of a shower by thursday but high and dry. >> thank you dan. next on 7 news a local chef celebrating the new year with a brand new cook book. coming up how francine is
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local celebrity chef.. francine bryson is celebrating a new cook book.. this new year's eve.. it's called "country cooking from a redneck kitchen".. this is her second cookbook. the pickens county native.. got her fame... local celebrity chef fran ons leatg neco bcoongroa d ck andthis is her second cook book. she got her fame on the cbs show american baking competition in the summer of 2013. she tells us the book makes
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of those old time recipes that everybody takes all day to cook and condensed them into modern day greed ingredients with the same flavor and textures with half the time. >> she will presell her book in march and debuts march 29. >> if you are feeling will be you arey in the new year the power ball jack pot the 12th largest in the game's history. no one has won recently. they didn't win yesterday the next drawing set for saturday. the lump sum cash prize for the winner $205 million. here are your odds for winning if you are calculating them. virtually nil, 1 in 292 million. you don't count the odds you play for the chance. for the day dream. >> that's right.
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