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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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preponderate to hear during tonight's campaign-style event. >> reporter: we maybe can't save everybody, but we could save some. >> reporter: not shielding his emotions, president obama is using the power of the pulpit to try to change america's gun laws. tonight's pulpit, a university in virginia where the president will speak to a national audience and gun owners. among the invited guest, the kansas gun store operator. >> i'd like to have an opportunity to sit dunn and be a part of the decision making or at least have some influence because we're the ones that are affected. >> reporter: the campaign-style town hall come twos days after president obama announced his plans to bypass congress and enact gun reform through executive action. >> he is dog an executive order. he doesn't need a rally for public support to get this executive order. >> reporter: a political science professor for george mason university. he says while town halls are common in politics, it may do little to nothing to shift the debate in the white house' favor.
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polarized as abortion. there are almost no more pro- gun democrats, and there's really no gun control republicans left. >> reporter: which is why the administration is hoping through executive authority they'll be able to enforce background checks for online and gun show sales, adding more federal agents to police gun laws, and increase federal spending for mental health by millions ofs. but not everyone agrees. >> i don't believe it will do one single thing to help keep guns out of bad guys' hands. >> reporter: tonight's town hall is being broadcast on cnn and is expected to last an hour and will be broadcast live. it is a closed invite event meaning the general public can't show up for it. we do expect to see some protestors there outside the arena. reporting in washington, i'm mark meredith. this is such a big issue, we wanted to focus on you this a little more and bringing you team coverage. dave, what enwe talked about this proposal earlier in the week, what is the first thing we said? >> you said that the gun sale also spike in the wake of his
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>> and you found exactly that, gun sale going up. >> going up, surging and happening here in the upstate by record numbers. i spoke to this gentleman you see on your screen. this is paul oliver. he is a gun maker. that is his most popular gun, the a. r.-15. she based here in spartanburg. he has quite the knolling, and his version is pretty popular. he tells me, like you did, gordon, that he is not at all surprised by this run on guns. >> people see additional regulations coming down, and i believe it spurs them to say, well, i have always wanted this. who know what is the future brings, if i'll still be able to exercise that freedom. >> and it is not just guns. it is also ammo and it is almost gun stock. smith and wesson, rather, their stock price jumped by 12% that is the highest it has been since 2007. >> it happens every time, when there is gun control regulations discussioned, gun sale goss up.
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about the gun show background checks. it wouldn't affect a licensed gun dealer like this. >> right. >> but people are afraid in the future there would be more restrictions. >> and exactly. a lot of what obama is proposing is already existing law. he said if the laws are just followed, his view, that this is -- this will be pretty much it. also concealed weapons' permits as well. >> thank you. and that is just one of the big stories we're following for you tonight. >> let's check in with these reporters out in the field to see what they're working on to get an update. >> reporter: and we're live in union where a violent home invasion happened last night. the police say a woman was followed into her home after coming back from work. one man putting a gun to her head while the other stole her cell phone and some nearby loose change. according to the report, she also had furniture thrown at her and had to be treated by ems. the police tell me they do
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random and those two suspects are still ton loose tonight. let's send it over to mike. and live in seneca where a mother and her live-in boyfriend face charges in a child abuse case tonight. they are in jail. that infant is in critical condition with several skull fractures, a spinal cord injury and brain swelling. the police say that woman's boyfriend picked up the infant, stepped on it and threw take baby girl across the room. the judge set whitney barnwell's bond, the mother, at $75,000. in less than 30 minutes, see what happened when i confronted the suspects here this afternoon outside the courthouse. >> thank you, mike. i'm live in the studio tonight. the boiling springs fire department is pushing for spartanburg county to start their improvement plans for fourth street. this is the road that four usc upstate students died in in a fiery crash back in october. the county say this is road is on the top of their list, but they only have a portion of the funds to complete the project. back to you. thank you.
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other big stories for you tonight, including another attack in paris. the french police shot and killed a man they say tried to attack a police station. the prosecutors said the man was armed with a butcher knife and carried a piece of paper with an isis flag. the locals say the man was known in the neighborhood as mentally unstable. wall street chalked up another day of losses. the trouble started in china where trading was automatically halted after the stocks fell more than 7%. that led to a sell-off at the opening bell in the u.s. and picked up momentum as the day went on. the dow jones industrial average closed down more than 390 points. it was the third triple digit loss of the week. >> that sense of, oh, my god, what is going on. >> europe slows down and that naturally the u.s. economy will
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>> wall street is hoping to find that. signs would indicate that, despite the turmoil overseas, the u.s. economy is still on track. >> we're not talking hiring at macy's, though. the department store says it will lay off more than 4,300 employees nationwide this year. macy's is blaming the cuts on poor holiday sales and what they called a disappointing 2015. the retailer also plans to shut down 36 store this is year. we're still trying to find out if that would include any of the local macy's stores. okay. so if you were at your computer all day like me, i can tell you it is sunny. it was sunny. >> it was beautiful. >> it was a day to try to break away from work for a little while if you could because its was so pretty. we got up to 60 degrees. it looks like it is not going to be as nice tomorrow, so you can stay at your computer and keep working and not worry about it. the cloud also take over later tonight and then we'll start to see some very light rain showers and drizzle into the
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spartanburg is at 57-a slow cooldown tonight. we're going to stay above freezing. by 5:00 a.m., we'll have showers to track. >> thank you. >> usually when you propose, you may have one photo of the moment. see how one man enlisted the help of several photographers to put together this amazing video, straight ahead. good evening. i'm tom crabtree. these local tiger fans are improving you never lose your school spirit. coming up, we'll introduce you to this group who are proving you are never too old. and i want to make sure you know about this tower crane being installed for a project on main street. the three blocks between main street on falls park drive between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, so you can take main street to river street just to
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i'll be back we're back - live at 5 remember this selfie? this monkey took it back in 2011 - we're back at live at 5:00. remember this selfie? a monkey took it after noticing a photographer left his camera unattended. peta sued saying the animal owned the rites to the picture. >> it is amazing. >> this week the judge actually dismissed that lawsuit saying the copyright about does in the apply to animals. a marriage proposal is a moment in time you might want to capture forever. this man had a team capture hundreds of moments and put them together into what is an amazing stop motion video.
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girlfriend on the date to the lincoln memorial. she may have been creeped out until he does pop the question resulting in this 360-degree video. by the way, he did not capture this embarrassing moment. he did get a yes. and speaking of pictures, this one from adele's instagram page is going viral. it is a gym selfie. the fans are raving about it, praising about her being real instead of posing for a glamorous shot. by the way, adele say this is work-out is in preparation for her upcoming world tour. next on live at 5:00, clemson tiger fans soon have a special way to get ready for monday's championship showdowns. hear who is offering a breakfast of champions, straight ahead. >> and you will not believe this child's frosty reaction to the snow. see this video of how she gives wintry weather the cold shoulder. and there has been a flurry of activity across the upstate that is just excitement over the clemson game. we'll check out our weather here at home.
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changes are coming. there is a live look at the
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temperatures are we're getting closer to game time...and our 7 news sports crew ju we are getting closer to game day. and our 7 news sports crew just landed for the college championship. >> they really did just land. our todd summers in glendale just outside the university of phoenix stadium where clemson will take on alabama monday. you must have sprinted out there, todd a little bit of rain, too, huh? >> reporter: yeah, it is raining in the desert. i thought it was going to be hot and dry. but if you look over my left shoulder, you see the arena where the suns and the coyotes play. over my right should ser where the diamondbacks play.
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clemson tigers than the arizona tigers. four players and two assistant coaches. the runningback andre lealington played at clemson from 2009 to 2012. the last three years he has been a member of the arizona cardinals. no a nice job daunting around. >> reporter: this weekend his alma mater comes to his current hometown. south florida in the end zone for a touchdown. >> reporter: and he is fired up. >> that is even better for them to win it here. you never thought that clemson would actually literally be in arizona just having a few guys on our team. but we're literally going to be here so hopefully they can get the win. >> reporter: brown was catching passes in tiger town from 2009 to 2012 as well, and this cardinals' wide out couldn't be more proud that his home state will be well representatived in the desert. >> it is awesome, you know, to have the tigers come in to town and the goal, 14-0, hopefully 15-0 is great. we just brag on those guys every day.
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clemson team won't arrive here until tomorrow night until 6:30 eastern time, but when they do, guys like andre ellingtons, brown, chris clemens, those are the cardinal players that went to clemson. they will certainly be there wearing orange, cheer them on hoping monday night they can see their tigers win a national championship in the same stadium they call home every single game. >> and nobody minds the obscure facts like todd summers that is amazing. thank you, todd. the clemson tiger fan cans celebrate their team's appearance in the national championship game. you see this here? it is a chick fillet tiger paw biscuit. they look like the logo as you see on the clemson football helmet. they will be served from 6:00 to 10:30 a.m. at the clemson and seneca locations helping the customers cheer on the tigers in style. by the way, if you want to order a whole mess of them, you should call ahead and order now. it used to be the dive-through
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the company also bring the food to you, whether it is dinner or just the groceries. and 7 news anchor tom crabtree here keeping tabs. i want you to notice how much of what people will say they would be willing to pay for to have it delivered to them involves food. grocery delivery, almost 59%. someone the come in and cook, almost 18% that is more than 70% of the people say they'd pay so they didn't have to worry about food. >> i just think the thing that would save more time than anything else, if somebody would come in andfold and put away your laundry. wouldn't that be the thing that would save more time than anything? >> i have the dry-cleaner who comes to my house twice a week that is a wonderful convenience. every new and then order a pizza. it is nice to know they will bring it to you and you can stay in your sweats. hand the money out the cooer. >> we should start delivering things to tom's house.
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>> and all of the snow! i know. >> i'm sorry. this is how news people react when they say it is going to snow outside. honestly. >> exactly. we know we'll be in for long hours. >> most kids love the snow, but not this little girl. after dad revealed the first snow of the year to his daughter, she makes it clear she is not happy about it. you can understand, everything is white. what happened? >> go away, snow. >> i know. it is terrible, isn't it? >> go away. >> go away. >> no. >> not happy. >> i hear you, kid. go away, snow. and now we're getting cold again. >> exactly. we're going to be chilly tomorrow. ways going to say my kids because last year we had some snow cancellations. they got the gist of it knowing they're going to have to make the day up. my daughter is saying we don't want it. we don't have to worry about that for tomorrow. it is rain coming back. we had clear skies holding on.
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just a few clouds out there right now. so they are going to move in in full force overnight and look for a good chance of some foggy, drizzly weather during the day tomorrow. it is going to be chilly. it looks like we're going to continue with a gray friday and then into saturday. another system is going to be on the way that one has a better chance to bring us more substantial rain for the first part of the weekend. we're holding on to clear skies over a large part of our viewing area. the clouds have increased over northeast georgia and all of that is pushing in our direction so they'll continue to take overrened then we'll start to see the moisture increasing where light rain showers will try to develop after midnight so throughout this evening, no trouble with the weather, but going into tomorrow morning, showers are possible for morning drive. we have quite a bit of rain falling from the western part of alabama into northern mississippi that is our first
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and there is another one over arizona of all places that will be the source of our rain for saturday so into tomorrow, look for a few showers. overall, overcast conditions. foggy weather will be around as well. and a northeastly wind will keep us on the chillier side tomorrow compared to where we were today. warmer on saturday. as our next system pushes on in, it is going to give os better chance of heavier showers and the potential of an isolated storm over the southern part of of our viewing area by saturday evening. out west in arizona for game day for the fans who are going to be outside before they go into the game, temperatures not bad. the sky also be dry through clouds with temperatures in the 50s. and that's where most of us are right now. mid to upper 50s. from asheville over to anderson, the temperature now at 58. here is what to expect the next 72 hours. 51 tomorrow. lots of clouds a few vancouver light rain showers a better chance of rain. sunday is looking dry. temperatures try to recover a little. mainly mid 50s over the
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and then we cool back down. overall next week is looking fairly quiet and also chillier with highs staying in the 40s on monday and then possibly again on thursday. and there is your mountain forecast into tomorrow. you might need the umbrellas, baugh better chance of heavy rain developing during the day on saturday. the weekend highs in the mountain also be in the 40s and 50s. so kind of chilly out there. back to you. >> thank you. next on live at 5:00, hoover boards are already banned on most airlinesment find the latest place where they will not be welcome. and i'm amy wood. upstate police are telling us it is one of the worst cases of child abuse they have seen.
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criminal more than 180-thousands remote-controlled drones.. have been registered in the last two weeks. that's according the f-a-a, whih made drone-registration mandatory starting on december 21-st.
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can tells you week... that a new app this also launched the agency january 20- if you register get a refund... but you can website.the f-a-a dollars on costs five-registration drone- drone-registration costs five- dollars on the f-a-a website. but you can get a refund... if you register by january 20- th. the agency also launched a new app this if you register by january 20th, there is a new app that tells you where you can get and where you can and can't fly drones. the usc students returning from winter break are being told to leave their hoover boards at home. the university posted this photo on twitter informing students about the new policy banning hoover boards in campus housing. the administrators say they're considering a campus wide ban as well. it comes after reports of hoover boards catching fire in homes across the country. hoover boards are banned at about 20 universities nationwide.
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points the seattle seahawks ended the n-f-l regular season with a big win in glendale, arizona... one die-hard seattle seahawks ended their season with a big win in glendale, arizona.
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to see it all firsthand. >> it was birthday present. >> but aaron tells us it was more than he hoped for. >> reporter: issac marquez loves working at the family business. pizza equipment. >> he brings -- bring as joy and happiness. >> reporter: he has heart of gold, friendly and he is a fan of one sport. >> i love football. >> reporter: one team. >> i love the seahawks. my team. >> reporter: and one player. >> i love, my man. >> reporter: richard sherman is his man, number 25. his number one to issac. >> are you ready? here you go. let's see it. >> reporter: issac scored big sunday in phoenix when the seahawks crushed the arizona cardinals. he is still pumped seeing the nfl gridiron action for the first time in person was issac's 30th birthday present. all he wanted was the game. he wanted to go to the seattle seahawk game. >> reporter: issac got the attention of the star cornerback.
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gave issac this football. >> he took my hand, the football. >> reporter: by fate, issac and his father watched the game next to fellow seahawks fan eilene. she and issac bonded. >> he just really touched my heart. >> reporter: despite sherman's reputation in the nfl for his trash talking and fids call play. >> i wanted to people to see a softer side of richard. >> reporter: so she posted this pic on facebook about sherman's gesture. it has gotten over 50,000 likes. >> it was somewhat auto destiny. >> reporter: and now he helped arrange a free rip trip for issac and his phat tore go to the playoff game sunday in minneapolis. >> and we'll do this. it is great. >> thank you. >> there you go. [ applause ] >> i think that is awesome. okay. so he is friends with another family from new mexico, and they're teaming up to pay for this weekend's trip. >> it is amazing. by the way, doesn't issac have the move stltion?
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>> stay with us. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. a local woman scared for her life after she was attacked in her own home and tonight the police say the two people responsible are still on the run. plus, new information about four upstate college students killed in a fiery car crash. what the officials say caused the car to go off the road. >> did you toss that little girl across the room? did you shake her? do you have anything to say about the charges your boyfriend faces? but first tonight, investigators say this is one of the worst cases of child abuse that they have seen in deck a ids. a man is in jail facing several charges after the police say he stepped on a newborn and then tossed her across the room. >> and mike man zoney just got out of court where the suspect face adjudge, and he is not tomlin one facing charges in this case is he? >> reporter: -- case, is he?
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boyfriend, he'll have to stay
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