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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  January 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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"24 7 chifmeteorologist" christy henderso. here ----- "do yoaabuild a snowman?" the reccold weather
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greenville they're lucky to have a neighbor who makes homemade snow! wl he does it.. tonight at 7news at 10.. and 11. presid obama announced a series of executive actions today... designed to reduce gun violence. his plan includes ...expanding background checks...for buyers. meanwhe.republicans... including house speaker paul ryan...say it'saabuse of power. dianne gallagher has the story... from washington,c: --- we're hered,not o death last mass shootig but to do something to tryt prevent theeone. presidentbarack obama detailing hmultiple executive actions on gun control --encouraging states to report peopl who shouldn't bable to get guns and expanding background checks for some private sales. republcon the campaign trhave railed against thepresident's plan. texas -- o prsinl candidate) president ob is onceaninto abes abispower. florida --opresidentil candidate i'm electe president first day, behiny desk, those orde
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proposals tramp up mental health care and add hundreds of f-b-i and a-t-f agents to better enforce current laws and focusbackground checks, wilall require millions funding-- which must be sucongress. and surrounded by families and victims frommass shootings, the prd made an emotio ple. and from everfayov imagined thtr loved one wd k m rlives by a le fro gn every ethinkabuh kids it get mad. in washington,i'm dianne gallagher. gallagheria wasg, nmakids ttemad. in washington,i'mdnn gallagher. gallagher.i waingt, i'm dianne gallagher. the latcb-sn polshows...51-percent of americansbelieve...gun laws should be more strict... but thatdown -7- points... since last fall. presidenobama will be giving thstate of e union address... little earli
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finding outha governor nikki haley has been chosen to give the republican response after the president's speech. it's happening tuesday.. january 12t remember you can watch the address and the response right on 7 news. a for spartanburg high footballstar and former n-f-l player is facing charges .. for refusintstop for police. wellford police tried topull over landon cohen.. who they say was speeding on highway 29. police reports say it took him nearly fourmilestfinally pull over. cohen was arrested fofailing to stop for blue lights... though he claims hewjust trying to get to a lit area before pullin off. upstat enforcement tell you if don't feel safewhere you're being pulled over... to your flashers on or your turn signal.. also turnyour dome light on inside your car... and you can call 9-1-1 to let an operator know that you're aware you're being pulled over but trying to fin place. tonigh..greenville police are holding a man in jail for thest death of another man.last month. it happe at a home on perry
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crouch was involved ina altercationbefore someone shot him now poibelieve the marqual griffin. he now faces mur he now griffi he now faces murder and possession of a wo an incorrect billboard in anderson county has been changed. thinw dot org..put up four billboards.. for the missing pendleton baby .. leonna wright.. but the phone numbewas misprinted .. the grouphad hoped to re-route it it connected to the right place. when that failed .. the chade numbers on the signs. now the group is hoping that the sign and reward.. will influence anyone with informatioabout the child to contact lawenforcement. department social services.. comti investigatio. int greenville county daycare center.. thallowed a 3 year old to wander off. d-s-s says they've made two visits to "kids and company"..and found no issues. but it plans to continue to monitor the facility .. which is undergoing corrective action plan throuhmarch. this is the second corrective
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it's hadvioi. inyears. and we learned evenif there is a correctiveaction plan... at be notifie but yc check the status of your daycar center. just tw-s-p-a d com.. and on "links we've mentioned".. to look up your daycarecenter. law enforcement is quietly monitoring the armed occupationan oregon wildlife refuge. an anti- governmentgroup is protesting the sentenof a father and son for setting firson federal land. the group s demand inquiry i why ranchersdwight and steven hammond weordered bac to priso rsetting fires on federal land after they had already served prntime. the gropleader .. say the they wil leave.. when a plan is in platoo managementof federal lands to locals. new militia-style groups... continue togrow... in th u-s. the "southern poverty law center" saunorganized militias 20-15. because these groups are unorganizedthere are no hard numbers... to show how many peoplebelong to militias. these -government
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the 19-90's. but in the last seven years... there's been a resurgence. one political science professor... who teachesaboutterrorism... says that spike happened around 2007-- "obamaelectin a kinf ocl kid renaissancea reinvigonthe militia movementdthe militia movement hs rn 2007- expersthis is driven by fears of president obama takiaw iguns and theirlands through eminent doman tonig.civil rights groups in north charleston are expressingtheir disappointment .. with threlesoh former officer accused of killing warsc. yesterdayjudge granted a 500-thousaddollar bond for michael slager. slager was released.. adhas been ordered tostay under house arrest until e ia "we have hsathe solii la es.eneop sco w thi c in jail" the judge also set the trial date for october 31st.
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north carolina... are the focus of stalkingawareness month. governor pat mccrory signed a proclamation declaring syesterday. by his siwas a durham teen who says she first became a stalking victim.. 2 years ago.. at age1 she couldn't go into details about it .. because hecase was not yet resolved... uhd speak about how it felt. "the victims stali evrsecond of every day, they are fr ls despite the declaration.teen..says she want to see stronger charges against accused stalkers. take a kat this man. greenvillcon deputies..ahoping someone recognizes him .. and tell deputies..where emight be. his name seur and he's wanted for burglary.. grand and petit larceny.. this is surveillance pictures of him.. and his dark colored truck... the license plate reads l-t-w-3-0-5. deputies if you see him.. call crimestoppers. tonigh hec is warnipeopleianderson county... tbeware of skunks.. whomay be rabid...
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to be referred to a doctor. d-hec sayperson was bitten by a skunk... december - 30th-... and that skunk... tested positive... orabies. d-hec be aware ofwild animals acting tame.and tame animals actiwild... either way...stay away from them. we're than a wee away... fromthe national championshipshowdown .. arizona...r the big game.. aren't the only o having fun back intupstate... "tiger town" is the plae to be. e-s-p-n hasset up shop... at the "esso club" filming segments for "sportscent... and "on the road." " news'" addie hampton... wasin the middle of it all...toda:- "c-l-e-m-s--i-g-e -r-s" this week they're gonna party like i'1981 with the help from e-p-n "i came out tobe on wto supptetigeste. let's go." t n roseat in the parking lot of clemson's famous esso clubthe cheers and rally cries from orange-clad fans can be heard clear across campus even the littlef know just
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and he's going to keep practicing "roar" until the big eve for true fansthis season has been a dreamstaying unbeaten from the first kickoff to that final orange touchdown. but being ranked first doesn't always meanthey've been considered the ein factmany timeseven on e-s-p- nclemson's been deemed the underdog. thssayit's just fuel for thefire i saykeep doubtig.' going to go way. it's dong for us all seaso we're gikit. and our elephant friends awstto these guys wantu knowcome monday.the tide is changing. that waaddie ao reporting. e-s-p-n wlbe in cen. for a few more daysshooting at the "esso club." are welcome times w sent out... via social mei our coverage of clemson's showdown with alabama
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game and we invite you to tune-in fo our preview specials coming up sunday night at 11 and then monday night at 6-pm.....a lhour long preview on game night.... our live coverage inarizona begins thursday astodd summers and fred cunninghamcover the team... andefans at the game. the powerball lottery jackpot.. hajumped... to 450 million dollars... and you still have time... to buy a ticket. the jackpot increased..because of fast lottery ticket sales. this is the 6th-largest jackpot... ever. the biggest...was the 656 mega million prize... won in 20-12. the drawing... tomorrow night. next on news .... an old w known drug.. has a new look .. and no it's catching on.. in some parts of the upstat it's a enforcement officials wan you to know. and...wcell phones can have hidden features.. you may not be aware of... which could cost major bucks.. if you're ncareful. we'll you can prevent it .. from happening
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policayou ... to keep an ey.for a disturbing drug trend... heroin...h a pill. it's often made ... to look i popular pain killer oxycodone. and some recreationalusers...may not even know...what they're taking. also... drug addictospecialists worry that the pill form.. is more attractive young adults... than the injection form. the pillshave grown more popular up north... and while the grnvi police department says... it hasn't seen any yeheroin itself..iswi prb:- "heroin is deiythe rieee ei im moer hit m tr nhd 'ioring ws wth reg lmcaseoft- -- we checked with othr law enforcement agencies in spartanburgreev an anderson.. none of them have heroin pill cases... but most say...heroin use... is on the rise. drug
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is because the crackdown... on prescription pill abuse. with aincreased focus recently on monitoring and preventingconcussions in youth sports...some health profession are pushing for a federal mandate... for sports injury reporting standards. every state has laws on when to report sports injuries... but advocates warn... veryfew have enforcement mechanisms in place. that's why aformer n-c-double a player has helped develop a we-based system called "injuefree".. which reports concussi syps the moment they happen on the field: -- go over your data... and it can mengo bills. but one family was shocked... when they goa bill... fover 2-thousand dollars. it was because of a new feature... on apple i- phones... tyou may not be aware of. julie watts... explains: -- like mateens, ashton finegold did think much about the textmessage from at&t ... warning he was nearing his data lmhe says he's seen it before... "it just s-maybe 65 percentof your data has been
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came. "i thought dad was going tkill m "it's usuall0 a mhahissthndolr difference? a "new" feature - ashton's phone call"wi-fi assist. standard with new , i-o-s-9.1 operating system "i had no idewhat's ned to makyou always haveaosignal by automatically "switching" o "cellular" data..when a wifi-signal signal is weak. like inashton's his bedro. where he thought he was still connected to wifi... while streaming and surfing. but insteadhis phone's been gobbleing up data. . more than 144- thousand megs.... "that is prthigh - but i cans it happening." mike campb of the webe"applesr says while "some" customers like what wi-fi assist does ... many don'know they have it... "it comes by default -- it is switched on... that's why thesan uproar." apple has no comment... but to turnoff wifiassist.. go to setting, then cellular... then down at the bottom aaston's now discovered..that's where you switch wifi assist.
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this cod be...the future... a super-powered electric car. cog. we'll show you more of this sweet ride..when you can get one. but firthere's o at your primetime lineup
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get readycoffee lovers... starbus adding a new drink to t menu. it's the latte macchiato. it consissof fulespresso shots and steamed whole milk. the latmacchiato is the first espresso drink the coffee gianthas added to its menu in a yea it's al it's a giant celoit's a refrigerator this four- door smart fridge is the latest from sams.. the
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new gadget at the consumer electronics show vegas. the familyhub fridge includes a nearly two-foot touchscreen. it's equippedwith internet- connected cameras that let you view whate without opening the doors. the conceptfridge doesn't have a price-tag yet. check ot this sweet ride! it'sta personal... futuristic ... batmobile. it's an electric sports car... proto-type. "faraday future" ... unveiled the "f-f zero one concept" the "consumer electronics show" in las vegas. it's not really "family friendly"...because it has just -1- seat. the comyplans o a manufacturing plant...and put a car on the market... within a few years. and take look ... at thsaz sight... captured by the "hubblspace telescope." nasa released this photo... -2- galaxies... merging into one. the space agency says... it originally believed..h picture was that... of one abnormal galaxy. but further reserdetermined... it's actually galaxies that collid.nd are now becoming a single structure.
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million light years from earth ... in the "hercu constellation. next on "7 news" ... if you thinkit's cold here.. it's brutal in russia... but people are coping... just
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as temperatures dropped to "negative 2 degrees"... across russia today... people were doing the opposite... of what you might expect. thats' right...people there thought conditions were perfect... totake a plunge... in the frost waters. as one person enjoyed ice bathing...another w skiing across a river. people there say ... they're use to sub-zero winters. and it just takes a couple of days... for most people... to adjust. thanks for joining u 'll euat 10 o carolinas c-w..and we'll b back here at 1 until then yocgthe lats
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