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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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40,000 to repair or replace person it we've put a link on our website to help you apply for assistance. look in the big blue box under linkses we mentione> local leaders want to clear up questions about a possible landfill site. >> lawmaks t to make sure that dumpgont happen. it would be off highway 93 in pickens county. we've been following this story since last week. we e to in pickens couy where the council is meeting to talk about this issue. mike. >> reporte and people already start to go gather here for that meeting that gets underway in less than 30 minutes. now, some people hav already signed up to speak dur ui comment sectio i got a copy of the agenda. it says that the council will make -- go -- vote on a resolution on this issue and then go into executive session to get legal advice.
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>> sue burgess lives around the corner from this proposed dumping gu i wouldn' want it dumped next to where i live. >> we told you last week in a republican state senator larry martin and several other laurels wrote thist to the state departmen of health and environmel control mi and others say dumping he coal ash is dangerous to the environmet ask they say the landfill develr mrr pickens llc never to the county it wanted to dump coal ash when it signed an agreement with the county nearly a decade ago to dump construction debris in this field. ty certainly weren't upfront whsn i don't think they were up front with the county council. >> according to the epa coal ash contains tc chemicals. >> i wouldn't wouldn't live near it. >> living near the proposed dutch site and they say dumping
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it justn good idea. >> i don't think they need to be allowed to dump toxic materials in the neighborhood that would affect other people living nearby win a rn radius. >> reporter: i did reach out to the landfilep. the only number i could find was tests connec the meeting starts in about 25 minutes. we will stay here and let you know what happens tonight on 7 news. tomorrow te will be a special inspeco at the power plant near seneca. last month during routine checks a worker found a cable disconnected. the emplo als noticed other cables in the same area that needed rep. all of the cables have been replaced. inspectorsi to determie how they were damage and also they're go to be making sure proper protocol was followed. a greenville man says police assaulted dug a traffic stop last month and now he is filing a lat
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>> 7 news reporter spoke with that man and joining us now with the details. >> the man is 21 years sxold tells us he was cooperating with police when the car he was riding in o and did not deserve to be slammed to the ground dun that arrest. now, take a look at this prebooking o of williams after his december arrest. he says s teeth were chipped after he was shoved to the ground by n officer. police say that they pulled over the car because of an expired tag and that's when the officer smelled marijuana and after searching te vehicle he found marijuanan both williams and his cousin were placed under arrest an williams says he cooperated with police but did admit to mouthing off to one of the officen that' when he says he was t thin i know i'm on the ground. i didn't know my mouth was bleeding until the ambulance got there. >> greenvile police says williams was resisting arrest and that's why the officers used to to -- force to subdue him. he denys that and the marijuana
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inside the i belonged to him. he test us he's planning to file a lawsuit in the coming days. >>cssro the national championshi is on the way to arizona and our first crew has just arrived. here's a live look at the stdium. our guys getting in place to bring you the very best coverage of this huge, huge game. >> the game is is going to be cutting into class time. >> classes sr back wednesday for all students and faculty but many preparing to travel across country to ettr on from the stand that is why the university is doing what it can to make sure people can get to the game without interfering with learn so they're asking professors to be flexible.d% ourdt is important but, you know, this type of stuff doesn'an every day
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those our tis, you know the people on the field. we know them and for to us support them that's a good thing. >> clemso university leaders also recommeig teachers create exta assignments if they will be missing their lecture to attend. o distrs the upstate telli us their normal procedures will be followed but parents enr todaye the principals now if they'll be out of class. we've been talk being how many of you have been planning to travel to arizona for that big game on and facebook. h' th ress roughly a quarter say you're going to be at the game yourselves. liu later our sports director will be joining us with the latest on the team as they prepare to take on alabama. be sure to watch our special preview show as the clemson tigers make the ultimate stop on their drive to the championship. we'll be right there in arizona
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fans who will be at the game and we'll have complete coverage for you durin our one hour special it all begins at 6:00 january the 11th as we look live at arizona right now right here on 7 news. also keep an eye out we've added this. it's a special section fo all things national ci i don't know ship. just look for this on our home page. in pickens county a wife faces char after deputies say she stabbed her husband during an argument. investioy man was dropped off at a home after the incident yesterday afternoon.deo cot deputies n ntified pickens count about the dispute. we're told the injuri not life threaanine wa arrested today and is charged with domestic viole and possession of a weapon. boxed was set. two people on trial you'd of murder. one is accused of shooting and killing johnson in
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three others also charged in that death. adams will also face a judge today. he is charged with murder and armed robbery among other things. authorities say during a robbery joseph crite was shot an killed. we have just learned tonight that a former north charleston police officer charged with murder has posted bond. a judge set bond at five hundred thousand dolls the charges stem from the shooting of walter scott during a traffic stop last year. a il date has also been set. it will be october 31st. next local gangs working together to pr their against violence and crime. just ahead how one organizer is helping them provi for an upstate commute. and lar a chance to bring home a huge jackpot but is the cost of your ticket worth the chance youl be taking.
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video of dozens of upstate gang members ... is going viral... but t weren't act of violence...k ug expect. around -50- gang
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members... along with community activist traci fant...delivered bags of . t a video is going viral.>l gang members delivered bs of food to homeless peo in tent city. gang members td to organize this to show he that many of them want the violence ask cre o. . wee tired of it. they wan to send a message out to the young people. deputies want parents topay attention el this because thy can be used as recruiting t for young children. > workad today to replace a bridge in union county that's going to require a detour for over a year. crews will be replacing that bridge. the department of transportation will close bal state road.
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april of next year. >> the biggest ever improvement project is going on at river bank zoo. $36 million is being poured into the expansion. a new sea lion exhibit, the zoo tells us the changes based on previous studi >ewalas
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the money that you'll spend on a the next winner t"powerball" jackpot... chance to claim...-400- million dollars. the ntir of thepowerball jackpot has a chance to claim $400 million. >> but before you spent money on a lot of tickets we headed to the expert to put the purchase in perspec f you. odds not really in your favor. >> the chances of dying fromm a bee sting one in six million. getting attacked by ashark one
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in 11 million. making a hole in one twice, winning the powerball jacket pot one in 292 million and yet, he says he spends about ten dollars a week on lottery tickets. i still want to try to win. >> a certified financial planner warns within 18 months of winning or even getting moneys a twice sticks show it's usually gone and he's seen it first hand. >>'v familr with, you kn, partic person that hit the lotter for 100,000, you know and was close enough where we tried to help, you know, give them some adve and today you know none of the money is left. you know, they've do have a home which is good, but the problem becomes is thr always trying to get that one more ticket to ahead. s putn away that cash instead could add up to a
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>te afternoon person spends about $700 a year on lottery tickets bu if you took it and saved it under a mattress for 50 years you'd have $35,000 in cash. ifu do win be sure to do these two things >> keep it to yourself and then seek professional advice. >> why do you keep doing it? >> because you might be viewed as a millionaire one day. >> the last winner was in south carolina. who's to say it can't happen again. the next powerball drawing iscoming up wednesday night. we ou chances pretty good that we are going to be well below freezing for tonight. in fact better than the lottery chancesi we'r going to be in the ddp freeze so you want to make sure to protect th pets and also the pipes for tog the ground
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most cases e pipes should be okay but make sure the pets have a warm place to stay. we have a hard freeze on the way really for the net two nights. it's going to be sunny and cool through th part of the week and all in all our weather is going to stay very quiet until thursday night that's go to be our next chance to get some rain. here's the satellite map tonight around the upstate we've had mostly clear skies but a lot of clouds and light snow flurries hav been moving in from the north durig the course of the aftern of not much as far as any accumulation goes and a lot of that is going away tonight. it's goi to continue to push on out and that will allow most skies to clear by tomorrow mn so ar cold start to the day is on the way. our winds will still be out of the north and we'll expect teens and upstate. tuesy aftn
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our sky conditions lookinoo through wed high pressure wil be centered over virginia and we'll start to pick up an easterly component to the wind. so wednesda morning clear skies freezing cold temperatusut more cloud can cover during the afternoon hours. it looks like we'll keep dry weather until thursday evening. g now we at 28 degrees in asheville. of course it's been cold there all day long. we only topped out in the mid-40s. we were in the lower 70s for the high this day last week. right now we're at 36 in spartanburg and 34 now in gafney. you when you factor in what it feels like, the wind chill tempet 18 in asheville i feels like 28 degrees in spartanburg and 31 in anderson. rit now the actual temperature in spartanbur 3 we'll dip below
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overnight and through the day tomorrow. staig out around 26 degrees and end up around 45 for a high. that is below average for a change. a little cool out there tomorrow afternoon. ' have lighter winds, lots of sunshine, put on several layers and i think it will feel prety good during the second half of the day. overall k like mid-40s, and of course the mots zone is going to stay in the 30s for the most part tomorrow. here's wh to expect for the next 72 hours. beautiful weer but chilly out there tomorrow a high of 45, back down to 24 for tomorrow night, up to 48 on wednesday, lower 50s on thursday as the clouds increase and so does that chance for sher rain will be in the forecast thursday night into early friday, notice our temperars warm up a little more by the end of the week and there's your mountain forec 39 high, 16 tomorrow night. chance of rain in the forecast thursday night and then over the weekend other
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chance of by saturday night. to you. >> thank you. we they to make a correctio a story re reported just a moment ago. charleston county deputies say ex officer slager is is still in custody after jail records indicated e had been released a judge did set bond it comes after the shoig death of walter scott during a traffic stop last year.
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distinguis iwoof the few bad moments in the orange bowl ......lawson sidelined wha ke it was one of the few bad moments in the orange bowl, lawson side lined with a knee injury, but the defensive end was schedule today return to
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tonighthts praie with the expectatio that he'll play against alalama. he suffered a sprain of a knee ligament but after the ball game he told teammates ' expecte to return. w, t tigers getting back to practicetoday as they turn their focus to alabama and next monday's ball game. spending the weekend savoring. the head coach realizes they have an extra intangible about them. >e mind and the mental lit tee that they come to work with, becets just special it's uncommn that's what i tell them all the time when you do the common things in an uncommon w you command the attention of the world and this team is uncommon. >> e cerl of course they already hold the record for wins in the season ask try to
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become th first ever team to go 15 and 0. and trying for a victory against an 8th coach who's won tii. 70s.....hasdied at the age of 82 ..... pe also guided the cit formerlhcar has died at the age of 82. parker also coached a high school team in arkansas uil he stepped down last month. and roper the new offensive coordinator. so youthinkot this as we stand here and talk about a championshia next wk one month from now we could be in the week leading you up to a panthers appre in the soup bowl. thy secu home field advantage for the nfc play offs, also important. they got their psyche back. the last thing
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loss and the an idle week to think about back to back los >ed a great job of going out and competing as a team and we secured the home field advantageg the pys and we feel like that's very impor sa >it eat ab our record now going into the playoffs becaue we got to be focused in and honed in and got to be fast starters. >> they did lose defensive end titleman for the rest of the season. > the l coaching moves tom coughlin retires. and number 22 the unbeaten u.s.c. woman sta mr 22. finally in buffalo on sunday the bills did get the win to elimin jets from the law i was a. but the kicker missed the extra point and he took it out on his helmet and it took it out on his face. let's gog to be a cold one.
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around 32 for 9:00 we're already below freezing for the mountainscr e though. well, we have more news on the way at0 >> see you here at 11 as well. we're always here for you at
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gd >> pelley: the president does an end run around congress to restrict gun sales. also tonight, armed protesters versus the feds in a dispute over private property. >> i want the federal government to abide by the constitution of the united states. >> pelley: a levee proves no match for the mighty mississippi. el nio storms are about to hit the west. and getting fit. orange is the new way back. >> it's pretty powerful in improving people's risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we've learned tonight how president obama intends to tighten gun sales without the approval of congress.
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the president, frustrated by
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