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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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lot of these fans are going to go to work on m with sore throats with all of the yelling and cheering. icase you haven't heard, the tigers are going to the national championship but not before making a stop back here at clemson. >> tigers! fight fight fight! >> they received a warm greeting from their grateful fans for their orange bowl victory. >> allthatwas a game, i'm still tired from helping them win. usound like you were part of the scrimmage. >> karen scott, a clemson graduate watched every snap along with her husband, rick. >> an outstanding game and they held their own, no mistakes, a great game. yae in the succeed
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gave them their first lead and then a one point deficit became a 20 point blowout. he was part of the drumline, he doesn't think the tigers will knock off alabama in the national champis. > i lo them but i think alabama is going to pull it out, they've got a monster defense and explos rn backs. >> we're going to win this time, this coming up championship, so this will be wonderful too. >> that fan, the one that doesn't think they'll win needs to be in the witness protection program. >the coach said we ain't no underdogs. s many people are pulling for the win. this is the first one that they'll win since 1981, if they win.
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>> maybe easifor that reverse jinx kind of thing. >> the national championship game is glendale, arizona, january 11th if you're making plans there are watch parties. admios free and the game is broadcast on the big center hungvioboard and all of the the tvs in the arena. >> deputies are searching for a runaway teenager,they chg his biologica parents and we're live at the detention center. of them will stay in jail at least for now. the judge did give them a bond but they can't make it, not
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face custodial interferes and their bond is $10,000 each and investigators say thepicked up their son and kept him until he ran away gun. he ran away from his aunt and uncle's home and they have legal custody of him. both parents are due back in court early next month. we'll contintofollow this and let you know what happens. news. >> clemsouniversitdenying allegomade in lawsuits about the death of a student during a paternity run in september of last year. they were made by his parents. they claim he was forced to walk along a narrow railing and his body was found in the water. his familysr damages
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it has no knowledge that the fraternity has a tradition of requiring pledges to jump off and swim to shore. they're fighting to dismiss the lawsuit. >> tonight a tragic story that proves guns are nothing to play with. the cherokeecounty corner said it's the last thing a man did last night. they r at his home looking at a 380 caliber handgun. h oh magazine out and placed to his head as a joke. and it went o. a teenager is at burn center after being hurt after shooting fireworks. the were called to help a teen who had injuries to his hand. >> a new law and a huge impact
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who buy things on amazon, starting today you have to pay tax. the break theygave amazon ran out at midnight so now you will pay taxes. another law could affect speedy funeral arrangements. but law they have to wait 24 hours to cremate a body and can be waived if there's an infectious disend >and now they have a sole responsibility reviewing mistreatment of a child in a day care center or in a home. the change ends duplication of work.
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maltreatment ryr cases documented. >now parents can freeze their kid's credit to protect them against identity theft. and the same is true for legal guardians who are takincare of adults. >> now you have to be 21 to buy tobacco in hawaii. stores in hawa are expected to put up new signs and employees will check ids. president ob his final state of the union speech in two weeks. after that he'll spend his presidency traveling the globe cementing his legacy. now the new candidates have 10 mow to win your vote. the democratic candidates
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january debate and the next debate is february 6th. >> some new parents spent the holiday in the hospital. she went into labor while she was watching the clemson game last night. d thisfamily never thought theirs would arrive on new year's day. so they tried a local favorite for a little help. >> we decided tto the beacon for lunch. so we heard that the onion rings induce labor so as we left, my water broke. >> the beacon method, it works. the first baby born in 2016 in the up state was at ghs memorial hospita :in morning. to all of the new parents,
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singer natalie cole. her legacy growing up and the ones she leaves behind. angry iphone users are
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upey way..." -- trending on unforgettable, in every way . >> trending onolmedia the death of natalie cole. according to her publicist. she was 65. she passedaway in los angeles from ongoing health issues, she was the daughter of nat king ce pe after year ever accusations of drugging and raping women, bill
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a tweek his wife will have to testify against him in a lawsuit filed by another group of women. a massachusettjudge issued the order in the defamation case. they sah8al portrayed them as liars in public. >> he thanked family and friends and denied any wrongdoing, ticosby remains free on $1 million bail pending a trial on his sexual assault charge in pennsylvania. >> apple is facing a class action lawsuit according to the lawsuit, the updates made the iphone 4 slow and they're seeking $5 million in damages. >> they're not commented.
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gas and coffee are down, other
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they'll aff here's something ... drivers will enjoy hearing... triple-a predicts ... the average price of gaslone here's something drivers will enjoy. aaa predicts the price of gasoline will stay below $3 a gallon. but know this, they warn gas prices could jump 50-cents next month during refinery maintenance season t average price now is below $2 a gallon. >> not all good news, there are staples that will get more expensive. wtis behind the price changes in this consumer watch.
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people have a taste for less sophisticated wines, fast cars an coffee. >> she loves a good cup of joe and according to price trackers the good price leads to a surplus. >> i buy my chocolate from a store in new jersey and they ship it. >> chocolate prwill rise in 2016 due to a cocoa shortage and the outlook for meat isn't great, 2 half perctfor a hike in meat. n new york strip and i don't buy it when it's expensive. i just make do, i stick with fish. >> stickinwith fish is a good idea but poultry will rise too,
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drop with effects driving and flying and anderson said she'll enjoy it while it lasts. >> ittrin what would it take for it to be high. >> when it comes to mobile phones, smartph will go mainstream because they're phasing out two year contracts so the prices are more transparent. s big names are expected to offer cheaper phones. >> the price of fitness trackers is slimming down thanks to more competition and the cost of certain luxury cars are down,tland almonds are on the rise. and high end domestic wine is expected to jump 10% but the cheaper brands will drop. cheer tt and to a happy new year. in greenvill diane lee, 7 news.
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on the luxury sports car. north carolina rn of motor vehicles have a fee increase and it goes up by $8 for the registration. so now the standard price is $36. the dmv said the website wil reflect the ne it's been tough with the kids off getting them out of the house because it's been raining but today for the first day of the new year, things were dry and cloudy. at least they can get outside and i think this weekend is looking good. rain. so if you're out, you're not weather. clean skies and with that tomorrow morning. both days are looking sunny and cool and next chance for rain is next thursday.
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can see we have overcast skies across the western carolin and northeast georgia and rain to the east. and this band of clouds will shift overnight so decreasing clouds are in the forecast after midnight and that helps by a dip in the jet stream, so it moves this out of the here and that iigoing to confine the better rain chances to the gulf coast and the coastal sections of the carolinas. so tomorrow, pretty good, start out cold and a breeze out of the north but beautiful skies with sunshine on the way and looking cool but really seasonablely cofor the second hahaf of the day and seeing freezing teeu with 20s and 30s across the area and those north winds pull in dry air so a cold start to
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sunday and we'll get us warmer for the second half of the weekend and several degre above average too, going to be more comfortable sunday afternoon but both days will be very nice. fas the rain, we had that last yeararand i remember 2015 like it was yesterday. a surplus of 9-inches of rain in ashville. a51 in greenville and 52 in anderson and temperatures will fall slowly with the cloud cover holding on and get to go 35 for the low and 53 for a high and warmer into sunday and a high of 57 and into monday we get a fresh roun of cold air and going to be a windy day so highs in the 40s and lower 40s
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tuesday night for the first half of next week is going to cold and warming back to the 50s by thursdaand then thursday night will be our next chance for rain and there's your mountain forecast. big news, sunshine for your weekend. >defensive coordinator clutch on thursday.
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>> the guys it's weird, if i didn't get hurt i wouldn't be where i am. it's weird how things fall into place and i'm blessed.
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puehis career and here he is getting ready to go play for the national title. that defense wsomething and they held a running attack that was good, 67 yards on the ground. to g thwin and set the stage for the battle against alabama. bualabama has a great running attack. >> the coordinator has been calling great plays and he also was talking about the head coach and what it means to have that kind of a leader. >> we got an awesome culture at clemson and we had a lot of doubters but cc is a magician how he keeps our mindset. hdoesn't have to give them a rah, rah but they respond.
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ln dthey have two wins in that stadium. so clemson tied them in that regard. energyboos was the punt fake. it was a raw aspect to it, and he did that in the title game and mocked it, but this was executed perfectly and the guy who tossed and caught it talked about it. >> the play was back to the left and were you confident it was developing like you wanted it to, or was it that flip second th you think he was going to be open. >> i didn't know if he was going to be staying with him so i just threw it. >> it hung in the air around i thought it was never going to come down and then it got to me and nobody was expected it so that was what they were thinking about rsure.
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>> swinney had in his punter and his receiver. lot different from that north carolina after the other punt play. bowl ga clemson and alabama will meet and ohio state got it done against notre dame. 149 on the ground and his final game with the buckeye and the disappointing finish but closed it out with the win. and tennessee, looking like the pick to win next year. huge game for the crew as they closed out with a nice win. their best in a long time. thank you for watching, we'll be back at 7:00. see you at 11:00 too. have a gre . days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing
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marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer.
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and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... it's all on sale for the holidays. shop our winter event at havertys and enjoy thirty-six month, no interest financing havertys. discover something you. >> quijano: a new year ask a new push by the president to enact new gun restrictions without congress. also tonight, we'll look back at the life of natalie cole, whose talent was unforgettable. in every way
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what's the right amount of
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