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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> a standoff in oregon with armed activists. >> the fbi says it's working to bring a peaceful resolution to the situation. >> this morning, donald trump unleashing his first television ad of the campaign. when he attacks hillary clinton directly. >> she scores death. she scores tremendous death with incompetent decisions. >> president obama is set to announce executive orders on gun control. >> this president wants to act as if he is a king, as if he is a dictator. mississippi after killing more than two dozen people. >> you don't know if you're going to have anything to come back for. >> saudi arabia has cut off diplomatic relations with iran after an attack on its embassy in tehran over the execution of a shiite cleric. >> i business released a vooed videoa video.
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>> a deadly earthquake near the india myanmar border. >> this is trending on social media. >> one more miracle attempt. can they do this again? no. >> they finally knock the chance off in this division. >> this half-court shot for $95,000! >> and all that matters. >> new year's resolution. the exact legal ground between lying to yourself and lying to other people. we are a few days into the new year and if you haven't broken your resolution yet, statistically, you are about to. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the watermelon boy is doing his thing. an absolute superstar. >> i can't believe you got through the whole one. remainor. >> this is great tv, isn't it? >> oh! this morning" sponsored by toyota.
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morning." happy new year from all of us. an armed militia style group is vowing to occupy several federal buildings in eastern oregon indefinitely. the fbi says this morning, it is taking the lead to resolve the refuge. >> the group took over three to five buildings saturday in a protest of a federal judge's ruling to send two ranchers to prison. john blackstone is at the wildlife refuge near burns, oar gon. >> reporter: the flag is draped over the wildlife refuge. a protester signal they are in charge here and calling for supporters across the country to join them here. they say they will stay here as long as it takes until their demands are met. at the occupied compound, protesters are setting up camp and settling in for the long haul. occupation.
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against the government's expansion of the over 100-year-old federal wildlife ranchers. >> this refuge here is rightfully owned by the people and we intend to use it. >> reporter: back in 2014, bundy's father cliven was embroiled in a deputy with federal officials over grazing nevada. that escalated into an armed confrontation. this group set up camp saturday, after a march in a nearby town in support of two ranchers. >> go ham mondayed. >> reporter: dwight hammond and his son season were convicted of setting fires on federal land in they say it wasn't arson, but controlled burns to protect their property. in october, a judge added four more years to their sentence. 73-year-old hammond says this is a death sentence for him.
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just seems like a little overreached for having burned 127 acres. >> reporter: in a statement the hammond's attorney reports they are not associated with bundy's group, saying neither hammond, bundy, nor anyone within his group or organization speak for the hammond family, but protesters say they plan to stay put until all local ranchers reclaim land, they allege was stolen by the u.s. government years ago. >> we will be here as long as it takes, you know? and being as gentle as possible as long as is necessary. this is important. >> reporter: here outside the compound, armed guards are standing by to monitor those entering the property. meanwhile, dwight and steven hammond are on their way to southern california to begin serving their jail sentences there. charlie? >> john, thanks. ammon bundy is here from the
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tell us what you're trying to do. >> we have a situation here where our federal government has come down upon the people. they have been doing it for sometime now. there has been some tremendous abuses. they have used the court to prosecute and to basically take the land and resources away from the people. >> why are you armed? >> we are serious about being here. we are serious about defending our right, and we are serious about getting some things straightened out. >> do you anticipate that this could lead to violence? >> only if the government wants to take it there. >> i saw an interview with one of your members who was heading there today who said he is prepared to die for this cause. do you feel the same? >> i feel that -- absolutely. but probably not in the way that most people will take it. we -- i am a family man. i have six children. i have a business.
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shop with about 25 employees. i have no desire to go out and to lose my life. i want to live free. i want to be able to prosper and i know that i need the land and resources to do that. >> what went into the planning of this? had you been planning this a long time? this is spur of the moment move? the hammond family says you're not speaking for them, so how did this come about? >> every one of those ranchers have had to leave their land, leave their heritage and their hard work in order to make this refuge and that is really what this is about. the people of this county are being abused and now they are being prosecuted because they are not willing to sell to the federal government. and it's just one of those things that -- that just cannot continue. the abuses and the damages will be too -- it's too critical to
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>> who is the enemy here? >> well, i don't really want to say there is any enemy. the federal government really is acting in the way that they were set up to act. the state has failed to protect the counties, and the counties have failed to protect the people, and so now you have a situation where the people have to stand on their own to protect and defend their own rights. so, really, our system of our -- our federal system has failed and we need the state to stand up and say, hey, you're not going to do this here and we need the county to stand up and say you're not going to do this here, so the people can go about and peacefully live and benefit from the land and the resources and prosper and regain their wealth across the country. >> would you define this as an armed militia who is prepared to stay indefinitely? >> absolutely not. this is concerned american citizens that are willing to stand for their rights. >> ammon bundy, thank you so much.
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presidential campaigns are using new tactics this morning as we get closer to the first votes being cast. the iowa caucuses are now just four weeks away from today. new hampshire's primary follows eight days later. donald trump released its first tv ad to air in both states. >> he'll quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil and stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> hillary clinton is one of trump's main targets. her husband, former president bill clinton will stump for the democratic front-runner today in new hampshire. major garrett is at national community college where the former president will hold his first event. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bill and hillary clinton have long had a love affair with new hampshire and the youth have a good relationship with donald trump. the battle for the presidency has left that relationship in tatters and now affairs of a different kind intrude on bill clinton's return to the state
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his past. tabloid headlines of an affair with jennifer flowers almost buried bill clinton's campaign here in 1992. but bill and hillary clinton closed ranks and finished a respectable second. made bill clinton the comeback kid. more. >> he is so excited about coming back to the granite tate. >> reporter: terry schumaker was clinton's campaign director in 1992. hampshire and it's mutual. >> reporter: things used to be mutual between donald trump and the clinton's. trump's third wedding attended. best? >> well, bush 41, clinton, bush 43 or obama and why? >> i would really say to clinton, probably. i would have to day clinton. >> reporter: not any more. >> she wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world?
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give me a break. >> reporter: trump has used bill clinton's infidelities as a shield against hillary's charges of sexism. >> i mean, what he did and what he has done, i think, is -- frankly terrible, especially if she wants to play the woman card. >> reporter: hillary clinton has avoided to responded to trump's attack on her or her husband be she challenges trump on policy and directly opposing his call to ban muslims from the u.s. >> it is dangerous and counterproductive. >> reporter: bill clinton is not expected to respond directly to trump either, democrats here, as the saying goes, moved on. >> i think trump is going to do what trump is going to do. the people in new hampshire have heard all of this before. they are really not interested in it. >> reporter: shumaker told us that bill clinton could make the difference for hillary here in a race he describes as she tight and tough with bernie sanders. as for trump's first tv ad? the campaign says it will debut
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spend $1.1 million in iowa and hampshire. >> cbs news political director and "face the nation" director john dickerson is with is with us. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> reporter: we saw donald trump on "face the nation" saying he almost feels guilty he has to run ads. is he feeling the heat in iowa? is that why he is doing it? >> he is saying nothing is wrong in iowa but if you look at the average of the polls he is behind in iowa. if you look at these ads which is people streaming over the border and isis he is trying to focus the race on what he is offering, which is strength. he keeps talking about strength. so the ad creates a sense of fear as these things are coming in to get you and i'm going to protect you. it kind of fosfs focuses the race on what he wants to be about. >> has this race become a race for who will be, in the end, the
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>> it is. is it ted cruz who represents a different part of the party or somebody from this establishment lane as we have been talking about? the question is whether the establishment lane is an actual lane or it's a tiny little bike lane and whether the party is really the cruz/trump part of the party and still yet to be worked out who the anti-trump will be. >> donald trump and ted cruz seem to have a bit of a romance going. is it like an unspoken thing. you don't talk about me, i don't talk about you but yesterday on your show it seemed to change. >> they are going for the same kind of voters, so if cruz attacks trump, he potentially offends those voters who he ultimately wants to get when he thinks donald trump falls. if donald trump improves, he gets heat from radio hosts and those cruz voters. this romance. about immigration he wanted to be very clear whatever ted cruz's position is it is is not stronger than his. >> today we see bill clinton do
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his wife hillary clinton. he is known as the comeback kid in new hampshire. what is the upside and the downside of his campaign? >> first, bill clinton is a huge upside among democrats. they love him. he can speak to that old-time religion. nobody speaks as a campaigner the way he does but bill clinton is a little undisciplined and saw that in past campaigns so a challenge. separate and apart from the trump questions whether he seems to engages and seems he won't at the moment. >> he won't punch barkck to trump? >> at this point, no. you get into a knife fight in an alley with donald trump and you don't want that. >> how far will trump go? >> i think it's a warning shot for trump. this is as far as i'll go but i don't think he wants to spends a lot of time talking about this. >> john dickerson, thank you. saudi arabia and iran have no diplomatic relations this
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raising tensions throughout the middle east. angry demonstrators protested saturday of execution of a shiite cleric. the saudi's sunni monarchy. now two countries are taking steps to cut their own ties to iran. holly williams is monitoring the situation from istanbul, turkey. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. protests were here outside the saudi arabian consue la lat in istanbul and around the muslim world. yesterday, the u.s. is calling for saudi arabia and iran to avoid escalating tensions, which could dangerously destabilize the middle east. shiite cleric nimr al nimr was mourned in saudi arabia after being executed on saturday. in a sunni muslim monarchy, he demanded equality for saudia arabians shiites and was shot
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his death has inflamed a 1,400-year-old conflict between sunni and shiite muslims. in the iranian capital tehran, an irate mob ransacked the saudi arabian embassy. around 40 people were later arrested, but iranian officials also decided to honor the executed cleric by naming this street after him. iran supreme leader the ayatollah ali kohomeini says they will face arrests. they threw molotov cocktails and police fired back with tear gas. in kashmir, police used rubber bullets against furious demonstrators. in shiite dominated iraq this crowd burned a picture of the saudi arabian king. the saudi royal family has
7:16 am
rule, said this man. in lebanon, the protests were peaceful but their leader described al nim rnchts'sr's killing as an sensation. saudi arabia and iran are fighting each other in a war in syria. nimr's execution and the angry reaction will only fuel with trust and secret. >> holly williams in istanbul, turkey, thank you very much. the threat of flooding is not over in the midwest. water and swollen rivers are blamed for 25 deaths in missouri and illinois. flood warnings in place for half a dozen states along the mississippi. david begnaud is on top of the garage in alexander county, illinois, with a high water threat. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are on top of the garage of a bigham family. the entire property is surrounded by water. they have got 25,000 sandbags and eight pumps working the last several days to keep the
7:17 am
working this morning. compare that to the neighbor's property. it's flooded. the flooding in southern illinois is unlike anything people here has ever seen in january. nearly 14,000 acres in hard-hit xamped alexander county are under water. a levee breach a quarter mile wide has sent water from the mississippi river rushing in. chatham says the threat here will last for days. >> we have never seen water this high. it has significant pressure on these levees and asking people to stay out until we feel it's save. >> reporter: so far, ten deaths related to the winter flood are confirmed in illinois. in missouri, president obama has signed a federal disaster declaration. hundreds there have been forced into shelters. >> the only home that i've ever
7:18 am
>> reporter: in allenville, missouri, rhonda ross and her husband are among 32 people refusing to evacuate. their home is now surrounded by water. >> this is our home. this is everything we have got. you don't want somebody to come in and lose the rest of the stuff you worked your life for. >> reporter: the water has actually risen because of a levee that breached nearby. charlie, another concern this morning is hypothermia. the weather is below freezing and with the windchill, it feels like 18 degrees. >> wow! thanks, david. city offices and schools in portland, oregon, are closed this morning because of snow and freezing rain. other parts of the west are bracing for a drenching from a series of el nino storms. first hit, san francisco and los angeles overnight. some parts of the state could see up to a half a foot of rain by friday.
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the el faro van s. president obama is back in washington with plans this week to stiffen gun control. >> ahead, the republicans who say his new rules will be gone if they are elected president. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. weight watchers has changed. our all-new beyond the scale program puts the focus on you and not just the number on the scale. lose weight while eating healthier, with all new smartpoints. and move more by including fitness in ways that work for you. see how good you'll feel with the new weight watchers beyond the scale program!
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a college student is shot to death in a case of new year's eve road rage. ahead the latest on the good's 7:26. h's look at ourtop story. anders county deputies are investigi. after they say a man was stabbed during an argument in pendleton . it happened on "stratforroad" sunday afternoon. that's a the pk county line. deputies saya dispute between a couple.. at their home .. on "highway 88"...led to the stabbing. the victim
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25 mie h.e the main problem with new year's resolutions is that we set our expectations way too high. for instance, lots of people say they want to exercise more but that is hard! exercise is like reading for your muscles, except you can't watch a movie of someone else exercising and get the gist of it. so instead of beating your health up because you haven't gone to the gym, simply lower your standards for what counts as exercise to anything that brings your heart rate up. that way, instead of jogging, simply try waking up late for work or taking a pregnancy test. that way, you haven't failed to keep your new year's resolution.
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different way. interesting one. >> whatever gets your heart rate up. >> what is new with this picture? we are all table for the first time and reunited and itteels so good. >> for two weeks. >> good to see you. >> how was your holiday? >> it was really good but it's always good to come back home. >> looks like you got a tan. >> you noticed? >> i did. >> welcome back to "cbs this i did! coming up in this half hour, president obama prepares new rules to regulate gun sales. he says they are worth it to prevent even one act of violence. ahead, prominent republicans push back. one says the president's act is the act of a dictator. plus we have new clues of the freighter that disappeared during hurricane joaquin. "60 minutes" gave us our first look what happened to the
7:27 am
missing and that story is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" is a big round of sell-offs for stocks around the world on this first day of trading in 2016. dow predicts a loss when the market reopens. weaker manufacturing china in triggering the slide. shanghai composite dropped. japan's nikkei fell 3%. european indexes are also down this morning. britain's "telegraph" a hong kong publisher has disappeared and it may be connected to reported plans to publish a book about the love life of china's president. protesters in hong kong want answers of that and abuse china of abducting the missing workers. the other four van issued in october. "the new york times" says a deadly earthquake rocked northeast india. the 6.7 magnitude quake hit overnight near the border with
7:28 am
video from the remote area shows buildings collapsed into mounds of rubble. witnesses say the shaking lasted about a minute. san bernardino" sun"n" says inland regional facility is open for the first time since december's terror attack. 600 workers will return to the complex where 14 people were killed. counseling will be provided for those who need it. the conference center where the massacre took place remains closed indefinitely. the new york "daily news" says the new powerball is one of it's biggest and estimated to surge to $400 million! wow! that is for wednesday's drawing. the odds of winning this top prize is about 1 in 292 million. the chances of being hit by lightning in your lifetime are far better, just 1 in 12,000. but it's worth a couple of dollars to buy a ticket. president obama is moving forward this morning on several new gun control proposals.
7:29 am
meet with attorney general loretta lynch to review steps he can take without congress. his plan executive action is drawing fire from critics. jan crawford is at the white house with a look at the president's effort and the pushback. >> reporter: good morning. the president is going to be holding a series of events this week to focus on gun control and then he is going to sign an executive actions that he hopes will help curb some of this gun vivience. but before we even know the details, opponents are sharpening their attack. >> my new year's resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business. >> reporter: president obama teased his latest round of executive actions over the weekend. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence. but what if we tried to stop even one? >> reporter: he signaled the move last month in an interview with norah o'donnell. after 14 people were killed in san bernardino by terrorists using legally purchased firearms. >> there a a steps we can make
7:30 am
these mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. >> reporter: nearly three years after the president's side-stepped congress with 23 executive actions on gun control, advocates are urging him to do more. the white house is considering several steps to clarify existing laws and forcing more gun sellers to conduct background checks on potential buyers and making it more difficult for domestic abusers to acquire firearms. democratic candidates for president were quick to praise the president's upcoming action. >> most gun owners in this country are understanding that people who should not own guns should not be able to buy them. >> -- republican walks into the white house within the first day, the skustexecutive order will be reversed. >> reporter: the republicans immediately objected. >> on my first day behind that desk those orders are gone. >> the news president comes in, boom, first day, first hour, first minute rescind that.
7:31 am
president once again for going around congress. >> this president wants to act as a king as if he is dictator. >> this doesn't create freedom or safety and doesn't create security. >> reporter: now with all of these legal questions now swirling around whether the president even has the authority to do this, kind of do an end run around congress, one thing that is almost certain, this all is probably going to end up in court. >> jan, thank you so much. police near dallas are searching this morning for a group of suspects in a deadly case of road rage. one of the men riding in an suv shot and killed a college student in another vehicle. witnesses say the victim was driving friends home from a new year's eve party. don dahler shows us why police think she may have crossed paths night. >> reporter: good morning. friends say sarah muslinger acted responsibly during the new year's eve party and had not been drinking because she was the designated driver. but hours into the new year, her
7:32 am
bullet in the head. sarah, the university of north texas junior, was shot around 2:00 a.m. on friday. the car she was driving hit another vehicle before crashing into a utility pole. according to tnesses, she and her three passengers came under fire after a verbal altercation with people in a dark colored toyota or lexus suv that fled the scene. >> it's our understanding that the documents of the suv were all african-american males, five to six males. >> i want justice for her. i want someone be responsible for shooting her. >> reporter: police believe the shooting may have from this yunew year's eve party. >> they saw two of the suspects at the party earlier. it's my understanding they did not know each other. >> reporter: muslinger was a
7:33 am
writing on her linked-in page she hoped to major movies. hundreds attended a candlelight vigil on saturday one day after she was taken off life support. her mother said sarah was an organ don oar. >> she was always reaching out and to give. she lives on. >> she lived with joy and laughed with grace and didn't care about what other people thought. she was happy. and we all should be a little more like that. >> reporter: police in denton, texas, have not made any arrests nor released the name of the suspects but asking anyone who was at the new year's eve party and took pictures or videos to contact them. >> what a tragic story. >> so sad. >> so unnecessary. >> thank you, don. haunting new video shows the el faro nearly three miles under water. "60 minutes" shows a freighter that sank during hurricane joaquin six months ago. that is coming up next. if you're heading off to
7:34 am
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"60 minutes" brought you the first look last night at the wreckage of the el faro. the ntsb released a video on sunday as part of its investigation. unmanned device captures the images on the ocean floor. the cargo ship you may recall van issued back in october heading from jacksonville, florida to san juan, puerto rico. it steers into the path of hurricane joaquin. the 33 bodies of the crew are still missing today. kris van cleave is in washington with this mystery at sea. >> reporter: good morning. the nearly 800-foot long ship is resting upright 15,000 feet under water more than three months after investigators have still not found the voyage data roared recorder orange cylinder up
7:38 am
could be key in piecing together the final moments of the ship. this video was taken three miles under water revealing the twisted and crushed and scattered remains of the el faro. the bridge the ship's command center investigators hoped to find the recorder. but lead investigate tom roth rothy told scott pelley on sunday's "60 minutes" they were shocked when it wasn't there. >> we got up to that level and to see just open -- openness is extremely moving and difficult to -- it was very big surprise for us to see that. >> reporter: moving in what way? >> just to see the violence and the winds that would have had to occur to cause that kind of -- to cause that kind of an event. >> reporter: they later found the bridge a half mile away from
7:39 am
recorder to explain exactly what happened. on the morning of october 1st, el faro's captain sent a distress call from near the eye of hurricane joaquin. the ship had lost propulsion and was listing at a 15-degree angle as it faced waves forecasted at 30 feet high. to find the missing ship, the ntsb used sonar and a piece of equipment called the curl but finding the wreck hasn't answered the biggest question -- why did t t ship's captain ends up on a collision course with a monster storm? >> we are looking at the oversight at the direction, the advice provided by the operating company to see what information was available to him. >> reporter: frank's son richard was the ship's cheap engineer. >> i guarantee you, they were injured, they were knocked out, and it was over. and they were all together. and that is how i want to
7:40 am
>> reporter: the ship's initial plan to was to stay on the outskirts of the storm from jacksonville to puerto rico but joaquin intensified and shifted its path. cbs reached out to the maritime company that operated the ship but we have not heard back. >> thank you. such a tragedy. >> heart breaking piece on "60 minutes" last night with relatives wondering why was that ship allowed to go into that hurricane. "star wars" is a force to be reckoned with at the objection office. how "the force awakens" is puing hollywood in awe direction. buffalo bills fan, the stunt he pulled, not once, but twice! >> all righty then. >> all righty then. >> time to go home. >> wouldn't you be proud if that
7:41 am
>> no, i would not. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! the all-new tacoma.
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buffalo bills kicker dan carpenter may still have a headache this morning in spite of sunday's win over the jets. carpenter missed the extra point second quarter. he threw his helmet to the ground in frustration on the sidelines and it ricocheted back and hit him in the face! take a look at that. that hurts. >> you got that right. i hate it when that happens but always okay with mr. carpenter because he had three field goals after that. >> and the bills beat the jets. >> he did okay. take a look what they did outside the stadium. this happened, guys, before the game. a bills fan jumped on to a burning table and caught fire so either he doesn't know or he just doesn't care. because he went back for round two! fellow tailgaters tried to use
7:45 am
i ask -- what could go wrong there? >> yeah. i think beer was the source. you notice when they came to put the fire out with the beer? he went like this with his mouth! like, no, don't waste the beer! >> he was feeling no pain. >> i bet he is a really good student. >> really good. so proud. >> so proud! could you lose dozens of pounds by switching your medicine? obesity expert dr. louis romney said he has seen it and in studio 57 with a in plan to change your diet by changing
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hey. it's the first monday of the new year. are you ready? it is monday, january 4th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including the so-called affluenza teen's effort to stay in mexico. rikki klieman is here to talk about the legal strategies to keep ethan couch out of jail forever. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the american flag is draped over the sign of the wildlife refuge and a protesters signal they are in charge. >> do you define this as an armed militia? this is concerned american citizens that are willing to stand for their rights. >> bill and hillary clinton used to have a good relationship with
7:51 am
relationship in tatters. >> he won't punch back, trump? >> the upside of punching back it creates a fight that looks like a general election but the downside you get into a knife fight in an alley with donald trump and you don't want to do that. >> the entire property is surrounded by water. they have got 25,000 sandbags and eight pumps that have been working the last several days to keep the property dry. the u.s. is calling for both saudi arabia and iran to avoid escalating tensions, which could dangerously destabilize the middle east. the president is focusing on gun control. before we know the details, opponents are sharpening their attacks. picture? we are all at the table for the first time. >> how was your holiday? to come back home. >> you look like you got a tan. >> you noticed?
7:52 am
>> there you go. showing skin this early in the morning, gayle! kicking off the new year. >> a good way to start the new year. >> it is. you're next! i'm charlie rose. >> what? >> with gayle king and norah o'donnell. an armed militia group says it is ready to occupy a federal wildlife refuge in eastern oregon for as long as it takes to meet its demands. the group says it is fighting back against a new prison sentence for two local ranchers. it also wants to return land from the refuge to local owners. >> the anti-government activists set up camp on saturday after a march to support dwight hammond and his son steven. the two set fires on the federal land in 2001 and convicted in 2012 and served their sentence, but in october a judge added four more years. the hammond's attorney says the
7:53 am
earlier we asked ammon bundy how he plans to resolve the situation without talking to the government. >> we stand months and months and months in petitions and re-dresses and trying to get government to check and balance itself, and they refused. and, in most places, just ignored us. we know there was an intimidation method from the federal government to the county representatives. the people tried for many months and they tried for actually over a year to try to get some justice in this situation and there was none offered. in fact, they were ignored. >> the fbi says that it is taking the lead with local law enforcement to resolve this standoff. white house hopefuls are campaigning harder this morning as the first voting gets closer. we are four weeks away from the iowa caucuses on february 1st. the first primary will be eight days later in new hampshire. and that is where former
7:54 am
front-runner hillary clinton. republican front-runner donald trump reacted on twitter saying, quote, does anybody remember when bill clinton in 2008 worked she lost. now billlls at it again. just watch. >> at this time in 2008 barack obama had just won the iowa caucuses and was campaigning in new hampshire. but these races can be unpredictedableun unpredictable. on this date eight years ago clinton led obama in the polls nationally by more than 20 points and future republican nominee john mccain was polling behind rudy giuliani and barely ahead of mike huckabee who won theaucuses. >> donald trump repeats his call for a temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s. and attacks hillary clinton in a new ad. last night tweeted this. hillary and the mainstream media forget to mention hilry is in
7:55 am
the tweet has since been removed. >> clinton is not featured in the 50-minute video released on friday by an al qaeda affiliate. it includes trump and his ban on muslim entry. trump shook off any concerns on sunday's "face the nation." >> does it concern you at all that you're being used in essentially recruitment video. >> they use other people too. what am i going to do? i have to say what i'm going to have to say. you know what i have to say? there is a problem. we have to find out what is the problem and we have to solve that problem. >> reporter: clinton inaccurately claimed the last democratic debate that isis used trump in its propaganda. the teen who pleaded affluenza is still in mexico this morning. signs are that ethan couch is not going anywhere any time soon. he was captured last week after
7:56 am
two years after a drunk driving people. his family has hired a high profile mexican attorney by the name of bonita. his forth faces a hearing tomorrow in california. cbs news legal expert rikki klieman joins us at the table with the latest. i have so many questions about the mother's parenting skills and this new attorney who was hired. this guy is apparently a very big deal in mexico. >> he is a rock star! he is the man! he is the person that you hire if you're famous, if you're infamous. if you have a case that is difficult to beat. how was he hired? the lawyers for ethan couch in texas cannot practice law in mexico. so they went to look for the best lawyer that i think people would say that money couldbuy. >> what is his staj?rategy? >> his strategy is simple. he is saying the u.s. governmnmt
7:57 am
end run around the extradition process that takes a very long time. so what they did is that the mexican government cooperated and simply decided they would deport him. how could they deport him? well, he didn't get a stamp on his passport when he was coming into the country. so what he is saying, what mr. benitez is saying is this. look. stop. we got to go slowly now. we have to do this correctly by the numbers. what we have to do is let the process be due process. >> the reason he wants it to go slow, too, is because couch was convicted as a juvenile, right? and something changes when he turns 19 which is in april. >> well, this is really ingenious strategy, because if you get past couch's 19th birthday, the 120 days basically that he has left to do in a juvenile or an adult jail, he will have run the clock.
7:58 am
his 19th birthday in april, the only thing that may happen to him under texas law is he may have ten years probation hananng over his head. so this strategy is really well thought out. >> certainly a genius but four people died in this accident. i keep thinking about that. let's talk about his mom for a second because she is back in thth states. what is her status? it was reported while on the run she even pibibgedcked up the tab when her son was at a strip club while on the run. >> we can all probably agree that her parenting skills were not desirable nor were the father's. they were enablers of this boy's conduct. whatever he did was just okay. she went on the road with him. a lawyer was hired while they were on the road. she enabled him all the way through this. and now she probably thinks it's just fine if he has to do the time rather than her son -- she has to do the time rather than
7:59 am
we will be back on this one, charlie. >> thank you. the new "star wars" sequel is about to become an original. it is blasting into box office history. have you seen it yet? ahead the big name who is about
8:00 am
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"star wars" franchise is heading for a new dimension for the third straight weekend. the force awakens is number one at the box office. the blockbuster brought in an estimated 88.3 million dollars over the new year's eve weekend and make the it second highest
8:04 am
it is in second place of "avatar." vlad, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the latest installment of "star wars" is playing at more than 4,000 theaters across the country. charlie, as you said, this weekend it raked in another $88 million. it's clear that the force is strong with this one. >> you might need this. >> i think i can handle myself. >> that's why i'm giving it to you. >> reporter: since the latest chapter in the "star wars" franchise hit theaters less than three weeks ago, it's attracted enough movie-goers. >> i'm flying! yes! >> reporter: to sink "the tie taken titanic" and past "jurassic world." now "star wars" is climbing atop
8:05 am
passing "avatar" as the biggest grossing domestic film of all time. scott is a "forbes" contributor. >> when "star wars" passes "avatar" the first time in 18 years that a james cameron film is not the top of the highest grossing films list. >> reporter: it's that star power that helped make 2015 hollywood's biggest year yet and push it past $11.billion in sales for the first time and more than 20% came from the top five movies as the film industry cable. >> there is concern that so much of the money was in the, you know, so fup of the big movies, that i think as long as those smaller movies are still making money, i'm not as concerned about the top heavy nature of the industry overall because i think those big films just >> reporter: along with the latest movie, the top ten highest domestic box offices of all time include two other films
8:06 am
"phantom menace." and the original "star wars." even critics oip the force awakens" can't deny. >> this movie is destined to make box office hits. not because of the quality but because of the name. >> reporter: whether this latest installment will take the global record remains to be seen. >> it's not showing avatar leg and having said that, it's making so much money, who cares? >> the dark side. >> reporter: what is clear. >> may the force be with you >> reporter: is that the force is here to stay. and "the force awakens" gets another big boost this weekend when it opens up in china. china is the world's second largest film market. >> vlad, thanks. >> how many times have you seen it, vlad? >> reporter: i've seen it twice on opening weekend, two times! >> there you go. >> that is what happens with a lot of people.
8:07 am
>> and he is a grown-up. he's seen this movie more than one time. they get repeat business over >> we are in a good movie lots of good movies. embracing fatherhood and everything that comes with it. we will show you why george and charlotte's dad loves fatherhood. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena . (vo) new tidy cats lightweight with glade. all the strength and freshness, now easy to lift! half the weight, smells great. find the litter that works best for you. every home, every cat.
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almost sixty mil i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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8:11 am
prince william, the father, the duke of cambridge will be feature inside a revealing british documentary. he opens up about fatherhood and why being a dad has changed his view of the world. mark phillips is outside buckingham palace with more from that rare interview. >> reporter: good morning. every now and then, the royal public relations machine allows a glimpse behind the palace walls and every now and then, that glimpse actually turns out to be revealing, up to a "royal" point. the occasion this time was a british documentary about prince charles and his charity supporting disadvantaged young people. >> he is incredibly driven. >> reporter: but it's usual, the younger princes william and harry who made the headlines, particularly the admission by prince william that fatherhood had changed him. royals apparently are no longer the epitome of stiff upper lived british reserve. having two young children has turned william into a modern
8:12 am
>> i'm emotional. >> reporter: are you? >> yeah. really. i never used to kind of really get to worried about things but now, the smallest little things, can feel you well up a little bit more and you get affected by some things that happen around the world and whatever a lot more as a father, just because you realize how precious life is and put it into perspective. >> reporter: pop psychologist and royal watchers and often the same thing, they think they know where those feelings come from. william knows what it's like to lose a parent. royal writer. >> everybody is talking about william thinks that the idea of not being around to see his children grow up. i think the fact his mother was not around when he grew up beyond the age of william was 15 and harry, 13. i think that struck a chord and it's clearly on his mind. him having had children, like every other father, he feels the
8:13 am
the fact he only saw his mother when he was young plays into it. >> reporter: no public exposure from the royals happen accidentally. william is extremely savvy and doesn't say anything about himself or his family he doesn't want the public to know. ahoroughly modern prince can be the same days. when william was a child, his mother was the royal star. and william has learned from that, of course, that times have moved on to the point where the agenda. the royals write their own script and if today is any indication, the world is still there to lap it up. >> we are lapping it up. my name is gayle. i'm a big old world lapper. to mark's point, they only tell you what they want you to know, i think it's great he wants us to know that about him. >> i just like the kid. what is his name? george. >> charlotte and george.
8:14 am
>> thank you, mark phillips. nba superstar dwyane wade has a new good's 8:25. here's o si andersonu deputies a investigating... after th a man was stabbed during anarm pendleton .. hed on "stratfada afrn that's near the pickens couni. deputiesys between au.te h "h 88.led to the stabbing. the vict expected to. today tlast day...toay"fema" assistance..for damage from the octobefloods. 24 counties carolina are eligible...including greenville, spartanbug and greenwood. if you already applied... y i was rejected..yocappeal. just haveosend er within 60 da oenh notice. we have a link... to see if yqi.n
8:15 am
thankfjiu we'll be ba i2mte
8:16 am
mgm grand sponsors this half-court shot. $95,000! >> whoa. >> not bad. >> half-court, wasn't it? >> half-court shot. a dream come frutrue for los angeles lakers fan. he won $95,000. he wants to buy tickets for kobe bryant's final game. i wonder how much the tickets are for a kobe bryant final game. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is full of good ideas. this half hour, are you
8:17 am
dr. louis arronne is in our green room. why you should think about food that comes in a box and the value of cooking all of your meals al dente. >> well-dressed men are head-over-heel for socks. the new designs that are leading a multibillion dollar phenomenon is ahead. "the boston globe" says it's journalists and staffers did something unprecedented. they delivered sun's paper after a new distribution company had problems delivering papers to everybody's home. they decided to improve service after customer's complaints. the employees volunteered to take over many of the 150 routes that had no drivers. despite the effort, up to 400 they are not sure whenn they will
8:18 am
the paper. winter isn't coming. martin now says he is done with the deadlines and fans will just have to wait. "usa today" says facebook ceo mark zuckerberg wants artificial intelligence in a post. his first challenge is build a simple a.i. to help run his home. it would help monitor his daughter. he compares it from "ironman." i thought we already had that artificial intelligence in your home that would change the lights and change a lot of things. >> i think there are but artificial intelligence it would know its things on its own and have a mind of its own to turn off the lights. >> it is coming. >> it's already here.
8:19 am
on the theft of a sculpture of abraham lincoln's hand. the police have no leads. they describe it as an eight to ten-pound hand. >> what are you going to do with ""the san francisco chronicle" says airbnb rental in oakland got trashed over the weekend. the renters had a party and had other damage. the homeowners thought they were renting to an older man. turns out it was a teenager who threw an 18th birthday party. britain''s telegraph, a new restaurant will offer doggie bags to reduce the millions of tons of trash thrown in the trash every year. 70% of french diners have never taken home a doggie bag. i do like that.
8:20 am
>> find plenty of that in new york. >> really good the next day. losing weight is a top new year's resolution and you may be struggling to keep it going. more than two-thirds of americans are overweight or obese. dr. louis arronne says it's not their fault. his new book is called "the change of your biology diet." he says being able to lose excess weight is not a question of willpower or motivation but it's a medical problem that involves your genes and brains and fat cells and even your hormones. don't i know it. he is the director of the comprehensive weight college in new york. welcome back to studio 57. >> thank you, gayle. >> the forward is written by david lettermann who says this book will make you look better and lose weight and make you look as good as alex trebek. i'm in. you say losing weight and willpower. you give the example of a swimmer going underwater and holding your breath.
8:21 am
other physical factors in the body. if you try to hold your breath for ten minutes, at some point you jump out of the water to breathe and something tells you you're drowning. when you try not to eat, there are physical forces that do the same thing. they tell you to eat. and we haven't really taken that into account when we develop diets and other treatments for weight problems. >> you say there are hidden fattening factors that we may not be aware of. what are they? >> there are at least ten of them. so in addition to eating too much and not exercising enough, things like the medicines we take. >> yeah. >> 20% of weight problbls may be related to medicines you're taking. sleep disorders and shorter sleep. we are sleeping an hour or leses than we used to. there are problems that we are not going to change like the temperature in the room. the temperature is controlled. you don't have to burn calories to regulate your body temperature any longer. >> let's go to the -- this book
8:22 am
diet a proven program for lifelong weight loss." to know. >> the most important thing is that weight is a physical thing. so that the environment, eating fattening food changes the nerves in your brain. it damages your brain in a way that makes it difficult for you to lose weight. so that we look at it as completely willpower, but actually you're dealing with a situation that becomes increasingly physical as times go pop the more weight you gain the harder it is to lose weight because you have more krarvecravings and you don't f fl fool. >> what dodd about that? >> several different factors and layers. number one, as far as eating is concerned, we find that eating in a certain way is the healthiest. so there are other factors besides what is going on in your brain that tell us the best thing to eat. >> you're talking about the order of what you eat? >> eat protein first in the
8:23 am
>> eating protein first controls your appetite and blood sugar the best. eating lots of vegetables, olive oil and vegetable oil we know are healthy. i can tell you to do that, that would be great but people develop cravings for starches and sweets at some point in time. what we found and what the book discusses is when you should have carbs so that they have the least metabolic impact. >> eating carbs last? >> eating carbs at the end of the meal and the end of the day. that is is not something people know. >> haven't you been to the restaurant, doctor, where we put the bread basket out first and i've eaten two pieces of bread until the food comes. it's so hot! >> if you're trying to control your weight, having the bread first will raise your blood sugar. it drops later on. >> tell them not to put any bread on your table! >> i know!
8:24 am
like your book. i think it's so brilliantly done and it's based on science and it's a real diet. you talk about the best way t lose weight is have a low glycemic or glow carb type of diet with plenty of protein. then you go through specifically what foods are low glycemic. can you rattle off a bunch so we know a bunch of things we should be eating every day to achieve that? >> the key things to the eating are healthy proteins, chicken fish and lots of vegetables. all of the vegetables you can, healthy oils like olive oil. starting with that is the base. carbs come in and the carbs you should have should like laegunus and beans. us? even that diet of carbs late, fish, icken. >> vegetables.
8:25 am
portions, isn't the essence of all dieting all of the best dieting about just that? >> the problem is, okay? people don't know how to do it. you can tell somebody to do it. the question is how do you do it? and that is what the book goes into, charlie, how you can accomplish this. if that doesn't work, we go into what you do next. we use medication, we use surgery. i run a comprehensive weight control cling. when somebody should consider to these more advanced treatments. >> what you eat is more than exercise. you draw the extinction between exercise and movement. >> this is a big problem we see in january. people try to lose weight by going to the gym. it's virtually impossible to exercise your way out of your weight problem. >> somebody said to me this week, because i'm very much like to be in perfect shape.
8:26 am
important thing you can do in 2016 is nutrition. >> i think so. you can be more active. actually, that is a lot easier than people think. you don't have to do as much exercise as many people think you have to do to be in good shape. 15 minutes a day of brisk walking can do it. the problem is healthy eating. >> i love that you have a menu plan in here too that will really change people's ideas about what they should be eating. dr. louis arronne, thank you. >> stand up every 20 minutes. change your biology diet goes on sale tomorrow! jamie wax is in a trendy neighborhood today to talk socks. >> fashion is finding new footing. we will show you how an nba star is giving socks like this a stylish footprint.
8:27 am
morning." with at&t the choice is yours. you only pay for the services you need to make your bundle work for you. call now to get high speed internet for just $15 a month for 12 months with a one-year term... with tv, home phone or even wireless. on one at&t bill. with u-verse high speed internet, you get fast speed at an affordable price... and a wi-fi gateway that connects all your devices
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8:29 am
at work, it's what people can do that matters for more information, visit the holidays are over. so many of us is are taking another look at our pile of presents. one gift that used to be thrown aside is now getting a lot more attention. jamie wax is inside a new york store where socks are standing tall. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
8:30 am
i'm at the stance flagship store. you can see around me are there are now shops dedicated almost entirely to socks. that is, in part, because socks are the fastest growing segment of men's fashion these days. a multibillion dollar business that is encouraging guys to wade knee deep, calf-deep or ankle-deep into style. >> very colorful. >> reporter: there is a revolution of food. >> wow. these are great! >> reporter: a resolution deep in the sole of men's fashion. a revolution in socks. >> oh, wow! banana socks! >> reporter: socks are an easy fix to spice up your wardrobe. i really love the gown. >> reporter: brad goreski of "e" fashion police is surprised. has it surprised even you socks have become such a big thing? >> it has, actually, in terms of this trend specifically. it's kind of like the gateway
8:31 am
i think anything that gives guys the courage to want to be more daring in their fashion choices, that is a really cool thing. >> reporter: one man driving the sock revolution is the always dapper dwyane wade. >> you think about socks and you think about black socks with a gold toe, you know? >> reporter: that's is what everybody used to have. >> right. >> wade, fade away. >> reporter: the 11-time all-star has his own line of fashion socks that he helped design. >> this is especially for men that we can have a cool moment underneath our pants, you know, on our feet. we feel a little extra about our outfit that day gentleman because all men have had for so >> yeah. >> reporter: maybe a watch. but now this is something that you can express yourself? >> yeah. i mean, you know, it's a well.
8:32 am
socks than a watch is lot less expensive. >> reporter: wade's socks is from stance which john wilson helped found after surveying the bland landscape below men's knees. >> the category itself is just asleep. >> reporter: literally white space? >> literally white sox. >> reporter: white and black. >> white and black. >> reporter: stance filled that white space with bold colors and patterns. they made mismatch pairs a marketing tool. they went for fun and quirky and they just introduced a line for those looking to step into a galaxy far, far away. they are playing basketball >> reporter: and then there is basketball. basketball >> reporter: on the court where shoes have always been king, stance wants fans to see beyond or underneath the sneakers. >> it is literally a game changer. >> reporter: as of this season, stance is the official socks supplier to the nba, and though
8:33 am
agreement aren't public, they will have their logo on all of the shins in basketball. how much has the nba represented to you in terms of a company in terms of sales? >> it's aorhuge contributor to us and a good chunk of our overall revenue and something you want to stay together. >> reporter: the sock market is a multibillion dollar business. more than 5.5 billion worldwide. so entrepreneurs are dipping their toes? >> i think not a lot of people wake up on a certain morning and say i'm refefshing my sock draw. >> reporter: but they want to do that. phil and ricky only sell socks in bundles. the designs range from the subtle to the loud, and they urge customers to dabble in them all. >> for us it never really made a whole lot of sense to go and buy socks and just buy one because you go through at least five or six pairs in a week. so we bundled them and we sell them to customers. >> reporter: naturally, there are holdouts.
8:34 am
your fancy socks memo. which begs a question -- do you think this trend in men's socks is here to stay? >> oh, i hope it is. i hope so! you know what? i don't know. i mean, one thing about, you know, fashion is, you know, things come and go and some things surprise you and stays around for a long time. >> reporter: stance tells us they have sold millions of dollars of their "star wars" socks the fir few weeks they have been on sale, including 10,000 pairs of these darth vader socks alone. the best thing about these darth vader socks? they really breathe like this. gayle? >> got it. >> well done. >> i really like fashionista. i also wear not socks at all. >> bear called and wanan his socks back.
8:35 am
you're w in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients.
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it is so good to be back after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first tastst i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
8:37 am
good's 8:55. here'salkoutop si. ander county deputies are inveg. t a man was stabbed during an argut pendleton .. it happened on "stratforoad" sunday afternoon. a rthe pickens county line. deputiesaa dispute between a couple.. at their home .. on "highway 88"..led to the stabbing. the victim expected tookay. today helast apply for "fema" assistance...foraefrom the october floods. 24 counties in south carolina are eligible... including greenville, spartanbug and greenwood. if you already applied... your claim was can appeal. just have send a letter within 60 dsof getting e notice.. we havalink... to see if y qualify ...on our websitewspa dc a fam the upstate is offering a -three- thousand
8:38 am
vintage car was stolen. jared haisays this 19-32 "ford modelwas stolen from a storage unit in easley. haynie inhrh car.. frohfather who died in a haywood county murder suicide last year. the unit wa one of fivthat was hit at year's day thankjoining us.
8:39 am
wayne: yes! whoo! - money! wayne: hey! jonathan: it's a trip to iceland. - (screams) wayne: you've got the big deal of the day! - let's make a deal! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america, welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm wayne brady, thank you so much for tuning in. this is our first show of 2016. welcome to a brand new year. that's why i've gone back stage. i made sure personally that every prize is brand new. nothing's been used. except the one car that i drove around in a little bit because mine was busted soso just wanted to floss a little bit.
8:40 am
right now, three people, let's go.
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