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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  December 31, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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what one company wants tdump several upstate lawmakers... and residents... want to stop an out-of-state several upstate lawmakers and residents want to stop and out of state company from building a land fill along a local highway. >> pickens county gave the company the go ahead to build the dump site decades ago but that company left out a very important detail about their plans. >> state senator larry martin is not happy. >>h ctlyer't up front with the residents and i don't think they were up front with the county council. >> he's talking about pickens llc the company that originally asked the county for permission to build a land fill on this property near liberty to dump construction debris. this ithe proposed land fill site behind me off of highway 93. they cleared outs brerto make room for it
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company from north carolina signed a contract with the county nearly a decade ago it never mentioned it wanted to dump tons of coal ash right here. >> there's a real concern particularly in the transportation of i that it could harm the environment. >> and senator martin says it wasn't until a few weeks ago that the company told the county that it wants to dump coal ash on the site too. >> someone spilled it and they intended to have a huge amount of coal ash that they intended to bring into their land fill. >> the environmental protection agency says coal ash contains toxic chemicals such as mercury and arsenic. that's why two days ago senator martin and other lawmakers sent this letter to the state department of health and environmental control anded to deny the permit that would
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dump toxic coal ash. i found the only number listed but the number was disconnected. >> it's very harmful. >> perry white lives just down the road from the proposed site. he says the last thing he wants is coal ash dumped where he lives. >> i understand the waste has been dumped somewhere but a more environmental placd be put through and a better decision could be made. >> the pickens county council plans to meet to discuss the land fill and the plans on monday night. in pickens county mike manzoni 7 news. >> we did reach out and they have not made a decision on the land fill developer's permit request. it will accept public input before making a final decision. we will keep you posted. also following other top stories mont on live at 5.
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thomas. >> we are live at bar louie in greenville where a lot of clemson fans have gathered to today. a lot of people are out and about eating at local restaurants like they e here and shopping at local stores. that's one of the reasons we talked with highway patrol. they want you to be careful. also because of new years eve celebrations tonight. now let's send it over to dave. >> the town of blacksburg is drying out and cleaning up yesterday's massive flooding. homes evacuated yesterday. planning to fix this creek evacuated and more on what's facing the city. live tonight in blacksburg dave jordan 7 news.
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it looks like day after day of steady rain maybe we move past some of that. >> goodbye rain, hello clouds for a while. clouds stick with us tonight through the new year. a front moved to the south and east pushing the rain away. there's an older picture. the computer is stuck right now. bear with me. >> that's all right. >> hanging onto 2015. >> it really was. >> most of us want to go to 2016 but the rain is moving away. clear skies moving in and good shape for the weekend. we expect it to be noticeably cooler. let's take another look at the update of the score of the clemson oklahoma game. oklahoma scored a field goal to make it 13-10 but clemson still leading 13-10 and we'll keep tabs on it for you. >> starting tomorrow you will no longer be able to smoke or use tobacco on clemson university campus.
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all tobacco use on campus and these rules also include ecigarettes. state department of health and environmental control wants $1 million to expand it's water program something we investigated several times. the state newspaper says money is needed to help restore the program after years of budget cuts. the program is so under funded regulators have trouble determining how clean rivers and lakes really are. if approved the agency will check the qualityof some rivers and streams every month and now checks only six times a year. the funding request is in addition to the proposal that increased the budget by $35 million. the department of homeland security is giving south carolina an extension through october to meet federal rules on driver's licensed required to pass through security gates.
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the new measures will be put in place. the mandate was passed in 2005 as part of the real id act after the september 11 terrorist attacks. aior and the public will know about it four months before it goes into effect. > it's the most comprehensive police body camera signed into law. the officers will be required to wear the cameras. they order all of the release and sensitive screened by police if necessary. she originally opposed those releases but says under the new program anyone captured on police body camera video can ask to view it. a federal good morning indicted enrique marquez junior the friend of a san bernardino terrorist attack shooter. federal prosecutors charged him with conspiring to commit
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these add two more counts. he's scheduled to be back in court next week. straight ahead on 7 news the new year means it's time to get your taxes filed. information on how long it may take to get those returns. good evening. imy wood. if you are worried about tena new year with old debt tonight on 7 news at 6 key steps that they recommend you take to clear up debt in 2016. stick around to learn more on that on 7 news at 6. here's a look at i-85 and pelham road.
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there tonight. and just in..police in munich germany are warning of a quote.. 'imminent threat' of terror attack. just into our news room police in germany are warning of a threat terror attack. they have ordered two train stations cleared. icpoceayn ceok according to serious infmaonhe wl an attack tonight. >> german agencies reporting thursday night tha ti and to be evacuated and trains would no longer stop there. the warning came shortly before the city celebrated the ar the new year. starting tomorrow south carolina shoppers have to start intax on amazon sales. a sales tax break the state legislature gave in 2011 runs out at midnight. th mnol be paying taxes on things you buy from
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on but it will add millions of dollars to the state. the irs is issuing a reminder the 2016 tax season will open on january 19. anyone expecting a refund next year wot veo wait too long to get one apparently. they anticipate issuinge out of ten refunds in less tn 21 days. the deadline f all federal returns and requests for extensionss april 18 for most of the nation. today the last day for sprint and verizon wireless customers to claim refunds tied to a billing scandal. they were bill trin text messaging subscriptions without their permission. accornoec.c. both carriers ch $14 a month for those services. the u.s. postal service has unvailed the 2016 up of stamps. a set of four star trek stamps honoring the 50th annivry showing the classicoc.
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from police relationships with tcuyto a historic visit from the pope. next we look back at the biggest news stories of 25. and a live look at downtown greenville. all is quietute he clouds out there.
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into the e mass shooting in san bernardino, california was one of the biggest news stories in the u-s this year. 2015 the mass shootinin bearnoalora one of the biggest news stories of cosen the u.s. this year. 2015 saw same sex marriage become the law of thland. >> police relations became strained over a number of racially charged shoots d aitrothe pope. jamie has a look the biggest stories in the country. >>heecbeatck on a holiday party in san bernain lirn was the country's worse mass shooting since sandy
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14 people were killed when a radicalized husband and we team opened fire. ts was an act of terrorism. >> otherast took place at a movie theater, a planned parenthood clinic and a historic black church in charleston south carolina. the suspect posed with confederate flags triggering baasth l to the flag's removal from state house grounds. policodeaths of african amerinaoa across the country. in nthen south carolina walter scott was shot in the back. in baltimore freddie gray died of spinal injuries in a police van after being taken into police custody. and in chicago newly released video of the 2014 death touched off community pr arsfmurder against police officers. rincidents sparked protests on several college campuses including th
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the president reset eoa team refused to play. boston mat band james holmes were both found guilty. he got the death penalty. the superior court legalized same sex marriage prompting celebrations and nuptials nationwide. kencounty clerk kim davis spent five years in jail after refusing to issue licenses because of religious beliefs. two killers in upstate new york triggered a massive manhunt. police shot and killed one convict and captured the other. t el far o sank off the pa ham areas during a hurricane. 8 people died and rwhen a speeding amtrack train derailed in philadelphia. california governd state of emergens record drought got worse. and boston had the most snow
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pope francis captivated america hftio the states visiting washington d new york and philadelphia. tfl suspended super bowl mvp tom brady over deflategate but a judge reversed the penalty. and american pharaohoncrn e first horse to do it in 37 years. jamie uk is cbs news. all right always interesting to takl athe year. as far as the weather stories the flooding in our area this year especially eit. >newere lucky here in the fact that somebys got it but unfortunately somebody seot it. >> we g enough rain ourselves. >> we've caught up here over the past few days with a lot of rain. it's a o right now and we are in for a quiet night and quiet run of days ahead. a live look at morgan square downtown rb all is well this evening. rains sh off to our east. a few breaks in the clouds are
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uth mostly cloudy skies through the better part of the night tonight. alr sliced through the area. ahead of that the rain chances and warrweather is right now as well. in fact talking 70-degree temperatures along the coast down the georgia coast and into northern florida. tthwehewe had here. it's going away and it's going away for a while. lat all of the 30s geared up to our north and colder weather is slowly eg in our direction. what doethat mean for your new years eve? it's not going to be too bad. it is going to be on the cool side so have a jacket. we have clouds around i ngo be dry and staying in the 50s through the midnight hour across the upstate and probable 40s in the mountains. as we get up tomorrow morning some of you after tonight may be getting up later than others but there will be saround during the day rtfront continues to press away from us and upper level
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we may see a few breaks but it's a most o day and dry as the deep mois stays to our south but since the front has moved farther away to sour south because of aotf clds and the colder air mass in place a noticeably cooler day. 60fhtoday in the 50s for tomorrow. as we go into friday night and early saturday we should clear back out so saturday during the day nothing but sunshine. maybe something. a few upper level clouds could drift ilate in the day but for the most part a mostly sunny day and keep the cool weather going. dpa t nn through the weekend temperatures aren't going t el much like they have over the past few dayhg onto 60s now once we get out it's going to be a while before we get back to them. 64 in union and greenville. anderson at 63 we tu the rest of the even can expect temperatures hang onto the 60s for anotherfew hours before dropping back into
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down into the lower 50s from asheville to hendersonville lower 60s around rutherfordton. five zone forecast mosy dy skies for tomorrow. starting mid to upper 40s finishing mid to upper 50s. western north carolina upper 30s in the mountains and 40s in the foothills temperatures topping ouan0parts of the mountains and mid 50s in the foothills. seve day forecast shows the next 72 hours keeping the mid 50s. brighterskies saturday and sunday s the 30s and next week staying dry except for a slight chance of rthursday. we are going to acool too. 50s through monday, 40s tuesday and wednesday. thursday we get milder. itmt close to 50. better chance of the 40s later in the week but the dry weather is here to stay at least for the next six days and for most of you probably the full seven. > happy dry year. >> happy dry year everybody.
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it's what we all wish for.
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next live at now we know why panthers quarterback cam newton had a rockabye baby end zone celebration on sunday e org cwn ast al. neon broke the news on twitter that he.. and his longti girlfriend kia proctor .. had a son just before christmas. newton says he kept the news quiet for abo eebeushe d t to ea disoforhee. newton says hekept the news quiet for about aweek because he didn't want to create a distraction from the team. >egoing to be distracted now i'll tell you what. guns and roses officially reuniting in 2016. the band includoriginal members ax yell rose and slash scheduled to reunite at the coachella music fean aleband initiativing a
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>take me down to paradise city, gordon. blake shelton will be landing a voice for angry birds movie set to play a country pig named earl and write a song for the sound track. it will hit theaters may 20. images taken from the space telescope at 230 light years away. the new galaxy forming out of two separate galax >whineat. >> it is chaotic now but it willsettle dn to a stable
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>it's a colorful drink millions will be raising a glass tonight to ring in the new year. for some that glass will be filled millions will be raising a glass tonight toin the new year. for some the glass will be
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drink that's actually very old. karina mitchell explains. >> at this new york city wine bar customers aren't just ordering red u orange. >> it's different. >> orange wine whichk almost amber gets itcolor by leaving crushed wtrs contact with their ski for an extended period. >> it's woodsy. it's almost like a complex white wine. >> first reduced thousands of years ago orange wine grew obscure as other varieties flourished but residents nationwide are adding it to their menus. >> i think there's a lot of people that are curious about it. >> joe campenelli co-owner of ts restaurant says it was displaced by dry white wines in the 1960s and it's creating a buzz. >> loe the sfeand for me these wines represo much discovery about what's very old and what's new.
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either uvhor hate them. there's very little ml ground. >> it's good. i like that. >it didn't have orange flavor that i was expecting. a little too much acid for me. >> orange wine is unlikely to go mainstream b that won't stop some from wanting more. >> willo order it again? >> definitely with a big bowl of meaty pasta. >> cbs news new york. >> experts say if you like sherry you will probably enjoy the orange wine. they also add it's generally priceyer than other wines and pairs well with meat and fish and the recommendation is to serve it at cellar temperature in cas you are planning to buy that. stay with us. 7 news at 6 starts now. the rain is minout and now tracking temperature changes. we have u forecast coming up. pltclean up efforts and community reaction from
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areas in our upstate. more on those stories in just a moment but first a developing story on 7 news and a police chief says a burglar opened fire on him in his own house last month. shots were fired by the spt as he ran away. the chief, miller, told us the suspect broke into his walk in basement and took off with a television. the chief confronted the suspectoutside and the suspect fired threaps at him. the--rounds at him. the suspect is in custody but police will not release an identity calling tan on going investigatn trib a bond hearing coming up next week. >> happy new year. >> tonight all over the world countries like thailand have already brought in a new year. >> pretty spectacular fireworks but not without the threat of potential terror.
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