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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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from the city's main station and second train station in germany because of a serious threat of a terror attack. also this developing story out of rochester new york where the new years eve celebrations have been canceledm m f r ago a gentleman was arrested accused of being a member of crisis planning a machete attack. tyedeploying now to continue the int lto take control of whatever threat may be there in rochester, ne york. >> things uncomfortablfor people in d ub ai as well. this is a 63 luxury building fire. one perda heart attack. despite that the new years eve fireworks show still went on. 6 hours ahead of the united states france brought in the new year. sshot from, well, in france where people had to
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people and three terrorists dead. tonigsof thousands of police and troops are deployed. wh you are looking at here are security preparations in new york, these are nypd as people prepare to watch the ball drop at times square. >> it's the same scenario all over. new years eve also means football and clemson is taking on oklahoma in the big orange bowl. the game kicked off two hours ago. >> it'shalf time now. die hard tigers fans in south florida for a front row seat ahead of the game many fans making themselves at home with the usual tail gating outside of miami garden sun life stadium. 7 news reporter laura thomas is at bar louie in greenville. how are the fans reacting laura. >> as you mentioned it's half time here right n and some of the fans are taking a break but a lot of people are gathered here bar louie as well as other bars and restaurants asthe upstate to watch the
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now the football team has been preparing pretty hard for the orange bowl but so have the fans today. we stopped by mr. knicker backer in greenville with fans stopping by to buy t-shirts and other gear to get ready for the game. they had a bunch of a c.c. champions and orange bowl t- shirts and even though they didn't make it to florida one fan traveled from philadelphia to greenville to the game on t.v. with friends. ' the only clemson fan in philadelphia it seems like so i get my fair share of abuse but i'm not watching this game with anybody else. >uall the way from philly for him. so it was worth the trip he says to be here with friends to watch the game. everywhere we'veetoday it seems like almost everyone is wearing an orange t-r swspiandri f
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couldn't make it to florida today if clemson wins this game they do hope to travel to arizona for the next big game in arizona coming next month if they win tonight. for now live in greenville laura thomas 7 news. >> laura thank you and as they play right now again they are at half time and the sooners unfortunatelare ahead if you are a clemson fan. right now it's 17-16 again oklahoma leading. a lot more on the game comi up in sports. >> tonight college football an n sred l the families in the midwest waiting foeo t to recede. these pictures are incredible. the flooding blamed for 24 deaths up since yesterday. record high water levels disrupting train and road traffic in illinois. swollen rivers and streams in st. louis are at levels not seen in a quarter century and it's been a soggy area here.
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several of our areas. >> we want to check in our meteorologist for the rest of our new years eve forecast preview. >> it's loonpretty good in that it'so to be quiet. rain pushed off the east thanks to a front pushed to the midlands so the warm air is gone but wet weathersalso gone. clouds l behind, clouds breaking uplittle bit but being replaced through the overnight. stepping oud this evening no rain jacket or umbrellas but you may nda light jacket. temperatu e 50s with clouds across the upstate and mountains in the 40s. this sets the st of a run of cool but dry tthe days ahead. ilv lo at what is coming our way straight ahead. iswavery scary. i have never seen so much water in my life. >> pretty tense for folks in blacksburg on the
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back in their homes tonight and talking abouthhappened. >> blacksburgamong one of the worst hit areas with all of the heavy rain. >> dave jordan is back there and was there alday yesterday to talk about clean up efforts. >> you also spoke to officials about a project in the works to alleviate the future flooding there right? >> that's right e this single mom project neighbors are--thii a project that neighbors are telling mesn overeand they saw it when the water crept dangerously close to their homes yesterday. >> our camera was there wednesday as rushing flood waters spilled over tcreek and onto the broad street bridge. >> whelha e do not know. >> but brenda brown had a different vantage point, her back yard. >> it was the scariest sight i have ever seen in my life. >> her neighbor called her and
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she didn't hesitate. didn't get out of here iao drown and my apartment was goino flooded. the water reached as high as her clothes lined her back porch but nev into the home. she bsthe back up on a creek that stopped up. we heard the same thing from anotherneighbor who refers to the creek as a branch. >> everything is in the creek, debris and the water can't get rg many people are out d y w >we took concerns to-- >> we have a half million dollagtthwos right now and equipmenton the ground starting as soon as mother nature givesbreak. >> the project win the pipe size to alleviate flooding. ccequipment is already onibr f cleaning up sr' debris. >> everything i good shape and working well. >ohr is wanting residents to take severe weather evacuat seriously.
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that'shygin this house you can aaait but you can't replace your life. >> and everyone back at the broad se apartment is back in their homes tonight. thackproject we talked about shoubn way in a few weeks and i'm da the bridge behind me the broad street bridge should be open as soon as the dot could come out here to inspect it on monday. live tonight in blacksburg dave jordan 7 news. >> thank you dave. an anderson officer is back on the job after she was assaulted in november. tyeog identify the person who attacked her. officer ktbyspotted a suspicious masd person off miracle mile drbefore she was able to radio to dispatch the man attacked. she suffered a concussion and bad bruia the suspect attempted torheand nearly stabbed her. >> there are certcases that we have that we feel like haunt
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cases home with us we can't seem to escape them. >> police say cristie hendricks and brian keith gary were found nearby and may have something to do with the case they say arrested on meth charges. neither suspect wounds from a struggle but police say they think they know something. they are investigating the attacon the officer. if you have information that could help call 1-888-crime sc. a former high school is suing the school district and the former superintendant for hidden cr was mistreated and instead lost administrativt si pay cut. according to lyles woodall had a hidden camera and caught him changing clothes and accused him of improper cucahe eventually resigne > several upstate lawmakers
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stop an out of state company from building a land fill on the highway. pickens llc originally asked the county for permission to dump construction debris nearly a decade ago. now lawmakersyjust a few weeks ago the comothe county it also wants to dump toxic coal ash at the site and two days aglarry martin and other lawmakers sent this letteovntcontrol and asked to deny the permit t ll ompany to dump toxic coal ash. >> certainly weren't front with the residenw w the county council. there's a real concern particularly itaot of it that it could harm the environment. >h only number we could find for the land fill developer was disconnected. the pickens county council is
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land fill mondn> 7 news at 6 the if you head out tonight
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you to be if you are headed out to celebrate tonight ia all of us would like for you to be safe. >> travel in groups, stay in well lit areas and make sure you are around lotof people. another probleisg in the air at midnight. thiis not a good idea folks. law enforcement is urging you please don't do that. you don't know where the bullet is going to land and don't want those kind of proeto start your new year. >> what goes up does come down. if you are hitting the road you are going to have company. troopers are lookior drivers part of the sober or slammer campaign ramping up tonight. alcoholsto blame for 40% of car crashes in 2015. use automotive designated
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next "new at -6-".. a new
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for so many of us... that may include getting oufinances together. new at 6 a new year means a new start and for so many of us that may include getting finances together. that would be nice whether it's saving more or paying off debt diane lee has expert advice in the 7 news consumer watch. >> d is not a big spender but he admits for years he lived in doubt unt he found out he owed the irs money. >> came up with four years i hto pay back for the irs which made it forced and when i found out i could i just continued on. to really save you have to believe you can do it. >> you'll never get there if uo start. >> tom maynard saysall about baby steps begn with goal number one creating an emergency fund. >> $1,000 is the first gl work for and try gto the point to equal one month's take hompay and then two months
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three months take a then you probably have reaa level that i'm gointu on this but i'll bet you 10% of the american public does not have. >pcbe a big help l this gets you organized by tracking all of your bills and account statementsand level money followsuito make a budget and stick to it. goal number two pay down debt. attack your credit card debt first. the fapp ready for zero graphs rprogress to visualize your goal. finally save for retirement. even if you have a 401k through work you should contribute to an ira and do so before november 15 forthe tax benefit. he sican change his ways so can you. in spartanburg, diane lee 7 enters. >> one more thing to keep in mind. mobile iand credit card apps not only can help you keep
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send you notificat n my haor your card has been udt bgpresent. that canhelp you avoid being the victim of fraud few showers hung on through first part of the day. cdenand some of you saw those clouds breakup for a bit. mostly cloututhe better part tonight and into tomorrow but right through new years day expect dry weather and cooler weather too setting us up for a cool weekend and sunday and sundayshould have quite a bit of sunshine both days. cool and dry late week we may start to see a slight chance of rain and temperatures ticking up a little bit. showers off to th east low to southern georgia and moving eastbound ahead o front that's passed by and as we head into tomorrow morning that front is sitting off shore. we will still have clouds around first thing in the morning we may actually have a few breaks from time to time but there's going to be upper
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a vail of upper level clouds that work on through and that should keep us for the most part overcast for most oh d. wro to be cooler as a combination of not much sun, a lot of clouds and secondly that frois moving away and cooler weather is settling in and we are gog it in comparison to what we have been feeling out there. tomorrow night int saturday morning clearinand decent amount of sunshine saturday witupper level clouds and seasonablcool temperatures a few degrees above average from the 60s and 70s we've seen lately. thatwarm air is moving away. we've been talking for days on the up coming change in the weather pattern. tw to our south is getting pushed to the south thanks to cold air arriving from the north pushing to the moisture fr south too so that's going to away the precipitation chan e typical choices thti of year going into early next week. the cold to our north
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a wednesday our coolest days as we arls to the mas chillier air at that point. still in the 60s right now enjoy it while it lasts if you like the warmer weather. 63 in clemson. asheville down to 48. 61 around rutherfo rhthe rest of the evening 50s in the upstate 40s in the mountains. by midnight upstate 30s and 40s in the mountains a mainly 40s across the upstate and 30s in western north carol in the higher elevations t next 72 hours mid 50s tomorrow and through the weekend. a lot of clouds tomorrow and more sun saturday and sunday. lows in the 30s. going into next week we stay dry through the next few days. chillier tuesday and wednesday. slight chance of a shower wednesday and thursda we watch the low pressure to our east that may spend clouds in our direction. mouas r 40s to around 50 for the weekend.
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a run of dry days mornings
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>> tha very much last night inhll north carolina buildte adhewe trying for a 58 58th win all time against no losses against the to the home court. dave keeps clemsl down to six in thedl gn on for the win. usc and usc upstate picked up decisive wins against division two. oevening everybody. college baskb years afternoon. the terriers against a very good harvard team.
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but fall by 20 and they get ready for southern conference a wh me in sun life stadium clemson and oklahoma are battgd case you don't have c ts d sooners of course in a national semi finals game. the winner movesto play the winner of the game tonight in the championship. alsa a yearit's been and we look back aoof the best stories in 2015. >> a golf tournament in grier and the presidentcup sank the winning put for team u.s.a. >> i said come on bill. win one fy here. i don't know if nto get through this. onumber five had the firsteam since the 50s playing in the little league world series.
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taylors blazeapath to williams port where they picked up a win as well. >> we just told the guys. >> the women's basketball team to elite status and not only held et' number one ranking for most of last season but made the final four losing a tight battle against notre dame in the semi. >> we are in an entire program to experience yin the final four. >> the usc men are 11-0. number three takess to the grid iron where the panthers have been sensational as the league's only unbeaten. >hrr goal is not to go undefeated but to win the super bowl. >> number two is aoctober surprise from espurier who said he had enough as unc's head coach six games into the season with a 2-4 record and little hope to turn things
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>> the president said why can't you go through thnfthe year and announce it's your last year. founhdnwork a lot. >> mustchamp trying for succs in his second shot. numrone is clemson's unbeaten run tthe college play off. a glorious season at this point at the very least and the first ever 13 win campaign and a c.c. championship in d. t been a great year. no oc eit away from us and we have to see what happens next month. >> we'll see at with a full recap of the orange bowl show down between clemson and oklahoma. >> tha ymuch and thanks of coursefor watching. we have a t rcoming up at 7. >> anw back tonight at 11. always get the latest updates at
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new year, everybody.
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online and on the >> quijano: new year's fears, fire in a high-rise hotel, then fireworks and plenty of firearms
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