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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  January 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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days early and there's s a reason he's wearing a camo. >> i was already going hunting that day but it didn't happen. >> it was a different kind of was born. >> we were watching the clemson game and went into labor and headed to the hospital. i think she decidehthe game was in the bag. so it was time to go. >> i mean you can't ask for anything more special than that to pop into your live. >> a new addition on the first day of the new year. >> we'll always have the countdown on her birthday now. >> great stories to share. >> first baby born in 2016 was at the memorial hospital 12:11 this morning, congrats to all of you. >> and the party is just getting started.
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where the team just arrived. and lots of excitement over that and dave is there. >> well, right now, the crowd is starting to thin out and they came out hours earlier waiting for the orange victory team toswup. a lot of tigers fans excited, and this is the first time they're going to the national championship si1981 and they were viewed as being underdogs but the coach told them they're not underdogs and they have the f fght to take this to the end and we'll see on january 11th. but fans are excited and the players came down and stopped and they players signed autographs and they were all about the fans. a lot of people here pulling
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clemson student, one in the whole town who det perspective and i hope he's in hiding tonight. news. >> that's right, and welcome back to you. >> thanks to you, and we're all gegeting back to it. it's nice when it feels like monday but it's friday. >> we were talking about that a few secondin seconds ago. right now we're stick with cloud cover but that will push out and many of is are going to wake up to mostly clear skies tomorrow morning and lower 40s by 11:00 and by 5:00 a.m. we're in the 40s. more coming up in a few minutes.
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required to have a database of patient medical database to combat pain killer problems. beginningapri1st, if a doctor wants to bill medicaid or a public works. they'll have to use that database. itos areps and it's a key to combating pain killer abuse. officials satechnology made the database more user friend and that's critical to get support. >> new fees at the dmv and registration inca by $8 and it said the website will reflect the new fees and customers are asked to review
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office. >> thanks to lower gas prices americans saved $115 billion in 2015. nationaar pbelow $2 per gallon for the first time since 2009. we have the fourth lowest gas price in the country. >> the environmental agency has wrapped up classify you go the risk level of coal ponds. they were already classified as high risk, 8 of them. now 12 more have been labeled as intermediate th sd ey need more data for the remaining 8 and they've handed over the information. the state says it's working through it. >> one o t baltimore police officers accusedin the death of freddie gray said the victim may have had back problems before his arrest.
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a hurt back to fficers weeks before his death. the attorney for gray's family said he never had a previous injury. he'se2ndof 6 officers to go on trial. a mistrial was the previous case. >> the issue of concussions continues to make headlines after a link to long-term brain injury. panacedandmore families are turning to a new version of the game. >> 10-year-old mas and will couldn't wait to follow theer dad's footsteps. his dad played football in college. utheir mom worried about hard hits on the field so they agreed to a compromise, flag football.
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put off the tackle part for a while without missing the game. >> we're not missing the skills. one the great things is they're learning the skills. it's just like the traditional game but they don't tackle. they remove flags instead. >> mostly it's fun. no football is the best option, this month the "new york times" don't let kids play football. i work with lots of kids and families and i think it's a decision and a personal decision. >> he ru the nfl flag football pleaing in arlington, virginia. it's growing fast as football injury studies are released.
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be here to play flag football. >> their boys are safer and just as happy. and flag football is great. and many flag football players go onto play tackle in high school and they're not at a disadvantages if they do. the basic skill set is the same. >> we're taking you to the polar plunge next. >> and on 7 news next, the new year is here but hitting the store for certain items may cost you more. >> quick check of the traffic. it's a holidaand traffic is
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this is some upstate people... are kickiotne a.n c . you know to each his own. some folks kicking off the new year in a cool way. this is the polar plunge, and more than 250 people jumping into the water this morning to mark the new year. not as cold as it's been in year's past. prizes have been given for the best costume and the person that travels the furthest.
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system took part in the rose parade. >> dona live south carolina's mission is to increase organ donation. >> google wants you to stop apologizing. aw chrome app called just not sorry, helps users avoid using words that make them sound less confidr assertive. ureen words in red. and the app created by a group of software developers to empower female leaders to communicate more confidently. >> one woman's story of addiction and recovery. and george lucas is taking back
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disney after the company bought the rights to his company. >> and gray skies today but it's been dry, a chilly night
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for the weekend and a live "to see her hren"----- to see her now, it's heartbreaking. sharing her family's story of addiction. her daughter onmillions battling cravings and intense withdrawal from narcotics. why thsgotworse when they got help. >> tnsdthese tears, you have to go back, back to
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picture of barbara's daughter jessica was taken, before graduation hefn ircer to lortab, and it it wasn't long that her body started cravin i gave her money and thin it got to be a constant thing, every day she was calling me asking for money. >> short time later the once naove mother realized something was wrong. several days tfamily vacation she was going through withdrawal last 3 days we were there, it was j igand crying. >> shdidtknowhow to help. >> that was the hardest part because you nevevethink your children are going to go that route.
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clinic like this one that t offers methowe done to those addicted. itpce legally to help with addictionto heroin and other narcotics. she was told she was could be weaned off within a year and now more than a year and a half later, she's not better. >> i thought i was going the right thing for her and now i feel like i got her into something that's even worse than what she was on. >> there's no such count on the length of treatment. >> we tell people,we're going to be here for as long as you need us to. >> and he admits it can be just as addictive. she traded in for an illegal
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>> he's hopeful and he knows every recovery journey is different. >shad to be about 2 there, she looks back at pictureo brh sahopes there are many more ahead. >> we want to mention her daughter jessicis very open about her addiction and wanted to share her story but was at a doctor's appoim > on this first day the new year, it was cool enough for skating on the square. with all of the warm weather it's been tough to keep the ice intact. we've got no rain and temperatures are cooling off. for the time being, quite a few
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helping to bring in those mid to high-level csand rain over on the coast and a bit of a different in the jet stream that's developing tonight and that pushes that band of cloths southeastward anhahelps us to clear out tomorrow morning. you're fine if you're out this evening and it's going to be cool but not worrying about any rain, into tomorrow morning, looking good. with the cleaskies on the way you'll want to bundle up. we'll start in the 30s and that's across most areas by tomorrow morninsof sunshine through the course of the afternoon and looking good and then we'll be milder than in some cases than today. and that's getting into sunday as north winds bring in the drier air andskies continue to be clear and freezi temperatures wi20s in the
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state and that's going to feel good with temperatures warmer on sunday afternoon. >> clearing skies and near freezing in some locations overnight an overall, the weekend looks good and our next chance for rain is thursday, so several days of dry weather to enjoy. right now we're at 41 in ashville and 53in greenwood and spartanburg, not looking bad, in the lower 50s and to to the mid 40s by 9:00 and left over clouds and clear tomorrow morning starting at 34 degrees and ending up with a high of 53, and here's the rest of your forecast. notd pnofsunshine and greenwood is thrs yoll wany sweaters and
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and the skies will stay clear all weekend long. the meteor showers happens late sunday night and maybe let them stay up to see that. mostly clear skies on the way and this is late sunday night. here's your forecast for the next 72 hours. sky conditions look good. 53 for tomorrow and that's average. an on sundayand it's getting coolerand monday is going to be e breezy and the mid 20s for the up state and mid 40s on tuesday and there's a look at your mountain forereast. the high tomorrow is lower 50s on sunday. >> little cooler and drier. >> and really, who cares about the temperatures as long as
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>> anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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"movie nats.. ---- "star wars" creator george lucas ... is apologizing...for comments the creatorof "star wars" is now apologizing for comments he made about the newest installment of "the force awakens." lsma comment about white slavers and he said he didn't like the new movie and he said he wants to clarify the disney is taking great care of the franchise that it bought for $4,000,000,000.0year-ago. taylor swift is on top to start the new year. she ranked number one for the
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her tour took in a quarter of a billion dollars. a it beat ac/dc by $70 million. accd new data for poll star. >> new resolution and how program hp students stay fit.
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as many of us make a new year's resolution... new year's resolu of mine is to lose weight and get in shape and that's the same for lots of people. there'a program in los angeles that helps make physical fitnessa lifelong goal for students.
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physical education class has a new look. i provides underserved school witeptand lesson plans. >> it sets them up to be active for their whole life. 40% of young people in los angeles are over weight or obese. >> it helps you enjoy physical activity and exercising. >> this professor said the program's biggesimpact is seen on how well students perform on the standardized physic fitness test. among those that took part in sound body sound mind, the people that passed the test tripled. >> it keeps me healthy and so the fact that i'm healthy, it helps my brain work better.
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middle and high schools in los angeles and could be expanded to even more. >> here's toa healthy and happy new year. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> live from the news station, this is 7 news at 6:00. >> and next, from credit to cremation, and the mistreatment of treatment, new laws you need to know about take effect today. >> in'h any clemson excited. >>sis bragging rights time for clemson fans. they're playing alabama in the national championship, but the first weekend of a new year is here. let'sget to our chief meteorologist. 'looking for skies to clear so a sunny weekend is on
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but it's cloudy, and that's across north and south carolina and up towards myrtle beach so weather will remain quiet and a whole band of clouds move farther away overnight. but clouds thin after midnight and clearer skies in the morning it's a chillier start to the morning. we'll talk about more in the forecast coming up. >> let's talk about those tigers. thfansare roaring after the orange bowl victory. the team'sa campus and throngs of fans were there to support and congratulate them. >> it looks like the fans have thinned out but the excitement is still going on.
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lot of these fans are going to
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