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skills as head coach "dabo swinney" had faith his guys could pull of a play that was a little slow to develop..... andy teasdall clemson punter: christian wilkins, clemson dt: wilkins sai the play wput in back in the pre- season when they first started working on fake punt scenarios .... if you planto goe national championship game... here's the pricetag. tickets... for the game in glendale, arizona...start at 450-dollars per person. if you want the extra-good could be spending
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dollars. "7 news" spoke with travel agen in greenville... who say travel packages...will run you 24- hundred dollars p person. that includes airfare... 3- night stay in a hotel... and a shuttle from the hoteothe game...and back. travel agent linda long flight with over -160- seats... is completely booked already... and she's scrambling to find anh flight... for those on th waiting lis as far as game tickets are concerned ... long says...they're first come, first serve: ----- "you have to loyal to the people that haeg faith in clemson t know that they were going to this. so that's where you whave to put all my work.-- ticket "stub- hub"....have seats available starting at 650-dollars... all the way up to 18-thousand per ticket. right now.depus laurens county...r searching fora runaway teenager. they say... the boy ran away from home ... weeks ago. but today... investigatorrarrested and charged... his biological
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"kelldon hudson"...each face custodial interference and unlawful neglect of a child... charges. we were the *only* ones incourt thi afternoon... when a judge set their bonds... at --thousand dollars each. but both of them told the judge thedon't haveh money tnout.. investigators say ... the couple picked up trn and kept him until deputies say... he ran away again. deputies say...michael hudson... ran away from his aunt and uncles's home... on december -11th... investigators say ... his aunt and uncle ... have legal custody of the b. they say... he was las seen near the "handy mart"... in founnn. tonight...clemson university is denying allegations...made in lawsuits...about the death of a student during a fraternity run... in september 20-14. the allegations were made... by the parents of tucker hipps... in -2- lawsuits. they also claimed ... he was forced to walk along a narrow railinggof a bridge...over lake hartwell. hipps' body...was found in the water ... below the bridge. his family is asking for damages... of at least $25-million dollars. the school says ... it had no knowledge that sigma phi epsilon... had "a tradition"... of requiring
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bridge...and swim to shore... as alleged in the lawsuits. clemson. fighting to dismiss...the lawsuits. after a stretch of warmer weather during the holidays... january is bringing changes.. that you'll certainly notice... starting tonig "24-7 chief meteorolos" christy henderson... has e latest... on how far the temperatu
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the "department of transportation"...will be out inspect the brugg street bridge in cherokee cou. there's been a lot of flooding... in that area... over the past few days. before workers there... people will be cleaning up the mounds of debr.e behind. the flooding also caused mandatory evacuations... in some areas of blacksburg... but we're water... got into homes or apartments. remember... if you were affected by the floods in october ... in our area... yu have a few more days ... to apply for fema disaster loan assistance. fema will accept applications... until monday... january -4th.- major still creating problems in the midwest... and is now blamed in the deaths.nearly 2-dozen people. in southern missouri and arkansas ... rivers are still cresting... as communities near st.louis... tro re-group. marlie hall is in missouri... with the latest: ----- new year's dafinally brought someo southwest of st. louis. high waters are recedingalli interstates reopen. but other roads are still like
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submerged.. some of the *worst* flooding was on the meramec river ..near the mississippi...the only home i've ever owned is gone. in the city ofarnold, linda thorne and hundreds of others forced out by historic floods *rang in the new year* in shelters. we're all in this together thorne's mobile home was submerged and this is all she h .some clothes, donated blankets and this: marlie & linda exchange ) ** loe able to g fu christmas tree.. very important to me.. mom's special angel.. 30:22 m: ***anout of everything out of your home.. thiss wt lwanted.. the humane societ in four-legged flvictims 11:59:17 ***apr leaving people have been dild the their animalstthem and we've been able to care for a lot of those animals for them. the recordbreaking high
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through the mississippi valley. officials syt impact will be felt well into the new year. marlie hall, cbs news, arnold,mu the iowa natia guard hbeen dispatched to missouri ... with equipment... to purify water. a massive manhunt is underway fothe gunma who opened fire a popular bar in tel aviv this afternoon. two people were killed, several more were injud tce gceii car it shoaman firing an assault rifle at a bar there in broad patrons run for cover. the attack comes after more than three months of frequent palestinian attacks against raeli civilians and soldiers. no word on if this was a terrorist attack... singer-songwriter "natalie cole" has died from congestive heart failure. cole, the daughter of iconic crooner "nat king cole"...passed away at a los angeles hospital new year's eve. "chris martinez" looks back at her life.
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"unforgettable" the music - in her blood.natalie cole followed in the footsteps of her famou fath-a king colefinding her own voice and success along the way.cole won the first of *nine* grammys in 1975 - with the hit "this will be"... in 1979 - she received a star on the hollywood walk of fame.but it was in 1991 - when her popularity reached new heights - with her hit "unforgettable" - a virtual duet with her late father. but through years of success - there were setbacks.cole developed an addiction to drugs and alcoholentering a rehab program in 1983.) "it was such a revelation, actually for me to startlnmyself after all these years. i didn't realize i astill grieving for father at 30- something." cole was later diagnosed with hepatitis c - and liverdisea.she
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in 2009.) "i think that i am a walking tnoy can have scaryou cang tuturbulent times and still have victor iyour life." colerecently cancelled several tour dates, including a new year'se performance due to her health. natalie cowas 65 years- old. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. cole leaves behind sisters and a son "robert yancy". they issued a statement, saying "natalie fought a fierce, courageous battle, dying how she lived..with dignity, strength and honor. our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain "unforgettable" in our hearts forever." we got an early reminder that 2016 is an election year... next on "7 news at 7"....where thi ptl message in the skyaa.. .over an annual new year's day tradition ...andwhat it says about g-o-p front runner "donald trump. and some started the new year with a new bab. we'll take a look at some of
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20-16.rings in.. with a bit of tragedy.. across the world... the country.. even the upstate. tonight at 11 -- accidents.. and
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many of yocelebrated the new year... paie. or by counting down the seconds until midnight. but some new parents...spent the holiday...inthe hospital. 7 news" reporter laura thomas introducyou... to some of the tbabies born in the 20-16: the zell family..never thought.. their bundleof joy... would arrive on new year's day.. ..and be the first baby born... in 2016.. at spartanburg regional.. 02:07:44:18 "we ha orappointment yesterday morning, just a regular checkup, and doctsa, h welhave to anultrasound monday, i do think e' gg be here".. they took matters into their own hands.. trying out a local favorite.. for a little help. 02:07:57:26 "we decided to go to the beacon for lunch which we've heard the onion rings at the beacon induce labor, so i was like, let's just try it so we go to the beacon and have a hamburger and onion rings and as we're
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the beacon, my water broke" 02:14:28:21 "he came when he wanted to everybody's healthy, he made a quick entrance into the world" and it turns out ... being born.. on this day..happens torun in thefamily. 02:09:43:09 "my grandma's birthday is today and so is his grandmother's birthday so todayyis a veyl y" atgelmemori also a shared event. 04:13:16:11 "we share birthday, so both of our birthdays are on january fir wyatt wofford.came into theeworld a fedays early and there's a reason.. he's wearing a camo onesie. 04:16:19:15 "i was actually supposed to a hunting trip tha morning and i alread camp in the car, guns and all and it didn't happen" for the bon secours st. francis.. it was a differen kind of interruption...when daughter.. rileigh was born.. 02:21:22:29 "we were wh the clema about three quarters of the way through the game we went into labor, water broke and headed to the hospital so i think she decided that the game was in the bag so it was time go haha" 02:23:212 ycan't ask foanything more special than that to pop into your life" a new
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year. 02:23:56:10 "now she'll always have a countdown to her birthdaright? hh igreenvilet7 nes it seems the first baby born in 20-16.. was at "g-h-s laurens county memorial hospital" 12:11 this morning. the parents... jessica and jereus dakwar... are from enoree. congratulations ... to all the new parents! in pasadena...the 127th annual "rose bowl parade" was held ... a total of 44 floats....from "the bachelor" "trader joe's" all took part in this year's festivities... millions of roses are used to bring each float to life. it took volunteabout 80 thousand hours to put the floats together. the theme for this year's parade was "find your adventure". the new year's day holiday didn't keep politics from creeping into today's parade in pasadena... a skywritten message appeared.... bashing presidential candidate and g-o-p frontrunner "donald trump". it reads - "america is great, trump is disgusting, anybody but trump." sixplanesw used to writethe
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could be seen from a ten mile radius. aerial advertising company 'air sign' took credit for the message. it began tweeting before the event... promising a surprise for parade-goers. some in th off the year... in a cool way. lake lure...hosted the annual "polar plunge" today. more than -250- people... jumped into the chilly waters this morning... to mark the new year. izes were given ... for best costume, youngest, oldest...and plunger who traveled the furthest the tradition raises money... for local charities.
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a new way to look class... how one school program is taking a st of the art approach at physical fitness... to deal with the problem of obesity in young people... in a 7 news... medical watch... but first here's k at your primetime lineup
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a "7 news" medi c now... you may have made a new year's lose weight... and get in shape. a school program in los angeles... ihelping students...make physical fitness ... a lifeog. the innovative program called "sound body-sound mind" provides under-served schools in l-a with state of the art fitness equipment along with lesson plans designed to boost student's confidence and make fitness fun. experts say that's badly needed in los angeles - where more than 40 percent of young people under 18 are either obese or
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professor says the program's biggest impact is senw well studntper california's standardized physical fitness test. among those that took part in the program - the percentage of students who passed the test *tripled*: ----- leslie marticorana: " e htand so thechi'm heh helps, ey brain just work better." the program is in nearly a hundred middle and high schooin los angeles - and could b expanded to even more. still ahead... how a city...known fauto racing ... dropped thegreen flagand accelerated towards 2016...
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indianapolis,indiana... had its own way.. to ring-in the new year. instead of a ball drop.. .they had a car drop. that's right... in downtown indianapolis.... three blocks wer tdown .... for one bparty... while an indy car .... like the ones used in the famed "indy 500" auto race .... was suspended high above the crowd and slowly descended as the seconds ticked away to midnight... as people celebrated the start of 2016. thanks for joining us. we're back with you at 1 on the carolinas cw... and back here at 11. until then... you can get the latest updates... on w-s-p-a dot-com... and our ba new... news app. stay with us for "scene 7"... coming up next. again... happy new year... and thanks for
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