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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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support slager. slager asked the judge to consider bond so hwork on his case. the judge said the main reason for because thedylann roof case will be heard first in chalreston,so slager'trial can't start until the end of october. the conditionsfthe bond also require slager to stay in thetfsouth carolina anforbid him from having any contact with the scott fami. tonight... the scott family attorney is urging the community -not- to retaliate iviolent protests...saying it won't do the familor eany good. a greei man says.. police assaulted him...during a traffislast mt. an.he's filing a lawsuit. this is a p- booking shoof jaquan williams afhis ce arrest. he says his teeth were chipped after he was shoved t by an officer. pipulled over the car because of an expired t it happened ne haywood road and airport road. the officer smelled marijuana and after searching t vehlh found it. h williams and his cousin were placunder arrest and williams says he cooperated with police. but he di admit to mouthing off and that's when he says he
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the ne n w' on o.d' mo ennt uco r------- greenvl police says williams waresisting arrest and that's why the officer used force to subdue him. williams denies thaand also denied the marijuana inside the vehicle belong to him. he tells he is now planning to file a lawsui in the comiing days. in picn county ... a wife faces charges... after deputies say... e stabbed her husband...during an argument. investigators say ... the was dropped off... at aoon rf road in pendleton... after the incident yesterday afternoon. anderso county deputies... then notifi pickens county... about thedispute at the couple's home on highway-88. wro. the injuri.are not life- threatening. mary a hopkins ... was arrested today .. she's charged witdomestic violence ... andpossession of a weapon. bond w set at 25- thousand dollars. tonigh video of dozens of upst n members is going viral. they weren't committing an act of violence ..eyou might expect. in fact - that's why it has people talking.
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"this hofor 2016." ee actions...fmtho t you'd least expect. 13:05:35, "it's usually n mfasee on a noa basis "i'm out herewith a lot of different gangs, tbloods, crips, gds who else weo out here, hoovs, raise them up!" upstate ganmember teamed up with freedofighters to take food to those without a home this year. activist traci fant...says these actions are just the beginnining of a change to make the community better. traci fant/freedom fighters 12:12:18,17 "finally it head, where the saying we're tiredof it. they want tsend a messageout to the young people saying we're tired of theviolence." these videos now have te of thousands of ei just a day ...and activist traci fant...saysh p h these ganmemne same way they helped others. 12:13:33, "we're promotinvoter registration we're goingopromote young people get dyoung people with feleonies get jobs...the whole visiicoming to life. but thrgood deeds come with a message frothe
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office. 3 gang task force deputies monitor the 100 plus gang members just in greenville county alone. they wantparents to pay attention tthese videos...san they could have a hidd meeting. deputy dwpincaro/ greenvi co.r' offe :04 "that video used as a recruigtool, you might have a kid t' seeking attentiomay not have friends at oand that kind ofshows that not a gang activisdand a positive image of gangs." for 7 news,s deput they to try and cut thgang population off... they focus on the area whe are recruitingwhich inormally in middle school... so one of the task force deputies focuses on the schools to make sure kids aren't joining. the u offe whe 14 people died, reopened in san bernardino today. this was thsugthe mass shooting at inland regional center.along with the
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injured. the office building been closed since december d that'sh syedr and his witashfeen malik carried outhe shooting rampage.. both were killed later in a shoot-out with police. the suspects's in- law- enriqmarquez is charged wiconspiracingto provide material suppport to terrorists,firearms violation aimmigro fraud. happen now... the f-b-i is now won with authorities oregon trying to peaceful end a standoff at a national wildlife refuge. armed protestors who call themselves citizens for constitutio freedom are occupying tcomplex and vowing to stay until the governme relaxes rules about the use of lland. they seizethe government complex on saturday after a march supportingtwo ranchers convicted o setting fir on feder land. ammon bundy accuses the government of forcing ranet sell their landto create wildliferefuge. he believes people should be able to use public lands for cattle grangmining and logging. : "evnhe e osawr everythingfrom the lan andesrcenolock that up say ith
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freed"- bundyhs cliven s involved in a similar dispute nevada in 20-14 that turnee and ttsmany p around here on edge, but ammon bundy says he no intention of using violrintimidation ai el. an out-state company... wanttd tons of coal ash ... in pickens county landfill. but... that *won't* happen... if local lawmakers get their way. here's looth proposed.. it's locateoff cartee road .. near highway 93 pickens county. and tonight - county council is holding a to be a hoc we toylast week... several lawmakers sent a letter to the state department of health and environmen control. ymg coa ash... dangerous to the environment. the county did sign an agreement with the agreement with the county nearla decade ago .. to dump construction debris in this field but lawmakers
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"mrr picken llc" ... *never* told the county it wanted to dump coal ash... that's the part that has everyone so upset. "i don'tit d to awtd ti aiooawdfthpl aalneyiaeiru a certain.livi nrwi tni" we readout to the landfill developer... but the only number 7 news could find... was disconnected. the meetinis underway...rig ht now. we'll let you know what happens..coming up at 10 and 11 tonighg. happen tomorrow .. inspectorswill be atu energy's oconee nuclear power plant ..evalunhwear and tearoopower cables .. it was spotted last month .. onstarp transformer. that's a problem because o transformer help provid power to plant safety equipment. all of the cables havbeen repr.. but the will be special inspection just to make sure everything in working order. have complaints about the department of transportatio n? how about the department social services? statlawmakers want to hear them. there wilbe
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house this wednesday .. and next .. thelp address your concerns. you do haveto sign up ifyou wa attend though. head wspa dot com for instructions on how to do that. "he saidc here with som terrible thingomy mind, i wagonna do some bad things." -- next on "7 news" ... a potential bloodbat prevent.. a north carolina pastor... talks down a gunman... who walked into his u. the deytakata airbag recall back the spotlight tonight. why feder
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it was of the most horrific displays of mass murder..south carolina... has ever experienced... ... last sumschurch shooting...chart dylann roof...faces state and federal trials. he's accused of killing -9- people...including a state senator... inside the "emanuel a-m-e churcrc." it's just
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violence has found its way... inside u-s churs and other places worship. but tonight...north carolina pastor has a different story to tell... after a gunman walked into his church... onwa eve. leyla santiago spoke to the fayettevillcongrgo. about how something that could have been...another horrific tragedy... turned into another reason... tgive thanks: ---- this is where they gather every sunday. and this i where they gathered new year's eve to ceand a new year. just before midnight, a walked in. the firsosee him-- the pastor -- too quick tofont "i askehim can i help you." -- too qukfont "i didnsee anything butthis
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oswere can you pry for me. when said that then i knew everyt wgno bealright. days later- the congregatio is still giving t just wh ad tk paob c u a ".there's hygaolih.a nnhe eo ngte the man resoifor the scae rritime apologize he askesnot to eihim. he is not facing charges. he explainsej diagnosedtdebilitat disease. e strugn fl tpewas justtoff at hom on top of that, the veteran explains he is struggling with ptsd partly because he can't afford his medication.: "i saw in hs eyes hopelessness, hur, pain, despair."he is also a convicted felon who was given a gun. he says he came to the church because he thought it would be a safe place to get rid the gndnot get in trouble. he never meant any harm. because thiscongregation believes the night they opened the door to this very troubled man-- they opened the door to god. that wleyla santiago...reporting. again the suspect has not been charged. fayettevillesays
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medical facility for p-t-s-d treatment. saudi isays ... it's severing ties with iran... and no other nations... sudan and bahrain... following the saudis' lea the rift comes...after the death of an internationy known shi-ie scholar ...was harshly critical of saudi regime. he was of nearly 4- dozen peopl... executed... over the weekend. u-s officiils concerned.. that the fecould affect the war in syria... and plans for peace talks the feud... has also ledto oil price they'rbehind the largest autrecall ever in u-s history n tonight...federal safety officials sthe ars are now responsiblfor a 9th death. the airbags can be found in at lea dozen automakers vehicles. the most recent death... involves ...a 13-year- boy killed in a hodae it happenedduring a pittsburgh.over the summer. last mothe boy's family noti the governement an investigati. deerne that flyingscrapnel...from an
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takatsordered to pay 70 milldollars... for hiding evidence... and failing to issue timely recalls. a countsinger ... who was missingha been found dead. craig strickland ... was -29-. stricklaand a friend went missing...while duck huntnat an oklahoma lake...during awinter storm ... last w the morland... was found dead.. la d stricklanwas thee singer...acountryoc band...called "backroad anthem." today is your last opportunitto apply for federal assistance... if you were affectd.. october's historic flooding. fema has approved ... nearly 80- million dollars more than30-thousand applicants nearly 100- thousandpeople had applied... fthe limi financial assistance.nsouth carolina. homeowners may be eligible... for low-inteloans...of up to 200-thousadollars. homeowners and renters... may also borrow up to 40-thousandto repair or replace personal items... such as furniture and vehicles. we put a link on website.thelp you apply... foassinc look in te"big blue box"... under "linkwe miod.
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"i thi bring the new cases of hiv down so dramatica"---- next on news" ... a pill once a da researchers say ... itclosest thin availabl an h-i-v vaccine. why doctors say ... it's still -not-widely used.'s a look at your primetime lineup
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"1 ouf e primary care providersanurses are not aware aboute --- it's a e-changing the fight...against h-- but researchers say... it'snun-noticed... over the pa3-years. now c-d-c officials s there's a push to get the word out about the pill. it's know as "prep"... o"pre-exposure prophylaxi researchers say ... itemore than- percent effective... at keeping annegative person...from becoming infected:
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generation.--: "i think we cgw cases of hiwnso dramatica, everyone that needs to beprep gets on prep."----- the "prep" pill has baround...since 20-12... and it's already f-d-a approved. back was sold under the name... "truvada." researchersay ... it o be a life- for the 13- to 24-year-old age segment... which has seen a spike in infectionseven as overall h-i-v rates...have dropped. you'd million times more likelto die from a bee sting.than win the powerball jackpot. but you can bet ... that won't stop a lot of pe.from pickin up a tic.before wednesday'big drawing. the jackpis now up to 400-milliodollars... because there was no big winner... saturday. there was 1-million-dollar winner saturday...north charleston. and we found out ... evndof that kind of win..are one in 11- million. but your odds of winning th400-million jackpot...are one in 292- million: -- "the statcllprve hm pepllol money or alemoney's goe
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in waety r edyh iv mufinan deand try to keep it togethrr - ---- financial planner kyle atkins says.fby cha do win ... mke sure you dttell anyone... and get a trained professional to help yomanaee moneyy ... so id'disappear. "nats pnbell" ---- so much for a fresh start to 20-16 ... on wall street. the dow and nasdaq... bopened sharply lower. at one point...the dow was down...-467- points. it ended day ... down... 276-. it's blamed on an ongoing declin. china's t mat. which has also hurt soexchanges ... around the worl next o news" ... a once inlifetime surprise...for a "star wars" fan. how j-j abrams...went out of his make sure a brain tumopatient... got to see the movie.
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"he's d cho hescry" -- a dream come true ... in kansas... fbig "star wars" fan...who's battling a
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month..befothighly anticipatedfilm hit theaters...walker got a call... from abrams... the film's director. and he sent a team... to walker's home... for sneak preview of the new "star wars" movie. but it wnot random thing. it happ after his niece wrote a letter... to lucas-films.and disney. she explained her uncle's decades-old love for "star wars" ... ahis failing health... whhasredh of his motorskills... and hisabilit thanks forjoining us. i'll seuat 10 te carolinas c-andwle back here a11. until thenyou can get the latest updates by logging on o wspa dot com. stay with us... for "scene 7"...coming up
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